E-Wallet: MYR 450 Million Bounty

Malaysia's Budget 2020 includes an e-wallet incentive of MYR 30 (roughly equivalent to 30 USD/GBP/SGD in local purchasing power) for each citizen (over 18 and earning less than MYR 100K per year or MYR 8.3K per month). Though MYR 30 might not seem like much, the number of eligible recipients is estimated at 15 million, thus the total allocation comes up to MYR 450 million.

MYR 30 Can Buy
  • Food delivery: Meal for two (or gluttony for one)
  • Dine-in: Meal for two at a mall food court
  • E-hailing: Trip from KL to suburb
  • Express Rail: KL to Ipoh (one way) MYR35
  • Beer or Cigs: Two bottles or packets
  • Cinema: Tickets for two
  • Books: 3 books at BigBadWolf surplus store
  • Budget Stores: 5 items at Daiso | 12 items at Ninso
  • Groceries: 10 loaves of bread | 5 cartons of eggs | 30 apples
  • Fast Food: 3 Big Macs | 3 KFC 2-piece | 3 Subway Half-Foot
  • Street Food: 10 roti (flatbread) | 10 nasi lemak (spiced rice) + tea combo

  • The above assumes the MYR 30 is disbursed in one go (from Jan 1st, 2020).
  • If it is disbursed as, say, MYR 10 in 3 tranches, the MYR 30 could stretch further across a broader range of retailers.
  • Versus the MYR 30 spent in one go on KFC or a ride.
  • If cigs and beer are excluded, ewallets probably can't enforce this.
  • A household with two adults, one college-aged child and two gramps is eligible for MYR 150 (5 adults x MYR 30) in total incentives.
  • Merchants could be eligible for a MYR 5K matching grant to tool-up to accept epayments.

Data-Driven Food Trucks

Startup Roll Call
  • Traptic - Robot strawberry picker
  • Zume - Data-driven food trucks
  • Domio - Alternative to increasingly squeezy hotel rooms
  • Zego - On-demand, pay-as-you-use insurance for gig workers
  • Arrival - Electric vehicles at the price of legacy cars

Due to their delicate nature, strawberries need to be carefully picked. The robot must identify ripe berries hidden beneath leaf cover and dexterously pluck them without harming the plant or bruising the berries. Zume despatches mobile kitchens to high demand locations to reduce food delivery distances and time.

Pick of Events (W4-Oct-2019)
  • Events listed may fall before, during or after the indicated week
  • Focus is on community and boutique events
  • Conferences, commercial and training events are generally not listed
  • Posts are crafted on the go and are frequently fine-tuned after posting

Link Ecommerce Forum @ KC tix also
Link Business Events Forum @ KL tix
Link Fintech Conference @ KL also
Link Export Day @ KL 1 2 3 4 5
Link IoT and 5G @ CJ tix also and

Arts & Misc
Link Judika Orchestra @ KL vid tix also
Link Digital Sales & Marketing @ KL 1 2
Link Angel Investors @ KL tix also
Link Car Boot in The Park @ KL
Link Tiger Walk @ KL tix

Around The Region
Link What Corp VCs Look For @ JKT tix
Link Gaming Evolution @ BKK tix
Link Biotech Companies @ SG
Link First Round Capital @ HK tix
Link Digital KYC @ HK also


With news of WeWork in a pickle, here's a sample of coworking chains forging on:
  • Convene - Enterprise focus
  • Industrious - Premium WeWork
  • Knotel - For large companies only
  • The Wing - Exclusive, women-only
  • Novel - Half the cost of lease + fittings
  • Serendipity - Hospitality, not coworking
  • Spaces - Quietly, a global chain from Europe
  • Breather - Space to yourself (vs cowork distract)
  • Huckletree - Sector not desks focused (eg fintech)
  • Bee+ - 8 hours work | 8 hours leisure | 8 hours sleep

As compared to WeWork's leasing, Convene and Knotel work in partnership (eg. profit sharing) with building owners, Breather is available as a franchise or white label, and Novel owns its buildings, giving it flexibility in fit-outs, facilities and rental it charges. Knotel also offers Geometry, an office furniture subscription service for instant pop-up offices (coworking where you want it, when you want it). [Reading: 1 2 3 4 5]

What about IWG-Regus? We are classifying it as a business services company, not 'coworking' as the term is popularly taken to mean. Regus (4,000 locations vs WeWork's 1,000) is everywhere including remote Balikpapan not far from ID's proposed new capital. The vicinity looks like an ideal coworking location with surveyors, architects, builders and businesses moving in to develop the capital and needing temporary setup space.

Monerium: Europe's Hybrid Digital Currency

On the same day as our posting on Industrial E-Payments, news arrived from Europe of a use-case: the world's first smart contract invoice paid with digital currency:

Monerium is an Icelandic digital currency (specifically e-money, the electronic form of notes and coins eg the balances in cashcards, ewallets and bank accounts) that is licensed by Iceland and usable in the EU (the first such EU digital currency). Characteristics:
  • Fiat Based: Being fiat-based and fiat-like, it works with established protocols with less need for businesses and regulators to grasp exotic, new currencies. Allows the re-use of existing regulations, contracts, and procedures. Initially issued in Icelandic króna, it is designed to adapt to any national currency.
  • Blockchain Based Though a fiat currency, being blockhain enabled, it provides for smart contracts, bankless operations (the wallet is the bank), tokenisation, auto-reconciliation and cross-border payments. Currently running on Ethereum, it is intended to be operable with Corda, Hyperledger, Liquid, Stellar, Ripple.
  • Fiat Backed Backed by deposits of the currency it is issued in. Being national fiat-centric Monerium could be employed as a central bank digital currency equivalent for countries whose central banks do not wish to build one themselves.

Tradeshift is a Danish-US, multi-award winning, app-driven, e-invoicing platform which encompasses invoicing, payments, working capital and marketplaces. Characteristics:
  • E-invoicing: Purchases and payments on one common platform for buyers and suppliers: no paper, no PDFs.
  • Blockchain: Smart contracts are available. Payment is automatic upon invoicing, no extending of payment duration at the discretion of the buyer. Conversely, suppliers are obligated to deliver on time and on specification. Allows the (pro-forma) invoice to be tokenised and used for financing: banks or factoring firms can be assured invoices are liquid, legit and not re-used for multiple financing.
  • Security: Eliminate or reduce the risk of mis-billing, over or under payment, payment to erroneous parties. Tradeshift also offers virtual credit cards for managing minor and one-off purchases.

Industrial E-Payments

Thus far, e-payments have focused mainly on consumers. The next big step, and much larger in scope, volume and potential, is commercial, trade, finance, manufacturing and industrial e-payments.

Pick of Events (W3-Oct-2019)

Link Industrial E-Payment @ KL also
Link Online Halal Cert @ KL tix also
Link E-Com Risk Mgmt @ KL tix also
Link eBay Automotive @ KL 1 2
Link Cognitive Robots @ KL also
Link Future SME @ KL

Link Art Forum @ KL tix
Link Definers Forum @ KL tix
Link UK-US Network @ KL
Link Dinner Show @ KL 1 2
Link Industrial Design @ KL

Around The Region
Link Sustainable City @ SG also
Link McKinsey Digital @ SG
Link Climate Diplomacy @ JKT
Link Agile Contract & SAFe @ JKT
Link CN-US Tech Decoupling @ HK

Streets of Los Angeles

You might have already come across a viral video of a sans-home musician singing an opera aria in a LA subway station. The singer, Russian emigre Emily Zamourka, was swept away from mainstream life after losing her main instrument of income, her violin. In the video, you can see Ms Zamourka 'carrying her home in two carrier bags', recalling the 1975 hit, Streets of London by Ralph McTell.

Developing Smart Cities

Digital Putrajaya is happening Oct 3-5; Cloud Expo, Oct 9-10; Electronics Fair, Oct 13-16. Complimentary admission. Sample topics:

Digital Putrajaya @ MY tix

Cloud Expo @ SG tix

Electronics Fair @ HK tix
  • V2X for Connected Cars - KeySight
  • Smarter Digital City 3.0 - Google
  • Compute in The Era of 5G - Nvidia
  • Smart City Powered by 5G - Astri
  • Mi's Marketing Strategies - Hisense
  • Cloud-Driven Robots - Wandelbots
  • MiniLED & MicroLED - Solomon
  • Smart Measurement - API
  • Blockchain for Real Estate - Agility
  • Blockchain USIM with 2FA - QLC

Pick of Events (W2+Oct-2019)

  • ISO 37106 is a template for getting to and running a 'sustainable, smart city'. It does not prescribe what to do but sets out a framework which the subject matter can be approached: vision, governance, engagement, procurement, interoperability, reference model etc.
  • The term 'smart city' was initially applied to the use of IT, eg IoT, and data to assist in the running of a city. Its scope has since grown to encompass other desirable attributes for a city like new mobility and sustainability.
  • Alt-examples of smart cities based on outcomes: a) a city where residents walk or cycle as much as they drive or ride b) a city designed people up vs buildings down c) a vibrant, self-sustaining city that is meaningful to all stakeholders d) a laissez-faire, organic, chaotic yet thriving city e) a city where residents can breathe fresh air, enjoy greenery and hear birds sing.

Web 3.0 @ Korea

Blockchain Week
Korea Blockchain Week is happening Sep 30th to Oct 1st, 2019. [Post image: Hashed, an early stage venture fund for blockchain and crypto.]

Events sample

Web 3,0
Two sessions at D.FINE cover Web 3.0 with the co-founders of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood. What is Web 3.0? There is no universal definition but here's what Gavin Wood wrote (roughly reinterpreted): [After the publication of this post, the organisers changed the conference agenda to be more mainstream and sans Web 3.0.]
  • 1.0 - The pristine web. the academic & scientist web, the 'garden of eden'
  • 2.0 - The rowdy web, dodgy ads, seo-content, maximalisation, data collection
  • 3.0 - Find a way back to the 'garden of eden' but how?

Pick of Events (W2-Oct-2019)

Link Smart Ethical Cities @ KL tix
Link Linked Youth Fashion @ KL 1 2 3
Link Women Entrepreneur @ CJ tix also
Link SME IR4 Incentives @ KL tix also
Link Selangor Summit @ KL 1 2 3

Arts & Misc
Link New Village Music Lab @ KL tix
Link Alt Book Fest @ KL tix
Link Urban Forests @ KL also
Link Fun & Funded @ PG tix
Link Fine Art Asia @ HK also

Around The Region
Link Jardine Daimler Hack @ SG
Link Insurance Analytics @ SG
Link Attracting Women @ SG
Link Security SmartCity @ JKT 1 2
Link Cannabis Conference @ BKK

www: welcome wallet world

DCEP Objectives
A recent article provided further information on the motives of CN's proposed official digital currency DCEP. They are essentially: curbing the power of Alipay and WeChatPay, capital controls and traceability. Another often mentioned objective is data collection.

Alternative Alipay
  • A central bank would naturally be wary of any over dominance of commercial wallets in the fundamental economic function of payments, even if simply from the viewpoint of prudence and contingency.
  • How then could DCEP rein in Alipay and WeChatPay?
  • One way is to bar Alipay and WeChatPay from accepting DCEP in favour of an official wallet.
  • Thus the public will have three wallets: 1) a physical wallet or purse for cash 2) an Alipay and/or WeChatPay wallet for emoney and 3) a central bank wallet for DCEP.
  • Alternatively, AliPay and WeChatPay may transact DCEP under license, regulation and an official API.

  • We shall lump traceability, capital control and data collection under 'traceability' as they are related to data collection and record keeping.
  • This is a biggie as it may mean payment records which were formerly collected and stored in books, ledgers, point-of-sales, accounting databases in a myriad of businesses and entities will now be recorded in a central ledger. (Currently, authorities generally gather only aggregated information like total sales).
  • This is because a digital or crypto currency must maintain a single 'truth' and an auditable record of how that 'truth' is arrived at. Thus if there is 100 bucks in your wallet, it will have a record where that 100 bucks came from (eg. 90 bucks from a bank withdrawal, 10 bucks from a promotional voucher).
  • Face recognition (and GPS apps) knows where you go, internet logs (and cookies) know what your surf, and ledgers know how you transact (see above). Add to these gadgets which hear what you say, see what you do and sense how you feel, welcome to the new world.

Coworking @ Railway Station

The coworking space is competitive and two ways a space could stand out is to be a host of interesting events, and to be located near public transport. [This is a casual, meandering post about spaces, mobility and conservation.]

Engaging Events
A space can market itself socially by hosting engaging events. Doing so associates it with being compelling and also draws audiences and word-of-mouth. Conversely, an event when hosted at a well-regarded space, gets a glow from the space. For example, a person who is undecided whether to attend an event, may do so because the event space has in the past hosted pertinent, useful events.

Outstanding Location
Last week, Shopify and associates hosted a meetup at Found8, a new coworking space in KL. By all accounts, the event was a success with full house of 200+ audience. Remarkably, Found8 is located in KL Sentral (KL's grand central railway station), at a prime, public-facing space. Kudos to Found8 for eagle-eyed property spotting.

Prime Sentral
Being a popular destination and transit location, all retail spaces at Sentral have been taken up by ticketing, banks, convenience stores and eateries. There might still be two prime, vacant spaces left 1) the retail space at the departure lounge of the KL-Ipoh express recently vacated by a book shop 2) the office spaces next to the ETS ticket counters. Not sure if these are on the market, interested parties may enquire here.

Property Play
A short distance from Sentral is the grand, old, colonial-era, KL railway station (which KL Sentral superseded). The station is near a Bus-LRT-MRT hub and is largely unused (though there might be plans to spruce it up). The old station could be prime real-estate if restored, taking a leaf from HK's MTR: not only is the highly regarded MTR not subsidised, it pays dividends (vid) to its investors, which include the HK government.

MTR's experience suggests the ECRL (MY's East-West railway line) might be able to pay for itself partially if not wholly by being real estate savvy. Perhaps future development in the hinterland could be restricted to the ECRL corridor which would be a green boost. [On a related HSR (KL-SG express rail) note, wouldn't it be useful if the HSR's (if it goes ahead) southern terminus is Tanjong Pagar in the city centre? It would be a plus for the HSR and SG's downtown and waterfront.]

Green Corridor
The ECRL will be the third major east-west bisection of MY's north-south central forest spine after the East-West highway and the Karak-East Coast Highway. How to maintain green continuity for fauna and flora? One wild possibility is tp invite CN, JP, EU, US, businesses etc to sponsor corridors with naming rights. Imagine: EU-Mercedes Belum Corridor, CN-JP-KR Friendship Krau Corridor or Sime-Darby-Khazanah Ledang Corridor.

Post Image
The image shows the lobby at the main entrance of Sentral. Found8 is located at the space shown in the background, right opposite the food court and a floor above the ETS ticketing counters.

Smart Uniform

ByteDance is the world's most valuable startup by valuation ($75B). A sample of its products:
Bytedance will be giving a tech talk about its database next Thurs @ SG (see 'TikTok Database' in the listings below). Post video: one of the latest memes at Tiktok is 'change of work clothes' or alternatively, 'Smart | Serious | Pride in Uniform'.

Pick of Events (W1-Oct-2019)

Link Climate Lobby @ KL tix
Link Entrepreneur Influencer @ KL tix
Link Microsoft SME @ KL tix
Link Islamic Economy @ KL also and
Link Digital Construction @ KL

Arts & Misc
Link Film Masterclass @ MK tix
Link AI Begetting AI @ KL
Link Foodware Exhibition @ KL also
Link Go Global @ KK 1 2
Link Design to Mfg @ MY tix

Around The Region
Link TikTok Database @ SG
Link Data Science Speed Date @ SG
Link Snapcart Algoritma @ JKT tix
Link Fintech Expo @ JKT
Link Sustainable Businesses @ HK tix

Offline Money

New developments in China's digital currency, variously named DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payments), CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and digital yuan (as we speculate):
  • DCEP looks to be modelled closer to paper currency (rather than esoteric cryptocurrencies). The digital currency will allow the central bank to issue less notes and coins in favour of a greener, more resource efficient electronic equivalent.
  • Like cash, DCEP is to be usable without an internet connection (during power failure, loss of network, natural disasters) and without a user account.
  • Though radical from a crypto viewpoint, accountless, offline electronic money has been in use for over two decades via tap-and-pay cards from Mifare (TnG, Oyster, Opal, EasyCard) and FeliCa (Octopus, EzLink, DompetKu, Visa).
  • DCEP will not use a blockchain (though it is possible it might still use a distributed ledger) so as to handle a peak of 30,000 transactions per second (vs 92,000 tps peak during 'Singles Day', a big ecommerce sales day in CN, and 5,000-20,000 peak for Visa and Mastercard), and since it is to be operated by a central bank, it does not require distributed consensus.
  • Development of DCEP is by an elite Digital Currency Research Lab which has filed for 74 patents (not using blockchain allows DCEP to develop separately from and not run afoul of blockchain patents).
  • While DCEP by crypto standards might still be fiat (not backed by gold, silver etc) and centralised (though by being accessible and easy to use, it could turn out to be more 'decentralised' from a usage perspective), it certainly looks like DCEP is pushing the digital currency envelope. Over to Libra.

Multi-Modal Mobility

The Frankfurt Auto Show 2019 is happening over the weekend (12-22 Aug). The formal name of the show is IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung). During odd numbered years passenger vehicles are on show, even years, commercial vehicles. Show highlights: Lambo Sián, VW ID. Sample conference & trends topics:

Conference abbreviated titles
  • Mobility via Digitaliztion, Multimodality & Decarbonisation - VDA
  • Vehicle-to-Everything in 5G Standardization - Fraunhofer
  • The Future of Non Car Ownership - Oply
  • Tomorrow's Consumer: Gen Z - JUV Consulting
  • Save Money with New Mobility - Sixt SE
  • Autonomous Vehicles in a Cashless World - Visa
  • Regulations: Accelerator or Handbrake? - Qualcomm

Trends via

  • Dashboard The dashboard hasn't changed much in basic design (speedo, tacho, fuel etc) and size. This might be about to change with a 48-in wide dashboard from Byton (no more squinting at Waze from a tiny cellphone screen) and head-up displays frrom WayRay.
  • Registration Plate Important as they are, registration plates have pretty much been stamped, letter glued or painted since Henry Ford's days. Exceptions: Germany's tamper-proof stickers, India's security plate, US's liquid display Rplate, and Cayman Islands, Peru, Honduras and Philippines' RFID plates, which 'triple plate' a vehicle (physical plate, RFID plate & RFID windscreen).
  • Tyre Although they look unchanged, tyres have steadily evolved: from natural rubber to vulcanised, from cordless to steel corded, from bias to radial , from tubed to tubeless. Currently getting high tech attention: tweels, airless, self-sealing, flex-rims, dandelion rubber, sensors, spherical tyres.
  • Multimodal Transport Instead of choosing a vehicle to drive or ride, you choose the fastest, most cost-efficient and/or most pleasant mono or multi-modal transport using an app. Nascent inter/multi-modal platforms: Moovel, [post image] Qixxit, GoogleMaps, Uber, Didi.

Multi-Modal Mobility
Say, you are to travel from Cyberjaya (suburb) to KLCC (city centre) to attend an event during evening peak. You fire up a mobility app, and it shows the following options (mode, travel time, cost, $=generic currency indicator=MYR):
  • Fastest: Air taxi: 30 mins @ $100
  • Cheapest: Ride hailing (to station), rail (MRT2 to KLCC): 1 hour @ $10
  • Wildest: Bike sharing (Harley): 1 hour @ $50
  • Poshest: Luxury car hailing (work in the car): 1.5 hours @ $70
  • Greenest: Bus (to station), rail (MRT2 to KLCC): 1.25 hours @ $0 
The greenest option is zero cost with the use of a public transport subscription card. Driving your own car will take 1.5 hours and cost $30 (toll, parking, mileage).

Latest Mobility Updates 

Pick of Events (W4-Sep-2019)

Link Green E-Business @ KL 1 2
Link Enter Indonesia @ KL tix also
Link Sustainable Cities @ KL tix also
Link Smart Manufacturing @ KL tix also
Link Chilli Hackathon @ KL also
Link MarTech Mashup @ KL tix
Link AI in Insurance @ KL tix also

Arts & Misc
Link Sustainability Design @ KL tix also
Link E-Commerce Shopify @ KL 1 2
Link Double Kucha @ KL 1 2
Link Google NewsTech @ KL tix
Link Four Rules One Law @ KL also
Link Digital Tax for Startups @ KL
Link Viola Masterclass @ KL

Around The Region
Link State of Global Economy @ HK
Link China Blockchain @ HK
Link China Ecosystem @ HK
Link Grab Kitchen @ JKT
Link Anomaly Mining @ JKT
Link Supply Chain Tech @ SG
Link IEEE Army Gaming @ SG

Movie Music

Film Score
An essential ingredient of a film is the score, the original music composition crafted to augment and enhance story telling. Find out more about movie scores this Saturday, 14-Sep-2019, 5:30pm-8:30pm @ JKT, or watch the seminal Raiders of The Lost Ark (1981) with live orchestra music next Saturday, 21-Sep-2019, 8:30pm-10:30pm @ KL.

Post Videos
The post videos are movie remixes with the original scores replaced by hit songs:
  • Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise & Renée Zellweger (1996).
    Song: Hard to Say I'm Sorry by Chicago.
  • The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp & Amber Heard (2011).
    Song: Can't Help Falling in Love cover by Michael Buble.
  • Before We Go with Chris Evans & Alice Eve (2015).
    Song: That's Why (You Go Away) by Michael Learns To Rock.

Video Notes
  • The videos are soft cropped to highlight the relevant & nteresting portions.
  • Soft cropping may not work when the videos are viewed from mobile devices.
  • Some images might be SNSFW, viewer's discretion required.

Point of Sale

Device of Sale
The point of sale (PoS) is the place and time where a sales takes place, usually when goods are exchanged for cash, or in modern terms, the promise of delivery of goods in exchange for cash or cash equivalent (eg emoney). Methods of recording sales:
  • Ledger -Sales are recorded in pen and paper in a sales ledger
  • Register - Sales are rung on a cash register (mechanical, electronic, cloud)
  • App - Sales are transacted via an app from mobile or desktop devices

App-based PoS
Advantages of using app-based PoS in physical retail, with particular reference to F&B:

  • Green - Do you keep or throw a whole bunch of (pesky) paper receipts (many of which the ink fades in a couple of months)? It would be great if receipts can be issued and kept electronically. (This may take some time to realise because as of now, payment processors, including ewallets, are generally fire-walled from recording detailed receipts on the long-standing principle that such detailed data will give them too much data resolution and power.)
  • E-Ordering - This is just catching on. Instead of ordering from a menu via wait staff, order using an app from an electronic menu. The point of ordering could also be the point of payment and table reservation. (Food preparation should commence only when customers have arrived and are seated to avoid food waiting for customers, or customers rushing to the eatery thinking their food has been cooked).
  • New F&B Models - E-ordering could avail eateries to new business models: 1) order and pay early for discounts, ala budget airline style. 2) Insist e-ordering a week ahead, thus inventory can be just-in-time amd just-in-quantity 3) long lead e-ordering also allows dishes which take a day or more to prepare to be offered, for example, double-boiled herbal soups, rendang (slow-cooked, reduction curry) and biryani (overnight marinade and charcoal cookiing).

Restaurant E-Ordering Apps sample
  • Menu - Dining experience redefined (US)
  • Netwaiter - Increasing your bottom line (US)
  • WeEat - Faster and smarter way to order (MY)
  • Aliments - Sit back and relax (MY)
  • CutQ - The ultimate order ahead (SG)
  • Waitrr - Order and pay faster (SG)
  • TabSquare - Seamless mobile ordering (SG)
  • QueQ - No more queues (TH)
  • Aigens - Kiosk, mobile, CRM (HK)
  • OrderUp - Advanced order tech (AU) image
  • Ritual - Make friends with food (CA)
  • Hungrrr - Your customers are hungrrry (UK)

Food Hackathon

Brinc is holding a food hackathon on 20-Sep-2018 @ HK as a lead-in to Food's Future Summit (11-12 Oct @ HK) and Brinc's foodtech accelerator program. The theme of the hackathon is 'new recipes'.

Urban Food
The hackathon's FB page is notably informative; from a quick read, here are some ideas to explore for food and/or the hackathon:
  • Breakfast is an important meal, but the usual morning fare (in some locales) isn't the most nutritious, though it might be tasty: jam & bread (high sugar content), mee goreng (high salt and oil content), dimsum (meaty) and roti prata/chanai (the original light, fluffy bread has turned oily and leathery). Can you design a breakfast meal that is delicious, fast-to-cook, pocket-light, not tummy-heavy, and easy to partake on-the-go?
  • Deep fried items are increasingly popular street food. Have you noticed food fried in black coloured oil? Black indicates the oil has been overheated/burnt, not filtered before reuse and/or reused too many times (for chicken frying, the oil shouldn't be reused more than 3 times). Is there a way for diners to tell if food has been fried in unhealthy oil?
  • Lunching at the cubicle to catch up on work? Wolfing down pungent vindaloo at the cubicle might be a distraction for colleagues. Can you craft a lunch snack that is delicious, nutritious, easy-to-buy, package and/or deliver, discreet to chomp on, and does not make a mess of the table?

Nasi Lemak
Continuing on the theme of 'new recipes', in KL, nasi lemak bungkus (rice cooked in coconut milk with a side of spicy condiments and sold in packets) is a popular breakfast. Here's a possible remake:
  • Use unpolished rice (extra fibre, vitamin B, folate, selenium) 1
  • Add tomato slices and pickled red onions (extra vitamins C & K, potassium, antioxidants) 2 3
  • Replace factory-produced, pre-fried anchovies and peanuts with fragrant, delicious, crunchy, freshly fried ones (extra protein). 4
  • Drop anchovies and onions from the sambal (the chilli paste condiment) to simplify cooking and reduce cost, and to allow the flavours of chillies and spices to come to the fore.
Like to explore more but can't make it to HK? Check out MaGIC's agritech and foodtech bootcamp happening November @ KL, applications close 23-Sep-2019.

Pick of Events (W3-Sep-2019) KL=GreaterKL

Link SEA Expansion AIG @ KL 1 2
Link Ignite Bootcamp @ KL tix also
Link Tech Meetups @ KL 1 2
Link SmartCity Datathon @ KL tix
Link Turkish Drones Trade @ KL 1 2

Link Sarong Party @ KL tix
Link WeWork Creators @ KL tix
Link Branding via TikTok @ KL
Link Deep Faking @ KL
Link Campers Meetup @ KL

Around The Region
Link Startup Winter @ BKK tix also
Link Odd-Even Traffic @ JKT
Link Energy Blockchain @ SG
Link Fintech Hackathon @ SG
Link 5G Hackathon @ HK

String Contentment

Songs often sound better with backing. It takes an a well crafted tune to come across well with little or no accompaniment, more so with a solo violin or viola (or the kalimba). Video: Julianne Choi (KR) plays Taiwan hit Contentment (2005).

AdTech vs MarTech

Advertising vs Marketing
In conventional sense, advertising is a subset of marketing. Companies have a marketing department and a head of marketing, and within that function, ads are produced. [Sales is the actual closing of a sale after marketing has done its job.]. In tech, advertising is distinct from marketing, as big tech started with ads first (Google ads etc). The table below attempts to differentiate AdTech and MarTech by (arbitrarily) distinguishing between advertising and marketing.

Advertising Marketing
Audience Prospects Customers
Brand Building Consolidation
Impression Perception Intent
Resource Agencies Inhouse
Tech Ad networks CRM, Analytics
Platforms WPP, Adsense Brand Owners
Terms Programmatic, Reach Campaigns, Conversion
Manifest Media Ads, Billboards Content, Events

Find out more about MarTech from FinTech people (RazerPay, Boost) in a meetup tomorrow, 5-Aug-2019, 6pm-10pm @ KL. Other events happening this weekend: a) crowdfunded startups b) robot process automation c) fintech regulatory bootcamp d) community gamification e) intro to VR and AR f) gentlemen's e-racing.

Newest Capital: Kartanegara Paser

Indonesia has announced the capital of Indonesia will be moving from Jakarta to an area at the border of Kutai Kartanegara and Penajam Paser Utara in the island of Kalimantan starting 2024.

  • Jakarta might be the first city to move due to the prospect of rising seas.
  • Other factors: subsidence. stretched infra, congestion and volcanic risks.
  • Kutai Kartanegra is host to Indonesia's first smart city initiative, inspired by FujisawaSST.
  • Satellite photos of the border between Kutai and Penajam suggest that the area has already been mostly cleared (thus no new forests need to be fell).
  • Jakarta = Jaya Karta = 'peaceful success', what will the new capital be named?

  • Have a local or international competition for the city design.
  • Design from human scale up vs building scale down.
  • Make the city cosy and intimate, not too officious or aloof.
  • Leave natural vegetation be, do not convert into manicured lawns.
  • Grow the city organically in phases.

Bonus: Resilient City
The focus of cities has become less of IoT, self-driving and big data ('smart city') and more of sustainability, survivability and resilience.
  • Water - Multiple sources, dry spell resistant, clean rivers
  • Food - Self sustainable on local supplies or reserves
  • Power - Able to minimally function without electricity, internet, phones
  • Commerce - Able to survive on local commerce if global trade breaks down
  • Order - Contingency planning and drills, getting all stakeholders involved

The post title is a name play of Kutai and Penajam. Kartanegara Paser could be translated as 'a peaceful and focused country'.

Synthetic Hegemonic Currency

Hot on the heels of Libra, are SHC and DCEP:

Synthetic Hegemonic Currency (SHC)
This currency is proposed by the governor of the Bank of England. Like Libra, it is to be based on a basket of currencies, but unlike Libra, it is to be supported by central banks. The purpose of this new currency is to help smooth international trade. [glossary: hegemonic=dominant]

Digital Currency Electronic Payments (DCEP)
There is a report China (CN) could be close to releasing its Libra challenger: a yuan-based. CN-backed stablecoin. Since ewallets, eccommerce and electronic money reign in CN, why create a new digital currency? One possible reason is the said ewallets and emoney can only be used within CN, whereas a digital currency can be used anywhere (where it is accepted by users and exchanges).

Stablecoin Meet
True Digital Park is holding a talk on Libra vs DCEP vs Venus this Friday @ BKK. Venus is a stablecoin proposed by Binance, a cryptoexchange [caveat emptor]. Stablecoins are quietly on the go, for though mainstream coins get all the attention, it is stablecoins that are doing business.

Pick of Events (W2-Sep-2019)

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