SXSW 2017: Future of Warfare

When: Mar 10 - Mar 19, 2017
Where: Austin, Texas, USA
Admission: USD 1650 [ MYR 7330 ]
Info: Event | Schedule | Venue

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference & Festivals celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. Fostering creative and professional growth, SXSW is the premier destination for discovery. Sample topics:
  • Future of warfare: robots, AI, new weapons - DoD
  • AirBnb for movies: drop in at a home for your movies - Videocamp
  • Applying Uber principles to public transport - TranslocMobilityLab [photo]
  • Why engineers suck at building great products - Skue
  • Future of autonomous driving: super accurate maps - Daimler
  • Inoversity: research universities and startups - uTexas
  • Global muslim startup ecosystem - AffinisLabs
  • Arabs be like: the modern Middle East - Jumeirah
  • FoodTech: urban agriculture to culinary artisans - FoodTech Angels
  • Social shopping: driving billions - rewardStyle
  • African frugal innovation: M-Pesa, M-Kopa, WeFarm - Stuff
  • Digital copycats: cookie-cutter, cut-and-paste - SapientNitro
  • The new wearables: talk to dogs and dolphins - GAtech
  • Networking sucks: impersonal, one-sided, awkward - SpringBox
  • Biometrics: selfies, heartbeat, iris and palms - FBI
  • Is government disrupting disruption? - MarkCuban
  • Scientific method for startups - SkyDeck

Taman Maluri Aerospace

When: Fri, February 24, 7:30pm – 10:30pm, 2017
Where: Impact Hub, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 10
Info: EventAttend | Venue

[Incitement: From Zero to Hero] During this Incitement you will learn that it is possible to achieve your goals. With hard work and determination - no matter how hard the circumstances are. Speakers:
  • Izmir Yasmin - From Taman Maluri to Taming Aerospace [photo]
  • Kugan Tangiisuran - From Delivery Boy to Deputy Pilot
  • Melvin Tong - From Amputee to Ashton Martin
[Taman Maluri is a nondescript suburb of Kuala Lumpur.]

Next Week [Week beginning 27 Feb 2017]
Link Thu  18:30  GovTech React Lithan @ Singapore
Link Fri    10:00  Samsung Pay Launch @ KLCC
Link Sat   11:00  Rhino One Hammer @ Subang
Link Tue  08:00  Food Truck 101 @ Sentral
Link Tue  09:00  Malaysia-Saudi Business @ Mariott
Link Tue  10:00  MDEC-GE IoT @ BangsarSouth New
Link Tue  13:30  Shoppr Shopee @ ShahAlam
Link Tue  18:30  Insights into Fintech @ Singapore
Link Wed 08:00  Last Mile Fulfilment @ Singapore
Link Thu 18:00  Bloktex SushiVid @ Cyberjaya New
Link Thu 19:00  YouTube Iflix TheCo @ Bangsar
Link Fri   17:00  Smart City Fintech @ HongKong
Link Sat  09:00  Audience Building @ Penang
Link Sat  10:00  Open Data Expedition @ Subang
Link Sat  10:30  Ex FMM Mensa BNM @ PetalingJaya

Formula Roborace: Drivers Not Needed

[22 Feb 2017] First there was Formula 1, the fossil-fueled auto racing championship. Then came Formula E, an all electric version of F1 which debuted three years ago. Now there is Roborace, a driverless, autonomous, electric vehicle racing championship. Roborace cars use real time sensing, computing, artificial intelligence and no remote control. Roborace kicked off last year as a subsidiary event of Formula E with ten teams. Thus, it is not just low end workers who must face the bots, pinnacle professionals like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel will too.

Meanwhile in other future mobility news, sales of electric vehicles (EV) in China, the world's top EV market, topped 40,000 in November 2016, a figure comparable to sales of all cars in MY for the same month. Top selling makes include:
The models above are first gen EVs, in the wings are nexgen ones including:
As part of 'EV 2.0' and due to the proliferation of EV startups, the government of China has tightened specifications to challenge the weaker players. Enhanced specifications include how batteries are re-used and recycled.

Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

When: Wed, February 22, 2pm – 5pm, 2017
Where:  Enterprise 4, Technology Park Malaysia
Admission: USD 10 [ MYR 45 ]
Info: Event | Venue

Speaker Andreas M Antonopoulos is the author Mastering Bitcoin,  a technical guide to bitcoin published by O’Reilly Media and The Internet of Money, a book about why bitcoin matters.

Next Week [Week beginning February 20th, 2017]
Link Fri    08:00  Youth Architecture Symposium @ Bangsar
Link Sat   10:00  Young Entrepreneur Showcase @ Sentral
Link Sat   10:30  The Business of Design & Illustration @ Publika
Link Sat   11:00  Scientific Programming @ Penang
Link Sat   14:30  Lat and Globalization @ UniversitiMalaya
Link Mon 14:00  Women: Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta @ Sentral
Link Mon 09:00  Investing in Fintech @ HongKong
Link Tue  13:30  Runcit Elektronik @ ShahAlam
Link Tue  14:00  UOB Financial Laboratory @ QuillCityMall
Link Tue  18:30  Starting Up @ Penang
Link Wed 19:30  Machine Learning @ GloDamansara
Link Thu  09:00  EIX, Babydash, Jobstore @ AraDamansara
Link Thu  09:30  Ecommerce: Everpeaks, Payoneer @ KelanaJaya New
Link Thu  19:00  Logistics: Honestbee. Zoom, NinjaVan @ Uptown
Link Thu  19:00  One Million Bucks in 24 Hours @ Penang
Link Thu  19:00  Startup Trends in Japan @ HongKong
Link Thu  20:00  Ittify Liqudity Drinkentrepreneurs @ BU
Link Fri    12:00  Data Science as a Service @ Singapore
Link Fri    16:00  Copywriting: Less is More @ Uptown
Link Sat   10:00  Songs From The Rainforest @ Bangsar
Link Sat   11:00  Women: Lean In Circle Kickoff @ Bangsar

[ Concert ] All You Need is Love

When: Tue, February 14, 9pm – 10pm, 2017
Where: Theatre Lounge Café, B1-3A Plaza Damas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 75
Info: Venue

Join us on Valentine’s Day as we take a ride down memory lane and immerse ourselves in music that is about love. Singer Eewen Teoh and pianist Grace Cho will present songs in English, Chinese and Malay that include classics such as Getaran Jiwa, All You Need is Love [below] and Just Like Your TendernessEewen Teoh [photo] has been a cafe singer and involves herself in musicals and song composing. Grace Cho is a house pianist at Busaba. So bring your loved ones to an evening of unforgettable love songs and melodies! For enquiries and seating purchase, please call +60.3.6730.7982.

Hitachi Social Innovation

When: Thu, February 16, 2pm – 7pm, 2017
Where: Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Speakers | AgendaVenue

[Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2017] Hitachi Social Innovation Business resolves issues faced by society and customers by combining advanced IT with infrastructure technologies, allowing us to provide total solutions. When we have expertise in both, we can innovate change on a global scale. Sample projects:
  • VirginAzuma - Express intercity between London and Edinburgh
  • MetroLine3 - Monorail system for Daegu, Korea
  • EastTower - World's fastest elevator in Guangzhou, China
  • JUMPSmartMaui - 40% of power from renewable energy by 2030
  • Copenhagen - Europe’s first city data exchange
  • Hayabusa - High precision machinery for space exploration

Next Week [Week beginning 12th February 2017]
Link Thu  18:00  Berlin Short Film Festival @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat   10:00  Breakfast with a Comedian @ Bangsar
Link Sat   20:00  Animation Shorts @ TamanDesa
Link Sun  15:00  Dukas, Dvořák, Tournier, Tchaikovsky @ KLCC Trailer
Link Tue  08:00  MIT Technology Review @ Singapore
Link Tue  13:30  Electronic Retail @ ShahAlam
Link Wed 18:00  InsurTech: AIG, AIA, UforLife @ Bangsar
Link Wed 18:00  IoT, LoRa & SmartCity @ Cyberjaya
Link Wed 19:00  Startup Couples @ Singapore Updated
Link Wed 19:30  Freelancers Griller @ Sentul
Link Wed 20:00  Simon Sinek: Start with Why @ PetalingJaya
Link Wed 20:00  Human: The Documentary @ Sentral Trailer
Link Thu  15:00  Publicity for Startups @ Bangsar
Link Thu  18:30  Investing in Startups @ Sentul
Link Thu  20:00  Laravel Talks @ Uptown
Link Fri    10:00  Malaysia Technology Expo @ PWTC
Link Fri    20:00  Game Developers Hangout @ BangsarSouth
Link Sat   12:00  Google TensorFlow @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat   19:00  Fashion: Trends & Opportunities @ Sentral

A Fresh Cup of Tea

When: Sat, February 4, 9am – 1pm, 2017
Where: Barista Guild Asia, E-1-32 Taipan 2, Ara Damansara, Jalan PJU 1A/3, Petaling Jaya
Admission: MYR 120
Info: EventAttend | Venue

Many may claim to love drinking tea, but only a few truly know the layers of processes in tea preparation or the different types of tea and their flavours. This tea training provides a basic foundation level of tea knowledge and helps you to one step closer to tea mastery. [This seminar will likely cover contemporary western tea making rather than traditional eastern tea ceremonies. Some common types of tea:
  • White Tea - Tea that is dried and not oxidised (fresh)
  • Green Tea - Tea which is heated or steamed to prevent oxidation (light)
  • Oolong Tea - Semi-oxidised tea that is then heat treated (mild)
  • Black Tea - Fully oxidised tea that is then heat treated (strong)
  • Pu-Erh Tea - Fermented tea (that is aged like cheese and wine)
  • Herbal Tea - Tea from herbs and flowers (like chrysanthemum)
Oxidation is a process akin to the browning of cut apples. Black tea encompasses western teas like Earl Grey and mamak teh tarik.]

This Week [Week beginning February 5th, 2017]
Link Sat   10:00  Book Nation @ KualaLumpur
Link Sun  12:00  City Mapping @ KualaLumpur
Link Mon 18:30  Techstars IoT Accelerator @ Singapore
Link Tue  13:00  Fintech Fast Track @ Bangkok
Link Wed 18:00  Valentine's Market @ Bangsar
Link Thu  19:30  Beam Brewerkz Bloomback @ Singapore
Link Fri    18:00  Innovative Traveler Pre-Hack @ KelanaJaya
Link Fri    20:00  Poker Face Startups @ Singapore
Link Sat   10:00  Women Business Bazaar @ MidValley
Link Sat   11:00  Rooster Fengshui @ Cyberjaya

Health Technology Startups

When: Fri, January 20, 8:30am – 6:30pm, 2017
Where: PMQ-Qube, Central, Hong Kong
Admission: HKD 950 [USD 123]
Info: Event | Agenda | Venue

The intersection of health & technology has just begun. All aspects of healthcare as we know it today will change dramatically in the next few years. HealthTech represents one of the greatest startup & investment opportunities of our generation. [Online registration for the event has closed, check with the organizer or on-site for walk-in registration.]

  • Temedicine Disrupts Healthcare - Lee Dentith, Now Healthcare
  • Digital Integrative Care - Guangfei Ji, TRT
  • Genomics - Danny Yueng, Prenetics
  • Hardware - Benjamin Joffe, HAX
  • Robotics - Corrina Ockenfeld, NISI
  • Artificial Intelligence - Steve Monaghan, GenLife
  • Microbiome - Jonathan Krive, Civet Bio [top image]
  • HealthTech Investing Trends - Judith Li, Lilly Asia Ventures
  • IT Innovation in Healthcare - NT Cheung, Hospital Authority
  • How Do Accelerators Add Value - Andrew Young HKSTP

HealthTech Startup Pitches
  • SanwaBiotech - A diagnostic lab packed into a computer chip
  • Sanomics - Non-invasive medical testing
  • Novoheart - Stem cell biotechnology for heart regeneration
  • AcesoBee - Electronic healthcare records platform
  • GemVCare - Genetic diabetes detection
  • Sealantis - Surgical adhesive from sea algae
  • GatherHealth - Integrated app for patient and healthcare provider
  • Lifespans - Orthopaedic technology

[Calendata pauses for two weeks, Happy Chinese New Year.]

This Week [Week beginning 23rd January 2017]
Link Fri    16:00  Mobile App Challenge Regional Finals @ Singapore
Link Sat   09:30  Company Setups & Partnerships @ Cyberjaya
Link Mon 19:30  Build a Whatsapp Clone in 2 Hours @ HongKong
Link Wed 08:30  Data Science in Python @ KualaLumpur
Link Wed 18:30  Women: Accenture, Uber, SoGal, GovTech @ Singapore
Link Wed 19:00  Fintech: Marvelstone, StashAway, Bambu @ Singapore

The 60 Second Pitch

Pitch Titan is a startup platform that allows founders to pitch to investors via a 60 second-ish video. Founded by Maverick Foo of Kickstart and supported by MDEC. Interested investors may join the panel here. A sample of pitches:
  • Teleme - Convenient, affordable healthcare [video above]
  • ehWhyQ? - Online pre-ordering and payment for dining and takeaway
  • LunchBox Hero - Get wholesome food delivered to your kid in school
  • SevenTeaOne - A tea that is blue in colour
  • Amazin' Graze - Affordable, healthy snacks
  • Grow The Goose - Financial education for kids & teens
  • Luscious - The most decadent, delicious, luscious cupcakes
  • SIG - Science-is-gorgeous children's wear
  • KidoSpace - All kid adventures in one place
  • Maibasuh - On demand, environmentally friendly car wash
  • Monji - Interactive recycling machines that auto-sorts recycleables
  • Reneon Technologies - Energy management solutions
  • ShoeBloxx - Trendy, modular, detachable footwear
  • Bumbung - Curated property search
  • FlushRush - On demand plumber that will respond within an hour
  • Pitch Titan - Pitch Titan pitching itself [updated]

Crowd Capital: Equity and Peers

When: Thu, January 19, 2pm – 5pm, 2017
Where: St Giles, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) is the process whereby people (the 'crowd') invest in an early-stage unlisted company in exchange for shares in that company. Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P) is the practice of lending money to individuals or businesses through online services that match lenders directly with borrowers. [One more: Rewards-based crowdfunding such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo.]

The forum aims to build awareness on the potential of equity crowdfunding and P2P financing as new approaches for SME and entrepreneurship financing as well as seeks to provide information and insights about ECF or P2P as alternative investment opportunities to investors especially retail investors. Speakers from:

Equity Crowd Funding [and sample portfolio]

P2P Financing