2017 Best Accelerators

 Forbes' Best Startup Accelerators 2017 info [& sample portfolio]

Alchemist info
  • Aatonomy - Selfie drone (flies and films you autonomously)
  • Mycrophone - Use your own phone as the wireless mike (vs clip-on)
  • Wivity - Plug-in security for IoT devices

Amplify info
  • Battefy - Platform for organising esports events
  • Card.com - A prepaid Mastercard or Visa card that acts like a bank account
  • HyperVR - Ultra high resolution six degree cinematic live action VR capture

AngelPad info
  • Apteligent - Track app data: load times, network events, user flows etc 
  • Fieldwire - Building construction app
  • Runnable - Testing environment based on Docker 

MuckerLab info
  • Everipedia - Make Wikipedia more like Instagram
  • Leaselock - Replace rental deposits with insurance
  • Surfair - Flights: pay one price, fly as many times as you like

NVC info #1 university accelerator program in the United States

StartX info
  • Alice - Parametric construction planner 
  • Fictiv - Parts fabricated and delivered in 24 hours
  • Pique - Cold brew crystallised tea crystals (vs tea leaves)

Techstars info
  • Exeq - RSS like feed of your spending and the spending of others...
  • Flux - Full digital receipts + loyalty app for Barclays, Starling & Monzo <<<
  • SeaMachines - Self driving for boats

Y Combinator info Batch of Winter 2018
  • Hippo - AR version of Instagram + Waze + GoogleMaps vid fixed
  • Sqreen - Protect your app from intrusion, SQLinjection, shellshock etc
  • Zyper - Manage the top 1%

Rice Bowls 2017

ASEAN Rice Bowl Startups Awards 2017 Sample finalists: [1]

  • MOA - Advertise in the top 50 Myanmar websites
  • FlexiblePass - ClassPass of Myanmar
  • Chatesat - Freelance jobs portal
  • Eragono - Agriculture app to buy materials, get bridging loans, sell produce
  • MallSampah - Recycling mall
  • StiCar - Put a giant ad sticker on your car and get paid for it
  • Glueck - Estimate age, gender, ethnicity, attention using AI facial recognition
  • Kayora - Online health store
  • Zoom - Motorbike delivery service which DahMakan, LifeJuice, BloomThis use
  • SkyEye - Leading drone service in the Philippines
  • Honesty - Developer of dating, conference, college apps
  • Ayannah - Digital top-ups, sales, remittances and gifts
  • QueQ - Queuing + restaurant booking and ordering system
  • Shippop - Online logistics system
  • DreamOffice - Co-working space
  • Robot3T - Robotics and industrial automation
  • EyeQ - OOH (outside of the home) advertising, CRM, ticketing
  • CLAS - EMR (electronic medical records), RIS (radiology information system)

This Week more [Week beginning 11 December 2017]
Link Tue  15:00  Ecommerce: FavePay 361° Rendeur @ Bangsar
Link Wed 17:30  Asean Rice Bowl Startup Awards @ KLCC [1]
Link Wed 18:30  DailySocial e27 Convergence Kata.ai Mcash @ Jakarta
Link Thu  19:00  FoodTech: SaladStop MakiSan Oddle @ Singapore
Link Fri    10:00  Public Relations 101 @ Bangsar
Link Sat   09:00  IoT Hackathon @ Kerinchi
Link Sat   10:00  Hackster: Walabot DIY 3D Imaging Sensing @ TTDI info
Link Sat   12:00  Poetic Summary of 2017 @ JayaOne

Next Week [Week beginning 18 December 2017]
Link Mon 19:00  DrinkEntrepreneurs WeWork Xmas Edition @ Singapore
Link Tue  18:30  Hardware Pitching Tips: Brinc NOALabs Floship Clarity @ HK
Link Thu  09:00  Startup Festival @ Publika
Link Thu  19:00  A Blockchain without Blocks, Chains or Kinks @ Singapore

Co-Working: WeLive WeWork TheWing Spacious

IskandarSpace, Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia info

UptownSeoul, Seoul, Korea info

Since the list of co-working spaces participating in a free-first-Thursday-of-the-month was first posted by Calendata in September 2017, twelve new co-working spaces have joined the program, along with the fifteen listed in original post, the latest being IskandarSpace and UptownSeoul. In other co-working news: [7 Dec 2017]
  • Link WeWork partners with N26's new generation NFC Master debit card.
  • Link WeWork gets voice interface ('book me a meeting room') with Alexa.
  • Link WeWork buys Meetup for $400M after $4B investment from Softbank.
  • Link WeWork buys The Wing, a women-only co-working space, for $32M.
  • Link WeWork's new co-living offering: WeLive.
  • Link Allow eateries to become co-working spaces during the day: Spacious.

Splendid Sichuan: Land of Entrepreneurship

When: Wed, Dec 6, – Fri, Dec 8, 2017
Where: HK Convention & Exhibition Centre
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Schedule | Venue

[HKTDC SmartBiz Expo 2017] The debut HKTDC SmartBiz Expo is a one-stop platform tailored for enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to explore trends in business transformation and upgrade through innovation, creativity, application of technology and design, and market opportunities.

Topics sample

FrenchTech sub-event for french startups

Concurrent Events

Angel Summit: Alchemist Intel Garage Seraphim

When: Tue, Dec 12, 2pm – Wed, Dec 13, 4pm
Where: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Admission: MYR 190 [USD 46]
Info: Event | Attend | Venue

MBAN Summit 2017 provides an unrivalled coverage of the entire startup, funding and investing chain under one roof. Learn from top angel investors, serial entrepreneurs and full-time investors, get insights into trends and network with the movers and shakers in this space. [This event is co-located with GEC 2017. Angel investment firms on stage include (list shows sample portfolio startups which were acquired by the companies shown in brackets):]

Alchemist Accelerator info

Intel Capital info

Garage Technology Ventures info

Seraphim Space Fund info launched Sept 2017
  • Iceye - 3 metre resolution SAR satellite images in 4 hours
  • Spire - Data from & analytics of remote locations eg. a ship at sea
  • Sirigen - Improved labelling in lab assays non-space portfolio company

Oracle Accelerator Startups [1]
  • FlexM - Prepaid cards for paying unbanked employees, business expenses etc
  • FOMO - Allow merchants to accept Tenpay, Alipay, Visa, Mastercard etc
  • HackerTrail - Fast tracked job applications
  • RLClub - Loyalty and rewards app
  • Unscrambl - Real time alerts for healthcare, telecoms & finance
  • Arya - Workbench to build and deploy deep learning algorithms

This Week more [Week beginning 4 December 2017]
Link Mon 18:30  Airbnb: Accommodation + Activities @ Singapore
Link Tue  09:00  YouTube Week @ Bangsar
Link Tue  18:45  Android Meets Tensorflow: Accelerate Your App with AI @ SG
Link Tue  19:00  Ruby: HT Supahands CoinGecko @ Kerinchi
Link Tue  19:00  LoyaltyTech: SagaDigits Millefors Ahsay DXC @ HongKong
Link Tue  19:00  LinkedIn Tips & Tricks @ HongKong
Link Wed 18:45  DataScience: GraphAlgorithms AnswerBot Blizzard @ Singapore
Link Wed 19:00  Product Hunt: AI @ Singapore
Link Thu  17:30  Oracle Accelerator Startups @ Singapore [1]
Link Thu  18:30  Cocoon Pitch Finals @ HongKong
Link Sat   08:00  Starting a Community Site with Joomla @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat   10:00  Magic Spark @ SungeiWay venue
Link Sat   12:00  Market Weekend @ PetalingJaya
Link Sun  10:00  ArtTech: New Media Arts @ KualaLumpur tix

Next Week [Week beginning 11 December 2017]
Link Tue  07:30  Michio Kaku: Designing The Future @ KLCC tix
Link Tue  18:30  Social Enterprise Evening @ Singapore
Link Wed 10:00  Co-Working Spaces as Innovation Catalysts @ KLCC
Link Fri    12:30  Ecommerce: DHL Shoppee Payoneer @ SwissGarden
Link Fri    14:30  Fintech Accelerator Pitching @ BukitKiara
Link Sat   10:00  BMW Shorties Film Festival @ Bangsar

Blockchain Expo 2017

When: Wed, Nov 29 – Thu, Nov 30, 2017
Where: Santa Clara Convention Center
Admission: Free + Upgrade Options
Info: Event | AttendVenue | Outside | Inside

Blockchain Expo North America is the world’s largest blockchain conference & exhibition. Presented in a series of top-level keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies with a focus on learning and building partnerships in the emerging Blockchain space, Co-located with IoT Expo and AI Expo, Blockchain Expo will showcase the latest developments in the Blockchain arena, in both emerging and more established markets. Sample topics and presentations:

  • A new internet operating system - Chen Rong, Founder, Elastos
  • 4.0 revolution and Vietnam’s opportunity - Nguyen Thai Hoa, CEO, Bitdeal
  • Gaming: Turn virtual items into real assets - V. Panchenko, CEO, Dmarket
  • Building apps on the Ethereum platform - Susan Poole, Advisor, Mooti
  • Smart contracts embedded in IoT devices - Stephan Tual, COO, Slock.it
  • Blockchain as a Service - Matthew James, Chairman, TrxnHub
  • A passport for a connected world - Hans Lombardo, CMO, Blockpass

Blockchains & ICOs
  • Rentberry - Rent your property by auction
  • ProjectPAI - Create an AI version of yourself to roam online
  • Bottos - Data market for smart contracts
  • Trustabit - Issue vouchers immediately when flights are delayed
  • Matrix - New generation smart contracts that do not require programmers
  • Stack - Point of sale payments using cryptocurrencies
  • Rpay - Point of sale payments using cryptocurrencies slow website
  • Shopin - Give retailers your profile rather than they hack it via 3rd parties
  • Finom - Tokenised equity offering compliant with US regulations 
  • SolidOpinion - Give prospects tokens when they engage with your brand 
  • RewardsToken - Long time loyalty program Rewards goes token
  • Neuromation - Synthetic big data generation for testing AI 
  • CrowdMachine - Cloud & crowd computer [vs just cloud for AWS] 
  • doGood - Decentralized problem solving
  • Referum - Developers reward gamers with tokens to play their new games
  • VaultBank - Buy tokens in an investment company in return for dividends
  • CoinLoan - Use your bitcoin as collateral for loans
  • CoinLion - Cryptocurrency exchange & portfolio management
  • FuseX - Smartcard that integrates debit & credit cards and cryptocurrencies

Related: ICOs at Block Show Asia 2017 info | live New
  • Naviaddress - A new more accurate address [vs unit, street, town, country]
  • MoviesChain - Distribution and monetization platform for indies [vs Netflix]
  • TravelChain - Alternative to Expedia and Priceline, and fake travel reviews
  • GatCoin - Convert discount coupons, loyalty points, vouchers into tokens
  • Decent - Tokenized event tickets
  • VLB - Vehicle lifecycle record keeping
  • BitCar - Own a fraction of a Maserati info
  • BnkToTheFuture - Invest in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies
  • Liquid - Make cryptocurriences liquid [easily convertible to cash]
  • Electrify - Buy and sell electricity in a marketplace

Launch a Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaign

When: Thu, Nov 30, 7:30pm – 9:30pm, 2017
Where: Elid, 19 Jalan 223, Petaling Jaya
Admission: Free
Info: Attend | Venue | Out | In | Organizer

To launch a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign for your product may seem do-able but how do you increase the chances of getting your product to be fully funded? In this sharing session, we will be looking into:
  • How to wow potential backers
  • Basic costings
  • Campaign stages: pre-launch, launch and post-launch
  • Other factors to consider during prototype development

Sample Kickstarter and Indiegogo Projects
  • Wazer - Desktop waterjet cutter (Goal: $ 100K | Raised: $ 1.3M) vid
  • GeoOrbital - Retrofit a bike with an electric wheel (G: 75K | R: 1.2M) vid
  • Beam - A smart projector that fits into any lamp socket (G: 200K | R: 760K) vid
  • Senstone - Wearable mic for recording epiphanies (G: 64K | R: 388K) vid
  • Zylia - One microphone for separate sound sources (G: 32K | R: 75K) vid
  • Ovo - Change the door lock yourself (G: 33K | R: 35K ) vid

This Week more [Week beginning 27 November 2017]
Link Mon 10:00  Nielsen Ratings for Books @ KualaLumpur tix
Link Tue   15:30  Payments & Money Services @ BankNegara Sold Out link fixed
Link Tue   17:00  Blockchain Q & A @ Cyberjaya
Link Tue  18:30  Tech Night: Fast & Furious 7 @ Singapore
Link Wed 17:00  Industry 4.0 IoT: FavoRiot & Reka @ Cyberjaya
Link Wed 17:30  Asian Business Leaders Conclave @ KualaLumpur
Link Thu  08:00  Events Industry Symposium @ KLCC tix
Link Thu  09:00  Drone Data Hackathon @ Bangkok
Link Thu  14:00  MDEC & PwC: Startup Accounting @ Damansara tix
Link Thu  14:00  Launch Your Home Cooking with Dinez @ Cyberjaya
Link Fri    18:00  Pizza+Beer: Wantedly SalesWhale BotBot GoJek @ Singapore
Link Sun  08:30  Climate Change, Jobs & Food Security @ PWTC

Next Week [Week beginning 4 December 2017]
Link Mon 13:00  Cradle Pitchin Nexea Quest @ MediniIskandar tix
Link Tue   09:00  Entrepreneur Exchange @ KualaLumpur pdf tix
Link Tue   17:30  AI Use Cases: Prowler Evie Watson @ Singapore
Link Wed 11:00  Public Relations for Startups @ Damansara
Link Wed 12:00  Payments: WorldFirst SoupSpoon PrimeBiologics @ Singapore
Link Wed 19:00  Digital Wednesday: ComsScore Twitter Httpool @ Publika tix
Link Wed 20:00  Laravel Talks: Annual Finale @ Sentral
Link Thu  08:00  EU Data Protection Regulation @ Curve
Link Thu  09:00  Events Industry: Be @ Penang
Link Thu  09:30  3D Printing 101 @ PetalingJaya tix
Link Thu  18:30  NEO: China’s First Open-Source Blockchain @ Singapore
Link Thu  19:00  Designers: MSD Ematic Google MakeSense @ Singapore
Link Fri    08:00  AI DataScience MachineLearning Analytics @ Kerinchi pdf
Link Fri    08:30  Payment Systems @ BankNegara pdf Sold Out
Link Sat   11:00  Zine Festival @ KelanaJaya

Petaling Jaya's Food Truck Boulevard

When: Fri, Nov 24, 5pm – Sun, Nov 26, 12am
Where: Evolve Concept Mall, Petaling Jaya
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Venue | Day | Night

Food Truck PJ is the first food truck space in Petaling Jaya! We would like to invite food truck enthusiasts to visit us at Evolve Concept Mall just a short walk from the Ara Damansara LRT station. Supported by the mall, this permanent food truck event is held at the mall's boulevard. To participate as a vendor, contact Sam at +6017.328.2707 or Ahmad at +6016.334.4070. Food trucks this weekend:

Co-Making and Maker Space @ Asean

After co-working (shared offices) and co-living (short term accommodation, normally allied with co-working spaces), next is co-making (shared space and equipment):
  • KL  Me.reka - What can you make? @ Publika
  • KL  Fabspace - Meet amazing gurus @ Lot10 
  • SG  Mox - Brave, bold and daring @ Katong
  • SG  Hackespace - Built by geeks for nerds @ Kallang
  • HK  MakerBay - Change not by fighting, but making the new @ Kowloon
  • HK  ThreeKeys - Not just space but opportunities @ ChaiWan
  • JK   Indoestri - To make is to self make @ JakartaBarat
  • BK  HomeOfMaker - Makerspace with electronics shop @ FortuneTown
  • MN MakerspaceManila - What have you made today? @ SantaRosa 

[Maker Weekend] Me.reka is hosting a crowd funding preview of itself at its premise at Publika this Saturday, 25th November 2017, 3pm, together with GMC (VR games space & café at KLIA2), TiketBola (no stress at the ticket booth), MobileOne (track your travelling sales staff) and InternationalInvestor (business information). Register here. [Footnote: In the list of co-making spaces above, Hong Kong is co-opted for the purpose of this post as a member of Asean.]

Higher Education Forum 2017

When: Thu, Nov 23, 8am – Fri, Nov 24, 5pm
Where: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Admission: Free
Info: Event | ScheduleDay1 Day2 | Venue

The Higher Education Forum 2017 (MyHEF2017) is the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia’s signature event. Held for the first time in its current iteration, MyHEF2017 brings together education stakeholders to engage in thought-provoking discussions on higher education and the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Professors Pitch
  • SOA - Semiconductor optical amplifers - Professor Harith Ahmad. UM
  • PadiU - High yield rice - Professor Ahmed Osumanu Haruna, UPM
  • CanDi - App for patient dietary advice - Professor Lua Pei Lin, UniSZA
  • FeedOBooster - Ferment agri-waste to feedstock - Dr. Januarius Gobilik, UMS
  • AnanoCoat - Photocatalysis of pollutants - Prof Sri Mala Sreekantan, USM

[Most topics have a panel of speakers; topic descriptions are abbreviated and interpreted by Calendata.] Participation on Day 1 is open to the public, while Day 2 [the last four topics] is by invitation only.

9 Life Lessons From A Comedian

Tim Minchin's graduation (commencement) address at the Uiniversity of Western Australia, 2013 (SNSFW)

DIY Maker Weekend

Sample Makers @ Maker Fair [1]

This Week more [Week beginning 20 November 2017]
Link Tue  08:00  MDEC Gig Economy @ Kerinchi
Link Tue  08:00  WIEF Halal Economy @ Kuching tix
Link Wed 08:30  Women Halal Economy @ Kerinchi pdf
Link Thu  08:30  MDEC Sharing Economy @ Kerinchi
Link Thu  19:00  Lumieres Light Festival @ HongKong vid
Link Fri    11:00  Photography Festival @ Publika
Link Fri    17:00  Pitch: Pinkexec Oxygen MotioLab @ Cyberjaya

This Weekend [Weekend 25-26 November 2017]
Link Sat   09:00  DIY Economy @ Cyberjaya sched
Link Sat   10:00  Buy For Impact @ Publika
Link Sat   10:00  Mini Maker Fair @ JayaOne [1]
Link Sat   10:00  Fuyoh Art Bazaar @ Publika
Link Sat   10:00  Hobby Exposition @ Serdang tix
Link Sat   10:00  Craft Festival @ Putrajaya
Link Sat   11:00  Etsy Made in Malaysia @ Bangsar stores
Link Sat   12:30  Local Artisans @ MidValley

Next Week [Week beginning 27 November 2017]
Link Mon 08:00  HR: The Future of Work @ KLCC pdf
Link Mon 18:30  CEO of L’Oréal @ Intercontinental
Link Mon 19:30  Airbnb: A Voyage in Data Land @ Singapore
Link Tue  08:00  Global Innovation Summit @ KLCC
Link Tue  09:00  Bahrain: Gateway to The Gulf @ Matrade
Link Tue  10:00  Fresh Brew: Ethis Pitchin Adax @ Damansara
Link Tue  19:00  Azure Data Analytics @ BukitJalil
Link Tue  19:00  Fntech BigData: DBS Paraclete @ Singapore
Link Wed 08:30  Shariah Synergy: Cryptocurrency Blockchain @ IIUM tix
Link Wed 08:30  Design Thinking for Chatbots @ KiasuLab
Link Wed 09:00  Seedstars Asia Summit @ Bangkok
Link Wed 17:00  GreenTech: UiTM TNB EnergyCommission @ Publika
Link Thu  19:00  Klook: From HongKong to The World @ HongKong
Link Sat   10:00  Formula E: Electric Street Racing @ HongKong

Book Night: Principles

When: Wed, November 22, 7pm – 9pm, 2017
Where: Lattice80, Robinson Road, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: EventAttend | Venue | Outside | Inside

Join leading VCs, entrepreneurs and big thinkers for an intimate discussion of the New York Times Bestseller Principles: Life & Work, recently released by the legendary Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates. Discussants: Vishal Harnal, General Partner, 500 Startups; Michael Lints, Partner, Golden Gate Ventures; Mohan Belani, CEO, e27; Bernard Leong, Head of Digital. SingPost. Organized by Great Owls, supported by Rainmaking, Artisan Boulangerie and Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

Reviews of Principles (abbreviated):
  • Invaluable guidance - Bill Gates
  • Everyone can learn from Ray's approach - Mike Bloomberg
  • Beautifully written and filled with wisdom - Ariana Huffington
  • Compelling work - Jamie Dimon
  • Truly extraordinary - Tony Robbins

This Week more [Week beginning 13 November 2017]
Link Mon 12:00  Fintech, Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers @ Singapore
Link Wed 10:00  Pocket Talks: ECF P2P BNM RHB MDEC @ KualaLumpur
Link Wed 10:00  Negaraku Exposition @ MerdekaSquare
Link Wed 12:00  Startup Stories: Hatch PikoHana Evie.ai @ Singapore
Link Wed 18:30  Remote Working at Exotic Locations @ Singapore
Link Wed 20:00  Laratalks: Squincy Photobook FrogAsia @ Co-Labs
Link Thu  18:30  Getting Started with Marketing @ Singapore
Link Sat   10:00  Digital SME: EcoWorld Google Panpages 11Street @ JB
Link Sat   08:30  Geekcamp: Algorithms for Startup Founders @ Singapore
Link Sat   13:00  Where Did Your Ancestors Come From? @ KualaLumpur

Next Week [Week beginning 20 November 2017]
Link Tue  08:30  Digitalisation & Ecommerce Forum @ BukitJalil
Link Tue  09:00  Digital Supply Chain & Industry 4.0 @ Penang
Link Tue  18:00  Founder & CTO of Slack @ Singapore
Link Wed 09:00  Ecommerce: Alibaba MasKargo MDEC PosMalaysia @ Matrade
Link Wed 16:30  Can Startups Disrupt Food? @ Singapore
Link Wed 19:00  PechaKucha: Pusaka ClayExpression KedaiJalanan D+AC @ KL
Link Thu  08:00  Internet Business: Mdec 123rf Shopee NetAssist @ Cyberjaya
Link Sat   08:00  Wordcamp: WooCommerce for Marketplaces @ KualaLumpur
Link Sat   08:00  BIMP EAGA (Day2) + TEDxKenyalang @ Kuching info1 info2
Link Sat   08:00  Blockathon: Blockchain Hackathon @ Saigon
Link Sat   12:00  IsKarnival IsKool @ IsKandar

How MaxmanTV Grew To 600K Subs & 180M Views

When: Tue, November 21, 9am – 5pm, 2017
Where: MITEC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 199 Early Bird
Info: Event | Attend | Venue | Outside | Inside

[GetResponse Marketing Summit 2017] GetResponse is bringing our very first-ever marketing summit to Malaysia! Join us as we disrupt the way marketers market, in this innovative event designed to help you get the most from your marketing spend. Topics include:
  • The Power of Client-Agency Partnerships - Tony Savarimuthu, Dentsu-LHS
  • Influencer Marketing 2.0 - Niniek Sugiarti, Head of Social, Lion & Lion
  • How MaxmanTV Grew to 600k Subs & 180m Views - Izmir Mujab, MaxmanTV
  • Persuasion Leads to Conversion - Annie Zainal, MaxmanTV

Vitalik Buterin: Decentralisation for Inclusiveness

When: Tue-Wed, Nov14-15, 5pm–10pm 2017
Where: SUSS, Clementi Road, Singapore
Admission: Free
Info: Event | Sched | Attend | Venue | Out | In

Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) is organising an Inclusive Blockchain Conference featuring keynotes and panels by FinTech industry experts. Topics:
  • Decentralisation for An Inclusive World - Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum
  • Smart Contracts from Real World Data - Eva Foo, Scry bottom video
  • Young Founders below 30 - Shaun Djie, DigixGlobal
  • Inclusive Blockchain Investment - James Gong, ChainB
  • ASEAN and Inclusion - Darryl Tan, Kyck!
  • Blockchain, Identity and Security - Andras Kristof, Yojee
  • How Blockchain Can Solve Global Poverty - Juan Llanos, ConsenSys
  • Inclusive Blockchain Investment - Brad Chun, ShuttleFund
  • Payment and Inclusion - JP Thorbjornsen, Canya
  • Blockchain and Inclusion - Heatherm Huang, Measurable top image
  • ICO Regulation and Investment - Joseph Wang, Bitquant
  • Inclusive ICO - Rune Evensen, COSS
  • Blockchain and AI - Crystal Rose, Sensay
  • Financial Inclusion and Game Changers - Jonathan Chou, BeeToken