KokkaMango & KoolerKarnival

Song has a longish intro....wait for it.

Vans Musicians Wanted: KL 
When: Sun, August 20, 3:00pm – 6:30pm, 2017
Where: Perfect Square Space, 147A Jalan Aminuddin Baki, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue

The Wknd Sessions, in partnership with Vans Malaysia, is seeking out the best in new and unsigned local acts, with the prize being a chance to play at the international stage of House of Vans Asia Tour 2017, as well as a grant from The Wknd Recording Fund. For the KL stop, post-hardcore titans KilleurCalculateur will showcase their chops alongside our four KL finalists MassMusic, BudakNakalHujungSimpang, ZipZieller and KokkaMango. You have cast your vote and now it's time to hear them live!

Cooler Lumpur Festival 2017 info
Fri-Sun, 18-20 Aug 2017 @ Publika, Kuala Lumpur

  • Link The White Mask: Cyberpunk story of dystopia by 12 artists
  • Link Art for Grabs: Purchasable indigenous art
  • Link Virtual Reality Live Art: Aimi Sekiguchi vid
  • Link Bump in the Night: Event starts at midnight
  • Link Poetically Correct: Verse and rhyme by emerging spoken word poets 
  • Link Funding the News: Journalists face competitors everywhere
  • Link Are Malaysia Youth Informed: What information are they getting?
  • Link Data Journalism: Examples of award-winning data-driven stories
  • Link Story Telling with Data Journalism: A workshop
  • Link Newsroom Confidential: Reporting the un-reportable
  • Link The Road to Radicalisation: Are Malaysians being radicalised?
  • Link Life Lessons from the Real World: Nationalism
  • Link Digital Democracy: Tentacles of Google, Facebook, Microsoft & Apple
  • Link Alternative Bookfest: Eighty indie publishers
  • Link So, You Want to Get Published? What agents & publishers want
  • Link Book Launch: Hedonistic Kuala Lumpur
  • Link Nevertheless, She Persisted: Writing as challenge
  • Link Zan Azlee: Writings of a walking contradiction
  • Link Manifestos for a Better Malaysia: If I am Prime Minister
  • Link Writing Across Difference: Diversity of voices, diversity of medium
  • Link New Content Formats: Content is king but his palace is a minefield
  • Link New Forms of Writing: Designed for mobile and smartphone reading
  • Link Sci-Fi Writing Workshop: By Taiyo Fujii, Nihon SF Taisho Award winner
  • Link Kiss My Astronaut: Bite-sized content bootcamp
  • Link Words that Bite: Fire in the Hole
  • Link Low Carbon Country: Reducing carbon emissions by 45% by 2030
  • Link Weather: Workshop on sensing the atmosphere and climate 
  • Link Millennials: The greenest generation a hint to businesses
  • Link Food Evolution: GMO Food
  • Link July 2037: What will life be like 20 years from now?
  • Link Days of Future Past: Fascination of dystopia
  • Link Startup Hubs in SEA: A survey by the British Council
  • Link Not Child's Play: Gaming subculture has turned from nerd to juggernaut
  • Link Internet of Things: Red Pill or Blue Pill? 
  • Link Geek Girl Rising: Being a geek is hard; being a geek girl is even harder
  • Link The Perempuan Problem: What do women want?
  • Link The Tudung Anthology: 10 writers discuss women-only anthology
  • Link Equal Partnership: Couples who create a balanced power-dynamic
  • Link Short Films: From backroom to forefront in the YouTube era 
  • Link BMW Shorties: From backroom to forefront in the YouTube era
  • Link Coffee with Hussain Currimbhoy: Introduction to Sundance
  • Link New Art: White walls of paintings or digital art?
  • Link Animation Unarchived: History of Malaysian animation 
  • Link Tokyo Idols: Pop music industry 
  • Link No Outside Food Allowed: One-night only dinner prepared by refugees

Autumn 2017: Games Accelerators Durians

Kuala Lumpur 2017: 29th SEA (South East Asia) Games, Aug 18-30 | tix | netcast

Accelerator Intakes [closing date shown]
Link Aug 15  MaGIC IJM Port of The Future
Link Aug 15  MaGIC IJM Smart Living
Link Aug 15  MaGIC Sunway Autonomous Transport
Link Aug 18  MDEC Allianz Stanchart Supercharger Fintech Accelerator
Link Aug 31  MDEC OpenDataInstitute Asean Data Startup Accelerator
Link Aug 31  Mercedes-Benz Startup Autobahn
Link Sep  01  Digi Sunway iLabs Start-It Challenge: Corporate Innovation
Link Sep  06  PlaTCOM UK-Malaysia Urban Innovation Challenge
Link Sep  08  MaGIC UNICEF Solutions for Children
Link Sep  09  ImpactHub Asean Impact Challenge: Inclusive Innovation
Link Sep  15  PlaTCOM AIM HIP2 Islamic Innovation Challenge
Link Sep  15  PlaTCOM French-Malaysia Innovation Challenge: Agri Health Energy

This Week more [Week beginning 14 Aug 2017]
Link Tue  07:00  University Governance Conference @ Sunway
Link Tue  09:00  IBM CXO Innovation Forum @ Intercontinental
Link Tue  15:00  Bridging Malaysian Startups with Japan Superfactories @ UM reg
Link Tue  17:00  Startups: Sole Proprietor, LLP or Company? @ Cyberjaya
Link Wed 09:00  How EdTech Could Disrupt Education @ Cyberjaya
Link Wed 09:00  How FinTech Could Disrupt Finance @ Cyberjaya
Link Thu 09:30  Guitar Festival @ PetalingJaya
Link Thu 17:00  Bias in Artificial Intelligence @ Singapore
Link Thu 19:00  An Evening with Airbnb @ Bangkok
Link Fri   17:30  DFTZ and MDEC's Go-eCommerce @ Penang
Link Sat  12:00  Durians: We Ate Them for Charity @ USJ <<< Durians
Link Sat  14:00  RHB: Digital Transformation of Banks @ Damansara
Link Sat  14:00  Marvel Cosplay @ Sunway
Link Sun 08:00  Bomoh Ali Waterfall @ HuluLangat
Link Sun 09:30  Ennovation: Maybank GE MIMOS ADAX @ Sunway
Link Sun 15:00  Mini Clubman Fest @ Kepong New
Link Sun 15:00  Musicians Wanted @ TTDI

Next Week [Week beginning 21 Aug 2017]
Link Mon 10:10  Science Camp Public Lectures @ Kampar New
Link Mon 14:00  Taiwan Startup Ecosystem @ KualaLumpur New
Link Tue  08:00  DFTZ for Exporters | Alibaba Tips & Tricks @ MITI New
Link Tue  09:00  Payoneer Forum @ SubangJaya
Link Tue  14:00  Axiata Digital Innovation Fund @ Damansara New
Link Wed 08:00  AWS: ECS Xray Serverless @ Aloft
Link Wed 09:00  Entrepreneur Summit @ Hilton
Link Wed 09:00  Fuji Xerox Smart Nation @ Singapore
Link Wed 10:00  CEO Talk: Credit China Fintech @ UM
Link Wed 10:30  Altair: CAD, IoT & Data Analytics @ Putrajaya
Link Wed 11:00  HalFest Asean @ Mines
Link Wed 18:30  TensorFlow and Deep Learning @ Kerinchi New
Link Wed 19:00  Ripple: No 3 After Bitcoin and Ethereum @ Damansara
Link Thu  08:00  EEC: Energy Efficiency & Conservation @ PetalingJaya
Link Thu  09:00  UN Sustainable Development Goals @ Putrajaya
Link Thu  15:00  ADSA: Asean Data Startup Accelerator @ Damansara
Link Thu  15:00  Causeway Exchange: Urban Culture Asia @ Ipoh
Link Thu  18:30  Cocoon Pitch Summer Finals @ HongKong
Link Thu  19:00  A Tale of Five Microprocessors @ Penang
Link Fri    19:00  NSFW: Not Safe for the Weak @ Singapore
Link Sat   09:00  Building Android Apps with Firebase @ PetalingJaya
Link Sat   09:00  Python Conference @ Kerinchi
Link Sat   09:00  Economics: Chairman of Petronas @ Sunway

Blockchain Disruptors: Beyond Financial

When: Wed, August 16, 4:30pm – 6:00pm, 2017
Where: MaGIC, Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

Although Blockchain is popularised by crypto-currencies, the potential of this new technology extends beyond the financial sphere. Topics:
  • Reshaping the Media Industry - Alexandre Tabbakh, Publiq
  • Blockchain Technology and its Applications - Rene Bernard, LuxTag
  • Decentralised Content Network Utilising Blockchain - Matej Michalko, Decent
  • Opportunities in the Blockchain Space - Suraya Zainudin, Access

Other Blockchain Events
Link Mon 18:00  Blockchain Potential @ KualaLumpur
Link Tue  12:00  Blockchain Lunch @ Bangsar
Link Wed 08:30  Blockchain New Friend or Dangerous Foe? @ KualaLumpur
Link Wed 14:30  Blockchain & Middlemen @ Bangsar
Link Wed 18:30  Blockchain Blockbuster Vitalik Buterin @ Singapore Aug 16

