TNW 2018: The Next Web

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TNW 2018 is happening now and over two days (24-25 May) in Amsterdam. Join the conference live [ mainstage | multistage | TNW | schedule ] as the CMO of Huawei, Andrew Garriby, just finished his speech promoting Huawei's AI chipped phone, and telling the audience Europeans on average think about food 221 times a day. Other topics include [times in GMT+8, MYT|SGT]:
  • 08:00pm Building a Stellar Tech Team - Eva De Mol, De Mol Ventures Thu
  • 08:30pm The Future of Sports is Robotics - Nicholas Horbaczewski, DRL
  • 08:45pm Building Compassionate Machines - Carolyn Rodz, Hello Alice
  • 09:15pm The Emerging V-Cloud - Kevin Kelley, Wired
  • 10:45pm The Brave New Digital World of Sport - Andrew Miah, Salford
  • 11:30pm Chivas Venture Global Finals - Picha Project is in the last 5
  • 04:20pm Why Email Wins in a Crowded Market - Len Shneyder, Sendgrid Fri
  • 04:30pm Measuring the Intrinsic Value of a Token - Kary Bheemaiah, Uchange
  • 05:00pm The Dangers of Investing in Coins vs Equity - K Gupta, Consensys
  • 05:45pm The Evolution of a New Online Economy - John Collison, Stripe
  • 07:00pm Investing in Blockchain - Tim Draper, Draper VC
  • 10:00pm Music on the Blockchain - Benji Rogers, dotBlockchainMusic
  • 10:25pm A New School of Consumerism - Richard Kelly, Fung Group

Blockchain Lottery

League of Blocks [Tue, May 22, 2018, 7pm @ KL, tix] Crypto-projects presenting:
  • Quanta - Blockchain lottery using the Randao random number generator 
  • ZCoin - 'Launder' bitcoin to make it resistant to network topology analysis
  • Ink - To be the cryptocurrency equivalent of PayPal (popular in ecommerce)
  • NEM - Uses proof-of-importance and delegated harvesting for coin minting

Bonus: Pick of Blockchain Week NYC 2018 info
  • Longenisis - Mine this coin by providing your bio-data for research
  • Sonm - Fog computing (even more decentralised than cloud computing)
  • Enigma - Secret ICOs (current ICOs show their backers)
  • CoolWallet - Hardware bitcoin wallet that uses Bluetooth (vs USB)
  • Atonomi - Secure sensitive IoTs: insulin pumps, CCTVs,  switches etc. 
  • IoTeX - Lightweight smart contracts for IoT
  • VUToken - Token for a virtual universe

The Randao random number generator info
  • Say, you are running a raffle draw at the office party. 
  • Instead of picking the name of the winner from a box, you assign each party-goer a number 1, 2, 3...20 (up to the number of party-goers), and have each of them provide a random 3 digit number.
  • You sum all the 3 digit numbers, divide the sum by 20 and the remainder+1 is the winning number (the remainder+1 will always fall between 1 and 20).
  • With this approach, an auditor could mathematically verify the draw by asking each party-goer the number he or she submitted and re-calculating the remainder.
  • Such a retrace wouldn't be possible if a lot was drawn from a box. 
  • If the numbers submitted are recorded in a blockchain, the party-goers need not remember the number they submitted, the numbers are in the blockchain, tamper-resistant.
  • Beyond gaming, lotteries have applications such as an alternative to frantic, first-come-first-served queuing for tickets for a blockbuster event.

Pick of Events (W5-May-2018) half the year almost done
Link Homegrown Walmart @ KualaLumpur
Link Online Business Expo @ KualaLumpur
Link The New Education Minister @ KualaLumpur
Link An Eclectic Mix of Artists & Activists @ PJ
Link Towards a Digital Paradise @ Jakarta
Link Story Telling Festival @ Singapore
Link Business Crowd Funding @ ShahAlam tix
Link Taiwan Creative Hubs @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Virtual & Augmented Reality @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Know Your Customer @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Mobile Photography for Social Media @ HK

Cognitive Neuroscience: What Our Eyes See

Learning Where To Look: [Wed, May 16th, 2018, 8pm @ Solaris, Link] What you see is not what is, but what you do and think. In other words, your eyes see not the flower, but what you intend to do with the flower. By Dr. Neil Mennie, Cognitive Neuroscientist.

Introduction to Fintech: [Tue, May 15th, 2018 @ Online, Link | Video] This free University of Hong Kong 6 week online course provides a survey of Fintech. Suitable for executives and anyone who want to gain a firmer grasp of Fintech if the term has just been a vague notion thus far. Topics include
  • Fintech 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5
  • Mobile money, cryptocurrencies, ICO
  • The payment stack, Ripple at Stanchart
  • Chinese TechFins: New models & products
  • Regtech: AI in regulation & detection
  • European big bang: PSD2 | GDPR | MiFID2
  • Case studies: Alibaba, Aadhaar, Digibank

Pick of Events (W4-May-2018)
Link WeWork Founders Night @ KualaLumpur
Link Snow Musang King Buffet @ KualaLumpur
Link Coworking Forum @ Singapore
Link Restore Trust in Dating using Blockchain @ Singapore
Link Crypto-Mining Live Demo @ Jakarta
Link HR in a Dgital Era @ Jakarta
Link CaaS: Crime-as-a-Service @ HongKong
Link Radica Bigdatahon @ HongKong

[Blockchain Notes
  • Blockchain is not Bitcoin. A previous post mentioned Bitcoin under 'The Case Against Blockchain and ICO'. While blockchain is more than Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a flagship app of blockchain, just as VW was a flagship marquee for diesels. 
  • Blockchain is not just a marketing term. This refers to blockchain as used for marketing or by sub-prime ICOs, not the concept of blockchain itself.
  • ICOs are fantasies. Some certainly look far fetched in ambition. Our listings give a glimpse of startup propositions from an ecosystem which is not the usual ones.]

Tachyon: Faster Than Light

[May 11th, 2018] ConsenSys Ventures invests in six companies and launches its Ethereum accelerator Tachyon [no website yet]. The 8 week accelerator program will see a cohort of 8-10 projects work towards building an MVP and work towards raising pre-seed/seed funding. [TC]. Sample investees:
  • Ink - Transparent cryptocurrency (vs anonymous)
  • RocketPool - Ethereum proof-of-stake (stake what you do/say)
  • Dada - Digital art whose sale is limited by tokens top image

Token Foundry 
ConsenSys Token Foundry vets utility tokens. Sample vetted tokens:
  • Aikon - Monetize your API for a $ 2.2 trillion API economy
  • Colendi - Credit scoring and financial passport for a global economy
  • Weeve -Turn IoT into EoT by monetizing data & services (E=Economy)

ConsenSys Labs
ConsenSys Labs is an Ethereum venture studio. Sample ventures:
  • Benefactory - An economy of communities (vs of CEOs)
  • Civil - Journalism as a marketplace (vs as a hierarchy)
  • Variabl - Ethereum-based, trustless derivatives trading

Organic Purple Pan Mee

After three months of acceleration and an intensive bootcamp, 1337 Ventures will be hosting a demo day for their latest batch of startups from the Khazanah Nasional Entrepreneurship Outreach Program. Join us for the 1337 x KNEO’s Top 10 Demo Day. [Happening: Saturday, 12th May 2018, 6pm - 8pm @ Cyberjaya. Tickets for the demo. This is a satellite event of CSS2018. Startup descriptions below are guesstimates.].

1337-KNEO 2018 picks
  • BESC - Make energy a marketplace instead of just a utility 
  • GrubCycle - Food should not be thrown away top image
  • HomegrownFarms - Fresh, organic vegetables 
  • Unwrappd - Don't know what to give? Try giftcards
  • Resermy - Reservation as a service
  • Kravve - Organic, purple pan mee (and more) post title

Bonus: SITEC-TusStar 2018 picks via

Appworks Accelerator: $1.3 Billion Revenue

[Congrats to Malaysia on a new government]  From the event writeup: Appworks Accelerator is Greater Southeast Asia (Asean + Taiwan & Hong Kong)'s largest startup accelerator with an alumni of 323 startups, 780 founders, USD 1.3 billion in annual revenue and 5,696 jobs. Appworks is recruiting its 17th batch and will be at Cyberjaya on Friday, 11th May, 2018 6:30pm for a roadshow. Appworks alumni include:
  • iChef - Multi design awarded restaurant point-of-sale and CRM
  • IntoWow - Low-latency, premium, mobile video ads
  • Migo - Big data company with partnerships with Alibaba, Tencent, Google
  • MorningShop - Curated cereals, nuts, dried foods and jams top image
  • NewsLeopard - East Asian Mailchimp/GetResponse
  • TagToo - Ad platform that is more personal than media-buys and RTB
  • Umbo - Autonomous CCTV where AI does the monitoring, not humans
  • Patisco - Sales conversion after industry events
  • 17Life - Offline-to-online ecommerce platform
  • DeepSentinel - CCTV with AI-based surveillance
  • Fandora - Taiwan's largest online seller of illustration merchandise
 [Update: Event postponed, interested parties can apply direct here, closing May 14th.]

GarfieldEats: Mobile Only Restaurant

ICOs take the stage again this week, via 1 2 3 4 5.
  • GarfieldEats - Mobile only fast food restaurant [not an ICO yet | top video]
  • DTube - YouTube alternative that pays by likes (vs via ads) [bottom video]
  • MoneyTrack - Directed money (restricted money): giftcards, vouchers, points
  • Perlin - Supercomputing from millions of idle smart devices
  • SatoshiPay - Nanopayment which requires no login
  • Bitwala - Blockchain banking for the Bitcoin era
  • FPC - After privatised airports, roads and utilities, now privatised cities

Pick of Events (W3-May-2018)
Link DTube & MusicCoin @ KualaLumpur
Link AWS is Recruiting @ KualaLumpur fixed
Link Secret Startup Sauce @ HongKong
Link SexTech Hackathon @ Singapore
Link Digital Maker Marketspace @ Penang
Link Startup Weekend Anak Muda @ Bali

Gnosis: Right Over Eloquent

[Nothing much on events so blockchains and ICOs get the spotlight. Some of these ICOs are novel ideas though execution remains to be seen. Top image: Gnosis]

Ethereum Meetup link [Thu, 3-May-2018, SG]
  • Dai - A stable coin based on USD (vs BTC's volatility)
  • Aragon - Run a decentralised, virtual organisation
  • Gnosis - Approach 'truth' by rewarding 'right' over 'eloquent' thesis

Crypto Investor Night link [Mon, 7-May-2018, SG]
  • Carats - Diamond-backed tokens
  • Online - Micropayment for websites to do away with annoying ads

Blockchats Dinner link [Tue, 15-May-2018, MY]
  • Wunder - Art philanthropy and accelerator

Pick of Events (W2-May-2018)
Link Startup Summit @ Cyberjaya try promo: CSSJMWB
Link Startup Obstacle Course @ ShahAlam
Link The Truth about CRMs @ KualaLumpur
Link IoT Embedded Development with LoRa @ KualaLumpur
Link 50 Shades of Jokes @ KualaLumpur
Link Future in Artificial Intelligence @ Singapore
Link What Happens After You Get Acquired @ Jakarta

[Calendata takes a two week break.]

The Case Against Blockchains and ICOs

[27 Apri 2018] To round-off and balance our mini-series on cryptocurencies and blockchains, here are some quick 'caveat emptor' notes. These are FYI only, as with crypto-currencies we have listed, listing is not endorsement, promotion or agreement.

The Case Against Bitcoin via
As written by the former CEO of Intuit and founding CEO of Paypal
  • Payment - Bitcoin is not widely accepted and its value swings too much
  • Store Of Value - Too volatile, is your coin worth $100 or $10,000 today?
  • Thing In Itself - Exists only in a virtual world, intangible
  • Others - Slow, resource intensive to mine, exchange hacks etc.

Blockchain is Over-Hyped via [Medium article]
  • Hype - Try replacing the word 'blockchain' with 'database'
  • Practicality - When actually used, found not totally workable
  • Mundane - It's just a tech term like 'client-server' (vs a concept like internet)
  • Not Trustless - You have to trust, for example, the exchange
  • Decentralisation - Business and commerce are built on trust and institutions

The Howey Test via
Is an ICO a security (offering of shares) or a utility (like tokens in a game arcade)? If it is a security, it might be subject to regulation. As a rough guide, a product is a security if it passes all of the following tests: 
  • An investment of money (money is being collected)
  • An expectation of profit (not charity, not tokens to play games at the arcade)
  • Investment in a common enterprise (pooling of money)
  • Profit comes from the efforts of the promoter (you are not in control)

ICOs Under The Spotlight
ICOs issues have been widely reported, examples:

For counter balance, check out Coin Telegraph for crypto-friendly news. ICOs which are for the sale or distribution of (genuinely useful or entertaining) utility tokens (like the tokens used for games at the mall arcade) and not merely fund raisers, disguised or otherwise, could have potential. [This post is not investment advice.]

Extra Picks (next week, W1-May-2018)
Link Adobe Conference @ KualaLumpur
Link WeWork Party @ KualaLumpur
Link Shopify Meetup @ KualaLumpur
Link PitchIn Presentation @ KualaLumpur fixed
Link Thailand Digital @ KualaLumpur
Link Green Drinks @ KualaLumpur
Link AI Day @ Singapore fixed
Link Fintech GetTogether @ Singapore
Link NuMoney Level-Up @ Singapore
Link RolandBerger Talk @ Bangkok

Hottest ICOs 2018

[Hottest ICOs on 25 Apr 2018. Caveat emptor. Image: DT]

Hottest Coins By Market Cap via
Only lesser known coins shown, the chart toppers are: 1-Bitcoin 2-Ethereum 3-Ripple 4-BitcoinCash 6-Litecoin 8-Stellar 10-NEO 12-Dash. All have ICOed (or equivalent):
  • 05 EOS - Decentralised operating system (HK | $10B)
  • 07 Cardano - A cryptocurrency built by academics (CH | $7B) Switzerland
  • 09 IOTA - Unlike BTC, no huge, centralized miners and no fees (DE | $6B)
  • 11  Monero - Priivacy focused cryptocurrency (Anonymous | $5B)
  • 13 TRON - Blockchain operating system (CN | $ 3B)

Hottest Ongoing ICOs ranked by Telegram followers via
  • Kelta - Supercomputing as a service (SK | 52K) Slovakia
  • Bob's - Home repairs without the scams (US | 50K)
  • Abyss - Reward ecosystem for gamers & game developers (MT | 45K) Malta
  • BigBom - Transparent advertising platform (SG | 41K)
  • Photochain - Stock photography that pays more and faster (EE | 38K) Estonia

Hottest Ongoing ICOs ranked by YouTube followers via
  • Dbrain - Crowd labelling of image data for machine learning (RU | 20K)
  • Ambit - Tax-free cryptomining at Tbilisi Free Economic Zone (GE | 17K) Georgia 
  • 300cubits - Fix cargo bookings no-shows (HK | 10K)
  • ARX - Cryptocurrency to enter and spend in a VR world (AU | 9K)
  • MoneyToken - Convert crypto into fiat loans at fixed exchange rates (UK | 9K)

Bonus: Possible MY ICOs via
  • Ultroneum - Enable merchants to accept cryptocurrencies
  • PicHere - Waze + Snapchat + Property + Gamification
  • DigitalWay - Redtone's diversified ICO
  • SEDA - Credential validation (eg. validate an honorific)
  • PitisCoin - Cryptocurrency for the rich and famous
  • Xenchain - Store identities encrypted in the blockchain

Stellar Token & Berkeley Blockchain

Event Highlights (W4-Apr-2018)

  • Stellar Event Token: For this month's Stellar meetup [Fri 6pm, 27 Apri 2018 @ TheCellar, Kuala Lumpur] we intend to showcase the superpowers of blockchain technology. After you sign up at Eventbrite, we will send you a digital ticket in the form of a Stellar Event Token [an ERC20-like utility coin for use in ticketing.]. You will need to download a mobile wallet [the organizer will probably tell you which one to use] that will hold the Stellar Event Token. At the door, you will need to deposit this Stellar Event Token for entry. Once you deposit the digital ticket, you will receive Lumens [or XLM, Stellar's unit of currency, similar to Ether and Bitcoin], which will be used as payment for a variety of things during the event e.g. food, drink, auction for a date with Miss Crypto Malaysia...
  • Blockchain at BerkeleyBlockchain at Berkeley is the largest and most active university-based blockchain organization in the world. Premised on the idea that universities are hubs for cutting-edge research and visionary ideas, Blockchain at Berkeley serves as a neutral party that provides blockchain-based education, consulting, and research initiatives. Blockchain at Berkeley will be presenting Deep-Dive into Crypto-Economic Design [Wed 10am, 25 Apr 2018 @ Ruttonjee, Hong Kong].

Pick of Events (W4-Apr & W1-May, 2018)

Crypto Events FYI only
Link Stellar Tokens and Lumens @ KualaLumpur info as highlighted
Link CryptoUpdate: Wanchain Steemit @ KualaLumpur info
Link NEM Blockchain Centre Launch @ KualaLumpur info
Link Blockchain Embassy Asia @ KualaLumpur info
Link ICO for Virtual Land @ KualaLumpur info
Link Stuff Banks, Use Coins @ KualaLumpur info
Link WeMerge Blockchain Incubator @ KualaLumpur info
Link Fiqh Blockchain @ KualaLumpur
Link CryptoEconomic Design @ HongKong info as highlighted
Link CryptoWallet for Apps @ HongKong info
Link Blockchain as an Investment Platform @ HongKong info
Link Build Decentralised Applications @ Singapore info

Other Events
Link GIX = (WashingtonU x Tsinghua) + TusStar @ ShahAlam info
Link MY-TH Crossborder Ecommerce @ KualaLumpur
Link Meet Your Better Half @ KualaLumpur
Link Wonder Women Picha Lean FutureLab @ KualaLumpur
Link Make Money Work for You @ KualaLumpur tix
Link US Market Access for Tech Startups @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Digital Content Exhibition @ KualaLumpur info
Link Mox Chinacclerator Happy Hour @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Build Your Own Snapchat @ KualaLumpur
Link Big Ass Fans @ KualaLumpur
Link Future Mobility: Electric Cars @ Bangkok
Link Millennial Millionaire @ Jakarta tix
Link The Universe as Code @ Jakarta

Startup Decelerator

The term startup decelerator is used by Spanish accelerator Menorca Millennials to brand itself and its programs which are one year in duration compared to the usual one to three months. Menorca Millennials is one of 45 accelerator partners of Global Pitch, a pitch competitionn (closing: 22 April 2018) hosted by DealMatrix. Sample accelerators and alumni:

Betatron Where founders come first (HK)
  • OmyCar - Gamification of better driving: drive better to win
  • Pakt - Storage when you have more clothes than closet [in packed HK]
  • Pixofy - Interactive furniture shopping

Brinc Helping founders build and launch connected hardware businesses (HK)
  • Kepetair - Fixed winged drone [flies like a plane vs like a helicopter]
  • Poladrone - Aerial data collection
  • Scorpiox - Drone as a service for emergency services, ecommerce etc

Chinaccelerator Helping startups cross borders (CN)
  • CoolHobo - Shop online and offline at the same time using VR  
  • GroupMall - Community-based WeChat shop
  • 247Tickets - Buying event tickets in China is still difficult & expensive

Elevator Lab Run by an Austrian bank (AT)
  • Kompany - Access company filings worldwide
  • Asteria - Automatic cash flow forecasts top image
  • Sonect - Replace ATMs with shops that accept and dispense cash [1]

JadeValue Fintech investor and incubator (CN)
  • Factom - Document authentication by blockchain
  • Orchard - Marketplace to buy and sell loans
  • FSPwork - Real estate ecosystem

Menorca Millennials Startup decelerator (ES)
  • Social Internet - Influencer relationship management 
  • InsideDNA - 1000+ of bioinformatic tools for genomic analysis
  • Mercaux - Digital in-store experience 

[1: Could be useful even with the introduction of ewallets and epayments if cash is still being used, but a reduction in usage means ATMs are underused or could not be justified in new locations.]

Redux: Big Data, Big Garbage
Our recent post with the above title received high interest but the eye-catching title merely refers to a topic of an event. Here are some possbilities big data could have big issues: [via 1]
  • Volume - So much data, there is nowhere to store it.
  • Velocity - Comes in so fast, it can't be captured readily.
  • Variety - Arrives in all shapes and sizes not just numbers and text.
  • Veracity - Is the data valid, accurate, complete or otherwise?
  • Value - Is the data of value to  you, and society (eg. privacy, security)?

Picks: Canton Fair 2018

Comboez Electric Auto Vacuum Food Dome

Kingslite Solar Garden/Street Light

Meridian International Auto Grip Pliers

Sinoglass Vinegar Bottle Measurer

Zhejiang Woqu Ebike

Hanssem Effex Hybrid Vacuum Cleaner

Meituxian Touch Coffee Table

Ningno Kuer Kayak Cooler Box

Shanghai Mtree Digital Telescope

Shenzhen Chaowei Bluetooth Speakers

Zhejiang Skywalker Crop Protection UAV

Shenzhen KTC Digital Signage

Canton Fair 2018, April 15th - May 5th @ Guangzhou, China info

eWallets: Alipay TnG QRpay

Pick of Events (W4-Apr-2018)
Link eWallets: Finally Here @ KualaLumpur
Link Gorgeous Women Will @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Belgium Luxembourg Blockchain @ KualaLumpur
Link Google Machine Learning @ KualaLumpur
Link Belt and Road Connectivity @ KualaLumpur
Link Data Visualisation in Manufacturing @ KualaLumpur
Link No Uber? Mobility Startups @ Cyberjaya
Link CRM: ITcompstore TresGo MyParcel @ ShahAlam
Link Alipay x TouchnGo @ Penang tix
Link Computer Network Design @ Kuching
Link Blockchain Sharing Economy @ Singapore
Link Hololens: The Next Reality @ Singapore
Link Blockchain for Financial Inclusion @ Jakarta

Startup Tips from Li Ka Shing

Li Ka Shing is a prominent Hong Kong entrepreneur whose business interests include Watsons, Australian Gas, UK Rail, Husky Energy, Hutchison Telecom, and ports in 26 countries. Having dropped out of school at 15 to work, here are some of Li Ka Shing's tips for those who are starting out: [via 1 2 3]

When You are Poor
  • Spend less time at home and more time outside.
  • Be good to others. Don’t be calculative. 
  • Throw yourself out in the open and let people make good use of you. 

Starting Out
  • When you don't have a lot, pay attention to learning.
  • Share what you learned, in learning and sharing, you will make new friends.
  • If your salary is stagnant, it means you have not grown as a person.
  • The ability to smile when you are misunderstood is a sign of good upbringing.
  • Always be industrious, the virtuous welcome onerous duties.
  • Your fate is decided by what you do between 10pm and 12am.

Case Study
  • On New Year’s Day, the [Li Ka Shing's] boss announced that the bonus that year would be based on sales. At the end of the year, my sales figure was seven times higher than the second best. If they paid my bonus based on my sales, my bonus would have been higher than the general manager’s. The other salesmen were already jealous. So I said to my boss: “Just pay me the same as the second best salesman; it would make everyone happy.” As a result, I became a manager when I was 17 going on 18.

  • I was once an employee, so I know what employees want.
  • I took jobs, no matter how lowly they were. But I did my best at work, and at increasing my knowledge.
  • When my children were small, I took them to squatters' areas and made them take the tram and bus.
  • I named my company Cheung Kong (Yangtze River). The Yangtze River doesn’t pick and choose its tributaries. 
  • I think education is the most important thing to a nation. Without good education, whatever equipment or plans you have mean nothing.
  • A liberal [ie free] society has to be founded not only on law and order but also on a prosperous economy.
  • The fruit that you eat will never taste as beautiful as the fruit that I ate during the turmoil of war. You will never cherish it as much as I do.

Pick of Events (W3-Apr-2018)
Link A Night of Duets @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Meet the Guitar Masters @ KualaLumpur
Link Revenge of the Foreign Correspondents @ KualaLumpur
Link Expand Your Business to America @ Kuala Lumpur
Link McKinsey Scaling @ KualaLumnpur
Link Accounting in 2050 @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Culinary Hackathon @ KualaLumpur
Link Ecommerce Summit @ KualaLumpur
Link Cryptocurrency Roundtable @ KualaLumpur
Link Blockchain Future @ Singapore tix
Link Blockchain Investment @ Singapore tix
Link Oil Palm Hackathon @ Singapore
Link Wordpress Ecommerce for Women @ Singapore
Link Banking Evolution, Revolution & Big Bang @ Singapore
Link High Net Worth Networking @ Singapore
Link A Conversation with GoJek @ Jakarta
Link Blockchain Smartcity @ HongKong
Link Blockchain Ecommerce @ HongKong