A Pachyderm Adventure

A baby elephant trapped in a hole is rescued in Kerala. Watch till the end: the junior pachyderm's parents bid thanks and farewall to the human helpers.

Pick of Events (W1-Mar-2018)
Link Jockey Club Accelerator @ HongKong
Link Wine & Women @ HongKong
Link Energy Startups @ HongKong
Link Off-Grid: Future Energy @ Singapore
Link The Container Business @ Singapore
Link How to Thrive in Ecommerce @ Jakarta
Link The Ship of Theseus @ KualaLumpur
Link Female Filmmakers @ KualaLumpur fest
Link Book Club: Eat to Live @ KualaLumpur
Link Strangers: Friends You Haven't Yet Met @ KualaLumpur

CES 2018: Pick of Winners

Pick of CES 2018 Innovation Award Winners info
  • Smart Cities: Aipoly (retrofit shops to be autonomous)
  • Smart Cities: AR4X (CCTV camera with AI face recognition)
  • Robotics: Buddy (home security, elder care, fall detection etc)
  • Imaging: L16 (lightweight, multi-aperture camera with DSLR capabilities)
  • Vehicle IntelligenceLeaf (pedestrian detection, automatic braking etc)
  • VR & ARLooxid (headset with 2 eye sensors and 6 brain sensors)
  • Embedded TechMovidus (deep learning device)
  • Wearable: Nuviz (head-up display for motorcyclists)
  • Cybersecurity: WalletCard (credit card with built-in computer) top image
  • Smart EnergyWiCharge (wireless power for IoT applications)

Dash is Digital Cash

Dash is an open source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.  On top of Bitcoin's feature set, it offers:
  • Junior Miners: Unlike Bitcoin, where all jobs are done by miners, Dash utilizes a two-tier network consisting of new blocks handled by miners and masternodes (junior miners) for transactions, making Dash faster (4,000+ trans/sec vs Bitcoin's 7 trans/sec) and more scalable.
  • Private: If you pay 1 Dash (approx USD 650) for, say, a phone online, Dash will combine your transaction with other transactions of 1 Dash. Who exactly paid for what is not clear to external parties because Dash is fungible (like cash, by looking at your dollar note, you do not know where it came from or where it will end up, but you can use it like any other dollar note).
  • Instant: Like cash, payment is instant, unike Bitcoin which may take an hour or more to confirm.
In the above chart from CoinMarketCap, the green line is the USD price of Dash, the orange, the BTC price. Inputs: Wikipedia, CryptoCurry. Dash vs Monero. FYI only. Caveat Emptor. [15-Feb-18]

Pick of Events (W4-Feb-2018)
Link New Art Meetup @ KualaLumpur
Link Marketing for Women @ KualaLumpur
Link Scraping for Women @ KualaLumpur
Link The Dash Cryptocurrency @ KualaLumpur
Link SmartCities Pitch @ Cyberajaya
Link GoDaddy and BusUncle @ Singapore
Link WeWork eCommerce Hackathon @ Singapore
Link EntertainmentTech: YouTube @ Singapore

2018: A Canidae Odyssey

An Alaskan state trooper was driving in a dark, wintry night when he came upon a dog. Sensing something amiss, he turned his car around and followed the German Shepherd. May our furry friend come to the rescue for any pyrotechnics in 2018. Celebrities born in the year of the dog (age in brackets):

  • 1934 (84): Gorgio Armani, Sophia Loren. Brigette Bardot
  • 1946 (72): Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, George Bush
  • 1958 (60): Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna
  • 1970 (48): Mariah Carey, Matt Damon, Naomi Campbell
  • 1982 (36): Kirsten Dunst, Prince William, Kate Middleton
  • 1994 (24): Justin Bieber, Dakota Fanning, Harry Styles
  • 2006 (12): Etham Gamer, Ruby Rube, Lincoln Markham

Etham, Ruby and Lincoln are YouTube celebrities. The word Canidea refers to a family of mammals which includes dogs, foxes and wolves. For corporate festivity videos, the pick goes to Discover Hong Kong (video below). Happy Chinese New Year!

Pick of Events (W3-Feb-2018)
Link Coworking at Shangri-La @ HongKong info
Link Dating Tips from 200+ Marriages @ Jakarta
Link A Decentralised Future @ Singapore
Link Quantum Computing @ Singapore
Link Markov Decision Processes @ KualaLumpur

Small and Medium Businesses (SME/SMB)

A pick of small businessses which are finalists in the Ambank BizRace and winners of the SOBA Awards (2017, awarded in January 2018). [7th Feb 2018]

Ambank BizRace 2018
  • A Job Thing - Jobstreet challenger
  • PipWave - MOL, iPay88 challenger
  • Terapi - Urut lena, lega, pantang, batin, angin, andam, korporat
  • Art of Tree - Repurposed salvaged wood: acacia, angsana, chengal
  • HausBoom - Sparkling real juice: mango, strawberry, guava
  • +Solar - Solar photovoltaic systems
  • Linkk Busways - High voltage conductors
  • PrudentAire - Air terminal devices

Star Outstanding Business Awards 2018

MusangKing and Lumens

Pick of Events (W2-Feb-2018)
Link Ruby Blockchain @ KualaLumpur
Link Lumen and Lala Coins @ KualaLumpur top image
Link Story Telling Tips @ KualaLumpur coevents
Link The Science of Sex @ KualaLumpur
Link China Durian Craze @ KualaLumpur
Link Musang King and D24 @ KualaLumpur buy | coevent
Link Blind Date with GoCar @ KualaLumpur
Link The Last Sumatran Rhino @ KualaLumpur
Link Poetry Reading: Angst @ KualaLumpur
Link Fish Sustainability Hackathon @ KualaLumpur
Link Africa's Next Unicorns @ HongKong
Link Coworking Unconference @ Penang
Link Stochastic Gradient Descent @ Singapore
Link Kernel Hilbert Spaces @ Singapore
Link Smart City Blockchain @ Jakarta

Know Your Transaction: From KYC to KYT

identitii allows financial institutions to enrich payment messages with detailed information about actors and purpose. identitii allows banks to move away from customer level information to detailed information about each and every transaction. Think of this as the unique ‘identity’ of the transaction. It’s called ‘Know Your Transaction’ and it will revolutionise the way banks, customers and regulators think about transactions. [identitii is one of 20+ startups pitching at FF18 @ HongKong.]

Pick of Events [W1-Feb-2018]
Link Drinks at Icon City @ KualaLumpur
Link The Promise of a Pencil @ KualaLumpur
Link Swan Lake Nutcracker @ KualaLumpur
Link Nvidia Chief Scientist @ Singapore

Shedding Light on Dark Data

[Letter from a parallel universe.]

Pick of Events [W4-Jan-2018]
Link Indonesia Startup Outlook @ Jakarta
Link Alternative to Online Dating @ HongKong
Link A Librarian's World @ Singapore
Link Shedding Light on Dark Data @ Bangkok
Link Deloitte Fintech Outlook @ KualaLumpur
Link The Curse of Dimensionality @ KualaLumpur

Epilogue: Canon Rock

Guitar teacher Victor Jevdokimov and student Laura Lāce in a Canon Rock guitar duet.

After a multi-year run, Calendata takes an extended sabbatical in a parallel universe. We take a bow with Victor, Laura and Nur Amira. Thank you and hope to see you again. (Three more videos after the jump.)

Battle of Digital Wallets

Malaysia eWallets in the limelight

Malaysia eWallets in the wings
  • Web Adr iOS Scr Bayar - Pay and request money
  • Web Adr iOS Scr BigPay - AirAsia ewallet
  • Web Adr iOS Scr CardBiz - Traditional in-house prepaid epurse
  • Web Adr iOS Scr CIMBpay - Load your cards into your phone vid
  • Web Adr iOS Scr Finexus - Visa prepaid payWave card
  • Web Adr iOS Scr HotWallet - Turn your phone into a wallet (SSM)
  • Web Adr iOS Scr iPayEasy - It's cool (MyEGvid New
  • Web Adr iOS Scr IrisPay - Cashless, counterless, 24-hour eStores vid
  • Web Adr iOS Scr MaybankPay - Load your cards into your phone vid
  • Web Adr iOS Scr MerchantTrade - Carry cash safely New
  • Web Adr iOS Scr SamsungPay - Samsung phones only
  • Web Adr iOS Scr TMDigitalWallet - Telekom Malaysia's ewallet
  • Web Adr iOS Scr TouchnGo - Legacy prepaid electronic cash card

Regional eWallets
  • HK O!epay - Octopus card's ewallet
  • HK Tap&Go - Prepaid mobile MasterCard
  • HK TNG - Hong Kong's #1 ewallet
  • ID GoPay - For Go services
  • ID UangKu - Cash-back wallet
  • IN AirTel - Telco turned inclusive bank
  • IN Jio - A universe beyond cash
  • IN Pockets - Visa powered ewallet
  • PH BPI - Mobile banking app
  • PH GCash - Virtual wallet that is linked to Paypal
  • SG Dash - Most widely accepted in Singapore
  • SG EziWallet - Pay . Save. Rewards
  • SG GrabPay - Go cashless, pay seamlessly
  • SG LiquidPay - Quick . Easy. Secure
  • SG Mighty - Bank . Dine . Pay
  • SG NETS - Store ATM cards in smarphone app
  • SG Paylah - A better way to pay
  • SG Sphere - The future of cashless payment
  • TH Digio - Transforming your smartphone
  • TH TrueMoney - In TH PH KH ID MM VN
  • TW Twallet+ - Put your cards in your phone
  • VN Momo - 80% market share
  • VN VTCpay - Personal & business ewallet

Indoor Agriculture: Plant Factories

When: Tue, Jan 16, 8:00am – Wed, Jan 17, 5:30pm, 2018
Where: Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore
Admission: USD 699
Info: Event | Attend |  Venue

The 3rd Indoor Ag-Con will include the best and the brightest of the indoor agriculture scene, with two full days of conference proceedings and extended exhibition hall hours. We will be covering a broad range of crop types – such as, leafy greens, mushrooms and other vegetables and medicinal crops – as well as technologies ranging from artificial intelligence to LED lighting to control systems.

Topics include:
  • Growth in China's Plant Factories - Li Shaohua, SananBio
  • Japan's Global Leadership in Plant Factory Tech - Seiichi Okazaki, Keystone
  • Vertical Farming in India's Food Supply Chain - Sriram Gopal, Future Farms
  • Growth of Australia's Protected Cropping Industry - No speaker specified
  • Softbank's Entry into Indoor Agriculture - Michael Dean, AgFunder
  • Indoor Agriculture & The Rise of Online Groceries - Issey Maeda, AgriHoldings
  • What Crops will Move into Indoor Farms? - Robert Chen, AEssence
  • Indoor Farm Economics: Seeds, Nutrients & Substrates - Anh N, EnzaZaden

This Week more [Week beginning 1 Jan 2018]
Link Tue  19:00  Learning Blockchain with Ruby @ Bangsar
Link Thu  09:00  Free Co-Working Day @ Asean
Link Sun  20:00  Short Film Pitching by Young Filmakers @ KualaLumpur

Next Week [Week beginning 8 Jan 2018]
Link Mon 19:00  HackerNest: Nuhaa Bakry, Data Scientist @ Dojo
Link Mon 19:00  Fintech New Year Party @ Damansara New
Link Tue  19:00  Azure CosmoDB @ BukitJalil
Link Wed 10:00  Mystical Mushrooms @ Publika New
Link Thu  19:00  What I Read: Founders' Book Presentation @ Singapore
Link Fri    19:00  Game Developers Hangout @ Kerinchi New
Link Sat   10:00  AI: Convolutions Harmonics Markov @ Bangsar New

Week After [Week beginning 15 Jan 2018]
Link Mon 09:00  Decommissioning Oil & Gas Facilities @ KualaLumpur
Link Mon 14:00  Outlook 2018: Vriens & Rabobank Sentral New
Link Wed 18:40  Triple Meetup: ProjectMgmt + Agile + UX @ CapSquare New
Link Wed 19:00  Intro to ICO: GoldenGate Maecenas Intrepid @ Singapore
Link Wed 20:00  Laravel: Cleanique Coders @ BandarUtama
Link Thu  08:30  Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash is Reality @ Matrade
Link Thu  09:00  Business Opportunities in Guangdong @ PetalingJaya
Link Thu  16:00  Latest Trends in LawTech Accelerators @ HongKong
Link Thu  17:30  Music Composition and Performance @ Sunway
Link Thu  18:00  RetailTech: SimplePieces WanderSnap WhatSquare @ HK
Link Fri    09:30  Introduction to IoT @ KualaLumpur
Link Fri    17:30  Toxic Food Industry @ Sunway New
Link Fri    17:30  Pitching Opportunity in Bangkok @ Bangsar New
Link Fri    20:00  Entrepreneurs Night: Idospa Teleme Grindz @ Roofino
Link Sat   10:00  AI: CNN ConvNets DeepMind NeuralNetworks @ Bangsar New
Link Sat   14:30  Blockchain Association Networking @ Cyberjaya New
Link Sun  09:00  Young Economists Summit @ UM New

Public Holidays 2018: Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

  • 01 Mon New Year's Day
  • 31 Wed Thaipusam
  • 01 Thu  Federal Territory Day
  • 16 Fri    Chinese New Year
  • 17 Sat   Chinese New Year
  • 01 Tue  Labour Day
  • 29 Tue  Vesak Day
  • 02 Sat  Nuzul Al-Quran
  • 15 Fri   Hari Raya Aidilfitri
  • 16 Sat  Hari Raya Aidilfitri
  • 22 Wed Hari Raya Haji
  • 31 Fri   Merdeka Day
  • 09 Sun  King's Birthday
  • 11 Tue  Awal Muharam
  • 16 Sun  Malaysia Day
  • 06 Tue  Deepavali
  • 20 Tue  Maulidur Rasul
  • 11 Tue  Sultan of Selangor's Birthday
  • 25 Tue  Christmas Day

2017 State of the Art: Fintech III

2017 Financial Times Future of Fintech Awards via
  • Ripple - Settlement: Legacy 5 days | BTC 1 hour | ETH 2 min | XRP 4 sec
  • Token - One API for multiple banks
  • Qcash - Digital alternative to usurious payday (ahlong) loans

2017 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Fintech via

2017 Dutch FinTech Awards via
  • Sherlock - Governance, risk & compliance
  • Guts - Blockchain smart event ticketing
  • OpenClaims - Repair job tendering for insurance, leasing & fleets

2017 Swiss FinTech Awards via

2017 Fintech Supercharger via
  • Solus - User authentication using personal and gadget behavior top image
  • Neosurance - Push (vs pull) micro-insurance
  • Pulse - Geo-tracking eg. automatically determine home address

2018 Malaysia Fintech Awards info New
  • BlueBricks - Four layer auth: geofencing, OTP, device, digital signature
  • SonicBoom - Unattended POS that accepts cards, e-wallets, cryptos etc
  • CapitalBay - Pay suppliers earlier (so that the supply chain runs better)
  • Xendity - Identify customers online by scanning face, documents etc
  • AwanHeiTech - Indigenous cloud service

2017 State of the Art: Fintech II

2017 Mastercard Start Path via
  • Endor - Social Physics: people behave by inertia as much as by logic 
  • Fluid AI - Solve problems using AI 
  • Divido - Instant loan facility at the checkout page

2017 Fintech Innovation Lab London via
  • Samur.ai - Used by Citibank, Thomson Reuters and Barclays for ML and AI
  • Kasko - Tailor new insurance products over complicated legacy systems
  • Chronicle - Low latency interprocess communication top image

2017 Australian Fintech Awards via

2017 Canadian FinTech and AI Awards via
  • Ubiq - Fork of Ethereum for fintech and corporates
  • MindBridge - AI and big data analytics for auditors
  • DDIQ - AI for due diligence

2017 MAS ABS Fintech Awards via 
  • FOMO - Point-of-sale that accepts digital wallets
  • Blocko - Blockchain software developer
  • InstaRem - Transfer funds from AU, SG and HK

2017 State of the Art: Fintech I

2017 KPMG Fintech100 Emerging 50 via
  • Lydia - Alipay of France that integrates Mastercard & ApplePay
  • Macrovue - Invest in emerging portfolios like water scarcity and cleantech
  • Plynk - A bank that accepts you when others will not

2017 Abu Dhabi Innovation Challenge via
  • FRSLabs - Identify verification and fraud prevention
  • FTCash - Mobile payments for micro-merchants
  • Sqreem - AI analysis of big data

2017 KPMG Global Fintech Hackcelerator via
  • Apiax - Transform regulations into digital rules
  • Trunomi - Personal data protection management system
  • SnapCheck - Mobile digital cheques 

2017 CBInsights Fintech 250 via
  • Earnin - Get your paycheck any day (by sending an image of your timesheet)
  • CircleUp - Upmarket version of Indiegogo
  • Even - App for disciplined spending top image

2017 Disruptive Fintech Startups via
  • Raisin - Invest in the best deposit rates European banks can offer
  • Final - Credit card with multiple numbers (per mechant, one-time etc)
  • Greenlight - Debit card for kids