This Week more [Week beginning 7 Aug 2017]
Link Tue  08:00  Lifestyle: Ombre Rhombus Touristly CutiMy @ Cyberjaya
Link Tue  18:00  Retail: BritishIndia & InsideScoop @ OneU
Link Tue  17:30  Innovation: Asking Questions @ Sunway
Link Wed 08:00  ASEAN Day 2017 @ MITI
Link Wed 08:30  How to Build a Virtual Universe @ Cyberjaya
Link Wed 18:30  Agile for Women @ KualaLumpur
Link Thu  08:30  IoT Smart Cities & Infrastructure @ BBCC tix
Link Thu  14:00  OtomateMe TheLorry Finnext SetiaHaruman @ Cyberjaya
Link Fri    17:30  One Belt, One Road, One Explanation @ Sunway
Link Sat   08:00  Economic & Leadership Forum @ Sunway
Link Sat   09:30  Projek Wanita Summit @ MITI
Link Sat   13:30  Brand Story Telling @ Penang
Link Sat   17:00  Butterworth Fringe @ Penang

Next Week [Week beginning 14 Aug 2017]
Link Mon 08:30  Innovations in Digital Marketing @ BukitKiara
Link Tue  08:30  Adobe: See The Future of Design @ OneWorld
Link Tue  09:00  Cyber Security in Global Trade @ Matrade
Link Tue  09:00  Breakfast Talk: Mdti, Wobb, Mercatus @ AraDamansara
Link Tue  10:00  Cooler Lumpur Festival: Alt Book Fest @ Publika
Link Wed 09:00  Inject Steroids into Marketing with Gamification @ Kerinchi
Link Wed 09:30  Do Business via Alibaba @ Sentral
Link Wed 19:00  Managing Partner of EY @ Intercontinental
Link Thu  12:00  Mercedes-Benz: Startup Autobahn @ Singapore
Link Thu  15:00  Paypal: Contextual Commerce @ Singapore
Link Thu  18:30  Deep Learning & Neural Network Demo @ Cyberjaya
Link Thu  19:00  Startup Grind: Jobstreet Founder @ Damansara
Link Thu  18:30  Get Your Hardware Products Off The Ground @ Penang
Link Fri    11:00  One North [Innovation] Festival @ Singapore
Link Fri    19:00  Reshape Fashion with Innovation @ HongKong
Link Fri    19:30  Linkin Park Tribute @ Publika

Co-Working Space @ North Asia

Futureward @ Taipei

Co-working spaces in North Asia, listed by location in reverse order, spaces within a location are in no particular order. There are many more co-working spaces than what are listed here, this list highlights spaces with websites in English. [7 Aug 2017]

  • Midori - Like Tokiwa, where the manga masters met
  • Ginza - Everything is in English here
  • Co-Edo - Two minutes walk from the subway station
  • Hive - The better way to work & stay
  • Agora - In the heart of Shibuya



Hong Kong

  • TroubleMaker - From idea to production (Shenzhen)
  • SimplyWork - Work different (Shenzhen)
  • MyDream - Office as a service (Beijing)
  • XNode - Create the future (Shanghai)
  • Agora - Working together (Shanghai)

  • Soho3q - Beijing, Shanghai
  • DayDayUp - Beijing, Shenzhen, SanFrancisco
  • URWork - Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen etc
  • NakedHub - Beijing, Shanghai, HongKong, Hanoi, Saigon
  • TusPark - Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, HongKong, Asean
  • WeWork - Beijing, Shanghai, HongKong, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangalore, Bombay

Bric-a-Brac Markets: Paperback Heroes

When: Sun, August 6, 10am – 7pm, 2017
Where: The Square, Publika, Kuala Lumpur
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Poster OrganizerVenue

Paperback Heroes is a preloved book collection drive to help build libraries in schools and homes to help spread the joy of reading.

There will be many great stuff to do and see while you bring your good condition pre-loved books of any genre for any age, from children books, to self -help to young adult to cooking. Anything, we take! Every little bit helps.

This event is supported by The KL Book Appreciation Club. If you know of any homes/refugee camps as well as organizations who will like to benefit from our collection, please reach out to me!

This Weekend
Link Fri  11:00  Sunny Side Market @ TheRow
Link Fri  19:00  Craft Army @ TREC
Link Sat 08:45  Box Sales & Exchange @ TamanDesa
Link Sat 10:00  Say Goodbye to Your X @ Damansara
Link Sat 10:00  Goods Attack Artisan Market @ TheStarling
Link Sat 10:00  Mini-Car Festival @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat 11:00  Artisan Market & Garage Sale @ Penang

Link Tue 12:00  Green Market @ MedanPasar Aug 8
Link Tue 19:00  Major Drop Street Wear @ Damansara Aug 8
Link Sat 10:00  Collectors Market @ TheSchool Aug 12
Link Fri  10:00  Vive Green Market @ SubangJaya Aug 18
Link Fri  11:00  Food for Good Market @ TheRow Aug 18
Link Sat 11:00  Design Link Collective @ PetalingJaya Aug 19
Link Sat 11:00  Creative Pop-Up Stores @ Bangsar Aug 19
Link Sat 10:00  Light Grey Market Place @ SungeiBuloh Aug 26
Link Sat 10:00  Collector's Pick @ AmcorpMall Aug 26
Link Sat 12:00  Preloved is Reloved @ Bangsar Sep 2
Link Sat 10:00  Positivism Artisan Market @ Bangsar Sep 16

Barcamp Cyberjaya 2017

When: Sat, August 5, 11:00am – 6:30pm, 2017
Where: Multimedia University, Cyberjaya
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

Unlike typical conferences, BarCamp has no preset speakers. It is a user-generated conference that brings people together. You can choose to be an audience or a speaker. Cash vouchers will be given out for the top 3 speakers and there will be lucky draws for participants for Arduinos and power banks. Topic pledges include:
  • My volunteer experience in Chile
  • Introduction to electronic music production
  • Deep learning: building food classification using a neural network
  • ZFS: A file system you definitely want to use
  • Internet-scale traffic engineering
  • Introduction to KiCAD: electronic design automation for PCB
  • The path to be a data scientist
  • How I failed all but one full stack developer interviews outside Malaysia
  • How I built an Android app in a few hours and sold it for $3000
  • Blockchain technology. what and why you need to know about it
  • By a banker: how technology will revolutionize the way you do banking
  • A story: how we gathered the brightest technology talent in Malaysia
  • What's next after bitcoin and ether? 
Interested in speaking at BarCamp? Submit your name and topic using the form provided at the middle of the event page.

EduTech Hackathon

When: Fri, August 4, 6pm – Sun, August 6, 9pm, 2017
Where: Petrosains, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 80 [USD 20]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

[Startup Weekend Kuala Lumpur - Edutech Edition] Buzzing with business ideas but don’t know where to start? Want to put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur? Grab a seat at Startup Weekend KL. Themed Education Technology (Edutech),  this event is open to all who are interested. Speakers, mentors, judges, organizers and supporters:
  • Corporate: CreditSuisse, SimeDarby, IBM, Petronas, UNICEF, Google
  • Education: Taylors, FrogAsia, MyReaders, EduNation
  • Startups (Education): LightHouse, Next, Sunrise, Chumbaka
  • Startups: FutureLab, Cheqqme, DirectLending, Chempia, CollectCo, 100%P
  • Accelerators: iLabs, MaGIC, KakiDIY

Sample EdTech Startups via
  • Examus - Electronic proctoring (exam supervision) video above
  • AgentsOfDiscovery - Augmented reality education
  • Karri - Send money to your school
  • Skooly - Let teachers safely message parents and students 
  • Snapplify - Empower education institutions to be e-publishers
  • Zzish - Integrating apps into education
  • Edurio - Student feedback system
  • OpenCampus - Campus management system

This Week more [Week beginning 31 July 2017]
Link Tue  20:00  Poetry: Tongue-tied Cabaret @ Publika
Link Tue  20:00  Machine Learning in Supply Chains @ HongKong
Link Thu  18:00  Dota2 eSport @ Cyberjaya
Link Thu  18:00  Transforming Urban Livelihood @ KLCC
Link Sat   10:00  Statistics: The Foundation of AI @ HongKong
Link Sat   20:30  Poetry: Oral Fixation @ SubangJaya
Link Sun  07:00  Car Free Morning @ KualaLumpur
Link Sun  20:30  Chamber Concert: Gun N Roses @ KLCC

Next Week [Week beginning 7 Aug 2017]
Link Mon 08:00  Brand Entrepreneurs Conference @ MITI
Link Tue  08:00  Internet Marketing Summit @ Cyberjaya
Link Tue  08:30  Digital Marketing: PisangCheese Cedar Everpeaks @ Cyberjaya tix
Link Tue  18:30  The Art of Selling @ Damansara
Link Wed 08:45  Exploring Global Markets thru Free Trade Agreements @ AlorSetar
Link Wed 09:00  SME Export Day: ASEAN eMarketplace IP DFTZ @ MITI
Link Wed 09:00  SME CEO Forum: SMECorp MPC MaGIC CTOS @ Kerinchi
Link Wed 10:00  New Technology Hackathon @ Kerinchi
Link Wed 15:00  Mining for Gold: IP as Assets @ KiasuLab
Link Wed 19:45  Humorous Speech Contest @ PetalingJaya
Link Thu  09:00  Green Marketing: Certified Green Products & Services @ TheCurve
Link Thu  08:00  TRX Lifestyle Quarter: Charting Sustainability @ RoyaleChulan
Link Thu  09:30  Digital Economy: Matrade Lazada Shoppee Google MDEC @ KL
Link Thu  10:30  Food & Beverage Fair: FoodTech @ PWTC
Link Thu  13:00  H2O: Open Source Machine & Deep Learning @ Singapore
Link Thu  19:00  Meetup with Nao, The Softbank Robot @ Singapore
Link Fri    09:00  GoStartup: BookDoc FashionV Fave Crowdplus Cradle @ BktKiara
Link Fri    10:00  Offline to Online | The Myth of Magical Crowdfunding @ KualaLumpur
Link Fri    14:00  AT&T + MCMC Hackathon: IoT & DataAnalytics @ Cyberjaya
Link Fri    14:00  Epicurean Market Masterclass @ Singapore
Link Fri    19:00  Easyship Ecommerce Hackathon @ HongKong  
Link Sat   09:00  From Pasar Malam to Stock Market @ Matrade
Link Sat   09:30  eBrand: MDEC Brandker iPay88 Platcom MyStartr @ ShahAlam
Link Sat   14:00  How to Succeed in a Startup Accelerator @ HongKong
Link Sun  15:00  Climate Crossroads @ Penang
Link Sun  15:30  Advantage and Challenge for AI Startups @ Taipei

Co-Working Space @ ASEAN

The Quarter Bangkok: poshtel and co-working space

Co-working spaces in ASEAN, listed by location, spaces are in no particular order.


  • TheQuarter - Poshtel + co-working
  • Launchpad - Blend of office, coworking & creative
  • GlowFish - Bangkok boutique
  • Draftboard - For your dream
  • Growth - Let your creativity grow
  • Hubba - Hub for global creators
  • KliqueDesk - Convenient affordable fun
  • Poolsub - From garment factory to coworking space
  • MavenMesh - Simple co-working space
  • PaperWork - Co-working for architects and interior designers
  • WorkLoft - Inspiration and creativity never stops

  • iCentre - Innovation springboard (Brunei)
  • iCube - Do a full day's work in 2 hours (Kuching)
  • GASpace - Beautiful co-working (Kota Kinabalu)
  • TheProtege - How can we help you? (Kota Kinabalu)
  • Dido - Digital innovation lounge (Balikpapan)
  • Regus - A sociable way of work (Balikpapan)

  • iHouse - Working is relaxing (Hanoi)
  • HanoiHub - Get work done easily (Hanoi)
  • Toong - Your first place after home (Hanoi)
  • Hatch - Forging impactful startups (Hanoi)
  • Up - Boost your productivity (Hanoi)
  • CoLab - Two minutes from the Russian market (Phnom Penh)
  • LorenMaison - Kickstart your business (Phnom Penh)
  • EmeraldHub - Work connect grow (Phnom Penh)
  • SaigonCoworking- Network of professionals and startups (Saigon)
  • Start - A vibrant community (Saigon)
  • Toh-Lao - Brimming with innovation (Vientiane)
  • ImpactHub - Collective ideas are a change (Yangon)

  • Indigo - Collaboration and co-working Pan-Indonesia
  • Kedasi - Innovation is a byproduct of community
  • H-Cube - Great accessibility for busy founders
  • Concrete - Connect create collaborate
  • FreewareSpaces - The future of office space
  • Kolega - Grow your friendships and business
  • TierSpace - Our awesome space
  • Ehive - Strategically located
  • Conclave - Productivity starts here
  • Workout - We work things out
  • CoWork - Shaping the future
  • CreoHouse - Make your business easier
  • GoWork - Co-working in a Grade-A office

  • KL - Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley (KualaLumpur) separate post
  • CAT - Community of co-workers (Penang)
  • Flexispace - Focus on your work (Penang)
  • Scoopoint - Lots of awesomeness (Penang)
  • Dreamspace - Dream community work space (Johor)
  • BigWheel - Full equipped and read-to-go (Johor)
  • 2Street - Co-working is what we do (Johor)
  • KKcommerce - An innovative community (Ipoh)
  • Brainpot - The cooler space (Kuantan)


Singapore CBD unless otherwise specified

Pan-ASEAN / Aggregator
  • Crea8 - The future of work (ID, MY, PH)
  • BigGroup - Multi-city pass (SG, TH, VN)
  • TheHive - A diverse co-working community (HK, SG, TH, VN)
  • Flyspaces - Flexible spaces everywhere (ID, HK, MY, SG, TH) aggregator
  • ImpactHub - Combined accomplishments (JP, HK, KH, MM, MY, SG, TH, TW)

Co-Working Space @ Kuala Lumpur

3D image of The Thinking Loft co-working space, Ara Damansara.

32 x co-working spaces in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas, in no particular order.

Central / Bukit Bintang / City Centre
  • Fabspace - Awaken your inner genius: CNC, laser, latex etc (RM 10/10 min) M
  • Colony - Get a life at work (RM 338/100 hours) L
  • Paper+Toast - Since 2010: first co-working space in Malaysia (RM 40/day) M
  • TheCo - Equipping people and businesses (RM 50/day) R

Central / Bangsar / MidValley / Kerinchi
  • Upppercase - Be inspired & inspire others (RM 96/3 days) L
  • TheCo - Equipping people and businesses (RM 50/day) L
  • Nook - The anti-office: free parking, short stay accommodation (RM 50/day) L
  • Wspace - Operates 100% through a mobile app (RM 499/month) K
  • Komune - Get your best work done (RM 35/day) L New

West / Damsansara / TTDI
  • CommonGround - Ambition lives here (RM 499/month) M
  • Worq - Just show up (RM 300/month) 
  • Whitespace - Better together (RM 389/month)
  • Purradise - The puurrrfect way to unwind (RM 50/day) M

West / Petaling Jaya / Bandar Utama 
  • Hspace - Great things happen when people meet (RM 390/month) 
  • KiasuLab - Create connect collaborate (RM 500/month)
  • Meja4U - Innovate for a better tomorrow (RM 30/day) L
  • TheFoundation - Beyond space of ideas (RM 28/day)
  • ThinkingLoft - Maximizing continuous change (RM 30/day) Image

West / Subang Jaya / Shah Alam
  • Co-Labs - KDU university campus (RM 250/month)
  • Hatchery - Co-working co-lving co-mmunity (RM 10/day | RM 70/night) L
  • SDCC - Digital creative centre (RM 100/month)
  • InnovationLabs - Collaborative space for students (No rate card) B

North / Sri Hartamas / Sentul
  • C7 - Serenity & lush greenery (RM 300/month)
  • ImpactHub - Where change goes to work (RM 40/day)
  • Jetpack - When productivity matters (RM 30/day)

South /  Puchong / Cyberjaya
  • CO3 - The foundation for businesses (RM 60/day) L
  • CoSpace - Soft landing zone (RM 15/day)
  • CoInnov8 - Smart city collaborative centre (RM 299/month)
  • Launchpad - Entrepreneurship ecosystem (RM 30/day)
  • Universe - Top-notch amenities at affordable rates (RM 50/day)
  • MaGIC - Collaborative workspace for startups (RM 150/month) <<
  • Herserlef - Guiltless cafe, pay by time, freeflow drinks & snacks (RM 16/day)

East / Velocity

Transit Legend
  • M = MRT1 Kajang Line
  • L  = LRT1 SeriPetaling Line
  •  = LRT2 KelanaJaya Line
  •  = PRT Titiwangsa Line (Monorail) 
  • K  = KTM Seremban Line
  • B  = BRT Sunway Line

Additional Info

'Despacito' Business Day

The Institude: Branding Design Marketing Art Creativity Media @ Sat, 29 Jul 2017, ShahAlam

Sample Latin America Startups via 1 2
  • NuBank - No bank bureaucracy, thus no bank charges
  • Emerge - Touch something virtually, that is created by ultrasound 
  • MiFuturo - Help millennials who can't seem to save more than $1K
  • Sabio - Education by seasoned professionals, not amateurs
  • CocktailTheory - Bottled cocktails that are mixed only when poured
  • Wideo - Wordpress of videos: template-based DIY animation
  • Bluesmart - Suitcase with GPS, charging, built-in weighing machine

This Week more [Week beginning 24 July 2917]
Link Wed 09:00  National Ecommerce Forum @ KualaLumpur
Link Wed 09:00  Logistics: Nationwide DHL Easy Pgeon Zepto PostCo @ Cyberjaya
Link Wed 19:00  Blockchain: CoinPip & Otonomos @ Singapore
Link Wed 19:00  AI: Copyright, Asia & Watson @ HongKong
Link Wed 20:00  Video: WriteHanded ReservoirProductions @ Damansara
Link Thu  10:00  Northern Corridor: PantangPlus Greenyards Suri @ Ipoh New
Link Thu  14:00  ECF: AtaPlus & MidanaCapital @ MidValley
Link Thu  17:00  Software Architecture @ Cyberjaya
Link Thu  17:30  Clash of Robots @ Singapore
Link Thu  20:00  DrinkEntrepreneurs: DahMakan? @ AvenueK
Link Fri    08:30  Persona Infinitus BDA RunningMan Senariotoons @ Sentral New
Link Fri    12:30  Japan Exposition @ Fahrenheit
Link Fri    15:00  Georgetown Festival @ Penang New till September 3rd
Link Fri    16:30  Pitch: Drava Moovy MegaSales Skynest @ Cyberjaya
Link Sat   08:00  Ludum Dare Game Jam @ PetalingJaya
Link Sat   09:00  Digital Entrepreneur: Mobile Apps @ JohorBahru
Link Sat   10:00  Benua Abstrax StickyBox Costura Motiofixio @ ShahAlam Image
Link Sat   10:00  Art of Speed @ Serdang
Link Sat   10:30  Eversendai CEO @ Petaling Jaya
Link Sat   14:00  Youngest Female Pilot @ Singapore
Link Sat   14:00  The Business of Digital Content @ Singapore
Link Sat   14:30  Think Like An Innovator @ SunwayGeo
Link Sat   14:30  Big Data Trends @ Kuching New
Link Sat   16:00  Open Mic: Unleash Your Genius @ KotaDamansara New

Next Week [Week beginning 31 July 2017]
Link Mon 14:00  Robo-Advisors: Spiking Ayondo StashAway Nutmeg @ Singapore
Link Tue  09:00  'Despacito' Business Day @ KualaLumpur Post Title
Link Tue  18:00  NASA Astronaut: Outerspace Startups @ Singapore
Link Tue  18:00  BFM: Mydin & TheGroup @ BUtama
Link Tue  18:30  Protege Ventures: Student Run Fund @ Singapore
Link Tue  20:00  Machine Learning: DataCrag & RocketBots @ HongKong
Link Wed 07:30  Future Of Work: EPF BNYMellon MDEC LinkedIn @ Aloft
Link Wed 09:00  IdeaLab Startup Conference @ KLCC
Link Wed 11:00  Adobe MakeIt @ Online
Link Thu  10:00  The Impact of Blockchain on SMEs @ Majestic tix
Link Thu  11:00  Coffee Festival @ Singapore
Link Thu  18:00  Sir John Monash Lecture: NanoMaterials @ Sunway
Link Fri    10:00  History Channel Conference @ Serdang
Link Fri    18:30  PropTech Hackathon @ Singapore
Link Sat   11:00  Barcamp @ Cyberjaya

ZouEn @ The Company of Cats

When: Fri, July 28, 8pm – 10pm, 2017
Where: The Company of Cats, 6B Mosque Street, Singapore
Admission: SGD 16
Info: Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

Join song-writing enthusiast Zuo En in the next edition of our bi-monthly 'mewsic' series as she performs alongside our 10 resident kitties! Drawing on her fascination with the emotions that minor chords create, Zuo En’s quirky songs invites you to take an adventure alongside her as she does her best to impress her feline companions!

This Week more
Link Tue  17:00  Commonwealth in the 21st Century @ KualaLumpur
Link Wed 14:00  Malaysia Technology Entrepreneur Pass @ Cyberjaya
Link Wed 18:30  Go Global: 77thStreet, SkolaFund, SOLS @ Damansara
Link Wed 17:30  Go Global: Quest, MDEC, DigitalHub, MTEP @ Damansara
Link Thu  08:00  MDEC WORQ Alibaba Cloud Pitch Competition @ Damansara
Link Thu  13:30  UI & UX Design 101 @ Cyberjaya
Link Thu  15:00  Tracking Consumers Across Multiple Devices @ Singapore
Link Thu  18:00  AI & Automation in Silicon Valley @ Singapore
Link Thu  18:30  OTEC: Startup in China Pitch Competition @ Bangsar
Link Thu  18:30  Seedstars Accelerator Pitch Competition @ Sentral
Link Thu  19:00  DIY Repair: Appliances, Fabric, Small Furniture @ Ampang
Link Fri    19:30  Fintech Supercharger Accelerator Meetup @ BUtama
Link Sat   10:00  Industry 4.0: Education Logistics IoT @ VSQ New
Link Sat   12:00  Arts Carnival @ IskandarPuteri

Next Week [week beginning 24 July 2917]
Link Mon 08:30  Islamic Tourism Conference @ SeriPacific
Link Mon 10:00  Smart Cities: RolandBerger Cyberview DF BorderPass Katsana @ CJ
Link Tue  07:00  Invest Malaysia @ ShangriLa New
Link Tue  09:00  SME Accelerator: BakerMcKenzie Microsoft INTI ICFO @ Subang
Link Tue  14:00  FoodTech: Oddle Eunoia FastBee TabSquare ZeeMart @ Singapore
Link Tue  14:15  Social: Unilever Essilor Sustenir Ecohub LittleSun Recyclogic @ SG
Link Tue  14:30  Blockchain and Privacy @ Bangsar
Link Tue  19:00  Ecommerce Meet & Mingle @ Kerinchi
Link Wed 08:30  Go Global: Google Maxis AllianceBank @ Penang
Link Wed 15:00  Disrupt Tourism @ KualaLumpur
Link Wed 18:30  Health: AnimalAllies BigIsGorgeous VirginPulse @ Singapore
Link Wed 18:30  Digital Wednesday @ Singapore
Link Wed 19:00  Digital Wednesday @ Publika
Link Wed 19:00  Fintech Essentials @ KualaLumpur
Link Wed 19:00  Venture Capital: Finaxar Innoven @ Singapore
Link Thu  09:00  Digi Ambank NHRC CGC Matrade 3RQuest @ PetalingJaya
Link Thu  15:30  Islamic Finance @ Bangsar
Link Thu  19:00  Aristotle and Khazanah @ Damansara
Link Thu  19:00  Unicorn Factory: Crush The Corporate Ladder @ Singapore
Link Thu  19:30  Redesigning Retail @ Singapore
Link Thu  20:00  Classical Music Festival @ JohorBahru
Link Fri    09:00  Techsauce Tech Summit @ Bangkok
Link Fri    11:00  Global Volunteer Festival @ Singapore
Link Fri    18:00  Startupweekend: EduTech @ Kuching
Link Fri    18:30  RHB Fintech Hackathon @ Damansara
Link Fri    19:30  Digi Liber8 Advoc8 Hackathon @ SubangJaya
Link Sat   09:00  Startups & Social Enterprise @ Puchong
Link Sat   09:00  ASEAN Design Forum @ Penang
Link Sat   13:00  Introduction to Neural Networks & Deep Learning

VR: Power To Change The World

[War comes when peace is forgotten]
1941 WW2 Eastern Front, Soviet Union vs Germany. Swipe left or right for 360° view.

When: Sat, July 22, 10am – 6pm, 2017
Where: Content Malaysia Pitching Centre, Unit G09, Platinum Sentral, Kuala Lumpur
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

Virtual Reality (VR) has the potential to bring people, places, and experiences closer together than ever before. Even if you don’t intend to use Virtual Reality in your productions, as a media professional you should stay informed – because VR is coming and it has the power to change the world. Presentations:

Ruth Berry First Act Films + Panel
  • What is Virtual Reality?
  • What is Augmented Reality?
  • Is VR a fad like 3D TV?
  • What should filmakers know about VR technology?

Lionel Chok iMMERSiVELY
  • Introduction to VR content and technologies
  • Step-by-step production workflow to create VR content
  • Software and hardware options for VR production and distribution
  • What makes good VR content?
  • Insights into business models and the economics of VR

Cornel Hillman Studio CGArtist
  • Case studies of some of the most exciting VR projects from around the world
  • How filmmakers can use their skills to explore new storytelling modes in VR 
  • Current productions and look at the production process
  • Where the VR industry stands today and where it will be

Bryan Seah Discovery
  • Insights into the latest VR workshop held by Discovery 
  • What content works well for VR as a medium compared to other formats
  • VR trends and growth opportunities

Other Topics
  • The Science of VR: what we know and what we don’t know about VR
  • Panel: A final word on VR and takeaways from the day


The Future Mobility Economy

[18 July 2017] Future mobility news.

Future Mobility Economy a summary of the above UBS-Financial Times video
  • The big impact of future mobility is not only on commuters.
  • With the Chevy Bolt, 95% of the value of the powertrain comes from LG.
  • The semiconductor value in the drivetrain is $550 vs $60 in legacy cars.
  • Disruption will not only visit auto makers, but also the entire value chain including commodities, semiconductors, capital and infrastructure.

Future Mobility Snippets 
  • Uniti - All new, crowd-funded, Swedish electric car <<<
  • Mobileye - Intel's first step into future mobility <<<
  • Titan - When cars are driverless what do drivers do? Enter Apple
  • Baidu - Signs up 50 partners for Apollo driverless car: Bosch, Nvidia, Grab
  • Yanko - No need to find a recharging station, a drone recharger flies to you
  • Superpedestrian - Retrofit any bicycle into an electric bicycle
  • HLA - A solution to Grenfell
  • YaraKongsberg - World's first autonomous, electric container ship
  • Convoy - Trucking platform that Gates and Bezos invested in 

Vehicle Restrictions
  • Oslo - Bans all cars from city centre by 2019
  • Madrid - Bans all cars from city centre by 2020
  • Paris, Athens, MexicoCity -  Ban diesel cars from city centre by 2025
  • Norway - Bans sales of petrol powered cars by 2025
  • Germany - Bans internal combustion engine by 2030
  • India - Sells electric cars only by 2030
  • Dubai - 25% of police force as robots by 2030 including robo police cars
  • Hanoi - Bans motorcycles by 2030
  • France - Bans all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040
  • Britain - Bans all petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040
  • Mass - Taxes 'zombie cars': driverless cars that drive around aimlessly