Facebook Developers World HACK - Jakarta

When: Thu, September 13, 9am – 9pm, 2012
Where: TBA, Jakarta, Indonesia
Admission: IDR 236375 (MYR 80)
Info: FBWorldHACK

At Facebook Developers World HACK, you’ll hear from Facebook engineers who will walk you through developing great apps that are social by design. World HACK gives you a chance to collaborate with your peers and speak one-on-one with Facebook engineers. Then, put your skills to work and spend the day hacking with us. We’ll be awarding prizes for apps with the best Facebook integrations! We’ll cover topics like:
  • Facebook APIs 
  • Mobile SDKs 
  • Open Graph 
We'll be giving out prizes to teams or individuals that use our APIs to best effect. Plan to spend the evening hours with us -- this day long event will be capped off with dinner, demos and awards! Space is limited, so register now to secure your spot. [Spotted via e27]