10 Year Challenge

Well, actually more like 15 years ago, the song Mirai e from Final Fantasy IX. Imagine the same song performed by a choir and backed by an orchestra. Happening April 12th-13th 2019 @ KL tix.

Durable Business Models

GA Space and Borneo Startups Community invite current and aspiring entrepreneurs to a Business Model Canvas workshop and a dialogue on How to Make Your Business Last 100 Years [ 2pm-5pm, Sat, Jan 26th 2019 @ KK fbtix ].

Pick of Events (W5-Jan-2019)
1) This site is designed to be viewed from a desktop, thus images and videos are mostly landscape orientated. 2) Event names are teasers. 3). KL refers to Greater KL.

Link iPay88 Weekend @ KL
Link Best of Cannes @ KL tix
Link MYNIC Summit @ KL tix
Link LawTech Outlook @ KL tix
Link Social Data Mining @ KL tix
Link Smartphone Video @ KL
Link Wordpress Workshop @ KL
Link Blockchain for Accountants @ KL
Link One District One Industry @ PK
Link Going Public for SMEs @ PG tix
Link Ecommerce Pitch @ CJ
Link Digital Durian @ KC

Link Food Truck Congress @ KL tix
Link Hawa Ghazzali Coffee @ KL
Link Food & Beverage Expo @ KL
Link Social Starbucks @ KL
Link Lollipop HipHop @ KL
Link Magazine Library @ KL
Link Hollywood Producer @ KL
Link Art Week Talks @ SG 1

Around The Region
Link Data Science AI @ SG
Link A World in Crisis @ SG
Link FaceDance Challenge @ SG 1
Link Kickstarter Crowdfund @ SG
Link Gray Rhino @ SG Black Swan's buddy
Link  Fintech Outlook @ HK tix

Oldest Continuously Operated Companies 1 2 3 4 5



  • Bianyifang - Restaurant (China | 1416 | 603)
  • Liubijiu - Sauces & pickles (China | 1530 | 489 )
  • Liuquanjiu - Restaurant (China | 1567 | 452)

United States

Fortune 500

  • Pos Malaysia - Postal Service (1800 | 219)
  • Guthrie - Plantation/Diversified (1821 | 198)
  • Boustead - Plantation/Diversified (1828 | 191)


World Wide Web sites from the beginning of the web that are still running
  • CERN - Particle accelerator (EU | 1991 | 28)
  • SLAC - Linear accelerator (US | 1991 | 28)
  • Nikhef - Subatomic physics (NL | 1992 | 27)

  • From the limited data above, it would seem food (restaurants, farming, plantations), lodging (hotels, construction) and banks are durable business types.
  • This is orthogonal to durable business models which may include franchising (KFC), concession (utilities), platform (Amazon), design and branding (Apple), de facto standard (Excel).
  • Small businesses that are durable suggest value and/or tradition. Being unincorporated and undocumented, they may not make it to the lists above. Examples include traditional boat making (Terengganu), opera as a service (Peking Opera) and dance performance (Odissi). 
  • Modern, large, durable businesses suggest market dominance via momentum, size etc. For example, online public forums went from bulletin boards to web forums (eg. Reddit, Lowyat), Friendster, MySpace and are now paused at Facebook (plus WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc). 

First Responder

[People & Places] Watch as a Milwaukee bus driver rescues a wandering toddler. According to the bus operator MCTS, this is the ninth child rescued by its bus drivers in recent years.

Milwaukee is home to:

Notes on the video:
  • As seen from the camera angles, the bus is fitted with at least 7 cameras. A comparable system from Seon features 16 cameras which can be upgraded for use in collision avoidance.
  • The fare box at the entrance to the bus looks mid tech: MCTS accepts cash, cashcard, app and passes. All rides are priced at a fixed $2 (plus a 25 cent surcharge for cash payment), thus avoiding the need to buy the correct ticket for the journey length or to tap a machine on exit for cashcard or app.
  • The bus app, which has routing, tracking and ticketing functions, does not use NFC or QR-codes, the e-ticket is verified via visual inspection by the bus driver [there are ways to make the e-ticket difficult to forge eg. random colours on different routes, days or hours, animation etc.].
  • The first responders were the bus driver, the passenger who volunteered her jacket and the police officer who took over the toddler from the bus driver. Technically, the first responder was the police officer because only she would likely have been specifically trained for emergency response.
  • Just in: be a responder: Termeloh hospital is running low on blood stocks.

Spring Roars

There's a quote going around that reads:  I've decided my 2019 will start on February 1st. January is a free trial month. This could mean test run 2019 in a month or one more month to spring tidy. For the latter, if you have excess or impaired inventory, Zero Waste has compiled a handy map of places for recycling and repair. Or you could sell them at a collective market [Sat, Jan 12th, 2019, 1pm-11pm @ KL].

Pick of Events (W4-Jan-2019)
1. Events listed may fall before, during or after the indicated week. 2. Did this site call it quits a year ago? It's rolling on in maintenance mode. 3. How are events picked? No particular criteria, a bot potters around and returns with random events.

Link Digital Commerce @ KL
Link Digital NEC @ KL
Link Positive HR @ KL 1
Link AOL+Yahoo=Oath @ KL tix
Link WeWorkpreneurs @ KL
Link Asian Accelerator @ KL 1
Link Research Grants @ KL tix
Link Plant Genetics @ KL
Link STO Exchange @ KL 1
Link Diva Redefined @ PG
Link Startup Ecosystem @ JB

Link Moral Genealogy @ KL
Link New Year Lepak @ KL
Link Fix It Not Junk It @ KL
Link Coffee Machines @ KL
Link A Paris Sabbatical @ KL
Link eMagazine Meet @ KL
Link Emerging Writers @ KL
Link Crazy Fun Asians @ KL

Around The Region
Link CTO Meetup @ JKT
Link Sustainability @ JKT tix
Link Mobility Accelerator @ SG 1

Managing Tourism

Thailand Tourism Forum TTF 2019 [3pm, Mon, Jan 21st, 2019 @ TH tix]. Bangkok is the most visited city in the world. Is Thailand on the right path and is the planning sufficient to address the challenges of managing mass tourism? Come to TTF 2019 and get great insights into how managing tourism can lead to sustainable success.

Topics abbreviated
  • Managing Tourism - C9 Hotelworks
  • Importance of Retail, Entertainment & Hospitality - The Mall Group
  • Destination & Tourism Management Master Planning - Horwath HTL
  • Top Destinations of the World: Hotel Performance & Forward Look - STR
  • Destination Marketing: Thailand & Overseas Best Cases - QUO 
  • Train Kept a Rollin: Thailand’s Rail System Plans - Horwath HTL
  • A World View of Hotel Costs: Develop or Acquire? - JLL Hotels & Hospitality
  • Green Tourism: More Money More Problems or More Value? -  Greenview
  • Hey Neighbor, Can I Borrow Your Waterslide? - InterContinental Hotels Group
  • ChinIndia: 1/3 of the world’s population at Thailand’s Doorstep - Hotel Intel

Startup Festival

StartmeupHK  [Jan 21-25, 2019 @ HK] is a week long festival for startups, entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, students and academics to exchange ideas, make connections and chart a course for the future.

HealthTech O2O | site  | agenda | tix | USD 60 | Jan 21
  • Digital Therapeutics - Bayer
  • New Tech in Heathcare - IQVIA
  • Healthcare Economic Zone - WeDoctor 

TechLifeStyle Conference | site | tix | HKD 333 [USD 40] | Jan 22

Jumpstarter | site | agenda | tix | HKD 800 [USD 100] | Jan 23-24

Retail's Cutting Edge | site | agenda | tix | HKD 899 [USD 115] | Jan 23
  • Sustainable Fashion - H&M
  • Democratised Fashion - Yeechoo
  • 3D Virtual Shopping - PolyU

The Connected City | site | tix | HKD 899 [USD 115] | Jan 24

Smart @ HongKong | site | agendatix | Gratis | Jan 10  [Pre-Event]
  • Smart People: Roll Up Your Sleeves - Astri
  • Connected Cars: 4 Wheels 5G - HKPC
  • L4 Self Driving - AutoX

Other events include: F&BStartups and EdTech.

Check Digit

One of the challenges of payments, electronic or otherwise, is to ensure payment is made to the right party, as even Google and Facebook got hit for millions when they paid on dodgy invoices.

Binance and BitTemple are organizing a SAFU ('safe') pre-hackathon [Jan 12-13, 2019 @ SG] to address the issue of paying to the right party. The pre-hackathon, along with ones in US, KR and HK will culminate in a finale, which will be held as a prelude to the inaugural Binance Conference [Jan 21-22 @ SG | agenda | tix | was USD 99].

Examples of payment risk controls:

  • Receipts: At payment counters, particularly at grocery chains, there might be a sign which says: 'If you are not given a receipt, call/text this number.' This is the business owner trying to ensure payments go into the till only.
  • Purchase Orders: Payments are required to be matched with a Purchase Order (did we order this?), Goods Received Note (did we receive the goods?) and Invoice (has the supplier presented a request for payment?) before being processed. How secure this is depends on how rigorous the matching processes and systems are.
  • Check Digits: Bank account numbers typically have a check digit as the last digit. This check digit is essential because if one intends to remit payment to account 12345-6 (the last digit 6 is 12345 mod 9 i.e. the remainder after 12345 is divided by 9 ) but instead types 12355-6, it will be caught by the check digit, because 12355 mod 9 = 7. [mod is used here as an illustration of a check digit function and is not necessarily what is being used by banks.]

What the hackathon is looking for is likely more in the lines of Check Digits than Receipts or Purchase Orders. That is, how payee addressing can be made more robust and safe in itself.

Pick of Events (W3-Jan-2019)

Link Catch That Lorry @ KL tix
Link Understanding O2O @ KL
Link Double Tax Deduction @ KL tix
Link Residential Incubator @ KL 1
Link BigData & IoT @ KL tix
Link Industry 4.0 Ready @ KL
Link Quantum Big Data @ SG

Link Halal Tokyo 2020 @ KL 1
Link Halal Indonesia @ KL tix
Link Halal Certification @ KL
Link Islamic Finance @ PG

Link What Book Defines You? @ KL
Link Jazz Piano Festival @ KL tix
Link The Tropical House @ KL
Link Starting a Cafe @ KL

Fintech Accelerator

Fintech Accelerator
Financial Innovation Lab, an initiative of UNCDF, BNM, MDEC & MetLife to promote digital financial inclusion, has opened applications for its pioneer 2019 cohort. A briefing on the program is scheduled for Wed, 9th January, 2019, 10am @ KL.

Digital Receipts
One of the areas the Lab seeks to explore is the use of digital receipts, of which a brief survey follows.

Current ewallets record the date of payment, payee (eg. KFC), and amount. Though aggregated, this information can assist in financial management via apps that could broadly classify expenditure (eg. 10% on dining, 20% on groceries, 30% on entertainment etc).

The next step up is full digital receipts like what is printed on paper receipts. For example, a visit to a an Asian fusion eatery (AFE) may result in the following receipt:
  • Char Kuey Teow with extra raw cockles and added fried egg on top (MYR 15)
  • Double Cheese Burger with fries (MYR 20)
  • Milo Kau Ping Gah Dai (Iced Milo with extra Milo and sugar) (MYR 10)
The digital receipt would include the date, payee, total amount and the above details (preferably to a standard usable for claims and tax filing). With this, expenditure can be more finely classified (eg. 10% on KFC, 20% on cigs, 30% on 4D etc). This level of data resolution is highly sensitive for both the user and merchant.

A further step up is to include traceability in the receipt. Example, for the burger:
  • Double Cheese Burger with fries (MYR 20)
  • Bun: Lot 112233, Burger: Lot: 445566, Cheese: Lot 778899 etc.
Thus, if the user gets tummy ache after eating the burger and there are other cases of tummy ache, health investigators can check the lot numbers recorded in the receipts. If all of them have Cheese Lot 778899 in common, the cheese might be the culprit.

Pick of Events (W2-Jan-2019)

Link Big eWallet @ KL
Link Sell to China @ KL
Link Inside Google @ KL
Link Uni Disruption @ PG
Link Unimas Pitch @ KC

Link Voices of Spring @ KL 1 2
Link Hacking Drawing @ KL
Link Haiku Photography @ KL
Link Arts Policy Meetup @ KL
Link Dating Stories @ KL

Around The Region
Link Revolut Bank @ HK 1 2 top image
Link Youth Startups @ HK
Link Data Dashboard @ SG
Link Resilient Software @ JKT

The Tropical Car

The Temperate Car
Cars may 'look the same' these days (but less so compared to a decade ago) because the main design considerations seem to be low drag (streamlined, wind-tunnelled look), size (SUVs to the fore) and contemporary design trends (eg. swept lights). The design climate is largely northern temperate (eg at Stuttgart, Nagoya, Detroit).

The Tropical Car
By contrast, in its pioneer years, the local car industry had a tropical design flair: a noticeably more powerful aircon compared to other cars and factory-installed, roll-up, front windscreen shades. Other examples of tropical friendly features, past and present, include the double roof, solar ventilator, parking umbrella, roof scoop (video above), quarter glass and extractors. [Tinting has issues and is not considered here.]

Related Events
Link Auto After Market @ Velocity
Link Grand Auto Expo @ Gateway tix
Link Auto Startup Fund @ Mines tix

Public Holidays 2019: Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Occasion Date Day
New Year’s Day 01-Jan-2019 Tue
Thaipusam 21-Jan-2019 Mon
Federal Territory Day 01-Feb-2019 Fri
Chinese New Year 05-Feb-2019 Tue
Chinese New Year 06-Feb-2019 Wed
Labour Day 01-May-2019 Wed
Vesak Day 19-May-2019 Sun •
Nuzul Al-Quran 22-May-2019 Wed
Hari Raya Aidilfitri 05-Jun-2019 Wed
Hari Raya Aidilfitri 06-Jun-2019 Thu
Hari Raya Haji 11-Aug-2019 Sun •
Merdeka Day 31-Aug-2019 Sat
Awal Muharam 01-Sep-2019 Sun •
Agong’s Birthday 09-Sep-2019 Mon
Malaysia Day 16-Sep-2019 Mon
Deepavali 27-Oct-2019 Sun •
Maulidur Rasul 09-Nov-2019 Sat
Sultan’s Birthday 11-Dec-2019 Wed
Christmas Day 25-Dec-2019 Wed

• The following Monday is a Public Holiday.
FT Day: Putrajaya and KL only.
Sultan's Birthday: Selangor only.

Modern Navidad

For 2018's Christmas video, the pick goes to a TikTok style rendition of Feliz Navidad [update: the video has been withdrawn by the publisher, showing video (3) instead]. Honourable mentions: 1) a journey back in time: a spark from a gift 2) an orchestra backed It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas 3) a rock cover of Feliz Navidad.

Pick of Events
That's it for us for 2018. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Link Photo Editing @ KL
Link Wahdah Data @ KL tix 
Link Aminaton Marto @ KL
Link Collectors Market @ KL
Link Coffee & Dessert @ KL
Link YouNified YouTide @ KL
Link Webcomics Primer @ KL
Link A Wonderful Life @ KL
Link Music Meetup @ KL
Link Literary Social @ KL
Link TravelTech Pitch @ CJ
Link Coworking Party @ PG
Link Medini Tech @ JB

Link New Year Party @ KL
Link Mega Free Trade @ KL
Link Music Composition @ KC
Link Dating Challenges @ KK
Link Genetic Algorithms @ SG
Link Quantum Computing @ SG
Link Neural Recommender @ SG

Some left over snippets from previous posts:

Why Credit Card?
  • Established, widely accepted
  • Provides credit (can be good or bad)
  • Provides payment disputes, chargebacks, premium options

Why Debit Card?
  • Lower barrier to entry compared to credit card
  • Spending limited to account balance
  • Contactless capable (like credit card)

Why Cash Card? eg. TnG in MY, NETS in SG, Octopus in HK
  • Offline payment possible
  • Very low barrier to entry (just buy a card)
  • Can be anonymous, closest to cash

Why App-Based Ewallets?
  • Most flexible (due to being software based) fb
  • Has firewall (must top-up, good for noobs)
  • Many more features possible eg. Flux

Pick of CES 2019 Vehicle Technology via
  • ActLight - Low light vision that does not require amplification
  • Baraja - LIDAR that scan using a spectrum of colours
  • Boyo - License plate camera (for better vantage of the road and obstacles)
  • Guardian - Sensor for what's happening in the car: driver, infants, intruders
  • MetaMoto - Test vehicle virtually before testing on the road.
  • UVeye - X-ray like vehicle scanning for fleet management, car inspections etc

Pick of CES 2019 Other Technology
  • KeyInfuser - Robot UX/UI tester than can do swipes, taps etc
  • AntiLatency - Make gaming physical beyond the desktop
  • AfterShokz - Open earphone: hear the music & what's happening around you
  • Plott - Interior design using VR/AR (will this cupboard fit there?)
  • PiQube - Enterprise grade Raspberry Pi
  • Orqa - FPV (first person viewer) googles for drones (as if you are flying)

2019: Maunder Minimum

Maunder Minimum
The number of sunspots observable on the sun's surface waxes and wanes in an approximate 11 year cycle as shown in the graph above. Also seen in the graph: the peaks are getting lower, which could be a sign of a coming mini ice age, similar to one that occurred from 1600s to mid 1700s known as the Maunder Minimum.

No Global Warming?
The jury is still out what will happen when global warming meets solar cooling. But it is unlikely humans are off the hook and can continue pumping out CO2 unabated because, in addition to atmospheric heat trapping, CO2 causes ocean acidification, so we might chill but our marine friends might not.

Outlook 2019
[Whimsical] The keen eyed will notice the solar minimums coincide with economic dips. And, for those into folklore, next year will be a porcine year. That animal doesn't do much around the farm unlike the ox (traction), cat (tigger's cousin, rodent control), horse (mobility), sheep (wool), rooster (wake-up call) and dog (guard duty). A case of double jeopardy. Prescription: more elbow grease.

2019: Consumer Technology

In the first of a two-part 2019 trends series. we look at what could be hot in consumer technology in 2019 by examining exhibitor counts at CES 2019 [Jan 8-11, 2019 @ Las Vegas]. Further notes after the table.

CES 2019 Exhibitor Count by Product Category
Smart Home 964
Wireless Devices • 913
Other Technology • 842
Vehicle Technology 591
Wearables 549
Software and Apps • 546
Lifestyle 511
Sensors and Biometrics • 444
Audio 439
Digital Health 434
Smart Cities 388
Artificial Intelligence • 385
VR & AR 330
Robotics 289
Video 286
Gaming 244
Computer Hardware 206
Telecommunications 204
Digital Imaging 197
Marketing Entertainment Content 180
Education 165
Cloud Services 157
Drones 143
Accessibility 124
Sports Technology and eSports 121
Tourism 118
Fitness 115
Sustainability 115
Cyber Security and Privacy 111
Payments Fintech E-Commerce 106
3D Printing 70
Government 62


  • The bold items are categories which Calendata has been covering in 2018. The categories with a • as a suffix are possibly secondary categories, the ones exhibitors tick after they ticked the primary category box. Exhibitor counts are a rough metric, used here for light research only.
  • Ignoring the secondary categories, the top categories are smart home, vehicle technology and wearables. Not surprisingly, this reflects, market economy wise, people tend to spend the most on homes, rides and gadgets. [Smart home includes TVs, karaoke boxes, solar panels, mattresses etc.]
  • Sustainability and payments are near bottom. This could indicate 'not much interest', 'potential opportunities', 'not the right exhibition' or 'only in North America'.
  • The number of exhibitors, almost 600, for vehicle technology is noteworthy. The Detroit Motor Show (a week after CES 2019) lists around 80 non-car-brand exhibitors and the Geneva Motor Show (March 2019) 90 exhibitors. Note though these counts are not comparable: CES is an industry event, while the car shows are consumer orientated. But it goes to show CES is an emerging mobility show, and the takeover of engine blocks by silicon chips.

Random 2018

That's it for our Wrap Up 2018 series. There were two more sections: DLT 2018 and Green 2018; the first was too meh and the second will be left for another occasion. To conclude, we have two 'random' items. The first is the video above of a pianist who, for an hour, took random requests from twitch fans to play snippets of any song, and could recall over 200+ songs from memory. The second is some random rambling below.

Random Notes on previous posts

Won't EVs simply transfer pollution to power plants? 
  • Petrol engines 25% efficient, coal 30% , newer coal 40%, gas turbines 60%.
  • If a coal plant is upgraded to solar, EVs are automatically upgraded to solar.
  • Legacy vehicles discharge at closer range, eg. near residences.

Is Tik Tok decadent and rave parties hedonistic? calendata is family friendly
  • Tik Tok: kids having fun with amateur art.
  • Rave parties: were giant networking events.
  • Wholesome or not depends on the event and organiser.

Why Ewallets?

Why Cash?
  • Need to cater for the people who do not have ewallets.
  • Cash is a fall-back for ewallets (during network/power down, server crash).
  • Cashless Sweden is forcing the retention of cash use, for national security.

Ewallet Use Cases
  • Cash-free day once a month 
  • Cash-free foodcourt + e-ordering (sit, order, buzzed to collect food).
  • Hygienic, save on cashier, foodcourt must be popular beforehand.

Startups 2018

WrapUp 2018: The in-tray for startups is packed, here are some random picks:

Startups 2018 varied sources
  • Attn: - News as informative entertainment 1st video (below)
  • Peleton - Truck platooning for safety & efficiency 2nd video
  • Leia - Holograms from barely visible fog info
  • T-Pod - World's first live autonomous, electric truck info
  • CarbiCrete - Replace cement with steel slag + CO2 why

ArchiTech 2018 via
  • PlayDesignHotel - Incubator, design space and hotel
  • HyperLoopHotel - The train as the hotel (sleep: NY, wakeup: LA)
  • SnoozeBox - Instant pop-up hotel (using containers)
  • ZokuAmsterdam - Hybrid hotel with built in office space
  • Aprilli - Door-to-door mobile hotel: skip the taxis, queues, check-ins

Bonus: Rice Bowl 2018 via webpage has link issues
  • WeFit - A fresh look at ClassPass
  • Algaeba - Microalgae feed for aquafarming
  • 11tune - Music composition on demand
  • Morakot - Core banking for micro banks
  • Eunoia - Digital F&B: pantries to foodcourts

Pick of Events (W3-Dec-2018)
Link Algorithmic Crowdsource @ KL
Link Battersea Power Station @ KL
Link TusStar Enterpreneurship @ KL
Link Decentralised Mastermind @ KL
Link Women Entrepreneurs @ KL tix
Link Local Brands Festival @ KL tix
Link Stories of Service @ KL tix
Link What We Read in 2018 @ KL
Link Adieu 2018 Hackathon @ KL
Link Startup 2019 Outlook @ JKT tix
Link City Map Visualisation @ SG
Link Security Token Offering @ SG