HealthTech Smart City: Hong Kong + Accelerators

When: Fri, August 26, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, 2016
Where: Mettā, California Tower, Hong Kong
Admission: HKD 110.25 [ USD 15 | MYR 57 ]
Info: Attend | Venue

Mettā is an entrepreneurs' club that connects people, ideas and resources. We believe that by bringing startup communities and ecosystems closer together, great things can happen.Join us as we present and share with you some of the month's key findings and showcase some of Hong Kong's most exciting and promising HealthTech startups. Ticket fee includes drinks provided by Chivas.

  • KPMG’s HealthTech Report - Yannick Even, KPMG
  • Probablistic Programming and Healthcare - Noah Silverman, DataScience
  • Creating a HealthTech Smart City in Hong Kong - Sabine Reppert, Intent-X

Startup showcase:

AIA HealhTech Accelerator 2.0 (Hong Kong, March 2016) info
  • HealthImpactFund - A new pharmaceutical patent system
  • OperTechnology - Magnetic neural stem cell harvest
  • AlemHealth - Connect doctors across distance and borders
  • Bindo - Point-of-Sale for doctors
  • Kuai - Headphones for fitness
  • MedEXO - Robotic glove for Parkinson's
  • MedRithm - Algorithms for health care (eg. image analysis)
  • Novus - Translate sign language into voice language
  • TopDoc - Book a doctor

AIA-KonicaMinolta Digital Health Accelerator (Singapore, June 2016) info
  • Darma - Fitbit for couch potatoes
  • PowerDot - Medical grade muscle simulator
  • uHoo - Indoor air quality sensor
  • VaultDragon - Access your health records online
  • JustMove - Personal fitness app

Malaysia Edges China to Win Gold...In Robotics

When: Sun, August 21, 9am – 5pm, 2016
Where: Huamark Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue

In the recently completed Robocon2016, Malaysia's UTM edged China's Northeastern University in the final to win the Grand Prix. The rules of the game were:
  • Use of two robots: a bigger robot and a smaller robot. The smaller robot carries a payload.
  • The bigger robot propels the smaller robot through a meandering and undulating course - without touching the smaller robot, using air stream etc.
  • At the end of the course, the bigger robot takes the payload, a propeller, from the smaller robot, climbs a post and attaches the propeller to the top.
  • The winner is the first to attach, without dropping the propeller.
The video of the final match is embedded below [click More Details].

NVIDIA: Deep Learning Day 2016

When: Mon, August 29, 9am – 5pm
Where: MIMOS, Technology Park Malaysia Auditorium , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

Deep learning is the fastest-growing field in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Researchers and data scientists now have access to a wealth of hardware and software platforms powered by NVIDIA GPUs for training and deployment of neural networks. This workshop will give you a chance to experience some of these tools, and introduce NVIDIA's first supercomputer in a box: the NVIDIA DGX-1™ Deep Learning System. Examples of usage:
  • Facial recognition for detecting distracted drivers/pilots/operators.
  • WePod: world's first driverless vehicle given license plates. info
  • Accelerate design using simulation and virtual testing.
  • Covert sketches to online searches (think: Google image search on steroids).
  • Smarter translation (think: improvement on Google's current translator).
  • Understanding videos (what's happening in the video, eg. CCTV video).
  • Detecting health abnormalities by analysing x-ray/tissue images. 
  • Scan social media messages for online predators.
  • Self flying camera that replaces the selfie stick. info
  • Monitor wildlife by analysing sounds of the jungle.

Social Venture Challenge Asia

When: Thu, September 15, 2pm – 4pm, 2016
Where: NUS University Cultural Centre, Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

[ DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia 2016 ] Selected from over 1,000 entries, the winning teams will receive a total of SGD 170,000 [ USD 127,000 ] in seed funding to accelerate their social impact. Find out how these social enterprises are improving lives through their innovative ideas, in more than 12 countries across Asia. Meet the dynamic social enterpreneurs behind these impactful ventures, and mingle with like-minded changemakers. Finalists:
  • Aesir - Games for folks with special needs (HK)
  • Ants - Increase the employability of rural women (CN)
  • Arus - Low cost private education (MY)
  • BitLab - Braille iPad for the blind (AT)
  • EngageSpark - SMS text campaigns for non-profits (PH)
  • Jasberry - Unpolished, nutritious, organic, whole grain rice (TH)
  • Jeevtronics - Hand cranked defribrillator (IN)
  • Kruosar - Solar power systems (KH)
  • Nazava - Water filters for the poor (ID)
  • OurCityLove - Directory of accessible (special needs friendly) restaurants (TW)
  • SocialGiver - Turn business surplus (eg. empty rooms) into donations (TH)
  • SoulInc - Unlock the therapeutic power of music (SG)

MaGIC: Tukang Urut Online

When: Fri, August 26, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, 2016
Where: MaGIC, Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

Grill or Chill (GoC), a monthly event, is a platform for startups to showcase products or get valuable feedback from domain experts/entrepreneurs. Each GoC ends with a networking session where you could mingle and connect with other entrepreneurs in a cozy environment. Pitching:
  • Terapi - Tukang urut, mak bidan, juru bekam online
  • Bubbly - Service on demand 
  • Rivil - Suggest unique places on a road trip 
  • Mind Propel - Amazon ecommerce onboarding
  • Drava - Driving improvement app
[Tukang urut = masseur, mak bidan = midwife, juru bekam = cupping]

This Week [Week beginning 22 August 2016]
Link Mon 09:00  Hack in the Box @ Singapore
Link Mon 09:00  PHP Conference @ Singapore
Link Mon 18:00  Developing People: SAP, StanChart @ Singapore
Link Tue  09:25  Brexit: A New Opportunity @ Matrade register  New
Link Tue  19:00  Kakiseni, Crackhouse, TEDx, PlaySpace, Organica @ Bangsar
Link Tue  19:00  Tech Royale: Poladrone, InfoTrek @ Penang
Link Tue  19:30  Lean-In: Veritas, UEM, BioTech, UnitedNations @ Publika
Link Wed 11:30  Economic Growth through Arts @ LeMéridien
Link Wed 19:00  Pecha Kucha @ Singapore
Link Thu  06:00  Geeks on a Beach @ Philippines
Link Thu  09:00  The Seven Sins of Crisis Management @ Putrajaya
Link Thu  09:00  Mydin: The Next Generation @ PetalingJaya
Link Thu  09:00  IoT, MachineLearning, Azure, PowerBI, Office365 @ Ampang
Link Thu  14:00  Grow Your Business: Rebeca Siccardi @ Sentral
Link Thu  18:30  MyiCellar, Tablebooka, Kawa, WorkKing, Intralogue @ HongKong
Link Thu  18:30  AppAnnie, DBS, SPH, Zalora, HonestBee, Deliveroo @ Singapore
Link Thu  19:30  VR Designers: Immersively, Phoenix, Ignite @ Singapore
Link Thu  19:30  Is Social Enterprise Good Business? @ Sentul
Link Fri    14:00  Filmmaking in South East Asia @ BukitBintang
Link Fri    18:00  Design, Filmmaking, Photography @ ShahAlam [top right]
Link Sat   09:00  Python Conference @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat   09:00  Finance ASEAN @ Singapore
Link Sat   09:00  Borak Art Series @ Penang [top left]
Link Sat   09:30  Pitch Perfect Workshop @ Cyberjaya
Link Sat   10:30  Power Talks: Tony Fernandes @ ShahAlam
Link Sat   14:00  EcoWorld, Piktochart, Brickfields, Nashata @ KLCC
Link Sat   19:00  Fuyoh Collectors Market @ Publika

Tech Talk: Self-Driving Cars

When: Tue, August 2, 7pm – 10pm, 2016
Where: Skyscanner, Robinson Point, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

[CodingGirls Tech Talk: Self-Driving Cars] Autonomous cars are no longer a futuristic idea as experts predict 10 million self-driving cars on the road by 2020. Join us for an engaging evening where we hear from Dr Frazzoli Emilio, CTO and Co-founder of nuTonomy, and Tichakorn Wongpiromsarn, Principal Research Scientist, as they give an introduction of nuTonomy's software development for autonomous passenger vehicles that is tested here in Singapore with a target introduction in 2018.

Spun out of MIT robotics research in 2013, nuTonomy is an autonomous vehicle startup backed by Ford Motor Co. Chairman Bill Ford and has raised more than USD 16 million in funding. The technology for autonomous cars is still too costly for ordinary consumers but the equation changes when it is a robotic taxi with the cost of a driver factored out.

Sample Future Mobility Projects
  • nuTonomy - World's first fully autonomous taxi service
  • Farady Future - Tesla rival backed by Apple and LeEco
  • Uber - Uber's own self-driving fleet
  • Waze - Waze's carpooling service
  • GM & Lyft - Self driving Chevrolet Bolt electric taxis
  • Google - Google's built from ground up self-driving car
  • Olli - 3D printed, self-driving minibus
  • WeChat & Foxconn - Premium electric cars
  • Norway - Ban on gas/petrol powered cars by 2025
  • Riide - Electric bicycle with maintenance, insurance and lease-buy
  • Ather - Bangalore's app configurable electric scooter
  • EuroVelo - Europe's high quality cycling network
  • Hyperloop - Semi vacuum high speed travel
  • Otto - Self and assisted driving trucks 
  • Mercedes-Benz - Self-driving bus
  • CRRC - Quick-charge, supercapacitor tram New
  • EasyMile - Driverless shuttle: metro, bus or on-demand New
  • Uber - Uber acquires Otto New
  • Pittsburg - Uber rolls out beta self driving taxis New

InsurTech: Corporate-Startup Collaboration

When: Wed, August 17, 6:00pm – 8:30pm, 2016
Where: Mettā, California Tower, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

Join us and be part of InsurTechAsia's rapidly growing community across Asia. We believe in the power of collaboration. Hence we are connecting the best, the most passionate and the brightest to be part of Insurtech Asia through regular discussions, moonshot challenges, meetups, events and workshops. Presenters include:
  • Coherent - Risk modelling and reporting
  • Simple - Automatic alert after fall, no need to push button [for old folks]
  • Apvera - Internal network security
  • DragonLaw - Do law online today

[InsurTech startup peek: Global Insurance Accelerator:
  • IssacRe - Capital markets for insurance risks
  • SmartDrivInc - Stops you from driving while texting (or Pokémon-ing)
  • Telematic - SaaS auto insurance modelling based on behaviour, lifestyle etc
  • DriveSpotter - Real time video analytics of fleet drivers
  • Pablow - À la carte instead of whole buffet travel insurance
  • WeSavvy - Get rewarded (lower premiums etc) by exercising
  • InsuranceSocialMedia - Social media for insurance]

Seedstars + Dtac Accelerate

When: Thu, August 18, 4:00pm – 7:30pm, 2016
Where: Siam Discovery, Bangkok, Thailand
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

Seedstars is looking for the best seedstage startups from Bangkok to come and pitch in front of an investment panel and compete to be crowned the most promising startup in Thailand. The winning startup will receive a 1 week all expense paid trip to Switzerland to compete against startups from over 65 countries around the globe for an investment of up to USD 500,000. Finalists:
  • Lawender - Lawyer suggestions + document management + escrow
  • BlueBoat - Integrated IT solution for shopping malls
  • FairAgora - Seafood supply chain compliance [to solve dodgy prawns etc]
  • Glazziq - Eyeware ecommerce
  • IndieDish - Order healthy meals from your mobile phone
  • MoreMate - Make friends, spark romances
  • PeerPower - Connect credit worthy borrowers to lenders
  • Seekster - Thailand's largest B2B on-demand service marketplace
  • Transporters - Transport management: customers, bookings, drivers etc

Past Seedstars winners include:
  • Eora3D - 3D scanning using a smartphone (AU)
  • Salarium - Free payroll and HR suite (PH)
  • Evreka - Smart waste collection (TR)
  • Giraffe - Simplified recruitment (ZA)
  • Washbox - Laundry locker & app (TH)
  • TheOtherGuys - Immersive detective games (AR)

On the next day, Friday, August 19th 2016, also in Bangkok, dtac accelerate will be holding their demo day. dtac's alumni include:
  • DriveBot - FitBit for cars: monitor car with smartphone and engine plug-in
  • FastInflow - Fast, mobile consumer surveys
  • ClaimDi - Speed up auto insurance claims + anti-fraud + roadside assistance 
  • TechFarm - Agri & aqua culture: analyze soil or water from a smartphone
  • Skootar - Motorcycle courier service
Seedstars Kuala Lumpur will be held on Oct 1st, 2016 @ Maxis HQ. info

Programmable: Smarter Ads for a Complex World

When: Wed, Sept 14 – Thu, Sept 15, 2016
Where: Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany
Admission: Free [until 15 Aug 2016, standard EUR 399 | USD 450 | MYR 1800]
Info: Event | AttendVenue | Outside | Inside

dmexco is the global business and innovation platform of the digital economy. It enables visitors to experience disruptive trends and defines the business potential of tomorrow. This is the meeting place for makers and shakers, visionaries, marketing and media professionals, techies, and creative thinkers. dmexco combines the leading trade fair for digital marketing with an extraordinary conference — and it’s the sector’s top event of the year. Topics (reinterpreted titles) include:
  • Programmable: Smarter Ads for a Complex World - Dan Taylor, MD, Google
  • Deutschland 4.0: Digital Transformation - Dominik Dommick, MD, Payback
  • Augmented Reality: $ 120 Billion Industry - Ambarish Mitra, CEO, Blippar
  • Influence Marketing: Buzzword or Bullsh*t? - Sebastian Weil, CEO, Studio 71
  • Story Telling using Big Data, Algorithms and Insights - Matthew Luhn, Pixar
  • Digital Saves the Radio Star - Stefan Zilch, MD, Spotify
  • Innovation is Out, Invention is In - David Shing, Digital Prophet, AOL
  • The Last Mile: Pay with Your Face (as the identifier) - Matt Gee, Isobar
  • Entering the Big Data Universe - Randall Rothenberg, CEO, IAB
  • Disrupt or be Disrupted - David Sable, CEO, Young & Rubicam
  • Righting the Rocking Ship: The Future of Agency - Jim Bankoff, CEO, Vox
  • WPP Meets Vice - Shane Smith, CEO, Vice & Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP

This Week [week beginning 15 Aug 2016]
Link Mon 08:30  1Met Bootcamp @ Putrajaya
Link Mon 10:00  Science for Peace @ KualaLumpur
Link Mon 17:30  Professionalism vs Ethics @ Sunway
Link Mon 19:30  YCM: Uber @ Intercontinental
Link Tue  13:30  Avana, MediaOnline, Cheqqme @ ShahAlam
Link Wed 09:30  IoT Developer's Conference @ BukitJalil Full
Link Wed 13:30  Fintech: Steve Wozniak & Paypal @ Singapore
Link Wed 17:39  Architecture Photography @ Publika
Link Wed 19:00  Network: Crib, Bulletproof, Unbusy @ Singapore
Link Thu  08:00  Talent Ecosystem Conference @ Cyberjaya Full
Link Thu  09:00  F&B: Halal, HACCP and McDonalds @ Matrade
Link Thu  17:00  SmartCities, IoT & BigData @ Sentral
Link Thu  19:30  Mavens: SeekAsia, FoodPanda, GoBear @ Bangsar Full
Link Fri    10:00  Coffee & Art Fringe Festival @ Publika
Link Fri    20:30  US Presidential Elections @ PetalingJaya
Link Sat   08:00  SQL Server Saturday @ Singapore
Link Sat   09:00  Panggung Lapan Art Weekend @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat   10:00  Festival for Good @ Singapore
Link Sat   13:00  TEDxKL: HyperLoop @ BukitJalil
Link Sat   14:00  Freedom Film Festival @ JayaOne
Link Sat   19:00  Rice Bowl Startup Awards @ Bangsar
Link Sun  16:00  AWAS: Animation Shorts @ KualaLumpur 

Amplifi B2B SaaS Accelerator

When: Thu, August 11, 4pm – 6pm, 2016
Where: Metta, California Tower, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

Amplifi Paperclip Accelerator is a 3-month mentorship centric program, dedicated to bringing innovative B2B SaaS ideas to life. Our mission is to become the most trusted and successful B2B SaaS startup ecosystem in Asia by finding driven, passionate, world class and capable entrepreneurs with scalable, innovative ideas or startups. Panelists:
Other partners and mentors include 10,000Startups, ChicagoBooth, GoEvnts, KaeCapital, Seraf and UnicornIndia. Examples of B2B SaaS:

[ Snapshot ] Centre of Attention

Chin Je Mein @ ASEAN Business Community Meetup, 27 Jul 2016 @ Midvalley. Photo: ABC

Aaron Colacion @  Fitness Friday, 24 Jun 2016 @ Hong Kong. Photo: hkcocoon

Ashran Ghazi @ MyCyberSale, 22 Jul 2016 @ Cyberjaya. Photo: CarolFung

Terence Lee (black t-shirt, red logo) @ Founders Meetup, 29 Jul 2016 @ Singapore. Photo: techinasia

Goh Chee Hau @ On-Demand 4x4 Pickup Briefing @ Puchong. Photo: TheLorry

Ad Fraud: Digital Era's Biggest Con

When: Wed, August 17, 9:30am – 12:00pm, 2016
Where: The Bee, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 280
Info: Registration | Venue

AdFraid? You should be! Join MAA and WFA [WFA members include Adidas, AirAsia, CocaCola, Daimler, Emirates, EstéeLauder, Ikea, Intel, KimberlyClark, Mastercard, Nestlé, Toyota and Visa] , in patnership with AirAsia, Shopper360, Innity, SinChew and TheStar, for this critical session to understand all about Ad Fraud and how you can protect your marketing investment against this threat. [The post title is the event name.] Topics:
  • Ad Fraud: Multi-Faceted and Criminal - Ranji David, Marketing Director, WFA
  • How to Identify the Problems - Tai Morsheed, Director, TubeMogul
  • Viewability, Fraud and Brand Safety - Niall Hogan, Managing Director, IAS
  • How can Brands Protect Their Media Investment - Leela Nair, MD, Ebiquity
Ad Fraud may include:
  • Search ad fraud - Fake websites which look real to advertisers
  • Affiliate ad fraud - Use of bots to drive affiliate commissions
  • Ad stacking - Multiple ads on one page to drive impressions
  • Pixel stuffing - Ads that are just a pixel but which count as impressions
  • Traffic fraud - Publishers buy fake traffic
  • Click farms - Fraudulent clicks or form-filing by 'work-from-home' humans
  • Botnets - Fraudulent clicks or form-filing by networks of bots
  • Interlacing - Ads placed near content to encourage mistaken clicks/swipes
  • Bait & switch - Clicking/tapping on content leads to an ad
  • Outbid - High bid prices driven by shady businesses with high margins
  • Hostile territory - Ads shown on sites incongruent with brand image
  • Wrong neighbours - Ads shown alongside those from incompatible brands

Other Marketing Events
Link Sep 01  Disrupt or be Disrupted @ Phuket
Link Sep 06  CMO Conference: New Realities @ KualaLumpur
Link Sep 19  ClickZ Live @ Shanghai
Link Oct 05  Loyalty Experience  Analytics Digital @ Singapore

Marketing for Gen-Y Consumers

When: Tue, August 9, 8am – 5pm, 2016
Where: The Royale Chulan Damansara, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 954
Info: Brochure | Venue

[FMM Marketing & Branding Conference 2016: Mobile Marketing for Gen-Y Consumers] is organised to understand Gen-Y’s brand and mobile preferences. [As of 2016, Gen-X: age 40-50, Gen-Y (Millennials): age 21-39, Gen-Z: age 6-20.]. Topics include (abbreviated titles):
  • Brand Appeal to Gen-Y - Carmen Chan, Creative Paramedics
  • Connect to Gen-Y with the Right Marketing Mix -  Benny Chia, Perfect Food
  • Understanding Gen Y’s Mobile Usage and Attitude - Maverick Ling, 57square
  • Divide and Conquer: Mastering Segmentation - Roopal Julka, Havas Media
  • Great Mobile Marketing  Case Studies - Andreas Vogiatzakis, Havas Media
  • Mobile App Design: Delight Users & Drive Conversions - Derrick Liew, Getright
  • The Future of Streaming - Ahmad Najib Habeb, Israk Technology
  • Mobile Commerce: Currency Re-imagined - Chong Lee Kean, iPay88

This Week [week beginning 8 Aug 2016]
Link Mon 09:00  Ecommerce: Pos Malaysia, Consumer Tribunal @ ShahAlam Full
Link Tue  08:30  MDeC: Open Innovation @ Cyberjaya
Link Tue  09:00  Taiwan Smart ICT Solutions @ KualaLumpur
Link Tue  14:00  MDeC: Hot Startups Get Together @ Bangsar  New 
Link Tue  19:00  Connecting the Dots @ BangsarSouth  New 
Link Tue  19:00  8 Google Tools for Entrepreneurs @ Kuching
Link Tue  19:30  Digital Marketing: Cheryl, Khailee, Josh @ GloDamansara Full
Link Wed 08:00  Ecommerce: Goody25, Greenomic, 50gram @ Puchong Full
Link Thu  13:30  Go ASEAN: Thailand @ Matrade
Link Thu  18:30  Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles @ KLCC
Link Thu  18:00  BEAM: ThinkBig, Fatfish, Puffin, WatchTower @ Singapore
Link Thu  18:00  Smart Nation for Startups @ Singapore  New 
Link Thu  19:30  DBKL Speaker Series: Ethics @ KualaLumpur  New 
Link Thu  19:30  Next Academy Graduation Demo: Finance @ GloDamansara
Link Thu  19:30  Do Somethng Good: Community Involvement @ SriHartamas
Link Fri    19:00  Fintech Regulatory Sandbox @ KLCC
Link Sat   08:00  Economic and Leadership Forum @ Sunway  New 
Link Sat   08:00  Joomla Open Source Conference @ KLCC
Link Sat   08:45  MaGIC Product Development @ Cyberjaya Full
Link Sat   09:00  10 Economic Strategic Directions @ Ampang
Link Sat   09:00  FUEL: Legendary Entrepreneurs Forum @ Brickfields
Link Sat   09:00  Ruby Conference @ QuillCityMall
Link Sat   09:00  ASEAN-China Young Entrepreneurs Forum @ Putrajaya
Link Sat   14:00  Millennials' Role in Social Entrepreneurship @ Sentral Full
Link Sat   15:00  Global Future of Education @ Sunway

Supercomputer Hackathon

When: Sat, August 6 – 7, 2016
Where: Fusionopolis, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: EventTeams | Venue

[NSCC Hackathon] National Supercomputing Centre Singapore (NSCC) is holding a one-of-a-kind Hackathon where participants can take advantage of one of the most powerful supercomputers in SEA:
  • 1288 nodes x Intel Xeon E5-2690 [2.60 GHz, 30MB Cache]
  • 128 GB DDR4 + 15 TB Memory Nodes
  • 10 PB [10,000,000 GB] Storage 
  • 500 Gbps Network + 100 Gbps to US + 10 Gbps to EU
  • 128 x 2880 core Nvidia K40 [Total 368,640 GPU cores]

Hackathon Finalists 
  • Marketing Lyn - Use deep learning to track trending/viral content
  • Future Energy - Identify energy needs through climate modeling
  • DeepHide - Find hidden messages in large digital content and images
  • Team BCI - Brain-computer interface [vs keyboard & mouse]
  • DeepSleep - Get better sleep through sleep profiling
  • BumbleFumble - [Not sure what they are doing]
  • Precision Health - Precision medicine through analysis of wearable data
  • ModStore - App store for data science solutions

InsurTech: Insurance Trends & Innovations

When: Thu, August 4, 1:30pm – 5:00pm, 2016
Where: BASH, Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

Are you a fast-moving startup?  Are you the next InsurTech startup to watch? Are you interested in re-locating to Europe’s startup hub? Startupbootcamp InsurTech travels to Singapore to hold a meeting with interested startups. Gain valuable insight into InsurTech trends, and receive startup feedback. Meet:

Startupbootcamp InsurTech's First Cohort (Dec 2015) Info
  • bimaAFYA - Mobile micro health insurance
  • Massup - White label platform for sales of annex insurance products
  • RightIndem - Self service claims platform
  • Demotz - Real-time, sensor-sourced customer data for home insurers
  • FitSense - Personalise insurance by using data from wearable devices
  • Buzzmore - Use home or office relocation data as input for content insurance
  • Quantifyle - Exercise regularly and get rewarded (eg. lower premiums)
  • MyFutureNow - Track pensions and consolidate them into a digital version
  • Spixii - Automated insurance agent
  • CoVi - Regulatory compliance as a service

Borderless Business: How to Sell without Selling

When: Tue, August 2, 9:00am – 4:30pm, 2016
Where: Connexion, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

[Borderless Biz Solutions, Trade & Conference 2016]  aims to give existing SMEs a higher market presence in today’s competitive economy by providing at least 30 immediate business solutions and contacts. Topics:

How to Do Low Cost High Impact Marketing?
How to Sell without Selling?
How to Create Wealth through Networking?
[1: Company name and/or URL are guesstimates.]

Collaborative Robots: The New Co-Worker

When: Tue, August 2, 8:30am – 5:00pm, 2016
Where: Wisma FMM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Brochure | Attend | Venue

[FMM Industrial Talk: Collaborative Robots - Your Co-Worker at Work]  Universal Robots believes that collaborative robotic technology can benefit all aspects of task-based businesses. Education, flexibility, fun, productivity, safety and an improved work culture will happen when working with collaborative robots or cobots. Join us for a one-day educational session which would answer questions on deploying robots to work with employees.

This Week [week beginning 8 Aug 2016]
Link Tue 09:00  SIRM Safe Cosmestics @ Matrade
Link Tue 18:30  Backstage: BornFire, ScumCinema, HushTea @ Singapore
Link Thu 10:30  PrintTech, Signage, LED, Packaging, Label @ PWTC
Link Thu 16:00  Equity Crowdfunding @ Penang
Link Thu 17:00  TechGen: Uber & ServiceHero @ KualaLumpur
Link Fri   09:00  Digital Thailand @ ChiangMai
Link Fri   09:00  Khazanah Cornerstone Pitch @ Penang
Link Fri   11:00  One North Festival: Health & Technology @ Singapore
Link Sat  09:00  The Pitch: AirAsia, GoldenGate, C-Asean @ BangsarSouth
Link Sat  11:00  Earth Overshoot Day info @ PetalingJaya

Google I/O Extended 2016 KL

When: Sat, July 30, 9am – 5pm, 2016
Where: Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free  [Walk-in registrations accepted]
Info: Event | Speakers | Schedule | Attend Full | Venue

The Google I/O Extended Kuala Lumpur is a full day event of code labs and talks centered around the technologies announced during Google I/O 2016. Topics include (titles are reinterpreted):
  • Clinching Editor's Choice and Google Play Award Nomination
    Taylor Ling, Fabulous [top left]
  • Hands On: Firebase and Cloud Vision on Android
    Qamra Jema Khan. Hobbyist Developer [top middle]
  • Realtime Firebase: Keep your Code and API
    Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, KL Sandbox [top right]
  • How I Won a Ticket to Google I/O 2017 playing Firebass
    Henry LimGDG Kuala Lumpur
  • Machine Learning with Google TensorFlow
    Christine Tee, University of Malaya
  • Hands On: Getting Started with Firebase on iOS
    Daliso Ngoma, Ebizu
Book the Firebase workshops here: Android | iOS

Asian AI Accelerator

When: Thu, July 28, 6pm – 8pm
Where: MaGIC, Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Info: Attend | Venue

Find out about more about, Asia’s first accelerator for AI startups. Learn about’s program and mission to make Asia a leader in AI technology. You can also meet other startups and entrepreneurs. Speaker Tak Lo is Founding Partner for (Hong Kong) and was previously a Director of Techstars London, a global accelerator program. The team includes luminaries from Techstars, Skype, DigitalOcean, 500Startups, and has helped:
  • Rainbird - Cognitive reasoning platform: less artificial, more intelligent
  • Geometric - Artificial intelligence that emulates children's thinking
  • Seldon - Machine intelligence platform with plug-n-play algorithms
  • Aire - A credit score that you maintain, not a third party
  • Fluenty - Artificial Wit (to augment chat bots, voice navigation etc)
  • Mapillary - OpenStreetMap, mapping, geospatial and GIS
  • DueDil - Uncover business opportunities using multiple data points
  • JudeDeck - Generate unique music for your videos
  • Summly - Mobile news summaries using AI and NLP
  • Vuno - Put medical data to work using deep learning
  • Vicarious - Visual recognition and parsing which require less training data
  • Lingvist - Learn a language by learning statistically relevant phrases first

Adobe Symposium 2016

When: Thu, July 28, 9am – 6pm, 2016
Where: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

Symposium is the premier digital conference that offers it all. Come and learn how you can combine creativity, content and data to create amazing customer experiences. More than 50 sessions in 4 tracks for you to mix and match to personalize your schedule. Besides keynotes on Adobe Experience and an after party, topics include:
  • Advertising on Facebook and Instagram with Programmatic Precision
  • Innovations in Audience Management
  • Building Audiences as a Publisher and as an Advertiser
  • Going Beyond The Firewall
  • Accelerating Content Velocity with Social Content
  • Bringing Digital and Direct Marketing Together
  • Graduating from the Email Hero Academy
  • App Analytics: From Driving Downloads to Preventing Uninstalls
  • Empowering the Citizen Analyst with Machine Learning
  • Travelocity Postgraduate Class: Good stuff to know!
  • What Marketers Want from You (but were too afraid to ask)
  • Marketing and Creativity’s Delicate Dance
  • Rising Above the Cloud
[Image from is for illustration only. Real Time Bidding alludes to the first topic in the above list but is not the main theme of the symposium.]

From Dyslexia to Kacang Putih Millionaire

When: Fri, July 29, 8pm – 10pm, 2016
Where: Plan B. Jalan Panglima, Ipoh, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue | Outside | Inside

[Startup Ipoh #7 : From Kitchen to Global]  Surentran Somasundrum, 29, runs a successful kacang putih business. It is currently worth about MYR 10 million [USD 2.5m]. Early in his undergraduate years, he was diagnosed with dyslexia after a lecturer found something amiss in his writing and spelling. “Thinking back...when it came to writing essays and such, I’d memorise 200-300 words and rearrange them on paper in order to answer. I guess, sometimes, I’d forget the order in which the words were spelt."

This Week [Week beginning July 25th, 2016]
Link Mon 19:00  Write a Story in 30 Minutes @ GloDamansara
Link Tue  08:30  IoT: A Disruptive Technology @ Cyberjaya
Link Tue  08:30  SEHATI Social Enterprise @ Seremban
Link Tue  10:00  Fintech & IoT Bootcamp @ Penang
Link Tue  01:30  Ecommerce: eBay, Amazon @ Penang
Link Wed 14:00  ASEAN Business Community @ MidValley
Link Wed 18:30  Search Engine Marketing @ Intermark
Link Wed 19:00  What's Next: Creative Industries @ Bangsar
Link Thu  08:00  Digi SME Congress @ ShahAlam
Link Thu  08:30  F&B 2.0: Think, Rethink @ BangsarSouth
Link Thu  09:00  What's Next: Disruptive Technology @ BukitKiara
Link Thu  09:00  Future of The Middle Class @ Putrajaya
Link Thu  09:00  Business Through 3 Generations @ Ipoh
Link Thu  10:00  Risk Management and Takaful @ Sentral
Link Thu  19:00  Education Through Volunteerism @ Sentul
Link Thu  19:30  Fintech Night: $3 million Series A @ Bangsar
Link Thu  20:00  Tech Talk Thursday: Katsana @ Cyberjaya
Link Fri    09:00  AYEC Mini Masterclasses @ Matrade New
Link Fri    17:30  CanLaw, Airshoppr, CelikAlQuran, forEDU @ Cyberjaya
Link Fri    19:30  Towards A More Equal Society @ Sentul
Link Fri    20:30  Music from Movies & Musicals @ Sentul
Link Sat   09:00  Google I/O Extended @ BukitJalil  New
Link Sat   10:00  IoT with Intel Edison @ PetalingJaya
Link Sat   10:00  Hobby Exposition @ Serdang
Link Sat   10:30  Social Innovation by Design @ Publika

Global Fintech Accelerator

When: Sun, July 31, 9am – 6pm, 2016 [due date]
Where: Online, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Accelerator | Application

Be part of the inaugural Global FinTech Hackcelerator. We have solicited and published 100 technology problem statements from the financial industry for global teams to submit solutions. Up to 20 teams will be selected to join the 10-week Global FinTech Hackcelerator and present their solutions in Singapore on 15th November 2016 at the Singapore FinTech FestivalGet unparalleled industry access during a 10-week virtual program where you will be matched with technology industry experts and global investors/buyers from the financial industry.

Sample of problem statements:
  • Digital authentication of notary documents
  • Authentication that is not reliant on passwords or tokens
  • Anti money laundering as a software service
  • Submit official applications without the need for paper documents
  • Anti fraud machine learning 
  • Standardisation of banking APIs
  • Rules based transaction scanning for regulatory compliance & reporting
  • Identify systems which can be block chained
  • End-to-end insurance dashboard for consumer
  • Pay-as-how-you-live insurance
  • Smart insurance eg, vehicle insurance based on when and how you drive
  • Dynamic insurance pricing models
  • New insurance for the new insurables: drones, autonomous vehicles etc
  • Insurance policies that can be read and understood by ordinary people 
  • Credit rate small businesses that do not have audited accounts.
  • Banking for the unbanked
  • Cross check the information you read online
  • Help first time home buyers navigate the developer maze
  • Aggregate rewards from multiple loyalty schemes
  • Forced or incentivized savings
  • Provide instant GST refunds for foreign shoppers
  • New type of lean bank for new economy marketplaces 
  • Aggregate IoT micro transactions
  • Digital cheques
  • Cashless micropayment systems
  • Automatic investment portfolio advisory or recommendation 
  • Improve interbank settlements using blockchain
  • Lower unit trust commissions by making them transparent
  • Many other esoteric problem statements

Check the above against this recent list of top ten New York Fintech startups:
  • CFX - Secondary market for alternative investments [a double secondary]
  • Factury - Blockchain based loan system
  • Kyper - Data as a service
  • Lawnmover - Auto micro invest in blockchain assets
  • RepreZen - API design workbench
  • RoboBanker - Recommend best-fit banking products to customers [image]
  • Seal - Replace verbal and informal agreements with digital ones
  • The System - 76% live paycheck-to-paycheck: from debt to invest
  • Token - Create a secure alter ego for your credit card
  • VisualizeWealth - Visualize your portfolio, risks, wealth

[Notes: 1. The post image of Robo-Banker is for illustration only. 2. As shown by the Problem Statements, Fintech is much more than blockchain and crypto-currencies.]

Pokemon Hackathon

When: Fri, July 22, 6:30pm – Sun, July 24, 6pm
Where: Muru-D, Amoy Street, Singapore
Admission: SGD 25
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

[AEC Hackathon 3.4 - Singapore] The AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) Hackathon gives those designing, building, and maintaining our built environment the opportunity to collaborate with cutting edge technologies and its developers and designers. Hackathon workshops include:
  • Digital Cities and the 3D Web
  • Architecture and Immersive Technologies
  • Getting Started with Gear VR
  • High Tech Advanced Manufacturing
[The post title: Can Pokémon's augmented reality tech be applied to non-gaming eg. Pokémon's interaction with build and natural environments?] 

This Week [Week beginning 18 July 2016]
Link Fri    19:00  Young Social Entrepreneurs @ Sentul New
Link Sat   09:00  Viral Fest Asia 2016 @ Bali New
Link Tue  09:30  Real Time Inventory Tracking @ KualaLumpur
Link Tue  01:30  Ecommerce: LeoBurnett, MediaOnline @ ShahAlam
Link Tue  08:30  General Electric Life Sciences @ Putrajaya
Link Tue  18:30  Lean: MomoCentral, Staack, SPH @ Singapore
Link Tue  19:20  DevX: SiteCore, iProperty, MMU @ CapSquare
Link Tue  20:00  PwC-YCM Debate: Trust @ Intercontinental
Link Wed 09:00  Exporting Globally @ Penang
Link Wed 13:00  Digital Publishers Today @ Singapore
Link Wed 16:30  Architecture Festival @ KualaLumpur
Link Wed 19:00  Digital Wednesday: Cxense, Google @ PetalingJaya New
Link Wed 08:00  MDeC Freelance Learn & Earn @ Online New
Link Thu  08:45  Corporate Innovation Management @ ShahAlam New
Link Thu  14:00  IoT Trends & Insights @ HongKong New
Link Thu  20:00  Drinkentrepreneurs: Big Data @ Bangsar New
Link Fri    09:00  MyCyberSale: Bigger & Better @ Cyberjaya
Link Fri    18:00  The Road to TechCrunch Disrupt @ Taipei
Link Sat   08:30  Minimum Viable Product @ Cyberjaya
Link Sat   08:30  Startup Legal Conference @ Cyberjaya
Link Sat   09:00  Y-Combinator + Techstars @ Bangkok
Link Sat   09:00  Medical Student Summit @ KotaDamansara
Link Sat  10:00   SWOT, Fishbone, 4P7P, O2O @ Penang New
Link Sat   14:00  Young Entrepreneur's Conference @ JohorBahru

Mobile Game Asia 2016: Super Steam Puff

When: Thu, July 14, 9am – 6pm, 2016
Where: Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: USD 40 [MYR 160]
Info: Event | Venue

GMGC gears up for Mobile Game Asia, hosted bi-annually in Southeast Asia! Get ready for two packed days of speaker presentations, panel discussions, networking events, pitching competitions, B2B exhibitions and official after parties, along with fabulous local food and drinks. Topics include:
  • Paid Users Behaviour - Preecha Praipattarakul, MOL
  • Mobile Games: Global Not Local - Kim Thai, BlueStacks
  • Reduce Churn by Identifying Users at Risk - Dennis Juan, Valuepotion
  • Tools and Technologies for Top Grossing Games - Oleg Pridiuk, King
  • Behind The Scenes with Publishers in SEA - Gerald Tock, Inzen Studio +
  • The Future of Games: Avant-garde Artists - Brian Schrank, DePaul University
  • Finding the Right Publisher in SEA - Johary Mustapha, Forest Interactive
  • The Secrets of Global User Acquisition - Jacob Riis, NordicGame +
  • Irrational Thinking Will Triple Your Revenue - Cvetan Rusimov, Imperia Online
  • Building Successful Business on Google Play - Guy Charusadhirakul, Google
Indie Pitch Arena: