DeepTech Competition

The University of Malaya Centre for Innovation and Commercialization (UMCIC) invites researchers, scientists & entrepreneurs to attend a briefing from Hello Tomorrow on the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 2018. [10:30am - 12pm, August 1st, 2018, UM Makerspace, Kuala Lumpur, tix | info].

The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a worldwide science & technology startup competition designed specifically to address deeptech. The Challenge gives scientists and deeptech entrepreneurs a platform for their research and projects, providing equity-free prize money as well as funding opportunities, global visibility and connections with key players in deeptech.

Hello Tomorrow 2016 Winners info
  • Lilium - Electric vertical takeoff and landing jet vid
  • Koniku - Neuron computers (cells are taken from the skin, not the brain) top
  • H2Go - Solid state hydrogen storage (for off-peak storage, off-grid power)
  • SafetyNet - Use light for selective fishing (reduce catching unwanted fishes)
  • Canard - Inspect airports (runway, systems) using drones (vs costly planes)
  • CocoPallet - Coconut pallets (vs fumigicide, deforestration for wooden ones) 
  • Blitab - Tactile tablet (can do braille, tactile navigation etc)
  • Semsio - Allergen and pollutant analysis
  • Gigabot - Industrial 3D printer

Hello Tomorrow 2017 Winners info
  • Ampaire - Electric planes that are quieter, cleaner and cheaper to fly
  • Arculus - Modular manufacturing that is hive-like (vs linear-like)
  • Mycroft - Open source, customisable version of Alexa, Siri, Cortana vid
  • SkyTree - Office stuffy and you are sleepy because of carbon dioxide?
  • SoundBounce - Acoustic dampeners for quieter cars, planes, factories etc
  • WalkWithPath - Help the mobility challenged walk using lasers vid
  • SaathiPads - Biodegradable, compostable hygiene products from banana fibre
  • Layer - Printed photovoltaic cells that use ambient light to power IoT vid
  • NEXT - Swarm transportation system vid | math

Pick of Events (W1-Aug-2018)
Link Deep Learning @ KualaLumpur
Link EPF & CIMB Fintech @ KualaLumpur
Link Fintech Demo Day @ KualaLumpur
Link Seedstars Pitch @ KualaLumpur
Link Speed Ecommerce @ KualaLumpur
Link Ecommerce Fair @ KualaLumpur
Link Green Industrial Revolution @ KL
Link LinkedIn Meetup @ KualaLumpur
Link Liberal Latté @ KualaLumpur
Link Art of Dice @ KualaLumpur art | dice
Link Smart Nation IoT @ Singapore

Distributed Ledger Events
A looming global trade war could be perking interest in cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers going by a bumper crop of crypto events, including:
Link Islamic Blockchain @ KualaLumpur today
Link Blockchain Insights @ Jakarta
Link Unlocking Unbanked Capital @ SG today
Link ICO Grand Slam @ Singapore tomorrow
Link Blockchain Power Grid @ Singapore
Link Build Your Own Crypto Team @ SG
Link Blockchain Conversation @ HongKong
Link ICOs TradingDesks CryptoFunds @ HK today
Link Non-Fungible Token Hackathon @ HK eg. non-fungible: stamps, paintings

Startup Picks: H1 2018 (HK TW)

Horizon Ventures (HK) info Li Ka Shing's venture arm
  • Divergent3D - 3D print a car top video
  • Owlstone - Non-invasive diagnostics using a breathalyzer
  • SailDrone - Long range ocean drones for data collection
  • SoulMachines - Add a realistic looking face to a chatbot 
  • Q-Ctrl - First steps in quantum machines
  • Evolve - Make gut microbome (bacterial ecosystem) as pristine as a newborn
  • Baobab - Emmy winning interactive story about 2 world-saving bunnies 
  • CorePhotonics - Dual/triple cameras (optics, algorithms, actuators, software)
  • Cortica - AI vision (monitor 1000s of cameras, self driving > 99% accuracy) 
  • Teralytics - Future of mobility as infrastructure (vs unit vehicles like e-cars)
  • Roli - Modular piano

Startup Stadium (TW) info
  • AirSig - Wave phone as signature (vs passwords)
  • Blocks - Modular smart watch (vs hardware cramping, miniaturization)
  • Alchema - Gadget that inputs fruits, outputs cider ...not home brewing
  • Augmenta - Industrial smart glasses (eg. alternative to control panels)
  • Dipp - AI selected marketing visuals
  • Frm - Fan + Frm = Friend (make your fans your friends)
  • KidsDynamic - Teach children the value of time
  • YoCam - Compact, weatherproof mobility camera
  • PlotDB - Data visualisation (charts, plots, maps) as a service
  • RadioFlux - Cup-shaped smart light bulbs
  • Singularity Infinity - Solve mobility problems with mathematics
  • OmiCam - Image stablized, VR camera that is designed to run for hours
  • Viscovery - Find and categorise stuff in videos (people, objects, scenes)

Garage+ (TW) info local investments
  • Gauis - E-Mobility infrastructure 
  • Deepforce - Face detection, identification, grouping creepytech
  • ATgenomix - Genomics NGS (next generation sequencing)
  • Wasai - Hadoop acceleration using FPGA (configurable hardware)
  • Coolso - Wearable gesture control
  • Sinitic - Multi-lingual, multi-tasking chatbot
  • Qubii - Auto backup phone while charging

Garage+ (TW) info foreign investments
    • PrintCB - Copper ink for printing electronics
    • Wavelite - Ultralight IoT network that rides on ambient signals
    • Kepler - Latency tolerant broadband for remote locations
    • FileFlex - Serverless cloud (no need to upload files)
    • RatTrap - Antivirus for IoT that does not require per device installation
    • Sorama - Acoustic cameras to 'see' sound (visualize source and intensity)
    • EmbrWave - Simulate cooling (heating) by cooling (heating) a patch of skin
    • Mfluidx - Lower cost diagnostic assay for point-of-care, small clinics
    • iBand+ - Gadget for lucid dreams

    Bonus: Cradle Fund (MY) info a longer version of a previous listing
    • Furley - ODM and OEM bioextracts link fixed
    • Mediven - Test kits for dengue, zika, malaria, cholera etc
    • Zymeratics - Custom-made industrial enzymes
    • CellTissue - Bioengineered skin for healing and cosmetics
    • NutriBrown - Brown rice that is smooth and yummy
    • KroBox - Lighting that fades in and out (vs abrupt on-off) 
    • Ecava - Hassle free web-based SCADA (factory dashboard)
    • Glueck - Electrronic billboard that can read its audience 
    • Vav - Ultrasound communications that ride on TV, radio etc
    • PouchNation - ePayment smart band for events
    • TuneBoss - Motorbike ECU that is controllable from a phone
    • Neutrinos - Decarbonize car engines with hydrogen
    • Ara - Affordable space for large events
    • Mestrae - One footwear, multiple heels

    A Date with Alena

    Fundraisng For the Future Bid for a one-to-one mentorship ('date') with the following celebrities at Global Shapers' charity fundraiser for After5 which helps students make the leap from childhood (secondary school) to semi-adulthood (tertiary studies, work, gap etc). Happening this Saturday, July 14th, 2018, 2pm-5pm at KohiYatta, Kuala Lumpur. Entry is via a FavePay payment of minimum MYR 10, this amount is then usable to bid for a date. [ info | tix | droid | ios ]. Mentors:

    Pick of Events (W4-July-2018)
    Link Forbes 30 under 30 @ HongKong
    Link Drone Highway Service @ Singapore
    Link Serverless Go-Jek @ Singapore
    Link Dentsu Ignite @ Manila
    Link AgTech Hackathon @ Perth
    Link Climate and Food @ Perth
    Link Four Hours @ Johor
    Link Tourism Hackathon @ Johor
    Link Applied Radiation @ KualaLumpur
    Link Network Operators @ KualaLumpur
    Link Wordpress Meetup @ KualaLumpur
    Link International Marketing @ KualaLumpur tix
    Link Architecture Modelling @ KualaLumpur tix
    Link PM Dinner @ KualaLumpur
    Link Expat Mingle @ KualaLumpur
    Link Entrepreneurs Night @ KualaLumpur tix
    Link Gurl Power @ KualaLumpur
    Link Coffee Fest @ KualaLumpur

    Startup Picks: H1 2018 (Accelerators)

    Barclays Unreasonable Impact (HK) info
    • Ampere - Electric bikes, trikes, scooters trolleys and buggies 
    • GridComm - Turn street lamps into a city wide IoT network 
    • LeafResources - Turn biomass into sugars

    Betatron Accelerator (HK) info demoday
    • PatentBot - Check and register IP (trademarks, copyright etc) via a chatbot
    • OxPeckerLabs - Skin sensors to monitor hydration & body temperature
    • CryptAM - Investment fund that tracks the top 25 cryptocurrencies

    Cradle Startup Fund (MY) info
    • Furley - ODM and OEM bioextracts
    • Mediven - Test kits for dengue, zika, malaria, cholera etc
    • Zymeratics - Custom-made industrial enzymes

    Cyberview Living Lab (MY) info
    • Touchless - Parking via vehicle plate recognition
    • IdeasSparq - Autonomous guided vehicles for factories
    • MedKad - Smartphone based medical card

    DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge (SG) info
    • Desolenator - Solar desalinator 
    • PayItFoward - Favour exchange network (vs FB's news. selfies, memes etc)
    • ATEC - Biodigester that turns leftovers into cooking gas

    EBAN Sofia 2018 (RO) info
    • Dronamics - Small, autonomous planes (= small, inexpensive airports)
    • Ekofolio - ICO for investing in susitainable forests
    • Wohwagon - Self-sustaining, off-the-grid housing

    Echelon 2018 Awardees (SG) info
    • TreeDots - Monetising sub-prime food 
    • Yomee - Gadget that inputs milk and outputs yogurt
    • WebTotem - Domain monitoring

    French Accelerator (FR) info
    • Telcoin - A telco issued coin for roaming, payment, remittances etc
    • Clay - Gesture recognition (computer vision swiping etc, no device needed)
    • Love - Bring vinyl records into the smartphone era

    German Accelerator (DE) info
    • Mitte - Turn water into mineral water (by filtering & adding minerals)
    • Oculyze - Turn phones into microscopes with auto image recognition
    • SimScale - Browser-based simulation of fluid dynamics etc

    Infiniti Lab (CA) info
    • DriveHer - Ride sharing by women for women
    • Clutch - Test drive cars without the (pesky) salesperson [slow loading]
    • Acerta - Analysis and machine learning of automotive shopfloor data

    MaGIC Global Accelerator (MY) info
    • Heal - High protein beverage
    • Branch8 - Post once, sell on multiple marketplaces (Amazon, eBay etc)
    • VikingGarage - Motorbike rental

    Propteq Participants (HK) info

    SAP Tsinghua Trip Awardees info

    SOW Asia Social Enteprise Accelerator (HK) info event
    • EcoMatcher - Help companies boost CSR by adopting trees 
    • RooftopRepublic - Turn rooftops into farms [javascript heavy]
    • HKRecycles - Seamless recycling service for businesses

    University of Cambridge Accelerator (UK) info
    • Nūfood - Digitally design and 3D print food
    • Nuclera - Building genomes to engineer biology
    • Immaterial - Store gas in a sponge, not a tank

    Y Combinator Winter 2018  (US) info demoday Winter=H1
    Unpolished websites but the startups must have had substance to get into YC.
    • CognitionIP - AI-based patent drafting that is 2-4 times less expensive
    • Medumo - Prepare patients before they arrive; reduce cancellations by 50%
    • Nutrigene - Liquid vitamin supplements that are 10x better than pills

    Speaker Test

    1. To test whether the left and right speakers or headphones are placed on the correct sides. 2. To highlight audio tech from Dolby Laboratories. [Four videos in this post.]

    Standard Stereo (1990)

    Witnessing Climate Change First Hand

    KWAP Inspire Environmental Conference 2018 [17-18 July 2018 @ Kuala Lumpur, USD 465, info] Topics [abridged titles, only one panelist shown].
    • Witnessing Climate Change First Hand - Robert Swan, Polar Explorer image
    • Environmental Stewardship - Melissa Moi, Bank of America
    • Challenges and Solutions - Dionysius Sharma, WWF
    • Beyond Fossil Fuels - Roger Charles, Standard Chartered
    • Green Financial Instruments - Felipe Gordillo, BNP Paribas
    • Capping Temperature Rise to 2° by 2100 - Eric Usher, UNEPFI
    • Investment for E&S Risks - Wan Kamaruzaman Wan Ahmad, KWAP
    • Green Stock Exchange - Emilia Tee, Bursa Malaysia
    • Feeding Asia - Audrey Cheung, McDonald’s
    • Portfolio Aligment: Green or Black? - Anubhuti Gupta, AXA

    Pick of Events (W3-July-2018)
    Events listed may fall before, during or after the indicated week. Kuala Lumpur refers to Greater Kuala Lumpur which encompasses Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Bangi and vicinities.
    Link Mirror Neurons @ KualaLumpur
    Link eWallet Charity Auction @ KL venue
    Link Identify Valuable Tokens @ KL tix
    Link Electronic Sculpting @ KL tix
    Link The Hustler @ KualaLumpur tix
    Link Circular Economy @ KualaLumpur
    Link Alibaba Success Stories @ KL
    Link Startup Stories @ KualaLumpur
    Link F&B Manufacturing @ KualaLumpur
    Link Anti-Profiteering @ KualaLumpur
    Link Traders Market @ KualaLumpur
    Link Cosplay Summit @ KualaLumpur
    Link Voices @ KualaLumpur
    Link Entrepreneurship @ Kuching
    Link Rainforest Festival @ Kuching
    Link Heritage @ Penang
    Link Go Solar @ Penang info
    Link Mix Around @ Johor
    Link Learn to Pitch @ Johor
    Link Raise Money @ Johor
    Link Liveable Resilient Cities @ SG
    Link DeepTech for The World @ SG
    Link Blockchain in Tencent @ Singapore
    Link Hardware Startups @ Singapore
    Link From Theory to $26B @ SG tix
    Link Drupal Camp @ Singapore
    Link Collaborative Payments @ Jakarta
    Link Founder of Tinder @ HongKong
    Link Grow Faster in Asia @ HongKong

    Unconventional Paths to Getting Published

    It's mid summer in the northern hemisphere and the first week of H2 2018 yields a bumper cast of events. Comic Art Festival 2018 [event website down, redirected to the Facebook event page] is happening this weekend, June 30th - July 1st, 2018 @ Wisma Atria, Petaling Jaya with exhibitors like azreenchan (above) and lizzezany (below, after the jump), and talks, panels and workshops including:
    • Live Drawing [with a Bharatanatyam dancer as the model]
    • Unconventional Paths to Getting Published post title
    • Comics In and Out of The Great Wall
    • Crowdfunding For Independent Creators
    • Leaping into the Global Comic Scene

    Pick of Events (W1-Jul-2018)
    Link Comic Art Festival @ KualaLumpur
    Link Placemaking: 3 Urbanists @ KualaLumpur info
    Link Public Lecture: China's X-Factor @ KualaLumpur
    Link How to Start a Local Chapter @ KualaLumpur
    Link Cloud ERP for Industry 4.0 @ KualaLumpur
    Link A Different Marketing Conference @ KualaLumpur
    Link How to Open a Coffee Shop @ KualaLumpur
    Link LegalTech for Inhouse Lawyers @ KualaLumpur
    Link Youth Industrial Revolution 4.0 @ KualaLumpur
    Link Blockchain Regulation @ KualaLumpur
    Link Ecommerce Multiple Payment Channels @ KL
    Link The D-Link Connected Home @ KualaLumpur tix
    Link Collaboration over Competition @ KualaLumpur
    Link AWS Hackathon @ KualaLumpur info
    Link (No Theme) Startup Weekend @ KualaLumpur
    Link PropTech Startup Weekend @ HongKong
    Link Société Générale Fintech Hackathon @ HK
    Link Swiss Blockchain Startup of the Year @ HK
    Link Quantum Machine Learning @ Singapore
    Link Blockchain Use Cases for Social Good @ SG
    Link Farm to People Festival @ Singapore
    Link AI in Finance @ Bangkok

    Pick of Events (W2-Jul-2018)
    Link Cat Festival @ Singapore
    Link The Art of Story Telling @ Singapore info
    Link Canadian Entrepreneurship @ HongKong
    Link GDPR vs PDPA @ KualaLumpur
    Link SmartCity Banking Hackathon @ KualaLumpur

    ClimateTech: The New Frontier

    Rising sea levels [26-Jun-2018]
    • Sea levels could be rising faster than expected.
    • In the graph above, initial estimates made in 2007 by IPCC scientists projected a rise of up to 0.5 metre (approx 1.5 feet) by 2100.
    • Consequently, the estimates were revised to an upper limit of 1.2 metre (~4 feet) due to faster than expected melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet.
    • Latest news (June 2018), which might not be reflected in the graph above, is the Antartica Ice Sheet is also melting faster than expected. Other studies project a possible upper limit of 2 metres (approx 6 feet) by 2100.
    • How much is four feet? About chest level. Six feet? A tall adult.

    Will your pad be affected?
    • Go to FreeMapTools and/or ElevationMap.
    • Search for your pad's location.
    • Zoom in (higher resolution = more accurate reading) and click.
    • Your pad's elevation will be shown on the bottom or side of the map.
    • If it is above 2 metres, your pad should be safe in 2100.

    If your pad becomes beach property, here are some opportunities
    • Build stuff that floats (amphibious buildings)
    • Repurpose/rebuild (eg on stilts or higher foundations)
    • Dikes and floodgates (like the Dutch and London)
    • Relocate to higher ground (real estate opporuntities)
    • Create new islands (engineering opportunities)
    • Harvest the sea (seaweed, fisheries, desalination)
    • Turn gardens into mangroves (green solution)

    Takeways from NYT ClimateTech Conference via Dec 2017
    • Business: get out of our way (US politics)
    • Government: You need to get us involved
    • Agriculture is important in climate change
    • Cities are in the battle front of climate change
    • Nuclear energy may make a comeback

    In Other News
    • Indonesia mulling moving its capital from low lying Jakarta to Kalimantan
    • Artist Sean Lee proposes a Venice-like Singapore in 2030 (art).
    • World Conference on Floating Solutions 2019 @ Singapore event

    Like to participate more in addressing Climate Change? Join the Climate Launchpad 2018 bootcamp happening July 12th-13th, 2018 @ Cyberjaya. [ info1 | info2 | apply ] Also Climate Change Dialogue 2018, July 10th @ PetalingJaya. [ info ]

    Internet of Food

    MyIoTA (Malaysia Internet-of-Things Association) is hosting an open day in conjunction with MIFB 2018 (Malaysia International Food & Beverage Fair) this Thursday, 28 June 2018, 10:30am-4:30pm @ KLCC tix. Sample:

    • Drone IoT Applications - Saravanan Letchumenan, Director, AsiaDrone
    • IoT LPWAN (Low-Power WAN) Applications - Mu Pathma, CEO, Promosys
    • IOTA: Distributed Ledger for IoT - Brian Bong, CEO, SmartOptz
    • Energy Savings with IoT - Praboth Seth, CEO, iCEE
    • Disrupting Durian Logistics - Helmi Halim, Director, MIMOS

    MyIoTA members via
    • AsiaDrone - Soil and farm analysis using LIDAR drones
    • Altair - Food chain visibility using IoT stack
    • Mi-Tuju - Indoor GPS (indoor navigation & tracking)
    • iCEE - Cold chain (refrigerated) logistics
    • EyePort - Self-service kiosks for shops
    • iStone - Custom IoT engineering
    • i2O - Facing urbanisation & water scarcity example
    • Axiomtek - Industry 4.0: multiskill robots & custom production


    FoodTech Startups 1 2 3 4
    • BeyondBurger - A&W's hit plant-based burger patty
    • Taranis - Farm monitoring using 0.5mm per pixel satellite imagery
    • Seakura - Seaweed: nutritious and delicious 
    • Aleph - Meat that is grown not bred
    • BatsOnDelivery - Food delivered even late at night
    • Jobletics - F&B professional staffing by hour or more MY may need this soon
    • Squadle - IoT enabled kitchens useful for chain eateries SOP
    • Springboard - Kraft Heinz's new foodtech accelerator and incubator
    • AnterraCapital - World's largest dedicated agtech fund

    IoT Startups 1 2
    • NikolaLabs - Wireless power for IoT devices [1]
    • Parakeet - IoT for seamless property rental
    • Lunewave - Lunberg lens radar (doesn't need to spin) for self driving cars etc
    • Vinchain - To solve major problems with the post-new car industry
    • Sonarc - Plasma speakers that require no cone, tweeter or woofer
    • Wingtra - Drone (vertical takeoff, hovering) + plane (long range flights)
    • Decawave - Delivering the "Where": precise indoor location [2]

    [1] Nikolabs, Parakeet, Lunewave and Vinchain are IoT World 2018 award winners, with Lunewave the overall winner.  [2] Where is product X located in a big supermarket? Where is package Y in which warehouse? Where is security guard Z? Where is my phone? Find my phone as a generic, chipped, hardware solution instead of ad-hoc, third party applications etc.

    Field Robotics in Agriculture

    Techsauce [22-23 June 2018 @ Bangkok, USD 330, info]
    • How to Make a Farmer's Job Sexy? - Aukrit Unahalekhaka, Ricult
    • Food Safety: Are We Feeding Ourselves Poison? - Craig Mosman, CibusDx
    • Food James Bond: Spy on Your Dish? - Žiga Drev, OriginTrail
    • Futuristic Dining: Holographic Food to Eating on Mars - Pat, Futurist
    • At the Bio Junction: Going Mass or Digging Deeper - Andrew Lai, SproutX
    • How to Commercialize BioTech to IPO - Takashi Ando, Euglena

    EmTech [26-27 June 2018 @ HongKong, USD 680, info]
    • The Amazing Enzyme that Could End Plastic Pollution - John McGeehan, Port
    • The Future of Pharma - Andrew Hessel, Humane Genomics
    • A Cyberpunk Approach to Healthcare - Steven Tucker, CXA Group
    • AI and Microbes to Feed Our World - Diane Wu, Trace Genomics
    • Field Robotics in Agriculture - Salah Sukkarieh, University of Sydney title

    Pick of Events [W1-Jul-2018]
    Events listed may fall before, on or after the indicated week.
    Link Clean Energy Pitch @ Cyberjaya video
    Link MarketPlace Raya @ ShahAlam tix
    Link MiddleEast Raya @ KualaLumpur
    Link Blockchain Startup Accelerator @ KL
    Link Retail Outlook @ KualaLumpur tix
    Link Firebase Flutter @ KualaLumpur
    Link Agile Scrum Kanban @ KualaLumpur
    Link GPS Online Maps @ KuialaLumpur
    Link Outdoor IoT Hackathon @ Penang tix
    Link Social Enterprises Doing Good @ Jakarta
    Link Data Science: Old School to New @ SG
    Link Blockchain Hub: 155,000 Sq Feet @ SG
    Link GDPR Here @ HongKong
    Link Incubating DeepTech @ HongKong
    Link Barclays Unreasonable Demo Day @ HK

    Middle East: From Oil to IO

    ConnectTechAsia [CommunicaAsia + BroadcastAsia + NxtAsia, June 26-28, 2018 @ Singapore, tix] features summits and complimentary exhibitions, opening plenary and talks with topics including:
    • From Product to Product-as-a-Service - Seth Ryding, Telenor
    • 2018: The Year of IP Video - Kieran Kunhya, Open Broadcast Systems
    • New Generation of Visual Advertising - Vadim Tsitou, Kinomo
    • AI Curation of User Generated Content - Kenjiro Murakami, Spectee
    • Esports: Sports of the 21st Century - Frank Sliwka, ESL Gaming
    • Monetising OTT (Internet TV) - Gareth Jones, Inview
    • Retargeting and Measuring Gen Z & Millennials - Aaron Pinto, Astro
    • Machine Learning in Broadcast - Baskar Subramanian, Amagi
    • Smartcar as a Service - Beavan Chua, Quantum Inventions
    • 5G is Closer than You Think - Dudy Cohen, Ceragaon
    • Keep on Dreaming, Simply Streaming - Teresa Chou, Vas Creative
    • Stop Watching, Start Touching - Craig Vezina, Realcast video
    • Transformation of the Middle East: From Oil to IO - Craig Smith, DTVC title

    Pick of Events (W5-Jun-2018)
    Link Standardised Contracts @ KualaLumpur
    Link CEO Forum @ KualaLumpur
    Link Ecommerce Trends @ KualaLumpur
    Link LinkedIn Meetup @ KualaLumpur
    Link Prestashop Meetup @ KualaLumpur
    Link AI in Startups @ KualaLumpur
    Link Regional Scaling @ KualaLumpur
    Link Human Library @ KualaLumpur
    Link The Hurdles of Being a Women @ KL tix
    Link Blockchain in Higher Education @ PJ
    Link Blockchain Reading @ Singapore
    Link Blockchain B2B @ Singapore
    Link Startup Ecosystem @ Singapore
    Link Deep Tech Startups @ Singapore
    Link Cybersecurity Startups @ Singapore
    Link EnergyTech @ Singapore
    Link Hedera Hashgraph @ HongKong

    Selamat Hari Raya 2018

    Pick of Hari Raya 2018 videos:

    Mudah is an online marketplace, Putat Gede is a village in Java, EcoWorld is a property developer, TnG is an epayment provider, Namewee is a rapper and filmmaker, Queenzy is a singer and actress, Zain is a Kuwait-headquartered, Middle Eastern telco. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!

    World Cup 2018 + SportsTech

    World Cup 2018 kicks off next Thursday (11pm, June 14th, 2018) on Hari Raya eve with host Russia taking on Saudi Arabia. While sports has not changed much on-field, off-field it sees an emergence of SportsTech (beyond gaming and eSports). Sample:

    • Arsenal - Arsenal Innovation Lab
    • Barça - Barcelona FC Innovation Hub
    • leAD - Adidas Sports Accelerator
    • Dodgers - LA Dodgers (baseball) + R/GA (ad agency) Sports Accelerator
    • Sixers - 76ers (basketball) + Kimball (office furniture) Innovation Lab
    • HypeLabs - No-Charge No-Equity 16 Week SportsTech Acceleration
    • SportsTechHub - Making London the World's Sports Tech Capital

    • Spalk - Choose your commentator 
    • Reely - Automatic sports highlights
    • RC21x - Check whether your brain is working fully
    • Meridix - Turn your smartphone into a broadcast truck
    • Return2Play - Sports medicine for amateur athletes
    • OpenSponsorship - Sponsorship network
    • Blinkfire - Check how visible your sponsorship is
    • GumGum - Use computer vision to analyse branding
    • LeagueApps - Turn community sports into fun leagues
    • Wingfield - Improve your tennis game
    • FirstVision - Put live cameras on the player
    • PowerBeat - Measure human output

    Pick of Events (W4-Jun-2018)
    Link State of Fintech @ KualaLumpur
    Link Human Intelligence @ KualaLumpur
    Link Ethereum Infrastructure @ KualaLumpur
    Link Founder Institute's Founder @ IskandarPuteri
    Link Blockchain Uncomplicated @ Singapore
    Link Blockchain Adventures @ Singapore tix
    Link StartupWeekend Reunion @ Singapore
    Link GDPR Impact on IoT @ Singapore
    Link The Next Unicorns @ Bangkok tix
    Link Startup Week @ Bangkok
    Link Going Global @ Manila

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody |  Royal Academy of Music Quartet

    Violin Concerto No. 1 | Sara Trobäck  | University of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

    Forthcoming concerts and sample videos:
    • Link Wed Chamber Concert (@ KLCC first video
    • Link Sat   Grammy Award Winner @ KLCC second video 
    • Link Sun  Rhapsody of Emotions @ KLCC
    • Link Sun  Marriage of Figaro @ Penang

    CEBIT 2018: Man vs Machine

    CEBIT 2018 [11-15 June @ Hanover, Germany] CEBIT 2018 is Europe's premier festival of digitalisation covering the digitisation of business, government and society. It runs from 10am to 10pm over 5 days allowing attendees to explore a broad specturm of topics (vs the usual tight parallel tracks). Tickets: €200 for 5 days | €100 per day | €15 per evening. Sample:

    • Shape the Digital Now - Adel Al-Saleh, CEO, Deutsche Telekom
    • The Importance of Humans - Janina Kugel, CHRO, Siemens AG [1]
    • When Machines Judge People - Ralph Müller-Eiselt, Bertelsmann Stiftung [2]
    • Man and Machine: Who's Programming Who? - Ranga Yogeshwar, Author [3]
    • Future of Remembering: Artificial Memory - Julia Shaw, Memory Hacker, UCL
    • Blockchain Explained as a Game Metaphor - Jeroen Van Hoof, Partner, PwC

    • CarPay - Transform routine petrol filling with autopayment & e-engagement
    • EasyGoing - Vending kiosk that does ads, printing and passer-by counting 
    • FlyLa - Outsource plane ticket sales to segment experts top image
    • HoloFil - Hologram screen that engages 5 times better than flat screens
    • NexxtOne - Insurers bid to cover a crowd (eg. all Mini drivers in a city) 
    • PreDesire - Product personalisation configurator eg. for colour, size
    • Pixolus - Turn the smartphone camera into an industrial grade scanner
    • TaijiElectronic - Cosmetic fingernail printer
    • W3W - Intuitive global postal address system that uses 3 words only

    Pick of Events (W3-May-2018) [4]
    Link AI ML AR VR for Business @ KualaLumpur
    Link Call for Fintech Partners @ KualaLumpur sc | as | sg | hk
    Link From Virtual to Reality @ HongKong
    Link Puzzles to Thwart Coordinated Mining @ Singapore

    [1] Humans increasingly risk being abstracted into a number, a unit of cost or profit.
    [2] A call center system may, based on how profitable you are, accept or drop your call.
    [3] By acting on search results, a person could be thought to have been 'programmed' by search algorithms. Ditto with programmatic ads, automated trading, algorithimic news feeds etc.
    [4] Events of interest are listed regardless of whether they are happening in the indicated week.