Fintech 2018

To wrap-up 2018, Calendata is clearing out its in-tray starting with Fintech.

Digital Banks

  • ClearBank - UK's first clearing bank in 250+ years. A clearing bank helps banks process cheques (eg. a HSBC cheque deposited into a Stanchart account), credit card transactions (liaising with Visa, Mastercard) and other back-office services. ClearBank adds to this repertoire by being a 'white label bank' for challenger banks, fintech startups and smaller financial institutions. [It's like iPay88 on steriods.]
  • Tide - A digital only bank that focuses on small and medium sized businesses, just when traditional banks are de-prioritizing them. Rather than being given the run-around and taking weeks to open a business account, Tide's accounts can be opened in minutes. In keeping with its agile character, Tide managed to not have to get a banking license by letting Barclays handle the money. [Similar initiative: OCBC]
  • Atom Bank - UK's fastest growing residential property lender reached GBP 2 billion [USD 2.5b | MYR 10b] in mortgages in just 2 years. Recently, Atom signed up Thinking Machines to power its core banking with new capabilities such as smart contracts (which will allow easier onboarding etc) based on a centralized, cryptographic ledger (not a blockchain).


  • AEON Wallet - A check on ewallets local and foreign (including Venmo, Paytm) shows almost all of them slurp down permissions: reading contacts, phone info, SMSes and location. AEON Wallet stands out by needing none of these permissions. (Not a technical judgement call, or that AEON won't start using more permissions later.) Or you could use a card (prepaid, debit, credit).
  • Garmin Pay - In the world of ewallets, the smartphone is a weak link. It could be left behind, or lost in an eatery (or drinkery). Garmin Pay, in collaboration with Siam Commercial Bank, MasterCard and Visa, is offering a wearable ewallet - a smart watch - which is less prone to misplacement and is more compact and convenient than a smartphone. [Apple Pay is similar but tends to be elitish (halfway between elite and elitist) in its rollout.]
  • Touch n Go - TnG is trialing a hybrid cashcard + ewallet concept. At selected merchants when the customer uses a TnG smartcard, it will first deduct payment from the ewallet, failing which it will use the balance in the smartcard. This offers the possibility of payment even when the network is down.

E-Wallet Awards
Based on Calendata's unsystematic, unscientific survey.
  • Boost - Most likely sticker to be seen at shop windows
  • Boost - Accepted at the pasar malam (night market)
  • Touch n Go - Best bunting at the door (about 4 feet tall)
  • Touch n Go - Accepted by a mom-and-pop grocery store
  • PayWave | PayPass | Card - Most ubiquitous acceptance (still)

Green Startups

Aircon Challenge
As the climate gets warmer, more aircons will be used (more often and at higher temperature differentials). As more aircons are used, more fossil-based power will be required, which in turn makes the climate warmer. To forestall this self-reinforcing, vicious cycle, Richard Branson and the government of India are offering a bounty of USD 3 million for an aircon design that 1) uses one fifth the energy and refigerant 2) is no more than twice the cost. [ site | criteria ]

Green Startups 1 2
These startups address the Aircon Challenge in an indirect way (and are thus ineligible to enter the competition which is specific to the aircon unit):
  • Elevate - Buildings built like shady trees rather than greenhouse boxes
  • BeeBryte - Manage electricity use by the suburb (vs by the house/aircon)
  • Choose - Allow consumers to choose between green and fossil-based energy
  • Physee - Solar panel glass windows (useful for gleaming, glass towers)
  • Biocarbon - Plant trees (eg reforest) using drones 10x faster than humans
  • Tado - Software optimisation of aircons (max improvement: 40%)
  • FirstLight - The race for fusion energy (clean, safe, limitless)

Traditional Architecture
Traditional Malay houses are airy and cool without air conditioning. Among the reasons are the use of wood (does not store heat to be released at night unlike concrete) and triple ventilation as shown in the image above.

