Microsoft's latest gadget gets our nod for banner showcase.

Polycon 2016: Digital Media Symposium

When: Wed, Nov 9, 8am – Fri, Nov 11, 8pm, 2016
Where: Level 5, Enterprise 4, Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 350
Info: Event | Schedule | Tickets | Venue

Poly-Conference, from the word polymath, has a primary focus of disseminating art, design and media technology knowlege and skills. Topics include:
  • Think of Your Box before Thinking Outside The Box - Yukio Nakayama, Dentsu
  • Forward to Human - Kentaro Kimura, Hakuhodo Kettle
  • Designing Media Space - Irwin Quemener, Clone Production
  • The Future Of Maker Movement - Ricky Ye, DFRobot
  • Algorithmic Alchemy - Raven Kwok, RavenKwok
  • Craftsmanship and Technology - Nattavut Luenthaisong, BeOurFriend
  • Design Your Life So You Can Kick Ass 365 - Pum Lefebure, Design Army
  • Design Impact - Johnason Lo, JL Design
  • Digital Art Connecting Art & Science - Takasu Masakazu, teamLab
  • 18 Years In China - Kevin Lee, Leagas Delaney
  • #independent  #collective - Javin Mo, Milkxhake
The first event in the above list will be at Sunway Resort Auditorium A, the last at TheOneAcademy. Polycon 2016 consists of the symposium, masterclasses, exhibition and other activities and runs from 5th to 12th of November.

Hacking for IoT Startups

When: Thu, November 3, 9am – 2pm, 2016
Where: Connexion, Bangar South, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Poster | Attend | Venue

[High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV) Manufacturing Services Seminar and Business Matching] High-Mix refers to a product that go through design variations after manufacturing starts, Low-Volume refers to short production runs. Both are anathema to traditional manufacturing.

But if you want to make and sell a custom gadget (say a cute home camera) with a small first run quantity and still-developing specifications, where would you go?

 Improve your time-to-market and keep ahead of competitors.. Target audience: IoT Startups looking to speed up product prototyping and commercialization, SMEs with embedeed or IoT products looking form HMLV manufacturing. Presenters:
  • CEEDtec - Outsourced engineering design and manufacturing
  • Cytron - Electronic components supplier
  • K-One - Full service turnkey, box-build manufacturing
  • OptimaKlasik - OEM and ODM manufacturer

Related Events
Link Nov 01  Robotics Exposition @ Singapore
Link Nov 14  IoT Week @ Penang  [top image]
Link Nov 18  Smart Cities IoT Hackathon @ Penang

SCxSC 2016: Digital Finance

When: Thu, Nov 3, 9am – Fri, Nov 4, 5pm, 2016
Where: Securities Commission, Persiaran Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free [not specifically stated]
Info: Event | Venue

SCxSC 2016 is the annual conference organized by Securities Commission Malaysia. This year’s conferencer will revolve around specific areas of Digital Finance. Topics include:

P2P Finance
  • Angus Sanders, Funding Circle (P2P lender that even the UK gov lends to)
  • Kevin Guo, Dianrong (The lending club of China)
  • Sunil Aranha, ThinCats (Peer-to-peer lending)
  • Chris Bryki. Stockspot (AU’s fastest growing automated investment service)
  • Keir Veskiväli, Smartly (Automate FB and Instagram advertising)
Distributed Ledger
  • Justin Amos, HyperLedger (Blockchain for business) [top image]
  • Jan-Arie Bijloos, Otonomos (incorporate your company instantly online)

In addition, there will a panel on Equity Crowdfunding by the six operators licensed by the Securities Commission: PitchIn, Crowdo, CrowdPlus, AtaPlus, FundedByMe and Eureeca, and presentations by crowded funding campaigns including Neurowave, Slurp and SubHome.

ASEAN Startup Awards 2016

When: Fri, October 28, 6pm – 10pm, 2016
Where: HallONE, Roxas Boulevard Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

[ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2016] The Rice Bowl Startup Awards is an exciting series of events throughout Southeast Asia that lauds those in the startup community who show exemplary talent in their field. It will be an elegant evening of glam, bustling energy, exhilarating intellectual stimulation and esteemed guests. Organized by NEF and MaGIC in partnership with GSA, and hosted in conjunction with an unconference. A selection of finalists [not featured in Calendata before]:
  • Oway - Mynamar's fastest growing online travel company (MM)
  • SkyEye - Property visualization through drones (PH)
  • BookMeBus - Book buses, taxis, ferries and tours (KH)
  • TicketBox - Online event ticket box office (VN)
  • eFishery - Smart fish feeding system (ID) [top image]
  • MeloCamp - Find that catchy tune you just heard (MM)
  • WiFi Interactive Network - Sponsor WiFi to the un-broadband-ed (PH)
  • DeepPocket - Mobile e-wallet (TH)
  • PengPos - Groceries on demand (KH)
  • Meete - Food + Nonpeak + Geolocation + Groupon (VN)
  • KlongDinsor - Social Enterprise: tactile drawing kit (TH)
  • UDoctor - Social Enterprise: free online doctor service (VN)

