DDEC Design Summit 2012

When: Mon, September 24, 8am – 6pm, 2012
Where: Banquet Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convetion Centre
Admission: MYR 1,899
Info: Event | Registration

Bring the best of the global design industry to Kuala Lumpur, the DDEC (Design Development Centre) Design Summit is the first Malaysian international conference dedicated to design, brand and innovation. Uniquely focused on the intricate relationship between business and design, the Summit is a platform for designers, experts and entrepreneurs to network and shar ideas. Topics:
  • Officiating Speech - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad 
  • Keynote - Norman Abdul Halim, KRU Studio 
  • Brand New Brand! - Giorgio Lavelli, Radar
  • Dressing your Business: Packaging Design - Emanuele Dominics, Dedomix
  • Discovering Traditions & Potential Design - Aldo Cibic, Cibic & Partners 
  • Unbranded Loyalty by Design - Masayuki Yoshida, Muji Japan 
  • Creative Design & Animation - John King Artisan Design 
  • Fun in the Sun: Theme Park Design - Rob Wyatt, Artisan Design 
  • Islamic Kufi Square Design - Shukor Yahya, Kufi Rhapsody 
  • The Benefits of Co-Creation - Nishiyama Kohei, Elephant Design
  • Competitive Design of Proton - Azlan Othman, Proton 
  • Sustainable & Green Design - Serina Hijjas, HKA