Vertical Farming
Do you have the passion for Aquaponics / Hydroponics? Are you looking for a position where you can make an impact in Sustainable Urban Farming? The developer of 1Powerhouse is currently setting up a 16-storey Aquaponics Vertical Farm @ 1Powerhouse Bandar Utama to produce 100,000 fishes and 55,000 vegetables showcasing the Future of Vertical Farming! To apply, email your resume and work experience details to! [ poster ]

Pick of Events (W2+Dec-2018)

Link AdobeXD UI/UX @ KL vid
Link Cloud for SMEs @ KL
Link IoT Motion Detection @ KL also
Link The Halal Market @ KL tix
Link The Leverage Game @ PG
Link Digital Marketing @ KC

Link Midnight Book Market @ KL
Link Perempuan: Our Stories @ KL
Link Different Ability ArtFest @ KL
Link Crowdfund Concert @ KL vid
Link Poets Curtain Call @ KL 1 2
Link Indie Film Festival @ IP tix

Around The Region
Link Building an IoT Data Estate @ SG
Link Just-in-Time Doctor Visits @ SG
Link Go-Jek Data Visualisation @ JKT
Link Capture Young Customers @ JKT
Link The Tea Ceremony @ HK
Link AI Bootcamp @ hk id ph sg tw


Beyond Cryptocurrency [Thur, 6-Dec-2018, 9am-5pm @ KL tix] brings together leading organisations, thought leaders and scientists from to discuss how blockchain is changing society . Topics (abbreviated topic titles, speaker names, job titles):
  • Growth Potential - Raja Kumar, Head of Research, Taylor's
  • Use Cases - Amarjit Singh, Country Head, PLMP Fintech
  • The Right Solution? - Maslan Mat Isa, Analyst, BTM Blockchain
  • Engaging a Project - Lee Yu Kit, Architect, IBM
  • Accelerating Depolyment - Bernard Lee, Consultant, Oracle
  • Hyperledger Fabric - Ahmad Zuhairi Ismail, Engineer, MIMOS
  • Intelligent Trade Finance - Ronald Fons, Financial Head, Huawei

Experiencing Industry 4.0 [Thur, 6-Dec-2018, 8:30am-1pm @ Cyberjaya tix]. Topics:
  • Cost Effective IoT for Manufacturing - MyIoTA
  • Energy Savings using AI & IoT - iCEE
  • Digital Transformation with Drones - SG Education
  • AR for Smart Manufacturing - MIMOS
  • Digital Twin & Industry 4.0 - Altair
  • Optimizing Manufacturing Processes - Tekmark
  • Industry 4.0 Trends & Events - Messe

Canon Remix

Electronic Music Composition with FL Studio [2pm-5pm, Sat, 8-Dec-2018 @ KL | MYR 105 | USD 25 tix] is a workshop for those interested in hands-on music composition and production. It is open to anyone who likes music and want to create their own songs.

Topics include
  • Music genres (eg. rock, metal, rap, hip-hop etc)
  • Chord progression (building blocks of a song)
  • Plugins (instruments eg. sax, piano, techno)
  • Basic sampling (music's copy-and-paste)
  • Effects (eg. reverb, compressor, noise-reduce)
  • Lyrics writing (words, verses, rhymes to accompany music)
  • Basic mastering (like typing up an essay)
  • Music presentation (like presenting an essay to class)

  • The software used in the class is FL Studio, an example video is shown above. Prices start at USD 99, a free demo version is available.
  • Though generally not listing training events, Calendata supports accessible classes like this which help novices make their first step, cross the threshold.
  • One use of FL Studio is for remixing of which a showcase is presented below, best played in sequence with good quality speakers or headphones and with the volume turned up a bit.

Pick of Events (W2-Dec-2018)
1. Videos linked to or embedded in this site are indicative and may not necessarily be representative of the actual event content. 2. Calendata takes a break and will resume in a couple of weeks.

Arts & Science
Link Carnival Fest @ JB tix
Link Protein Folding @ KL
Link Talking Plants @ KL
Link Durian Bats @ KL
Link Cosplay Bats @ KL
Link Tell a Story @ KL
Link Jingle Mingle @ KL
Link Women Rock @ KL tix
Link DJ Producer @ KL also
Link B40 Bazaar @ KL shops
Link Charity Show @ KL tix
Link Zee Carpenter @ KL video

Link Cybersecurity @ KL
Link Latest PCI DSS @ KL
Link HR Industry @ KL tix
Link Lean Startup @ KL tix
Link Hadoop Founder @ KL
Link Blockchain Hack @ KL
Link Blockchain Uses @ KL
Link Youth Weekend @ KL
Link Youth Export Day @ KL
Link Golden Content @ KL
Link Social Challenge @ KL
Link AI Economics @ KL
Link Capital Markets @ KL
Link Call for 5G @ CJ info
Link Android IoT @ PG
Link Dropship Untung? @ KC tix
Link Ebay Crossborder @ IP

Around The Region
Link Grow Apps @ Bangkok
Link Social Sprint @ Bangkok
Link Lean Agile @ Jakarta
Link Product Vision @ Jakarta
Link Anti-Fraud AI @ SG
Link Go-Jek Hackathon @ SG
Link Startup Week @ Taipei

Canon Remixes
Remix 1: climb up - relax

Remix 2: hitting it - may startle neigbhours and pets

Remix 3: climb down - dance

Bonus: putting it together


Co-Working Visit
Due some broadband glitches, Calendata dropped in at a low-key co-working space recently to get some stuff done. On both occasions there, we noticed the space was 50+% occupied. Based on rough calculations, we surmised it is profitable though not necessarily a wild money spinner. The space has been around a couple of years, its sustainability could be due to innovative pricing and packaging.

Co-Drinking & Co-Square
Co-drinking has been around longer than co-working. DrinkEntrepreneurs are having one this Thursday [8pm, 29-Nov-2018 @ Célavi, KL tix] with guests The Makeover Guys. At a pinch, one could also co-drink (and co-work) at the mamak. Or for something more upmarket, at The Square, which is set to launch mid-December with co-retail, co-farm, co-work (one floor pets ok, one not), artspace, restaurants, shops, academies, schools and gym. Teaser video here.

Co-Furry Friend
As mentioned above, The Square looks set to host the first pet-friendly co-working space in Malaysia. Elsewhere, similar spaces include 25D (Manila), GarageSociety (Hongkong), Hun (Taipei) and Wotso (Singapore). Mamak stalls are generally also pet-agnostic if not pet-friendly, and typically come with a resident feline or two, and the occasional visiting canine.

WeWork recently opened a space in Kuala Lumpur at Equatorial Plaza and is having its drinks meetup on Thursday too [7pm, 29-Nov-2018 tix] at The Gasket Alley, right across the road from The Square. A case of schedule congestion, or an opportunity for twice the tipple (or beverage) and double the networking.

Tik Tok

Calendata lightly dissed TikTok in a recent post (questioning whether it is surface tech or deep tech and worth its huge valuation) but, having had a closer look at it this past week, we are impressed with its freshness and content.

The (kawaii-ish) video on the left is a mashup up of a student dancing to Despacito, two girls doing 'Learn to Meow', a popular meme in North Asia, and the delightful Wani Kayrie and friend (TikTok videos are typically 10-15 seconds in duration).

To attempt to understand why TikTok is getting attention, below is our rough comparison between TikTok and YouTube. [We are a fan of YouTube and embed many of its videos in this site.]

Comparison between TikTok and YouTube 22-Nov-2018
TikTok YouTube
Usage Self Expression Education, Information, Marketing, Entertainment, Mass Messaging
App Minimalist design which fully utilizes the screen (bezel-less) Clunky, crowded with suggestions of other videos
Special Effects Meme music (for lip or dance syncing), bunny ears, edgy shaky logo Overlay boxes that cover the video amd which can or cannot be dismissed
Content Spontaneous Scripted, targeted at upping views, likes and subscribers (amateur producers seem to be getting fewer)
Vibe Exuberant Business-like
Started 2016 2006
Valuation $75 billion $160 billion

Trade Tussle

Pick of Events (W1-Dec-2018)

Link Trade War for Exporters @ KL post title
Link Asean India Meet @ KL tix
Link Belt & Road Expo @ KL
Link OEM Indonesia @ KL tix
Link Robot AI & ML @ KL
Link Ecommerce Day @ KL
Link Fintech Cloud @ KL tix
Link Shopify Paypal @ Penang
Link Joomla Hackathon @ JB
Link Startup Pitch @ Kuching
Link Music City @ Kuching

Link AirAsia Refugee @ KL tix
Link Whup2 Refugee @ KL
Link Classical Fantasy @ PJ tix vid
Link Experimental Fest @ KL tix
Link Sunny Side Market @ KL
Link Deja New Market @ KL post image
Link Directors Demo Day @ KL

Around The Region
Link Data Driven Docs @ JKT
Link The Data Scientist @ JKT
Link Booker Prize Meetup @ JKT
Link Impact Travel Alliance @ JKT
Link Smart Biz Expo @ HK
Link RuAsean Summit @ SG
Link SmartPort Demo Day @ SG tix

Link Agro Culinaire @ KL tix Gratis
Link Indoor Agriculture @ SG USD 700
Link AgriFood Week @ SG 1 2 3 USD 2200

The King and The Counselor

The King and The Counselor via
In ancient Egypt there lived a wise king named Thamus. One day he was visited by a clever [guru] called Theuth. Theuth was an inventor of many useful things: arithmetic and geometry; astronomy and dice. But his greatest discovery, so he believed, “was the use of letters.” And it was this invention that Theuth was most eager to share with King Thamus. The art of writing, Theuth said, “will make the Egyptians wiser and give them better memories; it is a specific both for the memory and for the wit.”

But Thamus rebuffed him. “O most ingenious Theuth,” he said, “the parent or inventor of an art is not always the best judge of the utility or inutility of his own inventions to the users of them.” The king continued: “For this discovery of yours will create forgetfulness in the learners’ souls, because they will not use their memories; they will trust to the external written characters and not remember themselves.”

Written words, Thamus concluded, “give your disciples not truth, but only the semblance of truth; they will be hearers of many things but will have learned nothing; they will appear to be omniscient and will generally know nothing; they will be tiresome company, having the show of wisdom without the reality.”

Zero Knowledge Proof

When you pay by credit card at, say, an eatery, you will have to key in your PIN into the credit card terminal (assuming no 'paywave'). This could be a vulnerability because the PIN could be captured by the terminal or an onlooker. Is there a way to use your PIN without revealing it? Sounds impossible but it is doable using Zero Knowledge Proof. 'Zero Knowledge' means you do not give confidential information to the verifying party, and definitely not your PIN.

Pick of Events (W4-Nov-2018)

Link Zero Proof Ethereum @ KL
Link Sell Without Inventory @ KL
Link Branded IoT @ KualaLumpur
Link Coworking Launch @ Starling
Link Startup Hackathon @ Cyberjaya
Link Property Crowdfunding @ KL tix
Link CIMB Accelerator @ KL tix
Link CIMB AirAsia @ KL info

Link Composers Festival @ KL tix
Link Battle of Bands @ Seremban
Link What Conductors Do @ KL vid
Link Four Seasons @ KL tix v1 v2

Link Fortius Females @ Bangkok
Link Women in Tech @ Bangkok tix
Link Women Fund Women @ SG
Link Women in Strength @ SG tix
Link Women in HealthTech @ SG
Link Women Data Leaders @ SG
Link Women Who Code @ KL
Link LeanIn Unconference @ KL
Link Women's Biases @ KL
Link Boys' Heartbreak @ KL

Around The Region
Link Future Cities Agri Industry @ SG
Link Taiwan Accelerator @ Singapore
Link Food Colloquium @ Bangkok
Link The Road to IPO @ HongKong
Link HealhTech Meetup @ Jakarta
Link B2B Tech Bazaar @ Jakarta
Link Call for Solutions @ Jakarta info
Link SDG Startups @ Jakarta info

Green Packaging

If you sort your thrash, you will notice a lot packaging is food packaging, from food wrappers to instant noodles (ramen) packets, to food delivery boxes and cutlery. This packaging is single-use and often plastic, which is harmful to the planet. Here are some old and new school alternatives.

Old School Green Packaging
  • Lemang - Savoury coconut glutinous rice  bamboo + leaves 
  • Ketupat - Steamed compressed rice cubes  woven palm leaves 
  • NasiLemak - Rich chilli paste rice  banana leaf + paper   
  • BakChang - Glutinous rice dumplings  bamboo leaves  
  • HorYipFan - Stuffed savoury meal basket  lotus leaves  
  • AisBolaSirap - Rose flavoured ice ball  no packaging, use hands 
  • RojakKeropok - Mini salad served on a prawn fritter  the fritter  [1]
  • Mobile Food - The vendor comes to your place  your own plates 
  • Banana Leaf - Used in many dishes as  packaging, sealant, lining  
  • Fresh Fruits - Comes with natural packaging:  skin, rind, husk 

New School Green Packaging
  • Biodegrable - Auto biodegrades (eg. in the ocean) but not compostable
  • Compostable - Can be mixed with food scraps, turned into compost
  • Tiffin Carrier - Reusable, food safe (needs modern engineering refresh)
  • Milk - Milk based film that is 250x more oxygen-proof than plastic
  • Avocado - Sustainable bioplastic businesss from avocado pits 
  • Cassava - Edible, soluble bag made from cassava (the turtle can eat it)
  • Seaweed - The sushi roller to the rescue 

Green Grant
  • MESTECC is calling for proposals [1 2 3] for turning oil plam residues into bioplastics. [We think that is the brief, read the sources for more info.]
  • Matching grants of up to MYR 5 million (USD 1.2 million) are on offer, open for application now.

[1] The image for the Rojak Keropok is a rough approximation. Imagine a smaller portion of the same salad shown in the image served with only a dab of sauce on top a flat fritter the size of a palm. As one eats the fritter, one consumes the salad (and the packaging, the fritter) as well. The ice cream on a cone, the sandwich, hamburger and hotdog use a similar concept. Read also: green packaging, bioplastics.

Stock Exchange Demo Day

Demo Day at The Stock Exchange [Thu, 27 Nov 2018 @ HK tix]
13 startups [sample below] were picked for Brinc's autumn 2018 acceleration program. From 8 countries, the startups are in Hong Kong in November to work with Brinc, mentors and partners. Come and join the Demo Day at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
  • Enerdrone - No-stop charging network for drones using wireless power 
  • Popcom - Biometric blockchain kiosk for selling controlled items: cigs, meds
  • Eyedentify - Fit taxis and ride sharing vehicles with cams and panic buttons
  • Valkyrie - Tactile and physical force simulation in VR 
  • BRS - Commercial and industrial floor cleaning robots
  • Top - Use computer vision to target herbicide at the weed not the crop
  • eColi - Test water real-time on-the-spot vs waiting days for lab results
  • BuzzCloud - Smart beehives for commercial pollinators

Surface Tech vs Deep Tech  [Wed, 21 Nov 2018 @ SG tix]
[From the write-up, edited] In the past few decades, a slew of internet-based applications have brought easy money to investors. Why invest in new, tough-to-commercialise technology, when you can invest in Angry Birds [or Tik Tok?], which might give you ten times the returns after just a couple of years? We need to go back to investing in the unimaginable, in people who are working on breakthroughs that hold the potential to change the future.

Pick of Events (W3-Nov-2018)
1. December is looking rather quiet as usual. 2. The first two events returned by the bot for 2019 are AutoBiz and StartMeUp. 3. Since yesterday, 8 Nov 2018, the static images of embedded YouTube videos at Calendata and elsewhere seem to have gained an unsightly border, hopefully to be resolved soon [update: fixed!]. Videos still play as per normal when clicked.

Link Tech Unconference @ KL
Link Watson Tensorflow @ KL
Link Philosophy Rumble @ KL
Link Hub of Things @ EcoCity
Link Travel Hackathon @ JB
Link Social Innovation @ SG 1 2
Link Data Science Meetup @ SG
Link Light Web App @ Jakarta
Link Impact Startups @ Jakarta

Link Streets of KL 1 @ KL
Link Streets of KL 2 @ KL vid
Link Tax Tips for Shows @ KL tix
Link Use The Car as A Shop @ KL tix

Ewa Bule

Watch [or click on the above image from Wau Tradisi] as Hamilton Children's Choir render a Dikir Barat performance of Ewa Bule (Kelantanese for Wau Bulan, Moon Kite, a traditional Malay kite). In addition to choral singing, Dikir Barat incorporates movement (not dancing) and hand percussion.

The choir was apparently coached by an Ipoh lass who started with acapella and jazz, tutoring at Damansara Jaya Secondary School, to obtaining her Masters and PhD, and now conductor with the Grand Philharmonic Youth Choir in Canada.
Calendata last featured choral singing in Kimi o Nosete and cultural exports in Gamelan Symphony (showcasing Cahaya Asri, Beautiful Light). There is a choral competition beginning tomorrow, 7th November 2018 @ KLPAC, not much information is available save for a poster (update: fb page here).

Zero Threshold

TechCrunch Shenzhen info tix
19-20 November 2018 @ SenzhenBay
  • Future of Wearables - Huami post image
  • The DaVinci Code of AI - Suning
  • Are You Ready for FlexPhone - Royole
  • How We Help Hardware Makers - Seeed
  • How Architecture Affects Productivity - WeWork

Guangzhou International Innovation Festival info tix
25-27 November 2018 @ GuangzhouLibrary
  • How Humans can Survive Robots - Amyx
  • Innovation Changes Life - Huawei
  • Design: The Epicentre of Products - Fung
  • Shrinking Lifecycle of Products - Centrance
  • Zero Threshold Open Platform - Tencent post title

Pick of Events {W2+Nov-2018)
1. The spotlight is on boutique events; conferences and training events are generally not listed. 2. Posts are crafted on the go and are often fine-tuned, proofread and updated after posting. 3. Calendata has its own 'house style', for example, the use of 'eg' instead of 'e.g.'. 4. The layout is optimized for desktop viewing, though the mobile web version works OK too.

Link Firebase Summit @ KL tix
Link Ambank BizClub @ KL tix
Link IoT IR4 @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Unilever FMCG @ KL tix
Link Business Ethics @ KL
Link Brand Development @ KL
Link Onboard Customers @ KL tix
Link Green Conference @ PG tix
Link Blockchain eVoting @ KC

Around The Region
Link German-EU Market @ SG tix
Link NextGen Analytics @ SG
Link Elastic Confluent @ SG
Link Creative Jam @ SG
Link Startup Challenge @ HCMC tix

Classical Deepavali

Konnakul is a vocalisation of drum beats in classical South Indian music. It is said that before novices are allowed to play the drum, they would first have to be proficient in Konnakul. Wishing Hindu readers a Happy Deepavali. [Deepavali eve, LinkedIn is hosting a Diwali get-together at Pisco Bar, Kuala Lumpur.]

Soda Tax

Taxes are in focus at budget time. Some lesser known ones:

  • Digital Tax, also kown as Google tax and Amazon tax, is a tax on digital services purchased from foreign firms eg buying a Facebook ad.  If one engages a local advertising agency, that agency hires local staff, pays rental, salaries, taxes, suppliers, and the staff lunch at the local mamak, but payments to foreign digital firms do not confer such benefits to the local economy, hence the concept of a Digital Tax. [On the other hand, some of these digital firms do not charge for search, messaging, social media etc. Further pros and cons are beyond the scope of this note.]
  • Any 'TaxTech'? There is a radical proposal in the US for a FairTax system, which eliminates all taxes (income, corporate etc) and replaces them with a consumption tax of an initial, proposed 23% (with 'prebates' - proactive rebates - for the disadvantaged). This rate is adjusted each year depending on collection and spending. The tax is still being debated because, among other considerations, it is undecided whether it should be in the form of a Sales Tax or Value Added Tax (both are consumption taxes).

Pick of Events (W2-Nov-2018)

Budget Analysis
Link MDEC Uppercase @ KL (Gratis)
Link UTAR Accounting @ KL (Gratis) tix
Link Financial Bloggers @ OL (Gratis)
Link MOF Whatsapp @ OL (Gratis)
Link MITI Incentives @ KL (Gratis) tix
Link SQL Account @ Kuching (MYR 50)
Link Baker Tilly @ KL (MYR 175)
Link Grant Thornton @ MY (MYR 550)
Link CPA Accountants @ KL (MYR 550)
Link MIA Accountants @ MY (MYR 600)
Link Securities Industry @ KL (MYR 550)
Link Property Developers @ KL (MYR 888)
Link PwC @ KualaLumpur (MYR 980)
Link Deloitte @ Malaysia (MYR 990) tix
Link E&Y @ KualaLumpur (MYR 1060)
Link KPMG @ KualaLumpur (MYR 1100)

Link Reengineering SMEs @ KL
Link Energy Efficiency @ KL tix
Link Smart Manufacturing @ KL also
Link Nomura Digital @ KL
Link AuntiePreneurs @ KL tix
Link Distributed Economy @ KL tix
Link EdTech Day @ KL 1 2
Link Kaki LinkedIn @ KL tix
Link Kaki Borneo @ KK
Link Cashless Society @ CJ
Link Directed Graph @ CJ
Link Thai Logistics @ PG tix

Link Poetry Meetup @ PG tix also
Link Comedy Meetup @ KL
Link Books Meetup @ KL tix
Link Cooks Meetup @ KL

Around The Region
Link Food Security @ Singapore
Link Intro to China @ Singapore
Link Robo Expo @ Singapore
Link Performing Arts @ Bangkok
Link Consumer Fintech @ Jakarta tix

New Mobility for Taxis

Old taxis into new mobility? Below is a hypothesis but first, some mobility news.

Just Six Years From Horses to Cars
A recent article highlighted the dramatic mobility change that happened in the early 1900s via two images. The first dated 1907 shows 5th Avenue in New York filled with horse-drawn buggies and no cars; the second, just six years later in 1913, shows the same avenue full of cars and not a horse in sight.

Charging Stations: The New Gas Stations
In tandem with EVs is the rise of charging solutions. Unlike gas/petrol stations which require half a football field, in the future perhaps even mamak stalls (sidewalk cafés) could conceivably be able to provide charging facilities. A sample of third-party (vs manufacturer) charging companies:

Subscriptions: Ownership on Demand
Instead of owning a vehicle outright, subscriptions allow nano/micro ownership by the hour, day, month, year. Sample vehicle subscription services:
  • FlexDrive - Allow dealerships to offer subscriptions 
  • Smove - Drive Grab/GoJek using a hired vehicle: no deposits, no contracts
  • Drover - All-in subscription includes insurance, servicing, tax, road assist
  • Canvas - Ford's easy-to-use 3-component subscription
  • GoCar - Almera @ $3.50/hr | SoCar:  Axia @ $2/hr, eBMW @ $10/hr $=USD

Mobility Snippets 
Some latest mobility news:
  • StromR3 - India's compact, low-cost EV challenger 1 2 3 top image
  • PlanetM - Michigan's automotive ecosystem accelerator
  • Tier - Germany's e-scooter challenger to Bird, Lime, Spin 
  • SeaBubbles - Electric hydrofoil: use rivers and seas as highways
  • UltraCharge - Titanium dioxide, nanotube, gel battery

New Mobility for Taxis a hypothesis
  • Old taxis are replaced by subscription EVs
  • Taxi drivers rent by the day, week, month: no deposit, no committment
  • If driver goes on leave, just return the car, no-use-no-charge
  • Training povided, auto upgrade to newer models, half-day shift ok
  • No 'personalisation' of the vehicle, EVs are fungible and exchangable
  • Vehicle is fitted with twin cameras and a discreet driver shield
  • EV subscription fees and taxi fares are set by market and/or authorities
  • Work as much or as little as one wishes, P&L is the driver's call
  • No cash: fare is auto calculated and paid by e-wallet or card only
  • Differentiators: rank based vs e-hailing, transparent vs surge pricing