The Week [week beginning October 24th 2016]
Link Mon 17:30  Pitch: IBM Venture Capital Group @ KualaLumpur
Link Mon 18:30  How to Fulfill Crowd Funded Projects @ HongKong Full
Link Mon 20:00  Post iOS Conference Briefing @ MidValley New
Link Tue  08:45  Technology Funding Symposium @ Cyberjaya Closed
Link Tue  13:30  Doing Business in Vietnam @ Sunway
Link Tue  19:30  Women Founders Night: Deborah Magid @ KLCC New
Link Tue  19:30  Foundations of UX Research @ Bangsar Full
Link Tue  09:00  Public Sector Open Data Hackathon @ Cyberjaya
Link Wed 18:00  Programmatic Ads: Truth or Lies? @ Publika
Link Wed 19:30  YCM: CEO of Lazada @ Intercontinental New
Link Thu  08:30  TMEF SME Tech Summit @ MontKiara
Link Thu  17:30  Leadership for a Fractured World @ Sunway
Link Thu  19:30  A Stanford Experience @ Bangsar Full
Link Thu  20:00  DrinkEntrepreneurs @ Bangsar New
Link Fri    10:00  Prof Rita Colwell, Molecular Genetics @ UM New
Link Fri    15:00  IPO: An Alternative to Series B @ Singapore New
Link Sat   11:00  What Makes Good Design @ PetalingJaya

Inclusive Innovation Challenge

When: Wed, October 26, 9am – Thu, October 27, 5pm, 2016
Where: TH Convention Centre, Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

[ Cabaran Inovasi Inklusif 2016 ] The Malaysian Innovation Foundation (YIM)'s subsidiary YIM Technology Resources (YTR) is tasked to implement the High Impact Program 6: Inclusive Innovation (HIP 6) under the SME Masterplan. As part of this program, YTR is organizing the Inclusive Innovation Challenge 2016 to provide an opportunity for Malaysians to be recognized for creative and innovative ideas in inclusive innovation. The competition will be held Malaysia-wide (registration):
  • Oct  26-27  North (Kedah, Penang, Perak, Perlis)
  • Nov 23-24  East Coast (Kelantan, Pahang, Terengganu)
  • Nov 29-30  Central & South (GreaterKL, [Johor], Melaka, N9, Selangor)
  • Dec 21-22  East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan)

YIM Inclusive Innovation
Tinkerer/grassroots/rural innovations from a documentary series by YIM:
  • Propeller - Alternative to expensive imported propellers (Selangor)
  • Angel Hook - A new kind of drip stand (Perlis)
  • GerabakAirHitam - Low cost harvest transporter (Johor)
  • MiniDrum - A drum set that is easy to carry, transport and setup (Sabah)
  • SatayPort - Automated, smokeless satay grill (Johor)
  • Neera Café - A faster way to harvest palm syrup (Perlis)
  • Wau Lipat - Foldable big kites for easier transport (Kedah)
  • Taj's 3D Scrabble - 3D Scrabble for learning chemistry (Selangor)
  • SosCharKueyTeow - Cook delicious CKT even if you are unskilled (Melaka)
  • NaviSense - Ultrasonic navigation for the visually impaired (Selangor)
  • SpinningTop - Nylon replacement for traditional wooden top (Pahang)
  • X-Ray Kompang - Drum made from recycled x-ray films (Melaka)
  • Mikro Hidro - Rural micro hydroelectricity (Sabah)

MIT Inclusive Innovation
MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy Inclusive Innovation Competition 2016 winners:
  • Humans + Machines: use technology to augment human labor
    99° - Sew-free apparel manufacturing that pays workers well 
  • Skills: re-skill employees and people for new types of jobs
    YearUp - Go from young-adult poverty to professional careers in one year
  • Matching: connect people to new types of jobs
    Laboratoria - We look for coding talent where no one else is looking
  • New Modelsbusiness models that revolutionize markets & opportunities
  • Iora - Healthcare that gets paid when you are healthy, not when you are sick

ASEAN FinTech Panel

When: Wed, Oct 19, 10am–12pm
Where: Maybank Innovation Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

Calling fintech players and enthusiasts, this is one panel discussion you mustn't miss. With FinTech ecosystem players from Thai FinTech Club and UOB-IIPL FinLab here in Kuala Lumpur with Next Money KL as the community partner in collaboration with the KL Venture Club, this event is an opportunity to meet the top regional ecosystem leaders.


Selection of TFTC Members info
  • MoneyTable - Create your own private bank
  • Everex - Put currencies, equities, commodities on the blockchain
  • Jitta - Smart stock analysis
  • PeerPower - Peer-to-peer lending [top image]
  • Coins - Bitcoin wallet
  • Digio - Turn your smartphone into a credit card

Selection of FinLab Startups info

This Week [miscellaneous events for the week beginning October 17th, 2016]
  • Link Mon 08:00  Trade and Industry Talks @ Matrade 
  • Link Tue  09:00  GridMarkets, Twenty3, CrowdPlus @ AraDamansara
  • Link Tue  19:30  12 Factor Javascript @ Sentul
  • Link Thu  08:30  Women in the Shark Tank @ Sentral New
  • Link Thu  08:30  Selangor International Expo @ Mines New
  • Link Thu  09:30  Open Goverment Conference @ Sunway
  • Link Sat   10:00  Marketing Collaterals @ KualaLumpur
  • Link Sat   11:00  Should Philosophy be Taught in Schools? @ PetalingJaya
  • Link Sat   13:00  SubHome, BabyDash, Dazzles, ScienceBridge @ Bangsar
  • Link Sat   15:00  Rebel Queen @ Sentral

Digital First Challenger Banks

Atom Bank: CEO Mark Mullen (UK)

Monzo Bank (previously Mondo): CEO Tom Blofield (UK)

Power of IoT and Emerging Technologies

When: Thu, October 13 – Sun, October 16, 2016
Where: HKCEC, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Sched | Exhibitors | Venue | Out | In

[Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2016] The electronics fair and the concurrent electronicAsia form the world’s largest electronics marketplace. Conference topics:
  • Accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy - Tesla
  • The Mesh of Interconnected Devices and AI - Amazon
  • Innovative Materials Solutions for the Smart City - NAMI
  • The Future of Connected Living - Euromonitor
  • Unlocking Smart Home Opportunities - Qualcomm
  • 2020 IoT Discovery and Enterprise Disruptions - Myndar
  • First Step of Your Startup Project - Indiegogo
  • Latest Trends in Integrated Circuits - CreativeChips
Product highlights from the fair:
  • X-ridersK7 - Foldable electric trike
  • Intellie - Robot helper for events 
  • Wiso - Smart whistle with audible alarm that does preset calls and SMSes.
  • Flap2Go - Wearable that does selfies, anti-lost, pedometer, sleep monitor
  • UDrive - Thumbdrive sized add-on computer and telemetric tracker for cars
  • iStrap - Bluetooth luggage tracker
  • iDisplay - Electronic shelf label
  • iLinkPack - Backpack with chargers, hotspot, anti-theft, bluetooth speakers
[Top image: Electronic shelf label via Mirador, for illustration only.] 

Payment Innovations for Cross Border eCommerce

When: Sat, October 22, 2:45pm – 3:45pm, 2016
Where: Mines, Seri Kembangan, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 60
Info: Event | Programme | Attend | Venue

[SITEC Southeast Asia E-Commerce Conference 2016] The conference tackles hot topics n the regional e-Commerce with topics on business models, branding, payments, logistics and trends. The panelists for payments:
  • Eng Sheng Guan, CEO, MOLPay
  • Chan Kok Long, Founder, iPay88
  • Raj Lorenz, Group CEO, GHL

Selected Features
  • MOLPay 
    • Countries: my, sg, cn, ph, vn, au, th, id
    • Secure 1Click - Online payment that requires only CVV and OTP
    • MOLCash - Pay cash at 7-11 and Petronas stations
    • MOLWallet - App based eWallet [top image]
    • Escrow - Act as trusted 3rd party between buyer and seller
  • iPay88 
    • Countries: my, id, ph, sg, cn
    • Direct Link - Handles payments, credit cards for your website
    • Virtual Terminal - Accept credit cards via a browser & card reader
    • IVR - Payment using phone only and interactive voice response
    • mPOS - Mobile point of sale system using phone & card reader
  • eGHL 
    • Countries: my, ph, th, au
    • Enterprise payment processing for fuel stations, airlines etc
    • e-Debit - Payment using ATM card
    • e-Pay - POS, reloads, bill payment, jompay, touchngo
    • AirPOS - POS for iOS, Android and other OS

Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab 2016

Further to our previous post on Fintech acceleration, here is our pick of startups selected for Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab 2016 (and 2015).

  • OpenChain - Open source distributed ledger
  • TouchTech - 3 factor authentication that is easy to use
  • BSecur - 2nd gen biometric authentication that uses heartbeat 2015
  • Blend - Debit card for bitcoin 2015
  • Antuar - Next gen ATM that is more like a branch staff 2015

New York
  • AlphaPoint - White label blockchain solutions provider
  • Cambridge - User id & privacy that is controlled by the user using blockchain
  • QuaRule - Compliance & risk management cannot be done on spreadsheets
  • Syndicated Loan Direct - Simplifying the syndicated loan market
  • TRex - Find investment opportunities in renewable energy

  • PayKey - Transact money over Twitter, WeChat using a special soft keyboard
  • ZeroDB - Encrypted data that can be safely handled by outsourced parties
  • Voleo - Stock investment for millennials that is fun and profitable
  • AlgoDynamix - Anticipate price movements hours or even days in advance
  • AimBrain - Biometric authentication for in-the-wild mobile banking

Asia Pacific
  • Privé - Intelligent wealth management [top video]
  • RelativeIdentity - Unique two-way hashed authentication 2015
  • KYC Chain - Know your customer (KYC) blockchain
  • Lattice - De-noise your investment portfolio
  • TNG - eWallet that does banking, forex, P2P transfers, cash withdrawal

Financial Technology Bootcamp

When: Tue, November 1, 9:30am – 3:30pm
Where: BASH, Block 79, Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Apply | Venue

[Startupbootcamp FinTech FastTrack] Are you the next big FinTech Startup? If yes, join Startupbootcamp and present to mentors, business partners and investors. Mentors:
Also held in Kuala Lumpur on December 1st. 2016, mentors TBA.

Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab 2016 Hong Kong
  • ChartIQ - Charting library and SDK for capital markets
  • HedgeSPA - Predictive analytics for hedge funds
  • KYC Chain - Know your customer (KYC) blockchain
  • Lattice - De-noise your investment portfolio
  • Privé - Bionic (algorithm-based) wealth management
  • Seerene - Software project management system
  • Siork - Use NLP to detect laundering, terrorist financing, fraud etc
  • TNG - eWallet that does banking, forex, P2P transfers, cash withdrawal
Top video is of Accenture's Fintech Innovation Lab. The lab is not related to Startupbootcamp but may have similar characteristics.

Elevator Pitch, Literally

One minute pitch going up the Eiffel Tower by Redtree Robotics, 2015.

When: Thu, October 13, 4:30pm–10pm, 2016
Where: Sky100, ICC, Hong Kong
Admission: HKD 500 [ USD 65 includes admission to Sky100 and unlimited F&B]
Info: Event | Brochure | AgendaAttend | Venue | Outside | Inside

[The Elevator World Tour Hong Kong 2016]  The Elevator World Tour™ takes place in the world’s most impressive elevators, in innovative start-up cities. In each city, 100 start-ups compete for the chance to win an investment of up to $100,000.

Since 2013, the Tour has been running in CN Tower in Toronto, Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv and Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Hong Kong tour, the first of its kind in [East] Asia, is organised by Hong Kong Science Park (HKSTP) and La Fondation du Startup de Montreal (Startupfest) in Hong Kong’s tallest building, the ICC.

The elevator pitch competition came from the notion that it shouldn't take longer than the time needed for an elevator ride to communicate the important elements of one's business. [It takes 60 seconds for the elevator to ascend the 100 stories of ICC.]

Pick of Participating Startups
  • Heartisans - A watch that has an electrocardiogram, blood pressure monitor
  • Heycoins - An ATM that accepts coins
  • FormAndShape - Platform for designers with no startup capital
  • CathayPhotonics - Make surfaces harder by applying a nano-layer of sapphire
  • ShopLovers - Shoppers & designers collaborate for new fashion designs
  • Streamphony - Mobile TV service using nextgen streaming tech
  • AddWeUp - Foreign currency exchange kiosk
  • Eoniq - A custom made watch that buyers custom design themselves
  • DartsConnect - A darts game that is both online and offline
  • IKnewIt - Make football predictions social [vs gambling]
  • LesCabinets - Make public bathroom experiences "less misérable"
  • Medoxo - Medical robotic glove
  • Mindset - Headphones that also monitor your brain activity
  • Nosh - Virtual restaurant [central kitchen, uses food delivery startups]
  • Novus - Environmentally friendly alternative to ocean polluting micro-beads
  • MyWebSpot - WiFi dongle that allows internet access in over 100 countries
  • Nicole's - Jams, sauces and teas
  • NeoMechanics - A better seal for engines and machinery
  • Pakpobox - Smart-lockers that has signed up HongkongPost and SingPost
  • Pokeguide - Waze for public transport users and pedestrians
  • PolyDigi - Patent pending SIM-card based 2F authentication
  • Retraction - Improved surgical tool for pin-hole surgery
  • Skipmenu - Convert pesky voice menus "press 1 for..." into visual menus
  • R-Guardian - Turn ordinary products into smart products
  • Sonikure - Deliver drugs into the eye without needles using ultrasound

Circular Economy Makerthon

When: Sat, Oct 8, 8am–Sun, Oct 9, 6pm, 2016
Where: MCMC, Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 20
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

MCMC myMaker in collaboration with SEAMNET is hosting SEA Makerthon Kuala Lumpur 2016 with the theme Consumer Electronics in Circular Economy: Managing Waste in Today’s World. The winners wiil be competing in the grand finale at InnovASEAN 2016 in Singapore the week after. Categories:
  • 2nd Life - Upcycle, reverse engineer, rebuild.
  • Junk into Energy - Turn junk into energy sources
  • Track & Trace - Track where junk comes from and goes to.

Form a team of no more than 4 or find a team on event day, and bring your own electronic junk and potential supporting hardware. myMaker IOT Lab will provide 3D printers, laser cutters, hand tools, soldering tools, multimeters, cardboard boxes, stationery. [Possible sample projects:
  • Old phone - Turn it into an alarm clock
  • Old bicycle - Turn it into an ebike or electric generator
  • Old bicycles - Turn them into a table [top image via homeedit]
  • Old computer - Give it a 2nd life by installing Linux, OpenOffice]

This Weekend
Link Sat 09:00  Google Day @ Penang Full [bottom image]
Link Sat 09:00  Women Summit @ QuillCityMall
Link Sat 09:00  Bringing a Product to Market @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat 09:00  Bahtera Utara @ Kedah
Link Sat 09:00  Startup Quest @ Shah Alam New
Link Sat 10:00  Design Exhibition @ Singapore
Link Sat 10:00  ZineFest + IndieComics + DistroDay @ PetalingaJaya
Link Sat 10:00  iGEM Green Exhibition @ KLCC New
Link Sat 11:00  Photography Festival @ MidValley
Link Sat 11:00  GovTech Exhibition @ Singapore New
Link Sat 02:30  CodeArmyX Demo Day @ Cyberjaya New

Conference on Disruptive Technologies

When: Fri, October 7, 9am – 8pm, 2016
Where: Cyberport 3, Telegraph Bay, Hong Kong
Admission: Free [Estimated]
Info: Event | Agenda | Attend | Venue

[The Future of Innovation: Conference on Disruptive Technologies] The conference focuses on the successful adoption of cutting edge technologies in the development of futuristic innovations. From panel discussions to fireside chats, keynote addresses to a pitching competition Topics include:
  • When Robotics Meets Artificial Intelligence - Wei Qi, CTO, Ehang
  • Mobile Infinity - Howie Huang, Head of Technology, GWC
  • Bionics [as in Six Million Dollar Man] - Homayoon Kazerooni, Founder, suitX
  • Virtual Reality Now and Future - Steve Raymond, President, 8i
  • The Innovation Frontier inside VCs - lan Chan, Managing Partner, Vectr
  • From Formula E racing to Building Electric Cars - William Li, Chairman, NextEV
  • Artificial Intelligence Changes Everything - Qiang Yang, Professor, HKUST
  • Fireside chat with HK Startups - Dmitry Solodovnikov, Founder, LT Render 
[Video below: Starting up the 'old school' way by Ehang.]

Digital Entrepreneur: Smart Mobility

When: Thu, October 6, 9am – 6pm, 2016
Where: Cyberport, Telegraph Bay, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Agenda | Attend | Venue

[Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum DELF 2016: The Future of Smart Mobility] Smart Mobility is more than just about cars and hardware. Innovators and savvy entrepreneurs are continuously shaping smart city mobility future by creating more advanced digital platforms and better experiences to smarten daily living, marketplace, business operations dynamics and governance. Topics (abbreviated) include:
  • The Mobility Unified Ecosystem - Susan Zielinski, MD, SMART
  • What Will Smart Mobility Look Like? - Ken Belotsky, CFO, Bright Box
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies for EV Racing - Alejandro Agag, CEO, Formula-E
  • Smart Mobility, Smart City - Redg Snodgrass, CEO, Wearable IoT Labs
  • Entrepreneurship Drives Smart Mobility - David Wu, Chairman, Leopard Mobile
  • Transforming The Logistics Industry -  Andrew Chan, CMO, Aftership
  • Global Outlook of Electric Vehicles - Prof. Chan Ching Chuen, HKU
  • Internet of Vehicles IoV - Albert Lam, Chairman, Detroit Electric 
  • EV Battery: Second Life [Reuse] - Haruchika Ishii, Scientist, Toshiba

Alumni Startup Showcase

When: Wed, October 5, 6:30pm – 9:00pm, 2016
Where: Venture Lab, N-House, Block 15 Prince George's Park, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

N House Open House startup showcase is back! From alumni who have already established their foothold to hot new ideas, find out how they plan to disrupt and rock the market. Be ready to get exposed to novel business ideas, and highly inspired passionate founders!

[N-House is a residential block housing returning alumni who went to NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC), and also those who are currently undergoing the local iLEAD internship program with Singapore start-ups.]

Startups at the event include:

10 x Internet of Things

When: Thu, October 6, 7pm – 10pm, 2016
Where: The Foundation (NEF), Jalan PJU 8/8, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

Are you looking to empower an industry with IoT, work in a company that that revolves around IoT, or just want to learn more about the IoT? This is the networking meet up for you. Panelists:

This Week [Week beginning October 3rd, 2016]
Link Sat   10:00  eNTERWIP Online Entrepreneurs Convention @ PWTC
Link Tue  18:00  Demystifying Blockchain, Bitcoin & Fintech @ Cyberjaya
Link Wed 18:00  Game Developers Hangout @ KualaLumpur
Link Thu  08:00  Agile: The Future Has Arrived @ Singapore
Link Thu  08:00  Red Hat Forum @ GrandHyatt
Link Thu  18:30  Startup Capital: Avana, PitchIn, TinkBig, Captii @ Sentul

Manufacturing Solutions Expo: Industry 4.0

When: Wed, October 12, 9am – Fri, October 14, 5pm, 2016
Where: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

MSE 2016 is a 3-day expo which aims to unveil the latest manufacturing methods and showcase ways to improve productivity across the industries. MSE 2016 showcases Industrial Automation, Digital Factory, Supply Chain and Green Solutions and offers over 50 free seminars and a conference. Topics include:
  • Industry 4.0 Impact in ASEAN - Nomura
  • What Makes Industry 4.0 Smart? - ATS Global
  • Industrial Revolution in Manufacturing Industry - Nomura
  • From Manufacturing to Service Sector - Aitech Robotics
  • Hybrid Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing - SIMTech
  • Transforming from a Contract Manufacturer to an Inventor - NSP Tech
  • Improvising Warehouse Visibility and Productivity with RFID - Keystone Cable
  • Transforming SME Printing Process through Mobile Workflow - United Graphic
  • Green Productivity and Material Flow Cost Accounting - GAC Ventures
  • The Rise of the Mighty5 [ID, IN, MY, TH, VN] - Deloitte & Touche
  • How Does Currency Changes Affect Your Profit Margin? - Oanda
  • Knowing Your Competitive Edge Through Simulation - Advent2 Labs
[Organized by SMF and Sphere. Industry 4.0 is 'robots'. Image by]

DrinkEntrepreneurs @ Como

When: Thu, Sept 29, 8pm – 11:30pm, 2016
Where: Como, Electric Boulevard, TREC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: Free [MYR 25 at the door]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

For the 30th KL edition, DrinkEntrepreneurs will be held in a new location at Como (an updated version of Pisco Bar). You will get an exclusive privilege to be part of the pre-launch of the newest social app in town Ditto (meetup for millennials). Meet great people passionate about entrepreneurship over chilled drinks.

Link 09:30  SME CEO Forum @ KLCC
Link 10:00  SME Solutions Expo @ KLCC
Link 10:00  ITX Asia Exhibition @ KLCC
Link 19:00  Fintech Fundamentals @ Singapore
Link 19:30  eApparel: 10 Million Bucks @ PJ

CyberSale: VideoMic, BudgetGoPro, GoodVirtues

#MyCyberSale gathers popular eTailers for a mega online sale for a week from 26th to 30th September 2016. Expect significant discounts on products & services and free shipping from participating eTailers. Organized by MDEC, supported by KPDNKK, CSMSMECorpMOH and MATRADE.
Rode VideoMic Me Directional microphone for smartphones. Suitable for phones in which the audio jack can double-up as a mic jack (newer iPhones, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Optimus, Galaxy). MYR 318 [ USD 77 ] @ ShaShinKi

Salpido 4K Sports Cam 170° wide angle lens, video recording at 4K, 1080p or 720p resolution, comes with full accessories, water resistant to 60m. MYR 299 [ USD 72 ] @ Sold

Good Virtues Co Personal care range infused with organic Habbatus Sauda oil with no synthetic colourants. From left: Shower Cream, Hair Conditioner, Clarifying Shampoo, each @ MYR 8.60 [ USD 2 ] @ Good Virtues Co.

Fintech O2O: Time To Pick The Winners

When: Tue, September 27, 9:00am – Wed, September 28, 12:30pm, 2016
Where: Cyberport 3, Hong Kong
Admission: USD 150
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

The Fintech O2O initiative began in 2015 as a monthly meet up in Hong Kong, co-organized by Cyberport and NexChange. Now in its second year, the initiative has grown into a global series with events planned in New York, London, Toronto and Shanghai. Register now to join 400+ professionals and 35+ speakers from 35+ countries! Topics (abbreviated titles, only one panelist listed) include:
  • Payments: Time to Pick Winners from Losers - Ajmal Samuel, Octo3
  • Asset Management and Digital Disruption - Andrew Economos, ex-JP Morgan
  • RegTech: Another Brick in the Wall - Philippa Allen, Compliance Asia
  • Bridging Traditional Finance and Fintech - Jouko Ahvenainen, Grow VC
  • Cross Border Fintech Opportunities - Travis Lundy, SmartKarma
  • Wealth of Potential in Fintech Asset Management - Wing Cheung, Lattice
  • Blockchain: Beyond the Buzzword - Leonhard Weese, Bitcoin Association
  • Adapting to an Efficient Investment World - Chris Ryan, MSCI [top]
  • How Fintech is Affecting Insurers - John Brisco, Manulife
  • Customer Engagement and Gamification - Isabella Carvalho, EY
  • Cybersecurity: Threats Around Every Corner - Emily Tan, CNBC

MDEC: Data-Driven Startup Bootcamp

When: Mon, September 26, 9am – 5pm, 2016
Where: Tech Mahindra, Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue

Designed specifically for startups/young companies looking to transform and accelerate its venture to the next level using data. It provides the launchpad for real world, hands-on learning of what it’s like to actually start a digital company. The program will cover best practices for developing products and businesses based on validated learning, getting customer feedback quickly and often, growth hacking and approaches of using data in your startup.

Conducted by by Incubio, an accelerator from Barcelona that specializes in the creation of projects that offer business processes as a service using Big Data technologies and has vast experiences working with startups through their accelerator program.

This Week [Week beginning September 26th, 2016]
Link Mon 19:00  Future of Innovation Government @ Singapore
Link Mon 19:00  TeAM, Microsoft, GirlsInTech, Google @ Publika
Link Tue   08:30  Microsoft Bina @ KualaLumpur [Bina = Build]
Link Thu  19:00  PurelyB, DishByIli, WatchOverMe, Jocom @ Sentral
Link Thu  19:30  Shannon Toh: 10 Million Bucks @ GloDamansara
Link Fri    17:30  ValueBuy, MajalahNiaga, BeyondBorders @ Cyberjaya
Link Fri    19:30  H2go, LifeBeyondBins, BabylonVerticalFarms @ Sentul

Artificial Intelligence Accelerator

When: Sun, September 25, 3pm – 5pm, 2016
Where: Online / Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Apply is an early-stage funding program for artificial intelligence and machine learning companies based out of Hong Kong. Beginning in Fall 2016 (around Sept 2016), the program will run for 12 weeks, providing startups with seed funding, and access to a global network of AI/ML entrepreneurs, experts, and renowned investors. Apply by September 25th, 2016. Terms:
  • USD 20,000 for 6% share
  • Be in HK to meet mentors in the 1st month, and Demo Day in the 3rd month

A selection of AI startups:
  • 6sense - Predict when your customers are going to buy
  • MindMeld - A UI that is based on conversations, not buttons or clicks
  • Persado - Call to Action that is powered by AI
  • EchoBox - Power your FB and Twitter referrals using AI, not analytics
  • Grip - Tinder for corporate events (with AI matchmaking thrown in)
  • Cleo - A bot that gives you financial advice like McKinsey consultants

Other Startup Intakes [date shown is the application due date or event date]
Link Sep 21  StarBurst Aerospace Accelerator @ Singapore [over]
Link Sep 26  Uber-MaGIC Next Great Idea @ Cyberjaya
Link Sep 30  Startup Weekend Artisan @ Penang
Link Oct  01  Seedstars Kuala Lumpur @ KLCC
Link Oct  03  MDEC Fintech Bootcamp @ Cyberjaya
Link Oct  06  Google Demo Day for Women @ Google
Link Oct  06  Seedstars Singapore @ Collision8
Link Oct  07  Startup Weekend Women @ Sentral
Link Oct  15  Startup Quest @ ShahAlam
Link Nov 01  Fintech FastTrack @ Singapore
Link Nov 03  A-Start Central Biotech Incubator @ Singapore
Link Nov 10  Lattice80: World's Biggest Fintech Incubator @ Singapore
Link Nov 15  Chivas Social Enterprise Venture @ Malaysia

Acapella Zepto Robotics Freewill

When: Fri, Sept 23, 8:30pm – Sat, Sept 24, 10pm
Where: Playspace Live, Damansara Perdana
Admission: MYR 30
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

We [The 4 of Us] are very excited to be having our first ever full-length show. Come join us for an evening of aca-goodness, showcasing some of our favourites from our years of singing together and some exciting new music. No matter your taste in music, there's bound to be something for everyone, so see you there! [Video below after the jump, click More Details.]

This Weekend
Link Thu 09:00  Distribute your Documentary @ Sentral
Link Thu 15:00  Alphacap [alumnus: Zepto] Demo Day @ Puchong
Link Thu 19:00  Social Good Summit @ Sentul
Link Fri   15:00  Introduction to the TARC Incubator @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat  08:30  Asean Skills Competition & TVET Conference @ Serdang New
Link Sat  09:00  Maxis Inspire Conference @ KLCC
Link Sat  18:00  AI, Robotics & BigData Hackathon @ UM
Link Sat  19:00  Regional Acapella Competition @ Singapore
Link Sun 17:00  Science vs Free Will @ Puiblika New

Social Enterprise Summit 2016

When: Sat, Sept 24, – Sun, Sept 25, 2016
Where: HKCEC, Hong Kong
Admission: HKD 400 [ USD 50 ]
Info: Brochure | Attend | Venue

The Social Enterprise Summit is one of the major events of the Hong Kong International Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Week and is intended to capture the new dynamics of social entrepreneurship around the world. Topics (abbreviated) include:
[Top image: Organic Strawberry Jam nade with 40% organic strawberries and fairly traded organic sugar from Otisa Sugar Mill in Paraguay. Traditional cooking in copper pans preserves the natural juiciness of the strawberries, giving the jam a succulent flavour. From: FairTaste]

SwitchOn @ LaunchPad

When:Wed, September 21, 3pm – 10pm. 2016
Where: LaunchPad, One North, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Brochure | Venue

As a partner event of Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH), SWITCH ON @ LaunchPad lets you experience and interact with Singapore's start-up community with product and technology showcases and open houses by more than 60 start-ups and incubators, partner events, and ending the night with a party at Timbre+.  Participants include:
  • Seedplus - Seed stage venture fund
  • TNFVentures - Early stage investor
  • Quest - Venture fund for startups with scability and replicability
  • CyLock - Two factor authentication that does not require a token or SMS
  • QuickDesk - Sales focused CRM for mobile users
  • CusJo: Customer journey analytics (customer feedback system)
  • QavarDocs - Document management system
  • Xpower - Sales territory design
  • JusSnap - Retrieve information from photos
  • Neeuro - Track your brainwaves
  • Dimension5 - Visualize an interior design before buying
  • PaperPlane - Creative studio
  • PigeonHole - Conduct Q&A via smartphones at conferences, town halls etc
  • DynaOptics - New type of camera lens that does zoom by moving vertically

SWITCH also features SLUSH. Among startups pitching at SLUSH are:
  • CyroWerx - Smart food dispenser, ideal for lunch time crush
  • AimPay - Mobile payment system that is based on sound, not NFC
  • Meggnify - Crowd labour: information gathering, mystery audit etc
  • eSynergy - Intelligent car battery that is lighter, non-toxic and lasts longer
  • PikBak - Reverse logistics: for handling purchase returns
  • PostCo - Collect or return your parcel at the nearest cafe
  • ReFash - Monetize your closet, peek into the closet of fashion influencers
  • Sadeem - Smart city flash flood sensors
  • SimGo - Do away with SIM cards and put the SIM service in the cloud
  • Delegate - Event vendors marketplace

Innovation Summit: Smart and Safe Cities

When: Thu, September 22, 9am – Fri, September 23, 6pm, 2016
Where: Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong
Admission: HKD 500 [ USD 65 ]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

[ APAC Innovation Summit 2016 ] Riding on the success of the past 11 years, this flagship event of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) plays an important role in knowledge transfer and business matching, bringing together a world cast of leading experts including academia, decision makers and thought leaders to exchange insights on the latest technology trends.

Conference topics include:
  • A City Data Market - Andrew Collinge, Greater London Authority 
  • Data Infrastructure Can Make Your City Smart - Larissa Romualdo-Suzuki, GLA
  • Future Smart Cities: Experience of Sweden - Olga Kordas , KTH
  • Kashiwano-no-ha: Japan's Smart City - Akihiko Tobe, Hitachi
  • The 100% Electric, Autonomous, Driverless Shuttle - Henri Coron, Navya [top]
  • 5G for Smart City Solutions Development - Paul Berriman, HKT 

Innovation presentations include:
  • eSpot - Light bulbs that can also do IoT, motion and environmental sensing
  • Euclideon - Scan an entire city in 3D for transportation, GIS etc
  • XYZrobot - No more "out of stock" retail service personnel
  • OSSS - Smart lock that does not require Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC
  • VGSmartGlass - Patented, lower cost smartglass that requires no electricity
  • IOE - Harvest energy from sun, thermal and even radio frequencies
  • R-Guardian - Security tag that is anti-lost, anti-counterfeit, comes with CRM
  • MeshInfinity - Mesh network for Safe City video surveillance 
  • MOPeasy - EV car sharing
  • PolyU - IoT smart parking system
  • Sterela - Weigh a vehicle (eg. overloaded lorry) that is in motion
  • SmartCable - Turn electric cables into temp sensors using Raman scattering

Technology Innovation 2016

When: Tue, Sept 20 – Wed, Sept 21, 2016
Where: Resorts World, Sentosa, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: EventAttend | Venue

Techinnovation Singapore 2016 is a premier technology-industry brokerage event organised by Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI). It brings together technology providers and seekers to explore technology and business collaboration opportunities through open innovation. For the first time, an Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) segment will feature partners from key European markets.

Topics include:
  • Innovation Landscape - Jordi Maluquer de Motes, Spain
  • Innovative Manufacturing Technologies  - Jaroslav Sobotka, Czech Republic
  • Opportunities for Cooperation - Juan Carmona-Schneider, Germany
  • French Technology and Innovation - Dr Martine Lesponne, France
  • The Strength of Creativity - Zita Majoros, Hungary

Techinnovation features an intellectual property exhibition that includes: