Business Networking September 2012

When: Mon, September 3, 7pm – 10pm, 2012
Where: Georgetown White Coffee, Jaya33, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Admission: MYR10
Info: Facebook

The goal of our group is to foster a long-lasting diverse professional network that engages entrepreneurs and professionals of culturally diverse backgrounds from a variety of business industries. Our group strives to cultivate and grow business through developing relationships, referrals and face to face contacts.

One of the key parts of every business networking meeting is the ‘1 or 2 minute' presentation. This is where each member has 1 or 2 minute to tell everyone about their business and most importantly, say what type of referral they are looking for they business. Guidelines:
  • Your name, position and company name and what kind of business or clients you currently have.
  • What makes you different from your competition? Share a specific, recent story that exemplifies what makes you different
  • Ask for the business: Say “A good referral for me is….”
  • Call to action: “So if you see/hear/know of [somebody], please give him/her my card.”
  • Memory hook: After you say your memory hook, conclude with your name and company.