KPMG Fintech Accelerator

When: Fri, June 30, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, 2017 SGT [GMT 9:30am +8]
Where: Online | Webinar
Admission: Free
Event: Info | Attend  Accelerator: Info | Apply | IdeasFAQ

[Global Fintech Hackelerator 2017]  The Global FinTech Hackcelerator is looking for the most innovative start-ups from across the globe who can address problem statements contributed by the global FinTech community and the financial services industry. We invite you to join us for an online discussion with MAS, KPMG and Matchi.

  • Fintech, non-fintech and students eligible
  • Have existing prototype
  • Closing: 15 July 2017
  • Virtual accelerator programme (Sep, Oct, Nov)
  • Demo: 16 Nov 2017 in Singapore
  • Stipend: SGD 20,000 (approx USD 15k, MYR 60k, each for 20 finalists)
  • Top 3 startups: SGD 50,000 (approx USD 36k, MYR 150k, equity free)

Sample Ideas
  • Product disclosure - Fine print navigator (or eliminator)
  • Personal finance - Manage savings, tax, events on the go
  • New mobile wallets - Current ones are so dull
  • Holistic financial planning - What are your assets & liabilities?
  • Banking for the unbanked - For the invisible, transients, migrant workers etc.
  • Cashless schools - No more cash for canteen junk food
  • Payments for micro-transactions: For hawkers, markets etc
  • Digitised fund raising - Digital charity (and accountability)
  • Investment starter kit - Gamitize investment (not 'money games')
  • Digital authentication - Without the extra costs of tokens etc
  • Consolidated KYC - No need to fill up name, address again and again
  • Common industry API - One API across industry
  • Modelling regulations - Turn multi-jurisdiction regulations into rule models
  • Collateral risk management - How can banks reduce collateral risk?
  • Automated bookkeeping - How to assign every transaction a UID?
  • Trade finance authentication - Authenticate invoices, inventory etc.
  • Real time securities settlement - Reduce settlement from days to seconds

Cross Border Listing: MYX AIM NEX SGX

Sample startups and businesses related to next week's events:

Fintech Fireside Chat
  • BigDataScoring - Credit score using big data analysis of online behaviour
  • SuiteBox - Video conference and meetings signed by digital signatures
  • Luminous - Provide banks quick access to debtor's financial data
  • AlphaPaymentsCloud - One platform to access multiple fintech products
  • ThreatMark - Digital banking security with device fingerprinting etc.

Interpol World

This Week
Link Thu  20:00  DrinkEntrepreneurs @ Liquidity
Link Fri    19:00  Secret W: Superwomen @ Bangkok
Link Fri    20:30  Food Fight: The Musical @ KualaLumpur

Next Week [Week beginning 3rd July 2017]
Link Mon 12:30  LegalTech: Online Court @ PetalingJaya
Link Mon 14:00  Teraju Superb: Grant Chat @ KotaKinabalu
Link Tue   09:00  Interpol World @ Singapore
Link Wed 10:00  MTDC Korea Business Matching @ ParkRoyal
Link Thu  19:00  Ecommerce: Payoneer Networking @ BU
Link Wed 18:30  Marketing: XSxXS, SoftSpace, Beam @ BU
Link Thu  08:00  Fintech Fireside Chat @ KLCC
Link Thu  09:30  Cross Border Listing: MYX AIM NEX SGX @ TPM
Link Thu  14:00  Shuddup n Dance @ CittaMall
Link Thu  17:30  Sir John Monash Lecture: Government Business @ Sunway
Link Thu  19:00  10 Speakers x 10 Slides x 10 Minutes @ Damansara
Link Thu  19:30  ECF: Steamboat TagLa WeStyle VMO @ BU
Link Fri    16:00  Capturing China: ChoZan ParkLu WeMine @ HongKong
Link Fri    18:00  StartupWeekend: Hubwire Roomly SOLS InspiredSoul @ TPM
Link Fri    18:00  Fintech Hackathon: Société Générale @ HongKong
Link Sat   09:00  Emotional vs Rational Investing @ BukitKiara
Link Sat   09:00  Smart City Hackathon: Smart Retail @ ShahAlam
Link Sat   09:00  Barcamp @ Penang
Link Sat   13:00  Magic Spark: Fern Mestrae Ombré BijiBiji @ Kuching

Selamat Hari Raya 2017

We had a look at a number of Hari Raya videos and posters and the International Women's Association of Kuala Lumpur (IWAKL)'s poster above gets our pick as the most eye catching. Honourable mentions:
  • Mismis - Good to be home only the first portion shown, the rest doesn't gel
  • CIMB - Cosplay ninja turtle girl gets home in time using fintech debit card
  • UniKL - Whiteboard presentation style + poem
  • SunLife - Raya rap rhythm
  • MCCY - Musical style muhibbah
  • Ceria - Young Raya click o
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Fintech: Hyperledger

When: Thu, June 22, 7pm – 9pm, 2017
Where SG Innovate, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

Hyperledger Executive Director [CEO] Brian Behlendorf will present an update on developments in the Hyperledger Project and blockchain world, and progress on Hyperledger’s eight incubated open source projects, which include:
Members of Hyperledger include Accenture, Airbus, Amex, Daimler, Deloitte, EY, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, JP Morgan, NEC, R3, SAP, Wanda and WellsFargo. [Simply, hyperledger, distributed ledger and blockchain refer to the same concept ie blockchain.]

Latest Blockchain Startups via AngelList
  • Peerism - Tokenize your skills: no more degrees and résumés
  • Voise - 100% of revenue goes to artists using Ethereum
  • Bluzelle - Plumbing for blockchain
  • Servicefy - Secure vehicle records (buy, sell, maintenance) using blockchain 
  • ProtonBank - Digital bank for the cryptoeconomy (eg blockchained collateral)

Robot Speaker @ Echelon Asia

When: Wed, June 28 – Thu, June 29, 2017
Where: Singapore Expo, Singapore
Admission: USD 135 promotion
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

[Echelon Asia Summit 2017]  Echelon is a digital platform that features a two-day technology and business summit. Topics for 2017 include:
  • Food Venturing: The Next Frontier - Virginia Cha, Platform E
  • The Future of Urban Mobility - Doug Parker, nuTonomy
  • Short Video Service for Millennials - Akira Morikawa, C Channel
  • Meet NAO, the Customer Service Robot - NAO, Softbank Robotics 
Sample presenting and exhibiting startups:

Retail & Commerce
  • CutQ - Order and pick-up your coffee on the way to the office, no queuing
  • Zarrel - Fashion rental, or keep it if you like it
  • FoodZaps - Android point-of-sales, Win and Mac not required
  • Arcadier - White label marketplace
  • KoMachine - Marketplace for Korean industrial hardware
  • MoshiMori - Cloud point-of-sale
  • Dropee - Bulk ecommerce for wholesalers and retailers
Finance & Business
  • BondLinc - Trade bonds without expensive terminals or intermediaries
  • Xwapp - Uber for foreign currency exchange
  • KeyPair - Patented authenticator used by 75% of Korean banks
  • SpareParts3D - Print inventory on demand
  • ZeeMart - Hospitality e-procurement
  • DraVA - App-based vehicle telemetry, monitoring & tutoring
  • Klaud9 - Asian stock photos
  • PayBoy - Not Playboy
  • JamEasy - Make music practice fun instead of tedious
  • LuxRobo - Lego for robotics

Link Aug 23  Echelon Indonesia
Link Nov 18  Echelon Vietnam

This Week
Link Wed 19:00  Smart Contracts & Blockchain Autonomous Entities @ Singapore
Link Wed 20:00  Laravel: Squincy FrogAsia DropIt CoLab TribeHired @ Ultrapolis
Link Thu  19:00  CubeTalk: Entreprenuership @ Kuching
Link Sat   08:30  Girls' Coding Day @ Singapore
Link Sat   11:00  Popular BookFest @ KLCC

Next Week [week beginning 26 June 2017]
Link Tue 18:00  AI: MarketAnywhere Jetabroad ConvoLab Synapes AltoTech @ Bangkok
Link Fri   17:00  Tech and Insurance Innovation @ Singapore
Link Sat  10:00  AceEdventure BurgerLab NegativeClothing DanKhoo @ Pudu

My Heart Will Go On, Twenty Years On

My Heart Will Go On was released in 1997. Twenty years on, by Celine Tam.

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never let go 'til we're gone

Chinaccelerator Demo Day

When: Wed, June 14, 2:30pm – 4:00pm, 2017
Where: Online
Admission: Free
Info: Event

Twice a year, Chinaccelerator handpicks a 20-30 promising startups and take them to the next level with our 3-month accelerator programs in Shanghai. What we are looking for:
  • Is it a problem worth solving? You won’t be able to scale if your startup is not solving a big enough problem. 
  • Are you the right team to solve the problem?  We bet on people and their ability to solve the problem. Your team is your unfair advantage, one that cannot be easily copied or bought.
  • Do you have traction?  Even if the success is small, we want you to prove that people need you. In the early stage, business plans are mostly BS. Don’t sell an idea; sell what has been proven and tested. 

Pick of Batch 11
  • Allsome - Parcel delivery that notifies you vs you checking constantly (MY)
  • B2Talent - Platform to enter China's USD 15 billion celebrity market (HK)
  • CleverRobotsLab - Mixed reality (eg your bedroom) using your phone (US)
  • Kardiz - Virtual debit card issued in 10 seconds with no ID needed (FR)
  • LiHaoMa - Ad blocked? Make it entertaining and fun instead (CN)
  • QLC - Transition to a new job in small steps (SG)

Doing Business with Russia

Click to register

This Week more
Link Wed 19:00  Pinch of Salt: Kitchen Equipment @ Damansara
Link Thu  10:00  Introduction to PocketBook @ Sentral vid
Link Sat   09:00  KiasuLab: Cradle MBAN ModalPerdana K-One @ PJ

Next Week [week beginning 19 June 2017]
Link Mon 14:30  AgriTech: TraySeederX BioAddGreenTech @ Cyberjaya New
Link Tue  07:00  Blockchain for Finance @ Singapore
Link Tue  08:00  Intel Make Tomorrow: Digital Maker Catalyst @ Singapore
Link Tue  08:30  Listing on the Stock Exchange @ Sentral
Link Tue  14:30  Google Cloud & Apps @ MidValley
Link Tue  19:00  Startup Grind: Streamline Studios @ Damansara
Link Wed 17:00  HealthTech: AIME iGene UELifeSciences MHTC @ SubangJaya
Link Wed 18:30  Fintech Investment Game + Pitching @ Singapore New
Link Wed 18:30  Fintech Funding @ Singapore New
Link Wed 19:00  Hands on Raspberry Pi @ Penang
Link Thu  09:00  WSPACE Open House @ MidValley outside | inside
Link Thu  19:00  Symphony of Innovation @ Sunway
Link Thu  19:30  Language Understanding Intelligent Service @ GTower

Magic Pills of Repair

No stand out event this week, an event poster is featured instead. Startups featured in this and next weeks' events:

Hong Kong 1
  • LogFlows - Truck management system for a fragmented industry
  • VMind - Calendar + queuing system + restaurant reservations 
  • OffMenu - Secret dishes and drinks not shown on the menu stealth
  • Pakbobox - Smart parcel locker system

Cyberjaya 2
  • CheQQme - Online-to-offline & gamified marketing
  • CoWoAsia - Office, co-working and event space marketplace for Asia
  • SoApp - Calendar + appointments + chat + eateries database
  • Foooqy - Online food delivery

This Week
Link Fri    08:30  MaGIC: PwC, MS, 500s, e27, Techstars, Hubba, Grab @ Cyberjaya

Next Week [Week beginning 12 June 2917]
Link Mon 21:00  No Black Tie: A Classical Evening @ KualaLumpur
Link Tue  10:00  Understanding Property Using Big Data @ Penang
Link Tue  18:30  Community: GovTech, M&C Saatchi, Circles @ Singapore
Link Tue  19:30  Leveraging Big Data @ Damansara
Link Tue  20:30  Nimrod from Enigma Variations @ KLCC Top image
Link Wed 10:00  Story Telling Workshop for Film Makers @ Sentral
Link Wed 19:00  Photography Workshop with Gerry Fox @ Subang
Link Wed 20:00  Stem Cells: Magic Pills of Repair @ Publika Post Title
Link Thu  10:00  Cloud HR: CyberjayaU, SP Setia, SMR @ Cyberjaya
Link Thu  18:30  Betatron: LogFlows, VMind, OffMenu, Pakbobox @ HongKong 1
Link Thu  19:00  AI: NerveSis, HyperLab, VaseAI, MindValley @ Damansara
Link Fri    09:00  Design: IDA Asia, MyCreative, NalaDesigns, LabDNA @ KL Full
Link Fri    16:30  GreenYards, CoWoAsia, SOAPP, CheQQ, Foooqy @ Cyberjaya 2
Link Sat   09:00  Techcrunch: Kik, Ofo, Meitu, EY, Intel, Xiaodan, Nio @ Senzhen
Link Sat   08:00  Restaurant Secrets Revealed @ PetalingJaya
Link Sat   10:00  How to Build a Chatbot @ Penang
Link Sat   14:00  Startup Workshop @ BukitBintang

Pick of Unicorns

RocketLab's Rutherford rocket engine

Pick of lesser known unicorns: private companies (vs public ones like Snapchat) that are valued, formally or informally, at USD 1 billion and above. Picks are based on novelty, clear unique selling proposition and being lesser known. Via: CBInsights

  • RocketLab - The world's most affordable launch service for small satellites
  • Zoox - Stealth autonomous vehicle startup
  • Royole - Foldable display supplier which has Akon as Chief Creative Officer
  • Peleton - Connected exercise bike

HealthTech & BioTech
  • Moderna - Use RNA to make make antibodies inside the patient's own body
  • Nanopore - Identify molecules (eg. pathogen detection) using nanopores
  • Proteus - Ingestible sensors (swallow a sensor to monitor your health)
  • HumanLongevity - Medical checkup that checks your DNA
  • Outcome - Digital systems and gadgets for clinics

Financial, FinTech & InsurTech
  • Oscar - Health insurance that is easy to understand
  • SoFi - Fully digital lending service with low rates and strict scoring
  • Mozido - White label e-wallet platform
  • DocuSign - Electronic signatures 
  • RobinHood - Free stock trading
  • Clover - Health insurance that covers the extras
  • FundingCircle - P2P lending startup with 60k lenders & 25k borrowers

  • Infor - Cloud ERP, CRM., financial, logistics systems
  • Domo - Management dashboard
  • Apttus - Quote-to-Cash (QTC): sales cycle management
  • Mu Sigma - Decision science & analytics: learning is better than knowing
  • Afiniti - Pair call centre staff with customer based on AI determined affinity
  • Tanium - Sysadmin lock down for your company PC, laptop etc
  • Rubrik - Data recovery without backups

Commerce and Retail
  • Klarna - Pay for your ecommerce purchase only after delivery and checking
  • Fanatics - Sports merchandising and ecommerce
  • BlueApron - We do the shopping, you do the cooking
  • WarbyParker - Eyeglasses, sunglasses and frames

China gets own category because of its heavy presence in the list after the US
  • NIO - Smart, electronic, autonomous electric vehicle
  • DJI - Drones, UAVs, quadcopters, flight and camera platforms
  • Toutiao - Content recommendations powered by artificial intelligence
  • LuFax - Financial products marketplace 
  • WePiao - Ticketing app that is integrated into WeChat and QQ
  • Kuaishou - Video streaming communications
  • Tujia - High end Airbnb

  • Improbable - SpatialOS: platform for creating virtual worlds

Smart Cities By Women

When: Wed, June 7, 6pm – 8pm, 2017
Where: Collision 8 Co-Working Space, North Bridge Road, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue | Inside | Outside

What would a Smart City look like if it was designed by women? Panelists:
  • Ayesha Khanna, CEO, Addo.AI
  • Jessika Lora, CEO, CarForce
  • Celine Heissat Le Cotonnec, Chief Data Officer, AXA
  • Kelly Yau, Innovation Manager, InfinitiLab
By InfinitiLab, an accelerator that brings together the best entrepreneurial minds with the leading edge of Infiniti.

Sample Infiniti Startups (via 1,2,3)
  • Kraftwerk - Spare battery that runs on natural gas not stored electricity
  • Kazoo - A card that interacts with touchscreens directly eg. for payment
  • Innerspace - Waze for indoors eg. for shopping malls
  • NxCar - Upgrade your car not with woofers but with a 4G WiFi hotspot etc
  • Ubiqweus - General purpose IoT device like a general purpose cup
  • Rover - Airbnb for parking rent out your parking space by the hour
  • Pull - Tinder for business
  • Savari - Vehicle to everything communication Let your car talk
  • BlueSignal - Predict traffic patterns using AI

This Week
Link Wed 18:00  HavasMedia EACreative Brand360 Gemnuine @ MidValley
Link Sat   10:00  Upverter: The New Computer Aided Design @ TTDI
Link Sat   10:00  Startup Game Jam @ VSQ
Link Sat   10:30  Rethink Fashion @ HongKong
Link Sat   14:00 ReactJS: GoBike LottieFiles Vase @ Ultropolis
Link Sun  14:00  Theatre: 10 Classes, 10 Teachers, 10 Weeks @ SubangJaya

Next Week [Week Beginning 5 June 2017]
Link Mon 07:30  Do a Day's Work in 2 Hours @ Damansara
Link Mon 09:00  SmartPort Challenge 2017 @ Singapore
Link Mon 18:30  Grow Your Startup @ Singapore
Link Mon 19:00  How to Enter the German and EU Markets @ Singapore
Link Tue  14:00  Building a Data Driven Organization @ Singapore
Link Tue  19:00  Talk Data To Me @ Singapore
Link Tue  19:30  Entering The China Market @ Damansara
Link Wed 09:30  Cyber Threats & Cyber Insurance @ Puchong
Link Wed 18:30  Rocket Internet Forays Into SEA @ Singapore
Link Thu  08:30  Video Analytics Deep Learning @ Cyberjaya
Link Thu  09:00  Industrial Automation Fiesta @ JohorBahru
Link Thu  12:00  Online Payment: Webcash Billplz iPay88 @ Cyberjaya
Link Thu  19:00  Ogilvy & Mather: UX @ Singapore
Link Fri    08:30  Ecommerce: MDEC SSM Kumoten Shopbot @ Sentral

MTDC CEO Talk 2017

When: Tue, May 30, 1:30pm – 4:30pm, 2017
Where: UPM-MTDC, Persiaran Universiti 1, Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue

MTDC is in the business of fund management, incubation, advisory, and nurturing services. The Khazanah owned company was established to promote the adoption of technologies by local companies via commercialisation of local inventions or acquisition of foreign technology. Speakers for this talk are the CEOs of:
  • Braintree - Remote sensing, GIS, and GPS for plantation management
  • HCA - Herbal extracts from Misai Kucing, Mahkota Dewa, Kacip Fatima etc

Sample MTDC Incubatees and Alumni
  • SecretBarn - Banana-based flour [top image]
  • SlimMee - High fibre, nutritious, low-cal, vegan instant noodle
  • BioAnalyticalQuest - Medical and animal test kits
  • EmasImpresif - Plant tissue culture supplier (for cloning plants)
  • NovaPave - Cellulose fibre reinforced asphalt (for paving roads)
  • MicroClear - Waste water treatment & heavy duty degreaser
  • AsmaAgro - MD2 (new super sweet) pineapple
  • PhytoGold - Bio-fertiliser from roots of oil palm
  • Etlingera - Natural, halal, herbal soap
  • Pencil - Question bank for teachers
  • TrafficSens - Traffic control and management system
  • CWorks - Preventative maintenance system
  • Centium - Hospital information system

Food Delivery Apps @ Kuala Lumpur

May 2017: A non-exhaustive survey of food delivery apps for Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas. Covers web and mobile apps, with emphasis on the latter. The description of each app is the slogan. Calendata has not tested these apps; check app reviews, last update date, permissions and halal status before installing or ordering.

Fast Food
  • Nando's - Delivering The Heat To You
  • Domino's - 30 Minutes Guaranteed
  • PizzaHut - Italian American Cuisine
  • KFC - So Good
  • McD - Available 24 Hours
  • Ayamas - Specialty Food
  • Shogun - Easy Affordable Convenient
  • PappaRich - Meals In 4 Simple Steps


Home Cooking
  • UrbanStove - Home Cooked Without The Hassle [top image]
  • Dinez-In - Home Cooking At Your Fingertips
  • HomeTaste - Auntie's Home Cooked Food

    Platforms & Aggregators
    • Foodpanda - For The Love of Food
    • Oddle - Smart Online Food Ordering System 
    • WhatToEat - Kuala Lumpur's Best Restaurants
    • Dcentrro - Mix and Match Restaurants
    • MobileWaiter - Connects People with Hawkers
    • Foooqy - Online Food Delivery Marketplace
    • WeCooks - Connecting Good Food and Food Lovers Stealth-ish
    • DeliverEat - Online Food Delivery Service Penang Only
    • Yumcious - Amazing Food Delivered To Your Door Suspended

    Selamat Berbuka Puasa.

    Transportation Apps @ Kuala Lumpur

    May 2017: A survey of transportation apps catering Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas. Covers both web and smartphone apps, with emphasis on the latter. The description against the app is the slogan or tagline of the product. Calendata has not tested these apps; check app reviews, last update date and permissions before installing.

    Ride Hailing
    • Uber - Get There Incumbent
    • Grab - Freedom to Choose Incumbent
    • EzCab - Easy Safe Efficient Registered with SPAD | Insurance cover
    • PublicCab - Setting a New Standard Scroll to the bottom for app links
    • Move - Experience The New Movement Fixed fares | Part of the DNeX group
    • ZeppOnTaxi - Affordable Reliable Launched May 2017 | Beta-ish
    • ComfortTaxi - Ride With Us Link to app is in the splash screen | Beta-ish
    • UniCabLink - Travel Made Easy Defunct | Call to book
    • ZeptoBlue - Big Blue Taxi Service Defunct | Autoplay music
    • Mula - 100% Certified Drivers Penang Only

    Ride Sharing

    • GoCar - An Alternative to Car Rentals Car rental by the hour
    • OBike - Station-less Bike Sharing Limited locations
    • EdgeRent - Car Rental Marketplace
    • DriveMY - Car Rental Portal
    • Roadaz - Peer-to-Peer Car Rental
    • Cosmos - Electric Vehicle Rental

    • Dego - On Demand Fleet In the news for banned bike service
    • JustLorry - Reliable Lorry Bookings
    • TheLorry - Book A Lorry Within Minutes
    • EzyHaul - Connecting Shippers with Carriers
    • ezCourier - Peer-to-Peer Logistics
    • Send - Deliver an Experience
    • GoGet - On Demand Delivery
    • MatDespatch - Same Day Delivery

    Parking Unverified coverage

    • AirAsia - Widest Network, Lowest Fares
    • Firefly - True Malaysian App at bottom of page
    • Malindo - Hop On Anytime App at bottom of page
    • MAS -  We Fly Web app
    • KTMB - Intercity Train
    • KLTransit - Commuter Train Arrival Times
    • CatchThatBus - Buy Bus Tickets

    Swiss Innovation: Autonomous Fleets

    When: Tue, July 4, 6:30pm – 9:30pm, 2017
    Where: Mettā, California Tower, Hong Kong
    Admission: Free
    Info: Attend | Venue

    Every year, venturelab selects the most promising Swiss-based startups for an international business development boosting program. The ten winners, the "Swiss Startup National Team" travel to Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Organized in partnership with swissnex China and the Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong, the program consists of numerous opportunities for face-to-face discussions with leaders of the high-tech community. venturelab alumni includes:
    • Lemoptix (acquired by Intel) - Micro-Opto-Electromechanical systems
    • Faceshift (acquired by Apple) - Facial motion capture and animation
    • Composyt Light Labs (acquired by Intel) - Ultra compact wearable display

    Swiss Startup National Team via
    • Astrocast - Low cost machine-to-machine comms using nano satellites
    • BestMile - World's first cloud platform for autonomous fleets [top video]
    • Climeworks - Capture carbon dioxide from ambient air for industrial use
    • Flyability - Drones for inaccessible places and dangerous missions
    • Lunaphore - Fast diagnostic assays for tumours
    • Oviva - Medical nutritional therapy
    • MyTechnis - Floor monitoring system (footsteps as data)
    • UrbanFarmers - Monetise your vacant industrial rooftop space 
    • Viu - Swiss designed, custom, handmade glasses
    • ZuriMED - Revolutionary device for knee ligament reconstruction

    Other Swiss Startups via
    • Nexiot - Track physical assets (eg. shipping containers) with IoT devices
    • ScanTrust - Copy proof QR code to authenticate genuine products
    • BioWatch - Login using your watch (which checks your veins)
    • ComfyLight - Light bulbs with built in security motion sensor
    • Gamaya - Crop analysis using hyperspectral imaging
    • PureSwissAir - Pure mountain swiss air in a can
    • LessSA - Precision lighting for professional and industrial use

    This Week more
    Link Wed 14:30  Entrepreneurship: Cufica LaFamiglia Cedar @ Subang
    Link Wed 18:30  Competitive Advantage as a Smart Nation @ Singapore
    Link Thu  19:00  Anatomy of a Blockchain @ HongKong
    Link Thu  19:00  AWS: Distributed Video Using Lambda @ Kerinchi New
    Link Thu  20:00  DrinkEntrepreneurs: Storiiu Vineria @ Bangsar
    Link Fri    09:00  AEC: Spreading Your Wings in ASEAN @ MITI Full
    Link Fri    15:00  Fintech Regulatory Bootcamp @ BankNegara

    Next Week [Week beginning 29th May 2017]
    Link Tue  13:30  The Influence of DFTZ @ Sunway New
    Link Tue  19:30  Starting from Scratch: MDEC & DentsuAegis @ BU
    Link Wed 09:00  Tour of ADAX @ Kerinchi New
    Link Wed 15:00  Workplace of The Future @ Singapore
    Link Wed 18:30  FFF: Fabulous Female Fluffups @ Singapore
    Link Wed 19:00  Ladies: MadeReal StyleLease LadyBoss @ Singapore
    Link Wed 19:30  Entering the China Market @ Singapore
    Link Thu  08:30  Gorgeous Geeks: eCommerce @ Sentral New
    Link Thu  14:00  Digital Hub: MDEC Maybank TheCo @ Bangsar
    Link Thu  14:30  Prospects for EU, Brexit and EU-Asia @ UM
    Link Thu  19:00  PrestaShop Meetup @ Amcorp
    Link Thu  19:30  Unreal Developers Gathering @ ShahAlam