HKSTP EPiC Elevator Pitch Competition

When: Thu, November 2, 2pm – 9pm, 2017
Where: International Commerce Centre, HK
Admission: HKD 500 [ USD 64 | MYR 270 ]
Info: Event | Prog | Attend | Venue | Out | In

Elevator Pitch Competition (EPiC), is a fun-filled international start-up event organised by HKSTP. 100 start-ups has been selected to pitch their ideas in a 60-second elevator ride at the ICC. [A fresh looking batch of startups that are not the usual on-demands, middle-men, valets, fintechs and ICOs, Calendata's picks:]

  • 3DK - 3D metal printing using laser melting
  • Achiever - Get notified when a potential customer passes your shop 
  • Cathay - Glass that is both hard & flexible (scratch & crack resistant)
  • DasLoop - Smart, IoT-enabled safety helmet
  • EMOS - AI with EQ: understands humour, intent, intonation
  • FarmWall - Turn your wall into a farm
  • Flexound - Music that is augmented by tactile vibration
  • Gense - Gesture control via smart watches & wristbands
  • HyFit - Compact, portable gym device
  • Igloo - Smart locks for owners & tenants
  • KaitekLabs - Tell toxic from safe seafood (they look the same) vid
  • OlfaGuard - E-nose for smelling pathogens in food
  • Peacify - Smart sock for infants that detects temperature, sleep orientation
  • Peeple- Electronic, app-enabled, smart camera version of the peephole
  • Quicker - Wait less, live more (wait less for your food at eateries)
  • Quippy - Restaurant search based on Instagram images
  • SafeQR - Scans and detects malicious QR codes
  • Snaptivity - Stadium robotic cameras capture you at your best moments
  • SocialCoin - A coin that is not an initial offering or cryptographic 
  • SuperBook - Transform your Android phone into a laptop
  • SwingWatch - A hybrid analog digital watch for kids top image
  • VirCube - Cubic enclosure for immersive 3D experience
  • Vue - Smart glasses that look like ordinary glasses vid

This Week more [Week beginning 23 October 2017]
Link Wed 09:00  Roads: Connectors or Dividers? @ Bangsar
Link Wed 18:30  Play: GetKanban 2.0 The Game @ Kerinchi
Link Thu  10:00  GoGlobal: Maaye ReciteLab Amanie @ Bangsar tix
Link Thu  18:45  Talks: BrainstormGames TakTik IndependenceX @ Damansara
Link Fri    15:30  Pitch: Buku2nd Bromcheese SmartB SyncroWeb Gomu @ Cyberjaya
Link Sat   12:30  Google: Puppeteer Kubernetes DataStudio AMP @ Singapore
Link Sat   15:00  Preview: Runcloud QeosLED Okonomi Boozeat @ Damansara

Next Week [Week beginning 30 October 2017]
Link Mon 13:00  Tony Fernandes: From AirAsia to QPR @ Singapore
Link Mon 17:00  Supply Chain & Logistics @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Tue   08:00  SME: MITI TopGlove ABB PlaTCOM @ KualaLumpur
Link Wed 10:00  GST and Budget 2018 @ SubangJaya
Link Wed 08:30  Women: IBM Facebook Google HP @ Singapore
Link Wed 13:00  AmBank Biz Conference @ KLCC
Link Wed 10:00  Indonesia as a World Leader in Next-Gen Payments @ Jakarta
Link Thu  08:30  Women Netpreneur: Global Halal Data Pool @ Sentral
Link Fri    11:00  Fintech Friday: @ Sentul
Link Fri    18:00  Fintech Friday: Bitcoin Club @ Singapore
Link Sat   08:00  IEEE HardTech Summit @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat   10:30  Blockchain: LendingStar CoinGecko AtaPlus @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat   14:00  TableApp: Dependency Injection with Dagger2 @ Bangsar

The Return of Mat Bond

Upcoming literary festivals and selected topics (for GTLF, the festival progamme is not available yet, listing 5 selected speakers instead):

JB Writers & Film Festival 2017 JohorBahru, 20-28 Oct link | bonus

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2017 Bali, 25-29 Oct link

Singapore Writers Festival 2017 Singapore, 3-12 Nov link top mage

Hong Kong International Literary Festival 2017 HongKong, 3-12 Nov link

George Town Literary Festival 2017 Penang, 24-26 Nov link 

Swiss Design: Watches from Soyuz Rockets

When: Sun Oct 22 10am–Fri Nov 3 10pm, 2017
Where: K11 Art Mall, Masterpiece, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue | Inside | Outside

Located at the heart of Europe, Zürich is a cultural melting pot and 21st century innovation hub. Zürich meets Hong Kong is part of a global celebration series connecting Zürich with the other cities in the world in productive dialogue. In 2017, the festival arrives in attractive and cosmopolitan Hong Kong. [This sub-event, Swiss Design Market, showcases the products of Swiss designers from Zurich. Picks:

This Week more [Week beginning 16 October 2017]
Link Tue  09:00  Expand Your Business to Turkey @ JohorBahru
Link Thu  08:30  Conversation as a Platform: Dialog NLP CosmosDB @ KLCC
Link Sat   08:00  Youth Economic Forum @ BankNegara tix
Link Sun  11:00  Repair It, Don't Throw It Away @ JayaOne

Next Week [Week beginning 23 October 2017]
Link Mon 15:00  Founder of Litecoin @ Singapore
Link Tue  08:30  Digitisation in the F&B Industry @ Sunway
Link Tue  08:30  Staircase to Hypermarkets @ Matrade
Link Tue  08:30  Fintech Week @ HongKong
Link Tue  13:00  Future Food: What Will We Be Eating? @ Publika tix
Link Tue  20:00  How Gaming Can Help You Get a Job @ FutureLab
Link Wed 18:45  Switzerland as an International Research Hub @ HongKong
Link Thu  07:45  How Facebook Got Its Edge @ Kerinchi
Link Fri    08:30  Ecological Limits of The Planet @ UM tix
Link Fri    10:00  Online Business Expo @ PWTC
Link Fri    19:00  Climathon: Zero Carbon @ HongKong
Link Sat   08:30  Wordpress as a Mobile Application Backend @ Singapore
Link Sat   09:00  Women's Festival: Pink in October @ Matrade

Buy and Sell Ether at the Street Corner

When: Tue, October 17, 6pm – 9pm, 2017
Where: The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue | Inside | Outside

[StartupToken Asia Tour 2017] StartupToken helps startups to enter the world of blockchain. We supply the broad services to structure, frame and marketing for ​the token generating event. Topics:
  • Introduction to the Startup Token Network - Yacine Teraï, CEO, StartupToken
  • Token Sales: Facts, Fiction and Future - Eddy Travia, CEO, Coinsilium
  • Introduction to Indorse - Gaurang Torvekar, Co-founder, Indorse

ICO Pitches
  • RSK - Sidechain of bitcoin that implements smart contracts
  • Pesabase - eWallet for Africa based on OmiseGo and Ethereum
  • Dether - Buy and sell ether at the street corner
  • EnergiToken - Get rewarded with this token if you take public transport
  • Hacken - Tokenisation of cybersecurity services marketplace 
  • Addaps - A new browser that provides multi-boards (desktops) of multi-tabs
[FYI only, caveat emptor.]

Other Blockchain & Fintech Events
Link Mon 17:30  INSEAD Fintech Week @ Singapore
Link Mon 19:00  The Future of Cryptocurrencies @ HongKong
Link Wed 14:30  Blockhain Ecosystem @ Bangsar
Link Wed 18:30  Remittance: Chynge Coinpip Transferwise Instarem SingX @ SG
Link Wed 18:30  Bancor: A Token for Tokens @ Singapore
Link Thu  18:30  Bluzelle: Rent Idle Computer Hardware @ Singapore
Link Sun  09:00  Technology Tsunami: Blockchain & Beyond @ JohorBahru
Link Mon 08:30  SIRIM: Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers @ BukitJalil Oct 16
Link Tue  18:30  Ethereum: Democratized Digital Insurance @ Singapore Oct 17
Link Thu  08:30  Fintech: HLB GoBear MoneyMatch Neuroware @ D'sara Oct 19

This Week more [Week beginning 9 October 2017]
Link Wed 09:00  Cloud CyberSecurity BigData IoT DataCentre Exhibitons @ SG
Link Wed 10:00  Powering Green Cities @ KLCC
Link Wed 20:00  Cubic Zirconia: The Alt Diamond @ Publika
Link Thu  08:30  Competition Act Compliance Tips @ Sentral
Link Thu  08:00  Unboxed: eSports Entrepreneurship @ BukitJalil tix
Link Thu  10:00  NICE: National Astronomy Convention @ KualaLumpur
Link Fri    17:30  Silicon Valley: Garage Technology Ventures @ Sunway
Link Sat   08:30  NICE: KL17 Startup Forum @ BukitJalil
Link Sat   09:00  NICE: KL Sci-Fi Convention @ BukitJalil image below
Link Sat   09:00  Bahtera: Fitness Entertainment Mobile Food Cryptocurrency @ JB
Link Sat   13:00  Make Your Own Espresso Latte Cappucinno @ TTDI
Link Sat   14:00  How to Apply for a Chevening Scholarship @ Bangsar
Link Sat   14:00  How to Prepare for Startup Weekend @ SriHartamas

Next Week [Week beginning 16 October 2017]
Link Mon 10:00  DeliverEat: 40,000 Customers per Month @ Penang
Link Tue  19:00  Musician Artist Environmentalist Historian Architect @ Penang
Link Fri    17:00  Startup Weekend: Rakuten Sunrise Openminds Neowave @ KL
Link Sat   08:00  BIMP-EAGA: The East Asean Growth Area @ Kuching
Link Sat   09:00  Ideation 2.0: Interior Design Conference @ KLCC
Link Sat   14:00  Battle of the Bands @ Cyberjaya

A Survey of Online Event Ticketing Systems

Online ticketing systems refer to online ticketing systems and event management systems, the latter which may include such features as awards management. The picks for North America and Europe are mainly internationalized. eg. EventBrite, and are selected for the presence of some social proof and the UX of their landing page. The picks for Asia and Malaysia are whatever is found. These picks are for information only and are not endorsements or recommendations.

North America & Europe

Asia + au/nz
  • AU eTickets - Sell e-tickets for your events
  • AU Outix - Smart event ticketing 
  • AU TicketBo - Online ticketing & event registrations 
  • AU TicketBooth - The next generation of ticket sales 
  • AU TryBooking - Events made easy 
  • CN ClearCut - Events made easy
  • CN EventDove - One stop for all your event needs
  • CN Yoopay - Events in China, made easy
  • HK DoAttend - We've got a seat for you 
  • HK eTickets - Easy to setup, use & control
  • HK Eventxtra - Corporate event management
  • HK Pelago - Unlock your social calendar
  • HK TapEvents - Tablet technology for events
  • HK TicketFlap - We are music fans
  • ID  Go-Tix - What's happening & hot deals
  • ID  IndoTix - Ticketing management system
  • ID  Loket - Smart event solution
  • ID  MyTicket - Biggest ticketing agent in SEA
  • IN  Explara - The all-in-one platform
  • IN  TownScript - Organize great events 
  • JP  EventRegist - Make events easier (JP, SG)
  • JP  Peatix - Tools for communities & events (JP, SG, MY)
  • NZ EventSolutions - Technology for events 
  • NZ iTicket - 100% Kiwi owned
  • PH Vivento - Make your life eventful 
  • SG EventNook - Registration & ticketing made easy
  • SG Gevme - Bringing people together
  • SG MyTicket - Let your events fly
  • SG ShakaPass - Digital ticket 
  • SG Sistic - Concerts, musicals, theatre & sports
  • TH EventPay - Sell more tickets 
  • TH EventPop - Ticketing is just the tip of the iceberg 
  • TH ZipEvent - Rock your event 
  • TW Accupass - Your best event assistant 
  • TW KKtix - Fascinating events in your hand
  • VN TicketBox - Online ticket & event management 


Social Media

  • Alfio - Open source ticket reservation system
  • Attendize - Open source ticket selling
  • Camptix - Wordpress's own ticketing plugin
  • COD - Drupal open source event management
  • EasyEvents - Wordpress event & ticketing plugin
  • Indico - Open source tool for events by CERN vid
  • OpenTickets - Wordpress event ticket sales plugin
  • OSEM - Open source event manager
  • OCW - Open source conference ware
  • Tickera - Tickets with Wordpress

UK Technology Mission to Malaysia

When: Mon, Oct 9, 9am – Tue, Oct 10, 5pm
Where: Connexion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | ProgrammeMeet | Venue

Over 40 UK technology companies are visiting Malaysia as part of the DIT UK Mega Technology Mission Malaysia 2017. This is the largest-ever delegation of UK technology companies to visit the country. The companies will showcase some of the UK’s leading technologies and will be looking to develop lasting partnerships. The UK is ranked the third most innovative country in the world, and its technology sector is larger than the rest of Europe combined. Activities include business matching, talks by BAE, iGene, MDEC, and visits to Selangor and Johor. [No registration details are available, contact The British High Commission for more information.]  Pick of participating companies:

Future of Design in The 4th Industrial Revolution

Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Demo Day Startups [1]
  • CampFyre - Co-working management system top image
  • LuxTag - Proof of ownership & authenticity using blockchain
  • MHub - Linking property developers to mortgage bankers
  • TechCare - Award winning fitness devices
  • JomParking - App parking at Bangsar, Hartamas, Kiara, Damansara etc

Pick of Fintech Supercharger Accelerator Finalists MY via
  • Neosurance - Insurance in 7 seconds
  • Neuroprofiler - Profile clients by having them play games
  • - Conversational UX + Deep NLP
  • PulseID - Profile clients by where they visit
  • Solus - Biometric authentication using the smartphone

Pick of Central Bank MAS Fintech Awards Finalists SG via 
  • BankersLab - Fintech training using financial simulators
  • Blocko - Blockchain as a Service
  • Signzy - Real time KYC, biometric digital contracts & risk assessment
  • Vanguard - Back office fraud screening (vs customer fronting eg. 2FA)
  • VoxSmart - Record calls, voicemails, SMSes, IMs for regulatory complaince

This Week more [Week beginning 2 October 2017]
Link Mon 14:00  Cyberview Demo 5 Inhouse + 12 Guest Startups @ Cyberjaya [1]
Link Tue   08:30  IoT: Don't Build Hype, Build Value @ Sentral tix
Link Tue  19:00  Ruby Meetup: iRuby Jupyter Nanobox Hacktoberfest @ Kerinchi
Link Tue  19:30  Minimalist Crafter Historian @ KotaKinabalu
Link Wed 09:00  Market Expansion into Europe @ Matrade tix
Link Wed 10:30  cPanel & WHM: Tips & Tricks @ Puchong
Link Wed 19:00  Documentary: From Hackathon to Silicon Valley @ BukitBintang
Link Wed 11:00  AWS Public Sector Summit @ Singapore closed
Link Thu  08:00  Public Sector CIO Conference @ Putrajaya closed
Link Thu  08:30  GorgeousGeeks: Jocom MDEC Mpay ParcelPay QuickKash @ Sentral
Link Thu  09:30  Future of Design in The 4th Industrial Revolution @ KL tix post title
Link Thu  18:00  Funding Your Startup: PasarGo Moovby @ Cyberjaya
Link Thu  19:30  French Animated Film Festival @ KualaLumpur
Link Thu  15:00  Startup Advice From Lean and Silicon Valley @ Kelana tix
Link Fri   14:30   Malaysia-Uzbekistan Women Business Forum @ KLCC Fixed
Link Sat   08:00  IoT: Reka NanoMY UniMY LeonieHill Moovby ImBig @ TM New
Link Sat   18:30  Rice Bowl Startup Awards @ KualaLumpur

Next Week [Week beginning 9 October 2017]
Link Mon 11:00  3D Data: From Ancient Mathematics to Drug Design @ Serdang
Link Tue  08:30  Islamic Blockchain & Cryptocurrency @ BNM
Link Wed 08:00  Ruby Conference: Syntax Isn't Everything @ Cyberjaya
Link Wed 09:00  Alibaba: The Computing Conference @ Hangzhou livestream
Link Thu  08:00  BioMed Meetup: The 4th Industrial Revolution @ Subang
Link Thu  08:30  Manufacturing: The Age of Connected Intelligence @ Curve tix
Link Thu  10:00  National Innovation and Creative Exposition @ TPM
Link Thu  11:00  Driving Industrial Digitalization: Join The Revolution @ TPM tix
Link Fri    09:00  2Startup Cohort2 Pitch: Captii Gobi Quest Cornerstone @ Penang
Link Fri    10:00  Securities Commission Investment Festival @ KLCC
Link Fri    18:00  Startupweekend: Women@Google GorgeousGeeks @ Sentral
Link Sat   09:00  Google Firebase Hackathon @ Intercontinental
Link Sat   09:00  One-on-One with Art Producers + Pitchpad @ Solaris`

Space Entrepreneurship Symposium 2017

Pick of Start-It Challenge 2017 Teams [1] Sunway iLabs
  • Blink - Security for women ride hailers low audio
  • TwentyOne - In-car advertising for ride sharing
  • PennyPlotters - An ewallet that stops you from overspending
  • DoctorT - IoT monitoring for truck tires
  • Friday - Screen job candidates using simulation games
  • Leafbyte - Neighbourhood social media
  • SkipThatQ - Self checkout at supermarkets using mobile phone
  • DDBS - On-demand bus hailing

Pick of Initial CrowdFund Offerings [2] pitchIN preview

Pick of Grill or Chill Startups [3] MaGIC
  • ModeFair - Social commerce for local brands
  • FoodBike - Tricycle hawker 2.0: Café on wheels
  • KonserKu - Create campaigns to bring top artistes to your town/city
  • KelasApp - Connect schools to parents

This Week more [Week beginning 25 Sep 2017]
Link Tue  08:30  Promoting Trade, Connecting The World @ Sentral
Link Tue  19:00  GoLang: Bottlenecks & Bad Codes @ Sentul
Link Wed 09:30  MDEC: Crowd Services @ KualaLumpur pdftix
Link Wed 14:30  Start-It Challenge Finals @ Sunway [1]
Link Wed 20:00  Xarcade: Blockchain Alternative to App Stores @ Pavilion
Link Thu  10:00  Logistics & Warehouse Tech Exhibition @ ShahAlam
Link Thu  10:00  Email Marketing Benchmarks @ KualaLumpur
Link Thu  15:00  OpenShift HOT (Hands on Training) @ KualaLumpur
Link Thu  16:00  ASEAN Data Startup Accelerator @ Kerinchi
Link Thu  19:00  Elixir Meetup: Erlang OTP Phoenix @ Kerinchi
Link Thu  19:30  Think Like An Innovator @ Sunway
Link Thu  20:00  Google Firebase Hackathon Preview @ KualaLumpur
Link Fri    08:00  SEEDS: Social Eco Enterprise Sustainability @ AraD'sara
Link Fri    16:30  Grill or Chill Startup Pitch @ Cyberjaya [3]
Link Fri    20:00  Syiok Shorts Sendiri Screenings @ KotaDamansara
Link Sat   08:30  Raspberry Pi for Dummies @ Cyberjaya
Link Sat   09:00  Favful, WooiArchitect, Emerald Hill @ Sunway
Link Sat   09:30  Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Framework @ KLCC
Link Sat   15:00  Initial CrowdFund Offering @ Damansara [2]
Link Sat   15:00  Book Club: The White Tiger @ Sentral
Link Sun  10:00  Coffeepreneur: Start a Coffee Shop @ Penang

Next Week [Week beginning 2 October 2017]
Link Mon 09:00  Bioinformatics DeepLearning DataAnalysis @ Serdang tix
Link Mon 09:00  Global Festival of Data @ KualaLumpur
Link Mon 09:00  Google: Making Data Work For You @ KLCC
Link Tue  08:00  Ethics: Google, Facebook, Intel, PwC, KPMG @ Curve
Link Tue  13:45  Launch of Innosparks Incubator @ Singapore
Link Tue  18:30  A Day in the Life inside Amazon @ KualaLumpur
Link Wed 09:00  Tinder: Turbocharging Growth @ Cyberjaya [4]
Link Wed 09:30  Azure Stack SQL Server 2017 Launch @ Kerinchi
Link Thu  09:00  Free Co-Working Day @ Asean
Link Thu  08:00  Space Entrepreneurship Symposium @ Serdang post title
Link Thu  09:00  Good Regulatory Practice GRP 2017 @ MITI
Link Thu  18:30  AI Marketing For Women @ Singapore
Link Fri    08:00  Cloudera Government Forum @ Singapore
Link Fri    08:30  Shrooms, SmartFarming, Agropreneurship @ KualaLumpur
Link Fri    13:00  Co-Working Meetup @ Singapore
Link Sat   09:00  Virtual Reality Asean Hack @ Cyberjaya

[4] Try promocode: MA17LEANINMY

Indonesia: New Frontiers of Intelligence

When: Tue, September 26, 9am – 11pm, 2017
Where: Indonesia Convention Exhibition, BSD Smart City (near Jakarta), Indonesia
Admission: USD 99 [MYR 415]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Inside | Outside

[Global Mobile Internet Conference GMIC Indonesia 2017] Global leading companies and disruptive startups will deliver insights, debate and opinion on what is the next step in fostering the continuous growth and development of the mobile internet industry. Topics include:
  • A Message to Tech Leaders - Stephen Hawking, Cosmologist
  • Getting Ready for the 21st Century - F. Hutomo, Agency of Creative Economy 
  • SE Asia: The Hotbed of Technology and Startups - Andre Soelistyo, Go-Jek 
  • The Rise of the Cashless City - Vishnu Mahmud, Director, OgilvyPR 
  • A Tale of Smart Cities - Irawan Harahap, Digital Hub Project, SinarMas 
  • The Rise of the Purchasing Power of Generation M - R. Tasmaya, Muslimarket 
  • Indonesia, Am I in or am I Out? - Ashraf Sinclair, 500 Startups 
  • Finding High Quality Users with Ad Campaigns - Ankur Goel, Google
  • Your Mobile Marketing Strategy is Leaking Money - Govind Kavaturi, Branch
  • The State of FinTech Funding - Irmansyah Putera, Indigo
  • Building a Successful Startup - Rohan Kapoor, Facebook
  • The VCs Tell All - Irene Umar, DNC Venture
Pick of startups pitching at GMIC G-Startups:
  • Fruitsapp - Global marketplace for fresh produce
  • GrowPal - Invest in fisheries by the project eg. a batch of farmed grouper
  • RxAll - Authenticate pharmaceuticals using spectral signatures
  • SinarCBT - Computer based testing
  • Xwork - Co-working, office, meeting and event space booking

Digital Thailand: Big Bang 2017

When: Thu, Sep 21 – Sun, Sep 24, 2017
Where: Impact Challenger, Bangkok, Thailand
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue | Inside | Outside

Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017 is a national digital and technology exhibition that will connect you closer to Digital Thailand. Co-hosted with The 3rd Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Smart Cities and e-Government by ITU and GEN Asia Inaugural Meeting and Unconference. Topics include:
  • Digital Park Thailand & Smart City - Ed Baker, Director, Broadway Malyan
  • How to Build the Digital Nation - Xiang Wang, Senior Vice President, Xiaomi
  • Thailand 4.0 x Biometric Authentication - Ryo Ishida, MD, Liquid
  • Thailand 4.0: The Future of Digital Economy - Dr. Somkid Jatusripitak, DPM
  • Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 - Dr. Suh Byung-jo, President, NIA
  • Big Data Monetization - Dr. Michael Gryseels, Senior Partner, McKinsey
  • Toyota Ultra-Compact EV: Ha:mo - Yutaka Okayama, Advisor, Toyota 
  • Learning from Germany's Industry 4.0 - Dr. Christina Schmidt-Holtmann, BMWi
  • First Step of Smart City - Dr. Chen Xi,  Dean of Smart City College, ZTE
  • The Future of Payment - Silawat Santivisat, EVP, KBank
  • Smart City Pitching - Council of University Presidents of Thailand CUPT
  • Future Urban Mobility - Amy Kunrojpanya, Director, Uber
[This post was inadvertently left unposted from last week. Posting post-event.]

Co-Working: The Alliance Grows

Free co-working day every first Thursday of the month.
19 Sep 2017: added new members: Link, Clickspace, Egg, Hubud, DNC
28 Sep 2017: added new members: Msogo, Dojo8, WorkCentral

Link Collaboration Space, Bangkok, Thailand Link

Clickspace Coworking & Cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam Link

Egg Accelerator, Saigon, Vietnam Link

Hubud, Bali, Indonesia Link

Da Nang Coworking (DNC) Space, Da Nang, Vietnam Link

iCube Innovation, Kuching, East Malaysia Link

Sarikei Innovation Center, Sarikei, East Malaysia Link

The Launchpad, Cyberjaya, Malaysia Link

Paper + Toast, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Link

Worq, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Link

H-Space, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Link

Jetpack, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Link

aCAT, Penang, Malaysia Link

Scoopoint, Penang, Malaysia Link

Impact Hub, Singapore Link

The Wave, Hong Kong Link

Launchpad, Bangkok, Thailand Link

Emerald Hub, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Link

People Squared, Shanghai, China [photo shows game hardware testing] Link

Glocal Coworking Space, Rajkot, Gujarat, India Link

Msogo, Penang, Malaysia Link

Dojo8, Bacolod, Philippines Link

Work Central,  Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Link (no website yet)