Best Google and iOS Apps 2016

During a special ceremony at Google I/O 2016, Google honored ten apps and games for their outstanding achievements as part of the inaugural Google Play Awards.
  • Best App: Houzz - High resolution home designs
  • Best Family App: ThinkRolls2 - Enlightening logic puzzle
  • Best Game: Clash Royale - Clash of Clans Version 2.0
  • Best Material Design: Robinhood - Free stock trading
  • Best Google Play: Table Tennis Touch - Realistic high speed gameplay
  • Early Adopter: World Around Me - Find restaurants, ATMs, shops and more
  • Go Global: Pokemon Shuffle Mobile - Solve puzzles to battle Pokemon
  • Most Innovative: NYT VR - New York Times brings readers to the world
  • Standout Indie: Alphabear - Solve a puzzle and a bear appears
  • Standout Startup: Hopper - Save up to 40% on your next flight

Apple unveiled their annual Best of App Store lists – a collection of the best apps and games released on the App Store over the past 12 months [ending December 2015].
  • App of Year: Periscope - Broadcast live video
  • Most Innovative: Workflow - Workflow automation made simple
  • Game of the Year: Lara Croft Go - Turn based puzzle
  • Most Innovative Game: Dark Echo - Visualized sound navigation
  • Best App on iPhone 6s: Instagram - Capture and share momemts
  • Best Game on iPhone 6s: Warhammer - Take command of a warhammer
  • iPad App of the Year: The Robot Factory - Create and test tobots
  • iPad Game of the YearPrune - A love letter to trees
  • iPad Most Innovative App: LiquidText - PDF and document reader
  • iPad Most Innovative GameHer Story - Be a detective
  • iPad Pro Best App: uMake - Sketch in 3D
  • iPad Pro Best Game: Orcanon Odyssey - Benchmark RPG experience

Startup Bali: Social Innovation

When: Fri, June 24, – Sun, June 26, 2016
Where: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Admission: USD 77 [approx]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

[Startup Weekend Bali: Social Innovation] Organised by Hubud, in partnership with Kopernik, this time around, it's going to be all about social impact and innovation. If you have startup ideas relating to social entrepreneurship, tech for good, social impact and sustainable solutions ... then this one's for you. Let's catalyse change with action! Judges, coaches and mentors:

This Weekend
Link Fri    18:00  Startup Weekend MaGIC @ Cyberjaya
Link Sat   08:00  Leaps of Knowledge @ JW Marriott
Link Sat   09:00  Entrepreneur Convention @ Nexus
Link Sat   10:00  Food & Beverage Fair @ AvenueK
Link Sat   10:00  Art of Speed @ Serdang
Link Sat   10:00  Comic Art Festival @ QuillCityMall
Link Sat   13:00  Rails Girls @ GloDamansara
Link Sat   15:30  Poetry Readings @ Bangsar
Link Sat   16:30  TimeOut: Japan in KL @ AvenueK
Link Sun  09:45  Aviation Camp @ Subang
Link Sun  14:30  Most Likely to Succeed @ Bangsar

Next Week [Week beginning Mon, 30 May 2016]
Link Mon 09:00  Crowdsourcing Industry Dialogue @ Nexus
Link Mon 09:45  AmaxMall, LetMeStore, ZoomItNow @ TTDI
Link Mon 10:30  Next Academy Graduate Showcase @ GloDamansara
Link Mon 19:30  HackerNest Tech Social @ Singapore
Link Tue  07:30  National GST Conference @ TimesSquare
Link Tue  08:30  SME BizFest @ BukitKiara
Link Tue  14:00  IoT Security & Privacy @ BukitJalil
Link Tue  14:00  Beyond Excel: Analyse Your Data From The Cloud @ TTDI
Link Wed 19:30  Contextual Backlinks @ TheIntermark
Link Wed 18:30  SMU: Tripcendo, Smartly @ Singapore
Link Wed 19:00  HR: Flexinode, TeachForMalaysia @ Bangsar
Link Wed 20:00  Seven Sins of Fundraising @ Sentul
Link Thu  08:30  Selling Online B2C@ Matrade New
Link Fri    09:00  Internet Marketing Summit @ Puchong
Link Sat   09:00  AngelHack @ TimesSquare

Introduction to Blockchain 2.0

When: Thu, June 2, 7pm – 10pm, 2016
Where: PIKOM, E-01-G, E1 Empire Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 10.25
Info: Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

Nxt Bnk KL is hosting a special session with Lon Wong, CEO of Dragonfly Fintech, to introduce and share about the disruptive technology of Blockchain 2.0. This event is organized and supported by NEM. [A rough blockhain version guide:
  • Blockchain 1.0 - Currency, eWallet, Payments
  • Blockchain 2.0 - Contracts, Assets, Finance
  • Blockchain 3.0 - Beyond Currency, Econonics and Markets
Some blockchain startups and applications:
  • Augur - Get rewarded for predicting real-world events (eg next US prez) [1]
  • OpenBazaar - Open source competitor to eBay (and by extension Alibaba)
  • Slock - IoT + Blockchain = Smart lock (eg. rent a car without Avis)
  • SkuChain - Unlock hundreds of billions locked up in letters of credit etc 
  • United Kingdom - Track how taxpayer money is spent
  • Denmark - Secure online voting
[1] Crowd intelligence, not gambling.]

BlockFin Asia 2016

When: Wed, June 15, 9am – Thu, June 16, 5pm
Where: Duxton Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City
Admission: VND 1,400,000 [approx USD 60]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

BlockFin Asia is a FinTech symposium that, for the first time in Vietnam, brings together regulators, banks, investors and technical experts to discuss the impact emerging technologies have on traditional banking, finance and legacy systems. Topics include:
  • The current state of Blockchain - Roger Ver, Bitcoin Investor
  • Distributed ledger success stories - Pavel Kravchenko, DistributedLab
  • Private distributed ledgers for improved efficiency - Jerry David Chan, Bittoku
  • Disrupting international transfer services - Anson Zeall, CoinPip
  • Wall Street technical analysis & Blockchain - Tone Vays, BraveNewCoin
  • Regulation hurdles to Blockchain - Nathan Lane, US State Department
  • Strategies to promote investment in FinTech - Hieu Vo, Dragon Capital
  • Payments: The impact of new technologies - David Watson, Future.Travel
  • On the frontier of change - Evelyn Hae, Coinplug
A selection of Roger Ver's investments:
  • Bitpay - Deposit bitcoin into your normal bank account
  • Ripple - Transact interbank without an intermediary
  • Blockchain - Make bitcoin safe, easy and secure
  • LuxStack - Premium bitcoin wallet
  • Kracken - Largest euro bitcoin exchnage
  • Purse - Largest marketplace for bitcoin
  • ShapeShift - Exchange between bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin etc

FinnovAsia 2016

When: Mon, May 30, 8am – 11pm, 2016
Where: Cyberport, Hong Kong
Admission: USD 299+
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

FinnovAsia Hong Kong 2016 aims to merge "geeky-funky" startup event with "gentlemen's club” banking conference to create a unique chemistry between Fintech entrepreneurs, investors, bankers and governments. No sales pitches, no PR blah-blah, no hidden agenda, no politics, no discrimination, everyone is VIP. Topics include:
  • Different is Better than Better in Fintech - Huy Nguyen Trieu, Oxford Said
  • Challenger Banks: the Game Changers - Chris Gledhill, CEO, Secco Bank
  • Banks and Startups: Marriage or Affair? - Simon Dixon, CEO, BnkToTheFuture
  • FinTech: From Silicon Valley to China - Soul Htite, CEO, Dianrong
  • What Is the Next Big Thing? - Paolo Sironi, Wealth Management, IBM
  • Regulation vs Innovation - Peter Guy, Editor-in-Chief, Regulation Asia
  • The Future of Alternative Finance in Asia - Arnaud Ventura, CEO, Microcred
  • Building Sustainable FinTech Ecosystems -Susanne Chishti, CEO, FinTechCircle
  • Blockchain is Coming - Vitalik Buterin, Inventor, Ethereum
  • Robo Advisors and AI: Digital Disruptors - Mikaal Abdulla, CEO, 8 Securities
  • Insurance 2.0 - Hugh Terry, Editor. The Digital Insurer
  • The Growth of RegTech - Peter Stephens, CTO, UBS AG

NEF JomLaunch 3.0: MakanJom StationAlert

When: Sat, May 28, 8:30am – 6:00pm, 2016
Where: Dewan Multimedia. UKM, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 20
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

JOMWEB, a community of programmers, developers and ICT industry players, in collaboration with NEF, will be hosting the third edition of NEF-JOMLAUNCH. JomLaunch aims to highlight the skills and prowess of local programmers and developers and to inspire aspiring programmers and developers to a higher level of professionalism. This third edition will highlight 18 projects including:

Steinbeis-DNA: The Road to Success

When: Wed, May 25, 9:30am – 12:00pm, 2016
Where: Auditorium Murad Mohd Noor, USM
Admission: Unstated [possibly free]
Info: Venue | Outside | Inside

[What's Choking the Road to Success] The road to success is paved with challenges and difficulties. This roundtable session hosted by Steinbeis and DNA aims to uncover aspects of which are currently lacking in the SME innovation system. The forum gathers experienced players from public, private and academic sectors to share their thoughts and opinions. RSVP or enquiries:
  • Shudipta Choudhury, CEO, Vigilenz
  • Tan Thiam Hock, CEO, SilkyGirl
  • Dr Abdul Reezal Latif, Director, Steinbeis
  • Ku Kok Peng, Director, Pemandu [image]
  • Prof Dato Omar Osman, VC, USM
  • Karamjit Singh, CEO, DNA
[Calendata goes for a walkabout and will be back next week.]

Next Week
Link Mon 08:30  Data Science @ Penang
Link Mon 10:00  Asean M&E 2016 @ KLCC
Link Tue  09:00  AWS Hands-On @ Cyberjaya
Link Tue  11:00  Cradle Open Day @ Cyberjaya
Link Tue  13:30  Ecommerce: Mitosis, LocusT @ ShahAlam
Link Tue  15:00  National eCommerce Roadmap @ JohorBahru
Link Tue  19:30  Product Hunt @ Singapore
Link Wed 08:00  Open Source Conference @ Bangi
Link Wed 08:00  Holistic Education Symposium @ Taylors
Link Wed 09:00  World of Food Asia @ Bangkok
Link Wed 10:00  MetalTech Machine Tools @ PWTC
Link Wed 10:00  The Durian Festival @ Sitiawan
Link Wed 19:00  Growing your Startup with IP @ Bangsar
Link Wed 19:00  Building a Business People Love @ Singapore
Link Wed 19:30  Journalism in Malaysia @ Sentul
Link Wed 19:30  Hackware: IoT, FPGA, Gaming @ Singapore
Link Wed 18:30  Vulcan: Make Extra Money @ Singapore
Link Wed 20:00  Thinkcity Grants @ Bangsar
Link Wed 20:00  Poetry SlamJam Night @ UM
Link Thu 13:30  MyCyberSale + eHalal Dinner @ TimesSq
Link Thu 13:00  Social Enterprise: KJ @ Cyberjaya
Link Thu 18:00  Thursday Social x DrinkEntrepreneurs @ SG
Link Thu 19:30  Webcamp: 500 Shades of Grey @ Penang New
Link Thu 20:00  DrinkEntrepreneurs: Boozeat, Vase @ Bangsar New
Link Fri   17:30  TukangFikir, GetVase, PlanoPlan @ Cyberjaya
Link Fri   18:30  Calling HR: Moms available for Hire @ TTDI
Link Fri   19:30  Incitement: Superwomen @ Sentul
Link Fri   19:30  Social Enterprise Accelerator @ KLCC

Malaysia-Taiwan Internet & E-commerce Summit

When: Sun, May 22, 8:30am – 5:00pm, 2016
Where: Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 300 [for 3] | Medium: CN
Info: Event | Attend | Matching | Venue

Members of the Taiwan Internet and E-Commerce Association (TiEA) comprising of top internet and e-commerce companies from Taiwan will be presenting at the Malaysia-Taiwan Internet & E-commerce Summit 2016 and to partake in business matchmaking, knowledge sharing and networking with our local players. Topics include:
  • Taiwanese Perspective of SEA Market - Jamie Lin, Founder, AppWorks
  • Seamless Cross Border E-commerce - Michael Huang, GM, UiTOX
  • O2O in Taiwan - Elton Lee, Founder, 17Life
  • Multidimensional Digital Advertising - Phil Chang, Founder, urAD
Participating Taiwanese companies available for business matching include:
Organized by MOEATiEA, CDRI and SITEC.

Solutions in the Spotlight: Double Robotics

When: Tue, May 31, 9am – Fri, June 3, 5pm, 2016
Where: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Event | AttendVenue | Outside | Inside

Solutions in the Spotlight is the ideal place to learn about new innovations that will enable you to build intelligent cities. Sit in for presentations conducted by exhibitors as they cover all aspects of smart city development and how these solutions can contribute to your business. Topics include (abbreviated/augmented titles):
  • Double Robotics: A Robot that Doubles as You - OTSAW 
  • Birloki: Smart Street Interface between City and Citizen - Force 21
  • Face to Phone Predictive Security - DFRC
  • SnapVue: Mobile app for Smart City and Smart Building - PcVue
  • Crowd Sourced GPS Data for Analytics in Smart Cities - Quantum Inventions
  • Smart City Digital Infrastructure - Smart City Global Innovations
  • Smart Home & Retail Operations IoT Success Stories - Axiros 
  • SousChef: Automatic Spice Dispenser - SUTD
  • Switch Bee: Comvert your Home into a Smart Home in 90 mins - OTSAW
  • Office 2016 E5: PBX, Yammer, PowerBI, Sway, Skype - Microsoft
  • How Open Networking Benefits Your Organization - EdgeCore
  • Trading Technology for Big Data Analytics - Affinity Systems
  • Coiote: IoT Device Orchestration - AV System
Solutions in the Spotlight is an event of EnterpriseIT2016 which includes:
  • Link CommunicAsia
  • Link BroadcastAsia
  • Link EnterpriseIT
  • Link CommunicaAsia Summit
  • Link BroadcastAsia Conference
  • Link Creative Content Conference
  • Link The Ideas Collider
  • Link Exhibition
  • Link Building A Better Connected World
  • Link Post Production Hub
  • Link Digital Marketing Lab
The summit and conferences are priced at approx SGD 2K each, IdeasCollider SGD 50+, while the exhibition and other events are complimentary.

Big Data: Extracting Value from Uncertainty

When: Sat, May 21, 4pm – 6pm, 2016
Where: The Hive, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Admission: HKD 200
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

[Big Data Seminar: China/HK Practical Cases on Extracting Value from Uncertainties] Speaker Dr. Peter Kwan is COO, Big Data Architect. This is an event of Dinner Talk Project which first started with dinner-and-talk by speakers based on concepts from the bestseller Never Eat Alone and TED.

This Week
Link Mon 19:00  Lean In Circle Dialogue @ Sentral Full
Link Mon 19:30  Startup Quest Briefing @ Shah Alam
Link Mon 18:45  Peatix: Street Smart University @ Singapore
Link Tue  09:00  Games: Casual Connect @ Singapore New
Link Tue  10:00  SMIDEX 2016 @ KLCC
Link Tue  19:30  Science & Scuba Diving @ Publika New
Link Tue  20:00  Tech Community Hang Out @ JohorBahru
Link Wed 08:30  SME Go Conference @ KLCC
Link Wed 18:30  Ecommerce in South East Asia @ Singapore
Link Wed 19:30  Language Practice @ AvenueK New
Link Wed 20:00  Google I/O Extended + Intel Edison @ Penang
Link Wed 23:00  Google I/O Extended @ Cyberjaya Full
Link Wed 19:30  Javascript Wednesday @ GloDamansara
Link Thu  08:00  Marketing: Appies 2016 @ Eastin
Link Thu  09:00  Conversations Around Disruption @ Singapore
Link Thu  15:00  Ecommerce: BOXiT Parcel Lockers @ TimesSquare
Link Thu  18:30  Supermodel, VapeClub, StormRaise etc @ Brickfields
Link Thu  19:00  500Startups: KFit, iPrice, Kaodim @ Bangsar Full
Link Fri    19:00  Casual Connect Party @ BangsarSouth New
Link Fri    20:00  Startup Forum @ Ipoh
Link Sat   08:45  Product Dev: TeratoTech, MomoCentral @ Cyberjaya Full
Link Sat   10:00  Creative Mornings: Poet Melizarani Selva @ Bangsar
Link Sun  09:45  Together We Can @ BankNegara

Food & Beverage Fair 2016

When: Sat, May 28, 10am – Sun, May 29, 7pm, 2016
Where: Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Admission: MY 30
Info: Event | FB | Attend | Venue

[Malaysia 2016 Food & Beverage Career Fair] JOBi brings you the Malaysia 2016 Food & Beverage Career Fair! Set to bring you closer to your F&B dreams, the fair will expose you to the forces which drive the industry bigger - and they're not just the chefs and waiters. A line-up of industry experts will also be present to share their insights on what it takes to succeed (abbreviated titles):
Career opportunities will also be available for those who would like to be a part of this ever growing industry. This event will be emceed by Reuben Kang of JinnyboyTV and MorningWoodCafe co-founder. Official location sponsor: AvenueK. Image: InsideScoop

HK: Pitch Finals - Spring 2016

When: Thu, May 19, 6:30pm, 2016
Where: CoCoon, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

CoCoon Pitch Night enables entrepreneurs to present their products or services to a variety of audience and seek potential investors, co-founders, team members, customers, corporate partners or publicity. To date, 158+ pitch teams have showcased and over HKD 200 million raised. Finalists:
  • Homey - 3D home design app that allows you to buy what you design.
  • Shakr - Pro quality video templates (like in Wordpress templates). [image]
  • FeedMe - Aggregates restaurant reviews from top reviewers.
  • Genie - Pre-screened temporary staff in 5 minutes.
  • 36Link - Reverse Uber for cargo (transporters bid for jobs).
[Some of these startups were listed previously in Calendata during the preliminary rounds, listed here again as their USPs and websites have progressed since.]

Also on Thursday
Link 18:00  Intelligent Transport System: IBM, SITA, BMW @ Singapore
Link 18:30  Supermodel, VapeClub, StormRaise, Shoppr, GigFairy, Cardpow @ Brickfields
Link 19:00  500Startups: KFit, iPrice, Kaodim @ Bangsar

SMIDEX 2016: Rising to the Challenge

When: Tue, May 17, 10am – Thu, May 19, 5pm, 2016
Where: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue

The 19th Annual SME Showcase will see the convergence of SMEs, large companies and MNCs to showcase their capabilities and capacities in producing products, services and technologies for the global market. Join us and propel your business growth to the next level. Talks include: [ Day1 | Day2 ]

French Festival 2016: Le Dernier Loup

When: Thu, May 12, 7pm – Sun, May 29, 11pm, 2016
Where: Various Venues, Kuala Lumpur & Penang, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Films | Screenings | Events

The 2016 edition of Le French festival kicks off with a new name. This year, the festival gets bigger and shares the best of the French performing arts, visual arts and cinema and this year education, literature and science, with the Malaysian audience in order to create linkages between cultures.

[One of the festival's screenings is Le Dernier Loup, 28 May 9:20pm at GSC 1 Utama, 28 May 9:50pm at GSC Sentral, 29 May 7pm at GSC Pavilion, 11 June 9:20pm at GSC Gurney] The movie, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, is based on the semi-autobiographical novel by Jiang Rong, and is one of the most read novel in China. During China’s Cultural Revolution, a young and bright urban student, Chen, is sent to Inner Mongolia to educate a nomadic tribe of shepherds. But it is in fact Chen who has a lot to learn about life, community, liberty and responsibility in this vast and hostile land.

This Week
Link Wed 09:00  Rail Solutions Asia @ KLCC
Link Wed 15:30  KPMG CyberSecurity @ BandarUtama
Link Wed 18:30  Customer Loyalty: Booking, Hubspot, Burpple @ SG Full
Link Thu  08:45  Matrade: Successful Exporting @ KualaLumpur
Link Thu  19:30  Social Enterprise: GirlsForGood, Biji2, NasiLemak @ Bangsar
Link Thu  11:00  Towkay Lunch: SME Grants @ Singapore
Link Thu  18:30  3D Printing 101 @ KLCC
Link Thu  19:00  How to Get Funding @ Penang
Link Thu  19:30  Science Cafe: Climate Change @ Publika
Link Fri    08:00  Invention & Design Conference @ KLCC
Link Fri    10:00  Autofest @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat   08:00  Young Entpreneurs Meetup @ Subang
Link Sat   09:00  Google for Education @ Ampang
Link Sat   09:00  User Onboarding: Impactful UX @ Cyberjaya Full
Link Sat   09:00  Data Science 101 @ Singapore
Link Sat   09:30  Film Screening & Masterclass @ Sentral
Link Sat   10:00  Retro Computer Games @ PetalingJaya
Link Sat   10:00  Poetry in Education @ TTDI
Link Sun  14:00  How to be a Professional Poet @ BktDamansara
Link Sun  19:00  Silent Disco Asia @ Singapore Full

FinTech: Wealth Hackathon

When: Fri, May 13, 6pm – Sun, May 15, 6pm
Where: RHB, Jalan Institusi, Bangi, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

[FinTechathon: Hacking the Wealth Management Industry] By the end of this decade, millennials (approximately aged 15-29 now) will represent the largest ‘adult’ group, and nearly two thirds of the world’s millennials are in Asia. They are less financially savvy, more sceptical of financial advisors and consume ‘digitally’. This poses a challenge to banks and traditional financial advisors to adapt to this new customer profile. Hackathon challenges:
  • How to improve user acquisition and retention?
  • How to predictively offer customised wealth propositions?
  • How to encourage millennials to save and grow their wealth?
[Sample wealth management startups:
  • 8securities - Mobile, simple, fast and free HK and US stock trading
  • iBillionaire - Trade using the strategies of your favourite billionaire
  • Gradible - Student loan refinancing and consolidation 
  • FirstStep - Invest your loose change
  • Cashboard - Open a German bank account]

Other Intakes [closing date shown]
Link May 09  MaGIC Accelerator (MY | Diverse)
Link May 10  Infiniti Accelerator (HK | SmartCity, IoT)
Link May 10  Alpha Startups (SEA | Diverse)
Link May 15  Grassroots Innovation (MY | Diverse)
Link May 20  Startup Quest (MY | SmartCity)
Link May 20  MaGIC e@Stanford (MY | Diverse)
Link May 21  Pitch @ St James's Palace (MY | Diverse) New
Link May 25  Paypal Start Tank  (SG | Fintech)
Link May 31  Fintech Innovation Lab (HK | Fintech)
Link May 31  CIMB Data Science Challenge (MY | Data) New
Link Jun  05  DBS Accelerator (HK | Financial)
Link Jun  06  Halal Hi-Tech (MY | Diverse)
Link Jun  03  Big Ideas (KR | SmartCity)
Link Jun  04  AngelHack (MY | App)
Link Jun  10  GameFounders (MY | Games) New
Link Jun  17 Startup Weekend (MY | Maker)
Link Jun  30  BITx Accelerator (MY | IoT, BigData)
Link Jun  30  Blue Ocean Strategy (MY | Diverse) New

[ Snapshot ] SilentDisco, NonPedigree, OpenAir

[Silent disco] Meet the Makers, 5 May 2016 @ The MakerHive, HongKong. Photo: MakerHiveHK

['No-pedigree' speakers get full house] Architect's talk: WHBC, 20 April 2016 @ Publika, Photo: PAM

 [Open air meetup & movie] Thursday Social Singapore, 5 May 2016 @ The Hive. Photo: TSS

ASEAN Fintech Challenge 2016

When: Tue, May 10, 9am – 6pm, 2016
Where: Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

Visa and AIBIM have partnered to launch the ASEAN Fintech Challenge in conjunction with the Global Islamic Finance Forum 2016 (GIFF). The ASEAN-level challenge, organised by Nxt Bnk KL, aims to bring the best and most innovative Fintech startups from the region to compete for cash prizes and to present to GIFF delegates from all over the world. [This event is to view the pitch competition. Application to pitch has closed; to try for a slot, contact the organizer here. Image: Sasana Kijang / Archnet ]

Early Next Week
Link Sun  17:00  Philosophy vs Science @ Publika
Link Mon 14:00  Ensemble, TBWA, NagaDDB, KevoKanvas @ KL
Link Mon 18:00  Law for Startups & SMEs @ Cyberjaya
Link Tue  10:00  The Electricity Supply Act 2015 @ TheCurve
Link Tue  09:30  Digital Economy & MyCyberSale @ KLCC
Link Tue  13:30  Ecommerce: Mices, Mpay, Shoppee @ ShahAlam
Link Tue  15:00  Big Data Everywhere @ Singapore
Link Tue  17:00  Differentiate or Perish @ HongKong
Link Tue  19:00  OpenCoffeeClub @ KualaLumpur

HK: Springtime Makers Meetup

When: Thu, May 5, 6pm – 9pm, 2016
Where: The MakerHive, Smithfield Road, Kennedy, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue | Outside | Inside

[Meet The Makers Spring '16] Meet the Makers is a free platform for Hong Kong’s designer and maker community to get to know prospective clientele, engage with fans and meet fellow makers in this evening event which is part retail exhibition and part marketplace. Exhibitors include:
  • Mono - Eyewear printed to fit your face
  • Soundbrenner - Smart vibrating metronome [music timer]
  • Aumeo - Audio device tailored to aural sensitivity
  • AirButton - Add extra buttons to your smartphone
  • AmbiLite - LED mood lighting
  • KookiiB - Ethical beauty products
  • Ozmo - Manage your water & coffee intake
  • SoundOff - Silent disco party
  • Tintell - Wearable mobile phone for kids
  • Brompton - Foldable bicycle
  • WewaLab - DIY 3D printing [top image]

SG: Fintech + Femtech

When: Thu, May 5, 6pm – 9pm, 2016
Where: SGX, Shenton Way, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

[Femtech Leaders Network & Next Bank Singapore Meetup] The Next Bank Singapore community will come together every two months to chat, socialise and hear from interesting speakers and guests. We're thrilled to connect with the global FemTech Leaders network for their first Singapore meetup! We'll have a speed dating session for the region's fintechers to connect, and an inspiring presentation on workplace and business diversity, followed by a panel of industry representatives discussing the issues that matter. Speakers and panelists:

SG: Technical Ladies

When: Thu, May 5, 7pm – 10pm, 2016
Where: Google Asia Pacific, 8 Marina View, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

[TechLadies Graduation Party] TechLadies Coding Programme is an 8-week free coding bootcamp where women learn how to code by creating products for NGOs pro-bono, under the guidance of volunteer senior software engineers.

Over the past 8 weeks, we had the first run of our programme for 9 awesome ladies who created 3 amazing products for 3 NGOs. These ladies come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities but they all have one common goal - to learn how to code.

Join us and hear from our newly minted TechLadies - Sharon (startup founder), Vina (developer), Xin Tian (customer service), Kate (in between jobs), Yiting (arts student), Casie (gym coach), Sandy (stewardess) and Erika (consultant), who will share with you the lessons learned from their coding journeys and answer any questions you have about learning how to code, switching careers into the tech industry, and more!

EU-SEA Big Data Summit 2016

When: Thu, May 5, 8:30am – Fri, May 6, 3:30pm, 2016
Where: Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya, Malaysia
Admission: Free [Waiting List]
Info: Event | Venue | Outside | Inside

The aim of the summit is to present Horizon 2020 funding opportunities in the field of Big Data and to set-up dialogues to discuss strategies, opportunities and challenges faced by EU and SEA communities in Big Data. There will also be highlights of selected vertical markets that utilize Big Data in their applications. The Summit is expected to foster collaboration on research and innovation among its participants via face to face networking activities and potential project idea presentation sessions. Topics include: [Image: Cloudera]
  • Introduction to Horizon 2020 - Dorota Pawlucka, Connect2SEA
  • Making the most of Big Data - Isaac Jacob, Fusionex
  • Customer Engagement through Insights Generation - Martin Nemetz, Hilti
  • Smarter Transportation: Data as the New Natural Resource - Pankaj Lunia, IBM
  • Big Data Revolution for Sustainable Development - Jong Gun Lee, Pulse Lab
  • Geospatial Big Data: Business Cases proDataMarket - Dumitru Roman, Sintef
  • Infrastructure and Technology for Big Data - Satoyoshi Kazuhiro, Yamaha
  • Big Data and IoT in Telco Space - Norashikin Abdul Hamid, TM R&D
  • From Hype to Action: Big Data in the Real World - Guy van den Berg, Cloudera
  • Solving the Mystery in Predictive Analytics - Callum Bir, Microsoft

This Week
Link Wed 19:00  Multi-User Dungeon: Richard Bartle @ BangsarSouth
Link Wed 19:30  GrabTaxi: Market Research @ Melawati
Link Wed 20:30  Bukit Gasing Night Hike @ PetalingJaya
Link Thu  09:00  Field Trip: BinaPuri, AirAsia, Andaman, PKT @ KotaD'sara
Link Thu  09:00  GLC ExploreAce 2016 @ BukitKiara
Link Thu  09:00  Manufacturing Technology Show @ Taipei
Link Thu  12:00  Blue & Green: Ocean & Environment @ KK
Link Thu  17:30  AEC: Progress to Date @ Sunway
Link Thu  19:00  iFlix vs Netflix @ Bangsar
Link Fri    10:00  Cafe & Bakery @ PWTC
Link Fri    18:00  Kuala Lumpur Coffee Day @ MerdekaSquare
Link Fri    21:00  World Youth Jazz Festival @ MerdekaSquare
Link Sat   09:00  Present Like a Pro: MyVentures, ex-NagaDDB @ Penang
Link Sat   10:00  Springboard for Asian Content @ Serdang
Link Sat   10:00  Books and Authors Pitching @ Serdang
Link Sat   10:00  TPPA, Asean & Globalisation @ TTDI
Link Sat   10:00  Women's Business Bazaar @ JayaOne New
Link Sat   12:00  Raku Music & Art Festival @ Publkia

International Dance Day 2016

When: Fri, April 29, 6pm – 10pm, 2016
Where: KFIT HQ, Level 2, Tower 7, Avenue 3, The Horizon, Bangsar South, Malaysia
Admission: Free | Info: Event | Venue

29th April is International Dance Day, where dancers around the world celebrate dance. This year Malaysia Dance Scene is having experienced Malaysian dancers share their experience and knowledge. Don't miss this chance to celebrate International Dance Day together! Instructors: [updated links]
How to register? Text or whatsapp your full name as per IC, IC number and class your wish to participate to +6012.373.8351 (William) eg: Will Lam, 870101-11-1111, S1 S3 [Videos showcased below are in the order of the dance groups listed above. Top image: dekhnews. Calendata takes a week's break, Happy Labour Day!]

Startup Culture in Japan

When: Fri, April 29, 7:30pm – 10:30pm, 2016
Where: Chaze at Marquee, Menara Lien Hoe, Persiaran Tropicana, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 35
Info: Attend | Venue | Inside

Chicks and Geeks is bringing Tokyo closer to you! Connect and get advice from Japanese startup founders, developers and advisors, including:
  • Tadaaki Kimura, Founder, Addlight (Corporate and startup incubator)
  • Hajime Hirose, Founder, BuzzElement (Japanese startup based in KL)
They will be sharing valuable insights about startups and the growth of the Japanese startup ecosystem:
  • What new startup models will we see in 2016?
  • Examples of top companies doing well in Japan
  • Which countries do they tend to target after Japan?
  • How soon should SE-Asian startups think of Japan?
Moderating the event will be Jason Chia from 1337 Ventures, a SE Asia focused startup accelerator. Come do an elevator pitch should you manage to catch him. [Inside image: eatdrinkkl]

This Weekend
Link Thu 19:30  Problem Hypothesis Pitch @ Sentral
Link Fri   09:30  Coding Bootcamp Showcase @ GloDamansara
Link Fri   18:00  Heritage Festival @ Singapore
Link Fri   20:00  Let's InterTwine @ Puchong
Link Fri   20:00  Mega Startup Weekend @ Skudai
Link Fri   20:00  SoundStruck Live @ JayaOne
Link Fri   20:30  Crackhouse Carnival @ TTDI
Link Sat  07:00  Oceansation Festival @ PulauPerhentian
Link Sat  09:00  Google Cloud Platform @ KualaLumpur Full
Link Sat  09:30  Wordpress Meetup @ KLCC
Link Sat  09:30  Startup & Developer Meetup @ Bangi
Link Sat  10:00  Food Mega Festival @ ShahAlam
Link Sat  10:00  Star Wars Day @ JayaOne
Link Sat  10:00  KL International Book Fair @ Serdang
Link Sat  11:00  Urbanscape House @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat  11:00  Fit for Life @ MidValley
Link Sat  17:00  Le Clicquot Party @ Singapore
Link Sat  20:00  RHB Shimano Night Ride @ Bangi Full

YouTube StartUp Workshop

When: Thu, April 28, 10am – Fri, April 29, 5pm, 2016
Where: Arte Academy IOI Boulevard, Puchong, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 200 [+ MYR 12 GST]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Streetview | Inside

Want to be an online content creator but don't know where or how to start? Then look no further! Arte Academy is hosting it's first workshop for up coming content creators who wants to start up on YouTube. Topics includes:
  • How to optimise your channel
  • Advertisers and where to find them
  • Brand vision
  • Pre-Production
  • Video editing
  • And much more
Upon completion a certificate of training will be issued by Arte Academy. Alternative registration is available here. Contact us at or +603.5879.8269 for more information. [Some top YouTubers and their earnings in 2015: