Find Your Voice in Writing

When: Sat, August 11, 4pm – 6pm, 2012
Where: MPH Bookstore, New Wing, 1Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Perdana Leadership Foundation

You are a unique individual, with a history and personality all of your own, and yet, when you write, your voice gets lost in the crowd. Your writing lacks personality and spark, it does not carry the DNA that says it is yours.

How can you discover your writing voice and how do you let your voice shine through your writing? Well, learn from two prolific writers with their own unique writing voices:
  • Lydia Teh, Author of Honk If You Are Malaysian 
  • Kenny Mah, Author of Life for Beginners. 
The talk is in conjunction with The Maybank Foundation – Perdana Leadership Foundation Essay Competition: Nurturing the Minds of Future Leaders, with the theme Shaping the Nation: Our Rights and Responsibilities as Malaysian Citizens. Enquiries: