Hardware Battle

Asia Hardware Battle [MY] is happening this Saturday [11am-5pm, 29 Sep 2018 @ KualaLumpur, tix]. Some of the regional winners and finalists announced thus far:

Thailand 1

Singapore 1 new
  • EcoWorth - Carbon fibre aerogel water cleaner that is 20x cheaper
  • QiQ - Autonomous shuttles & last mile mobility solutions
  • OCEO - Clean water as a service increasingly, clean water is not a given

India 1 2
  • Holoboard - Google Cardboard 2.0 VR headset that uses your phone
  • TestRight - World's smallest spectrophotometer for testing food, water etc
  • Vacus - Virtual fencing & micro location where is everyone in a giant ship
  • Respiron - Inhaler for the breathing challenged eg asthmatics
  • MagnesION - Electric go-kart
  • Nynble - Automatic cooker

China 1 2 3
  • DTing - Gesture controlled robots
  • OvO Robot - Intelligent pre-school robot teaching assistant [2]
  • Roborn - 1:1 humanoid robot you move, robot mimics
  • Elephant - Affordable robot arm
  • FiFish - Underwater drone [3]
  • Youibot - Inspection robot that works overnight while you sleep [3]

  • [1] Website autoplays loud music.
  • [2] Chrome only weibsite.
  • [3] FiFish and Youibot are the 2017 winner and runner-up respectively.

Pick of Events (W2-Oct-2018)

Link Plastic Townhall @ Putrajaya tix 1 2 3 4 5 6
Link Youth Townhall @ Cyberjaya feed new
Link Twistcode Supercomputer @ Cyberjaya info
Link Computer Vision Self-Driving @ Cyberjaya new
Link SME Tech Summit @ Penang jb kl
Link The AI Revolution info tix also
Link Digital Workplace @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Cyber Security @ KualaLumpur
Link Data Science Week @ KualaLumpur
Link Venture Capital Night @ KualaLumpur
Link Digital Wallet Advertising @ KualaLumpur
Link Cake DotTrace @ KualaLumpur
Link Ethereum Exchanges @ KualaLumpur
Link Games on Stage @ KualaLumpur tix new

Link Ten Minute Theatre @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Green Symphony @ KualaLumpur vid
Link Bicycle Cinema @ KualaLumpur info
Link Humourous Speech @ KualaLumpur
Link Art Exposition @ KualaLumpur
Link Cyberpunk Pacifica @ KualaLumpur tix

Around The Region
Link Agile or Fragile @ Singapore tix
Link Blockchain in Energy @ Singapore
Link Crazy Rich Data @ Singapore
Link Fog Disrupts Cloud @ Singapore
Link Dark Web Goldrush @ Singapore
Link Insight of Things @ Singapore

Food in 2050

2050 China Food Tech Summit is a first mover gathering devoted to food innovation investment. This is a unique and urgent opportunity for those hoping to bring radically new ideas to address food security, safety, and nutrition. If you are an investor, food company, or startup, don’t miss the 2050 China Food Tech Summit [26 Sep 2018 @ PwC Innovation Centre, Shanghai, USD 300].

Topics sample topics & presenters
  • China to Cut Meat Consumption by 50% - Taly Nechushtan, InnovoPro
  • Gene Editing for Agriculture​ - Gilad Gershon, Tropic Biosciences
  • AgriTech Innovations - Vincent Martin, FAO
  • Cellular Meat - Yaakov Nahmias, Future Meat
  • Decentralizing Food Supply Chains - Branimir Rakic, OriginTrail
  • Food Safety Matters - Kitty Wang, Pepsico
  • The Role of Investors in the Future of Food - Erich Sieber, PeakBridge
  • Predict Consumer F&B Preferences - Jason Cohen, Gastrograph
  • Healthy Food - Verleen Goh, Alchemy FoodTech 

Food & Agri Startups 1 2
  • UrbanCrop - Turnkey urban farming (stackable container farms)
  • Startchy - Natural starch coating for fruit & vegetables (vs wax)
  • Bluwrap - Food freshness from lower oxygen (vs lower temperature)
  • SoilSteam - Pest management using steam (vs chemical pesticides)
  • Pheronym - Pest management using pheromones
  • CeresWave - Pest management using plasma also
  • Triton - Delicious algae (protein, amino acid, omega oil rich)
  • Amai - Sugar substitute from designer proteins

Pick of Events (W1-Oct-2018)

Link Digital Maker @ KualaLumpur
Link Apache Ignite @ KualaLumpur info
Link Big Data Google @ KualaLumpur also
Link Japan Edu Suburb @ KualaLumpur pic info
Link LinkedIn Influencers @ KualaLumpur tix
Link LinkedIn Story Telling @ KualaLumpur
Link Sales 2.0 @ KualaLumpur
Link Logistics: The Weakest Link @ KL
Link State of Blockchain @ KualaLumpur
Link Healthcare Entrepreneurs @ KL
Link Utopia & Dystopia @ KualaLumpur
Link Lessons from The Rainforest @ KL
Link Emerging Artists @ KualaLumpur
Link Entrepreneur Photography @ Kuching

Link Veggie Charity @ KualaLumpur
Link Lumière Charity @ KualaLumpur tix

Outer Space
Link Space Entrepreneurs @ Singapore
Link Space Hackathon @ KualaLumpur

Around The Region
Link DataScience Mobility Jobs @ SG
Link Geographic IoT @ Singapore tix
Link Third Wave AI @ Singapore
Link Czech Startups @ Singapore
Link Architecture Tour @ Singapore
Link SG+MY Arts Festival @ Singapore tix
Link Mature Fintech @ HongKong
Link Surpass GAFA @ Hanoi info

The Singing Ape

Calendata's selections from 100+ screenings scheduled for the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival KLEFF2018, [22-28 Oct 2018 @ Publika ]. Beside screenings, activities include Tiger Conservation, Green Filmmaking and Drone Videography.

The Singing Ape: If you don't hear the gibbon, there is no forest.

Cascade Crossroads: A bridge for wildlife

Hatchlings: After 20 years turtles return to the beach where they were born but the beach is...

Kingdom of Manasalu: Conservation tourism at the top of the world

Alcohol Electric Vehicle

Pick of Startups [from events marked with  ]
  • Aiways - Alcohol fuel-cell EV TusStar post title
  • ArborLake - Digital investment banking TusStar
  • Hoyen - NFC+BLE+WiFi IoT NAYE
  • GreenMeter - Private electric metering NAYE
  • Planitics - Mobile plant health diagnostics SAP
  • Firegent - Transform documents into data SAP
  • Foodabox - Paper food packaging MAP
  • Kettlebowl - Fitness through food MAP
  • TraySeeder - 20x faster seed planting MAP post image
  • 42Lab - Biotech lab for students HBS
  • GemVCare - Genetic evaluation for diabetes HBS
  • Homade - Affordable catering GnB
  • Populix - Find participants for studies GnB

Pick of Events (W4-Sep-2018)

Link TusStar Incubator @ KualaLumpur info tix 
Link How to List on LEAP @  KualaLumpur info
Link How to File Legal ICOs @ KualaLumpur
Link China's New Retail Model @ KualaLumpur tix
Link CoLiving CoRetail CoEd @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Influencer Festival @ KualaLumpur tix
Link WeWork Hip Hop @ KualaLumpur news
Link How to Use IoT in Factories @ KL tix
Link Trans-Pacific Partnership @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Higher Education & IR4  @ KualaLumpur also
Link Google Cloud vs Others @ KualaLumpur
Link Marketing to Millennials @ KualaLumpur
Link Season of Campaigns @ KualaLumpur
Link China vs The West @ HongKong
Link Health Tech Startups @ Singapore
Link Deep Tech Startups @ Singapore
Link Ocean Tech Startups @ Singapore
Link Statisticians vs Data Scientists @ SG
Link Asian Entrepreneurship @ Bangkok info tix

Literature & Art
Link The Fault in Our Stars @ KualaLumpur info
Link The Ministry of Utmost Happiness @ KL info
Link Solaris @ Singapore info
Link Andura Outbreak TR3K @ KualaLumpur
Link Debate Competition @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Urban Acupuncture @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Solar Decathlon Home @ KualaLumpur info
Link Halal Food Fest @ KualaLumpur
Link Coffee & Art Fringe @ KualaLumpur
Link Grow the Goose @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Dining in 2030 @ HongKong

Hackathons & Demo Days
Link FinTech @ KualaLumpur
Link Hardware @ KualaLumpur
Link Unchained Data @ KualaLumpur
Link Open Data @ KualaLumpur
Link Telecoms @ KualaLumpur
Link Sustainability @ KualaLumpur
Link Disributed App @ KualaLumpur
Link LawTech @ Velocity vid
Link LegalTech @ HongKong vid
Link Zero Waste @ HongKong
Link Public Good @ Singapore
Link Food Security @ Singapore info
Link Fashion AI @ Johor tix
Link IoT @ Cyberjaya
Link [No Theme] @ Cyberjaya
Link NAYE Demo @ KualaLumpur tix 
Link SAP Demo @ KualaLumpur tix 
Link MAP Demo @ Cyberjaya tix 
Link HBS Demo @ HongKong tix 
Link GNB Demo @ Jakarta tix 

Distributed Ledger
Link Inthanon: Official Thai Coin @ Bangkok info
Link Blockchain Experiences @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Asset Tokenization @ HongKong info
Link Ethereum Truffle @ Starling info

Cartesian Bifurcation

Literature as a Guide to Human Nature [tomorrow, Sat, 2:30pm 15 Sep 2018 @ KL] is an event of the KL International Arts Festival (DiverseCity). Great literature studies the human heart in conflict with itself. Hear distinguished panelists suggest why literary works are fascinating guides to human character (panelist & sample writing):
Malim Ghozali - Understanding Perfection
Tiffany Atkinson - Kink and Particle image
David TK Wong - Evergreen Tea House
Terence Netto - Cartesian Bifurcation

Malim Ghozali, a former Administrative and Diplomatic officer, attended the Virginia Center for Creative Arts and the prestigious Iowa International Writing Program. Tiffany Atkinson is Professor of Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. Her poetry Kink and Particle won the Jerwood Aldeburgh First Collection Prize. David TK Wong was a Fellow in Economics at Oxford, journalist, Hong Kong civll servant and corporate officer before migrating to UK, but now resides in Malaysia. He is the founder of the David TK Wong Fellowship in Creative Writing. Terence Netto is the moderator. Cartesian Bifurcation [seeing matters in only black or white] refers to an essay he wrote for the event.

An Independent Launch

JomLaunch [8:30am - 6pm, 22 Sep 2018 @ KL fb | web | tix MYR 50] is an indie event that provides launch opportunities for startups and projects which might otherwise be reluctant to step into the limelight & to encourage them to make their public debut.

Presenters include:
• Genome - Healthcare machine learning
Husein - Tensorflow stock forecasting
• BilahPro - Online label imposition
• SGNet - Network monitoring
• Empires - Computer game
• Benchpoint - Internet benchmarking
• RocketWeb - Smart attendance
• AliveInvite - Wedding RSVP
• GeekyPay - Barbershop online

JomLaunch and partners are also organising an online mapping hackathon which seeks to find ways to promote the use of Here, an alternative to Google Maps and Waze.

Pick of Events (W3-Sep-2018)
Posts are fine-tuned after posting. [Additions  ]

Link Intelligence from Data @ KualaLumpur
Link Cloud Next Extended @ KualaLumpu tix 
Link Digital Public Policy @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Islamic Social Finance @ KualaLumpur
Link French Smart Cities @ KualaLumpur
Link The Toyota Way @ KualaLumpur
Link Digitalisation Industry 4.0 @ KualaLumpur
Link Doing Business in Bahrain @ KualaLumpur
Link Share Your Secret Sauce @ KualaLumpur
Link Young Inventors Demo Day @ KualaLumpur
Link Made by MY for the World @ KualaLumpur 
Link IoT Innovation Day @ KualaLumpur 
Link Lambda Calculus @ KualaLumpur
Link LinkedIn Lepak @ KualaLumpur
Link Lemons into Lemonade @ Kuching tix 

Art & Music KL=GreaterKL
Link Chamber Music @ KualaLumpur
Link Chamber Orchestra @ KualaLumpur
Link Recital Ensemble @ KualaLumpur 
Link Acapella Evolution @ KualaLumpur
Link Countdown Concert @ KualaLumpur
Link Independence Party @ KualaLumpur
Link Historical Harith @ KualaLumpur
Link Raising The Bar @ KualaLumpur 
Link Cosplay Prop Making @ Velocity tix
Link Music Dance Festival @ KotaKinabalu
Link Rock+Borneo=RockNeo @ KotaKinabalu

Around The Region
Link Urban Agritech @ Singapore
Link Deep Tech @ Singapore
Link Tea Festival @ Singapore
Link Future Food @ Singapore
Link Future Mobility @ Singapore
Link Future AI @ Singapore
Link Must Win AI @ Singapore
Link Digital Logistics @ HongKong
Link Med & Insurance Token Airdrop @ SG 
Link Local Products in a Digital Era @ Jakarta
Link Transit Oriented Development @ Jakarta
Link AI Support For Business @ Jakarta
Link How AI Changes Retail @ Jakarta

[With public holidays on 31-Aug (Merdeka Day), 9-10 Sep (King's Birthday), 11 Sep (Awal Muharram), 16-17 Sep (Malaysia Day), Calendata takes a break and will return W3-Sep.]

Instant South Indian Meals

Y Combinator's Starup School commences today (GMT+8 time zone). You can join the school as an 1) observer 2) participant (enrolment closed, all 15,000 who applied apparently got accepted due to a glitch vs 2,800 enrolment in 2017) 3) graduate (top 100 graduates to get USD 10,000 each plus a host of other goodies). In the meantime, here's a sampling of startups from Y Combinator's previous cohort which demo'ed last week (20-21 August 2018) at Mountain View.

Pick of Y Combinator S18 (Summer 2018) Demo Day Startups 1 2

AgriTech & FoodTech
  • ButterMilk - Instant South Indian meals, like in instant ramen top image
  • Spero - Creamy cheese and delicious omelettes from plant sources
  • Mac'D - Custom burgers (vs McD's standard ones) + lean franchising
  • C16 - Artificial palm oil that is fermented from microbes
  • SeattleFoodTech - Plant-based chicken nuggets

Distributed Ledger
  • RealityBits - Tokenization of US property for increased liquidity
  • Abacus - Outsourced KYC, AML, NFT verification for smart contracts
  • USDX - USD backed & pegged cryptocurrency because Tether has issues
  • SparkSwap - A cryptoexchange that fixes exchange hacks, freezes & delays

  • Inokyo - Off-the-shelf computer vision cashless+cashierless retail system 
  • Aalo - Furniture that is assembled like Lego blocks
  • Viaopt - US trucks run 35% empty: a $30 billion under utilization 
  • ARI - 4D (3D + velocity) non-spinning radar for autonomous vehicles
  • JITX - AI assisted hardware (PCB) design that is done 3x faster

Bonus: Pick of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018 Startups 1 2
  • UATag - Product authentication using glass shards & blockchain
  • Orby - Indoor drone for checking warehouses, supermarket shelves etc
  • InfoStellar - Japanese small satellite platform
  • 3DLook - Smartphone body scanning for remote apparel sizing 
  • OpenPath - Smartphone & smartwatch access control (vs access card)

Kimi o Nosete

Tonari no Totoro | My Neighbour Totoro

Kimi o Nosete | Carrying You from Castle in the Sky

The MPO [poster] will be touring Johor on the 3rd of September 2018 [tix] and Melaka on the 5th of September [tix] playing compositions from from Mozart, Vivian Chua and Joe Hisaishi. The teasers above are music scores by Joe Hisaishi for animated films and are part of MPO's programme for the tour. MPO will also playing in Singapore on the 1st of September [tix]. On the theme of baldies, soloist Don Bowyer together with the SPO and SPYO will be peforming at Sunway on the 8th of September [tix].

Pick of Events (W2-Sep-2018)
Link Jom A Capella @ KualaLumpur tix
Link One Night in Malaya @ KualaLumpur tix
Link The Art of Innovation @ KualaLumpur tix
Link IOTA Distributed Ledger for IoT @ Melaka tix
Link Tips from a Robopreneur @ Cyberjaya tix
Link ApacheAirflow DotaFlask @ Singapore
Link Danish Fintech @ Singapore
Link AI Ecosystem @ Bangkok tix
Link Next Generation Rice @ Bangkok info

Electric Vehicles 2018

With surging demand for electric vehicles (EV), major motor shows like the Geneva Motor Show are still mainly internal combustion orientated with EVs participating in consumer electronics shows like CES instead. Given this, here's a sneak online EV expo:

Electric Cars 

Electric Transport
Current car designs are driver centered (vs society orientated) and not very green. A driver weighing 70 kg drives a 2500 kg SUV around town with seats and boot empty and with an engine powerful enough to haul the SUV and a full load of passengers and luggage. Newer car designs trend towards cosiness, sharing, zero-emissions, lesser environmental impact, utililisation over idleness, automatic driving, coordination, efficiency, flexible usage and safety.

Light Electric
An alternative to driverless or smart transport is to make the vehicle minimalist and lightweight, as in mopeds (electric assisted bikes with pedals) and scooters (either Vespa-like electric bikes or standing, small-wheeled, skateboard-like ebikes). Usually limited to 30 mph (50 kmh) for legal reasons, mopeds and scooters are ideal as first and last mile complements to mass transit. In Europe, ebikes sales are brisk.

Electric Buses
At the other end of the scale are buses, the group alternative to personal transport.

Jom Lepak Bersama

Jom Lepak Bersama (Let's Go Chill) is a foodie event at JohorAF (Johor Arts Festival) happening over the month of September 2018. [ fb | web slow site ]

Pick of Events (W1-Sep-2018)

Link Net Energy Metering @ KualaLumpur
Link Ewallets: More Customers @ KualaLumpur
Link Google Go Pomelo @ KualaLumpur
Link Google Go Global @ Bangkok
Link Sharing Economy @ Penang tix
Link AR+VR Pitching @ Cyberjaya
Link Hardware Pitching @ HongKong
Link Data from Wearables @ Singapore

Link Asean Community @ KualaLumpur
Link European Parliament @ KualaLumpur
Link SmartCity: Driverless Cars @ KualaLumpur
Link SmartCity: Going Cashless @ KualaLumpur
Link SmartCity: Music City @ Kuching
Link Digital Government @ Cyberjaya
Link Industrial & Economic Policy @ KL tix

Arts & Literature KL=GreaterKL
Link Tales of Aetann @ KualaLumpur
Link Share What You Read @ KualaLumpur
Link Nusa Antara @ KualaLumpur
Link Ballet Showcase @ KualaLumpur
Link Musicians Meetup @ KualaLumpur
Link Writers Anonymous @ Singapore

Link Programmatic @ KualaLumpur
Link Digital Marketing @ KualaLumpur
Link Once Upon A Time @ Penang tix promo BFMEB1

Distributed Ledger
Link Blockchain Art Vertical @ Singapore
Link DAO of Blockchain @ Cjyberjaya
Link Wallets & Exchanges @ KualaLumpur

McKinsey of Blockchain

[We thought we would give crypto events a break this week.] In a previous post, we highlighted how Tripp (VN), a tour aggregator, sought to bypass intermediaries (Expedia, Agoda, Facebook, Google) between tourists and tour providers. At a glance, Tripp seems to intend to do this by being an Expedia themselves, a goto destination for tours, but with lower friction, better service and higher payouts. Similarly, Mfun (ID), a gaming platform (vid) aims to bring publishers and gamers closer together by rewarding gamers. Like Tripp, Mfun has gained some traction in signing up a number of Indonesian game publishers. Watch as Mfun's head of communications, Kerenina Sunny Halim, a former Miss Indonesia, gives a sunny introduction to Mfun. Mfun is presenting tomorrow, Wed, 15 Aug 2018, 6:30pm, @ KualaLumpur. [FYI only, listing is not endorsement, caveat emptor.]

Crypto Events (Aug-Sep 2018)
Link Smart Contracts & Solidity @ KualaLumpur (Gratis)
Link Crypto Performance Report @ KualaLumpur (Gratis)
Link Introduction to Blockchain @ KualaLumpur (Gratis)
Link R3 Corda Blockchain @ KualaLumpur (Gratis)
Link Crypto Risks & Scams @ KualaLumpur (Gratis)
Link Miscellaneous Coins @ KualaLumpur (Gratis)
Link Making Blockchain Real @ Singapore (Gratis)
Link Crypto Mobile Payments @ Singapore (Gratis)
Link Hitachi Blockchain @ Singapore (Gratis)
Link Borneo Blockchain @ KotaKinabalu (USD 20) tix
Link Crypto Communities @ HongKong (USD 90)
Link Token Economy Framework @ KualaLumpur (USD 100)
Link Ethereum Bootcamp + Hackathon @ KualaLumpur (USD 122)
Link Spot Good Blockchain from Bad @ KualaLumpur (USD 200)
Link Towards a McKinsey of Blockchain @ Azerbaijan (USD 235) post title
Link Blockchain: Disruptor of Industries @ KualaLumpur (USD 400)
Link Coindesk Consensus: State of Blockchain @ SG (USD 1600) promo: CONSENSUS40

Adtech Hacking

Paper and Toast is hosting an Adtech Startup Weekend this weekend [Fri, 5pm, Aug 17 - Sun, 9pm, Aug 19, 2018 @ Kuala Lumpur info | tix]. They (plus a team of interns and volunteers) have managed to enlist a stellar cast of mentors, speakers and judges:

Mentors, Speakers, Judges, Facilitators
  • Ahmad Shah, CTO, Ombré Fashion Styling App
  • Aik Chong Phuah, CTO, Astro Broadcaster
  • AJ Azizul, CEO, We Are VM Analog & Digital Agency
  • Aman Kapoor, VP, Technology Architecture, Astro Broadcaster
  • Caroline Wong, Head of Commercial, Yellow Porter Logistics
  • Catherine Yap, Co-Founder, Travelight Logistics
  • Frank J Peter, Principal Trainer, Skills Academy Training
  • Hua Wang, CEO, SmartBridge Accessible Healthcare
  • Imran Sheik, Founder & CEO, Ombré Fashion Styling App
  • Indhran Seghar, CEO, Sunshine Digital Online Services
  • Issac Ng, CTO, Surge Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Julian Yong, General Manager, Thriving Talents Training
  • Karthik Karunanithy, Partnership Lead, Google Technology
  • Khairul Izuan, CEO, Algomecs Algorithmic Trading
  • Mahadhir Yunus, CEO, Krenovator IoT & Robotics
  • Mallory Loone, Lead Trainer, Thriving Talents Training
  • Marina Samsuri, Manager, Paper&Toast Coworking
  • Marlina Mansor, AVP, Branded Content, Astro Broadcaster
  • Mike Babiy, Product Lead, Vidi Travel
  • Mohd Hafiz Safie, Founder & CEO, Sparadise Leisure App
  • Mohd Reezan, General Manager, Remote Year Travel
  • Muhammad Iqbal Baharum, CTO, Eartistic Healthcare
  • Nowrid Amin, Digital Marketing Strategist, IQI Global Property
  • Richard Gorman, Co-Founder, Sunrise Home Schooling
  • Roger Wong, Head of Digital, Shock Media Digital Agency
  • Saiful Rizal Zainuddin, Manager, MaGIC Entrepreneurship
  • Sailesh Wadhwa, Chief Strategist, Edelman Home Furnishing
  • Sereyboth Van, Co-Founder & CTO, MotionsCloud Insurance logo
  • Soham Roy, Co-Founder, Expostores Blockchain
  • Stan Chew, Country Manager, Knorex Precision Marketing
  • Steven Tang, GM, Group Branding, EcoWorld Property
  • Syahril Anuar Idris, CTO, Krenovator IoT & Robotics
  • Vimal Kumar, CEO, Yellow Porter Logistics
  • Wan Imran, Director, Paper&Toast Coworking

Digital adtech has gone arcane, starting with CTR (click through rate), CPA (cost per acquisition), CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPL (cost per lead), it has now acquired concepts like:
  • RTB - Real time bidding (real time ad buy eg upon you typing 'burger')
  • DSP - Demand side platform (for advertisers to buy ads in RTB)
  • SSP - Supply side platform (for publishers to sell inventory in RTB)
  • DMP - Data management plaform (data from cookies, trackers etc)
  • DCO - Dynamic creative optimization (auto personalized ad design)
  • Progammatic - Use of software to automatically buy and sell ads
  • AdExchanges - One plaform, multiple networks (Google, Facebook etc)

Adtech: Digital 1 2 3  sample startups
  • Beeswax - Robot for conducting RTB for sophsticated advertisers
  • YieldBot - Find customers at their greatest point of need
  • Celtra - Dynamic, real-time, automatic ad design
  • BounceX - De-anonymize marketing data
  • OpenSlate - Align ads to what a video (eg YouTube) is showing
  • Sprinklr - One system, multiple social channels (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Release - Instagram ambassador management system
  • AuraVision - Marketing insights from store-cam video of shoppers
  • PowerPost - Turn brands into publishers
  • StackAdapt - Native advertising: blend ads into content 

Adtech: Possibilities
Alternatives to directly joining the RTB tech arms race:
  • Transit - Aggregated ad buying across taxis, buses, trains, airplanes
  • Display - Programmable, real-time LED banner display for taxis
  • Billboards - Aggregated ad buying for billboards, street posters (vs ahlongs)
  • Inventory - Low cost ad buying models (early-bird, spare inventory etc)
  • Facility - Indirectly advertise by helping others (eg friendly mall directory)

USD 10,000 Funding From Y-Combinator

Y Combinator's Starup School is running a free, 10-week (approx 2 months) online course starting August 28th, 2018. The top 100 graduates will receive an equity-free funding of USD 10,000, a video interview with a YC partner and help in getting into YC's accelerator. Startups will also receive USD 50,000 in credits towards Digital Ocean, AWS and other services. Closing date for applying for the online course is August 13th (presumably by Monday, 11:59 pm California time = 2:59 pm, Tuesday, August 14th, KL/SG GMT+8 time). The curriculum includes:
  • Startup Wisdom - Paul Graham, Y Combinator
  • Building an Engineering Team - Harj Taggar, TripleByte
  • Sales from Zero to a Million - Tyler Bosmeny, Clever
  • The Path to $100 Billion - Paul Buchheit, Y Combinator

Pick of Startups via YC batch S17 & W18
In contrast with ICO sites, YC startup sites are generally understated, possibly because the startups are just starting off, focused on development, or are keeping some of their cards close to their chests.
  • Dharma - Tokenized savings accounts, municipal bonds, CDOs
  • OpenSea - Crypto collectibles (like collecting paintings and stamps)
  • Hexel - Easily create a digital currency, store and ewallet
  • SafetyWing - Insurance for digital nomads
  • Sudden - Instant coffee that is better than Starbucks coffee
  • SuperMedium - VR browser for the immersive web
  • Repl - Browser based IDE
  • Voicery - Realistic computer generated voices
  • Piccolo - Gesture recognition (eg. for device control)
  • Momentus - Water-plasma space rocket
  • Carrot - Fertility benefits for companies
  • Flowspace - Airbnb for warehousing
  • FatLlama - P2P rental marketplace for high-value items

Pick of Events (W5-Aug-2018)
Picks are released extra early this week because of YC's application due date.

Link Gazelles vs Unicorns @ Singapore
Link Artisan Entrepreneurship @ HongKong
Link Strategic Marketing @ Bangkok tix
Link Creative Pitch @ Penang
Link Publishers vs Agencies @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Cloud Adoption @ KualaLumpur
Link Customs SST @ KualaLumpur
Link EY Smart City @ KualaLumpur

Link Diverse City @ KualaLumpur
Link Lipstick @ KualaLumpur info
Link Poetry Tipple @ KualaLumpur
Link Gastro Currency @ KualaLumpur info
Link Kongsi Gelap Kolab @ KualaLumpur

Link Social Business @ KualaLumpur
Link Zero Carbon @ KualaLumpur
Link EU Expansion @ KualaLumpur tix

Link Grey is the New Black @ HongKong
Link Flight Hackathon @ Singapore
Link Fintech Hackathon @ Singapore

Human Capital
Link HR Disrupt @ KualaLumpur tix
Link HR Breakfast @ KualaLumpur
Link HR Gamification @ KualaLumpur
Link Employee Experience @ KualaLumpur
Link Boss of The Future @ KualaLumpur
Link Future of Work @ Singapore